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    Tips for Green Cleaning Your Home

    Several weeks ago I posted my blog Organize Like a Goddess: 7 Decluttering Tips for Spring, where I mentioned, among other things, Marla Cilley’s, technique for shining your sink.  Some of you were concerned about chemicals.  And, as I mentioned in my responses, I assure you that I don’t promote dumping harmful chemicals into our […]

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    Dr. Northrup’s Tips for Transforming Your Life

    The lotus flower represents rebirth, renewal and spiritual awakening. But, the beautiful flower that you see floating effortlessly on top of the water had to work really hard to blossom. Lotus flowers actually grow out of the mud at the bottom of a river or pond and have to break through the mud before they surface on top of the water. Breaking through the mud in our own lives helps us to blossom as well – it’s like a breaking though to our true selves. Here are some ways you can start to break through your own mud, and truly transform your life…

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    Dr. Northrup’s Way to “Let Go and Let God”

    Several years ago, Sally was wound up tighter than a drum. Her brother Ralph was about to marry a woman who was not right for him. Sally knew it. Sally’s mother knew it. In fact the whole family knew it—even Ralph. Of course he didn’t know it consciously with his intellect. But his body did. […]

  • Overcoming Fear of Change

    Overcoming Fear of Change: How to Be Your Own Midwife and Mother

    I’ve long held the place of midwife and mother in my work, both delivering babies and in helping women deliver the best of themselves in other ways. To birth something new, whether that’s a baby, a book, a seminar or talk, a new relationship, or a new career, you have to have courage and faith. […]

  • Organize Like a Goddess - 7 Steps to Creating a Personal Paradise

    Organize Like a Goddess: 7 Steps to Creating a Personal Paradise

    Why are so many of us buried in clutter? And why is it so darn hard to get out from under it? Having dealt with this dilemma for decades, I am finally living in a personal paradise—I learned how to organize like a Goddess. Here are seven steps to help you do the same thing.

  • Do You Have Blue Zone Envy?

    Do You Have Blue Zone Envy?

    Just what is a “blue zone?” It’s an area where people live beyond age 100. These pockets may become more and more prevalent in the coming years. People over 90 are the fastest growing segment in our society today! When people hear this, they have one of three reactions: to freak, shriek, or cheer. I’m all for cheering! Centenarian consciousness is alive and well, and just waiting to be copied.

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    Own Your Own Beauty

    An ageless goddess rejects ageism and owns her beauty. One way you can do that is to adorn yourself with your own personal style. Don’t be embarrassed about developing a style that’s right for you right now—and asking someone to help you if that’s what you need. Agelessness means being daring and courageous, so take some chances.

  • Getting Smarter With Age

    Getting Smarter with Age

    I was talking with a friend of mine about her father. He doesn’t have dementia, but he just isn’t as sharp as he used to be. Obviously, my friend is sad about this and worried that she too will lose her mental acuity as she gets older. When I explained that she could actually get […]