Heal Your 4th Chakra for Life-Long Health

8 Ways to Heal Your 4th Chakra

by Christiane Northrup, M.D.

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It’s that time of year again when we are inundated with pink ribbons, races for “The Cure,” and campaigns to get screened for breast cancer. We hear the tragic stories of breast cancer striking young women. We see statistics stating that breast cancer affects one in eight women and is the number-two cancer killer of women. And we’re taught that to stay healthy we must be on a “seek and destroy” mission filled with tests, treatments, and technologies.

This is the traditional Western medicine approach. But this mindset, which works so well at solving acute problems, is singularly ill-suited at helping us live vibrantly healthy, disease-free lives—or helping us return to health after an “enemy” has been cut, burned, or poisoned out of us.

One reason that I truly dislike this approach is because our breasts and bodies are dynamic. They are always changing and have an innate intelligence toward achieving balance and health. That’s why you hear so many stories of spontaneous remission or breast cancers disappearing on their own.

As such, I want to offer you another way to look at your breasts and create breast health through the energy of your Fourth Chakra.

Fourth Chakra Energy and Your Breasts

Each chakra supplies life energy to its corresponding organs. The Fourth Chakra is all about nourishing and caring for ourselves and also others. When balanced, this energy keeps all of the organs of the Fourth Chakra healthy. This includes the heart, lungs, upper spine, shoulders, and of course, the breasts.

Breasts are the most fundamental form and representation of maternal love and nourishment.  But, the love that makes maternal nurturance so life-affirming must be replenished regularly—otherwise it leads to health problems in the organs of the Fourth Chakra, often the breasts.

When a woman puts her own personal and emotional needs on the back burner—or forgets entirely that she has them, which our culture has programmed us to do for millennia—the energy of her Fourth Chakra inevitably becomes diminished by resentment, anger, grief, longing, pining for contact, and pure fatigue. This is the energy pattern that invites breast, shoulder, heart, and lung problems. And diseases in those areas cause the majority of deaths and disabilities in women, including breast cancer and heart disease. But, male breast cancer is also on the rise.

Emotional Patterns of Breast Dis-Ease

While Western medicine focuses on the genetics of breast cancer, there are defined emotional patterns that contribute to diseases of the breast. The Fourth Chakra – also called the Heart Chakra — is your emotional center. If there are emotional patterns you are holding onto that are not supporting you, this can set the stage for illness in these organs. Conversely, when you are able to recognize these patterns and release them, you set the stage for health.

The emotional patterns that are associated with breast dis-ease include anger, resentment, grief, bitterness, over-caring for others, the inability or refusal to care for or nourish yourself, an unwillingness to forgive, not feeling you can trust others, or lacking hope. Of course, we all go through periods where we experience these emotions. But, it’s when they are held onto for a long period of time that these emotions, patterns, and beliefs create an imbalance.

My good friend and colleague Louise Hay attributed her cervical cancer to her own anger and resentment about being raped as a child. She healed herself by letting go of this long-held emotional pattern. By the way, the Fourth Chakra, or “high heart” and the Second Chakra – home to the female sexual organs, also called the “low heart” – are uniquely interrelated. While the energy patterns of breast cancer and cancers of the uterus and cervix are different, when the low heart energy is blocked through rape, abuse, or being taught that “nice girls” don’t enjoy sex, the high heart is also affected.

8 Ways to Heal Your Fourth Chakra

When Fourth Chakra energy is not flowing, everyone suffers. Fortunately, there are many simple ways you can increase your Fourth Chakra energy and promote healthy breasts and overall physical and emotional health.

Here are some ways to promote Fourth Chakra health:

  1. Move your body. Exercises that contract and relax your muscles promote the flow of lymph. Dynamic yoga poses such as camel pose, Tai Chi, and other forms of Eastern movement can be good to add to your exercise routine. Passive heart opening exercises where you lay on a tightly rolled blanket (cylinder shape) placed under your sacrum along your spine to your head are also good.
  2. Try massage. Massage is healthy for you in many ways. And whether you get a professional massage, exchange massages with a friend or lover, or simply perform self-massage, it is a wonderful form of self-care that can keep energy flowing. Some forms of massage actually work the energy points that correspond to specific organs. There are a number of these points that run through the chest. They often feel sore or tender to the touch, so you don’t need to rub hard. (You can find diagrams online to help you find these points.) Massage can also improve lymph flow. Of course, massaging your breasts is a wonderful way to establish a loving relationship with them. It’s also a great way to transform a breast self-exam if you do them, which I don’t recommend. (But if you do them, imagine that you have healing power in your hands.)
  3. Go braless. Most women in the Western hemisphere put on a bra first thing in the morning and don’t take it off until they go to bed. Some women even sleep in bras. While I don’t believe that bras cause cancer, they can alter lymph flow in the breasts and armpit, and can be uncomfortable for sensitive breast tissue. I also believe they can block the flow of information to and from the breasts. Try going braless when and where you feel comfortable. See if you can feel any shift in your breasts or energy.
  4. Offer gratitude. There is a saying, “Where your attention goes, energy flows.” When we resist the temptation to find fault in others, we bring positive energy toward us. For example, when your family leaves a mess for you to clean up, instead of criticizing them, you can take a minute to appreciate them and acknowledge the love they show you by trusting you to take care of things for them. (Then you can ask them to do their part of the chores!) And, remember, every time you feel annoyed or upset, it is proof that you are in a dynamic flow of energy with others and yourself.
  5. Use affirmations, mantras, and mirror work. Positive affirmations can increase the positive energy of the Fourth Chakra. You can say any of the following: “I love and accept myself completely,” “I love and forgive myself,” “I am open to love,” “I am loved.” Or create your own affirmations. You can also write these down and put them around your home or office. Your bathroom mirror is a good place to post affirmations.  Then you can look at yourself while you recite them out loud.
  6. Go green. Green is the color of the Fourth Chakra. You can increase energy to your Fourth Chakra by wearing green, adding more plants to your home, or imagining your heart center expanding with a soft, green light with every inhale. You can also imagine a golden light along with the green light, radiating gentle and powerful love.
  7. Allow yourself to be loved. Being a martyr is a sure sign of imbalance in the Fourth Chakra and over time is associated with the energy pattern of breast cancer. The minute you decide that you are worthy of love and care, things begin to shift and you begin to ensure your health.
  8. Practice forgiveness.Holding on to anger, grief, or hurt from the past establishes blockages in the energy flow of the Fourth Chakra. Similarly, holding on to or identifying with a diagnosis can make your healing journey more prolonged and challenging. Letting go starts with forgiveness. There are many resources, including professionals who can help you release past emotions, memories, beliefs, and behaviors that don’t support you.

These are just some of the many ways you can begin to bring balance to your Fourth Chakra. A healthy Fourth Chakra can set the stage for healthy breasts and overall true physical and emotional health. And, you can engage in these practices even if you get regular breast screenings or are recovering from breast cancer.

Are you over-caring? Do you frequently put your own needs last?  What are you doing to bring balance to your life? Please leave your comments below.

Last Updated: October 2, 2018

Christiane Northrup, M.D.

Christiane Northrup, M.D., is a visionary pioneer and a leading authority in the field of women’s health and wellness. Recognizing the unity of body, mind, and spirit, she empowers women to trust their inner wisdom, their connection with Source, and their ability to truly flourish.


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  1. Kathleen
    7 months ago

    I am all od these. I do not nurture myself. I try.
    I had a lumpectomy 5 yrs ago but refused any treatment, moved to Benin with my daughter and her family 2 yrs ago. Gave up everything to be with them. Yr ago a small pea sized lump appeared on the same breast. I have tried many things…drinking teas that the natives suggest. Nothing has helped. The lump has engulfed half my breast, I choose not to seea doctor or seek conventional treatment. I have been using Castor oil packs nightly and started lymphatic draining. I will add more affirmation and start clearing my fourth chakra. I know its because I gave everything to my daughter and family and hold on to alot of stuff.

  2. Nancy Lizotte
    2 years ago

    Last year, it started with 3 full periods in one month, then things escalated to where I lactated after 16yrs and a mass developed in my breast. The hardest decision of my life was to tell my teen she has to move permanently with her father as I cried everyday over her mean verbal abuse. I find healing a challenge when my daughter who’s 17 now, can’t see it from my angle, just hers! In the process of healing the mass on my breast naturally.

  3. Sheila Schloss
    3 years ago

    I just found out I have a lump in each breast. I have read your writings before but finding this just now is a true heavenly gift since I am going to speak to the doctor tomorrow. Thank you.

  4. Patty Pierson
    3 years ago

    What an enlightening article. Thank you!

  5. Jennifer Balcome
    4 years ago

    This was just what I needed to read. I am now 41 and just finished breastfeeding for 3.5 years last Sept 2019. I have been diagnosed with stage 3c breast cancer. Triple Negative. I have had a right mastectomy with total axillary lymph node dissection. I am currently receiving my 5th chemo of 6. Then off to radiation.
    I am wondering if you can offer anymore articles they could be helpful?
    Thank you,

    1. Alison
      2 years ago

      Hi Jennifer
      Did you get any further feedback from Dr Northrup 2 years ago when you asked for any further helpful articles that you could read. My own daughter, now 41 has just been diagnosed with breast cancer (fed for 2.5 years) and will be having 6 months chemo, then double mastectomy and lymph node dissection. I would be very interested if you did.

  6. Debora
    4 years ago

    I love your work Dr. Northrup! Do you have any opinion on Phyllodes tumors?
    Thank you!

    1. Claire Allen
      4 years ago

      I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the fourth Chakra because I totally believe in staying positive starts from me. I healed my breast problem by massaging my breast regularly and by getting my partner to do the same. I simulated my fourth chakra by telling myself that i love ‘me’ and when i found a lump in my breast i stayed positive and approached my doctor knowing it would be alright. Thank you for this wonderful informative post.

  7. LOIS richman
    4 years ago

    So much has been renewed w your words on the heart and above chakras goes back to earlier books I have read, including yours. I am a Florida girl healed once by the ocean. A day came in my later years to see green. I mean mountain green. Since I have vacationed up here in N C and now reside 7-8 months a year… I am at such peace it is incredible! My whole self-perspective has changed, my attitudes and so much more. Keep up the good work. I watch you daily on Instagram..

  8. Chris
    6 years ago

    I absolutely love your timeless wisdom for tying into the energetic components of healing and healthy living. I have a caution to add here however from personal experience. I was diagnosed in July with stage 2A triple negative breast cancer. I found it in self exam. I used thermography for years and it never showed up on the thermography test. I had a thermography done the August before (last year) and again in March of this year. I was then diagnosed in July. Even with the lump the thermogram never saw it and it is near the surface. My caution is to not trust thermography as a sole diagnostic tool. Adding ultrasound is much better. Thank you for the concepts shared here.

  9. ellen
    6 years ago

    What are your feelings on AI’s for breast cancer. Most specifically low stage IDC 1A ER+ PR+ HER2- no lymph involvement? Is is absolutely the way to go, or can you change your diet, lose weight, and exercise to lower your estrogen? I am so inconsistent with my thoughts on it. One day yes, One day no…. I was on birth control pills until almost 62 which probably contributed to it, gained weight, ate soy isolates, and didn’t exercise. I changed my diet, I exercise, got off the pill, and am trying to be healthier. I just see all the negatives of having no estrogen from taking AI’s like no sexual desire, dry skin, joint problems, bone thinning, being very emotional, anxiety, anger issues etc… If you do start AI’s is there anyway to help any of these issues? By the way i just heard you on Kris Carr’s summit and I am ordering all your books, reading your articles, and getting informed. You have a new fan.

  10. margaret Easton
    6 years ago

    I’ve recently had a large breast absess return for the third time! I had three lots of antibiotics and felt quite wiped out whilst fighting the infection. I have since had it surgically removed and am recovering from my op. I find it very interesting what you say Dr Northrup as I’m a fan of Hay House and have books by Louise Hay. I’m a Counsellor and trainer by profession and have even devised workshops on ‘caring for yourself’. I can relate to being an almost compulsive care giver – and this has been a wake up call that it’s time for my own ‘self care’ now. Thank you for this information. <3

  11. Kilolo Ajanaku
    6 years ago

    I just recently met Ms. Northrop on an IIN online course, and because of her presentation and endless experieces, I signed up for her website. The article on “Healing Your 4th Chakra for Life” was outstanding. I am truly looking forward to getting to know more about Ms. Northrop.

  12. jeanie patricia
    6 years ago

    I wish someone could tell me whether or not the biopsy (four stabs) can CAUSE a DCIS to be “invasive”
    I had a tiny 1/4″ tumor that, after the lumpectomy, was found to be invasive, but with the clear margins required to satisfy the protocol so I did not need a mastectomy. Sorry about my terminology, I threw all the paperwork in the trash.
    BTW, I am 66, and I’ve had a mammography every year for almost 20 years.
    When I asked the surgeon about the biopsy causing invasiveness, he said: “oh, it doesn’t work like that”
    It seems like if you punch four holes in a cancerous tumor, it might leak….

    1. Melisa Macri
      1 year ago

      jeanie how are you now? Yes of course biopsies can cause the cancer to seed out. It’s why I refused to let them perform one on me and when they fought with me and I explained why my doctor admitted it’s a possibility.

      1. Mariella
        1 year ago

        I’m in the same situation…I’m afraid of the biopsy but how can they tell if it’s benign or malignant?

  13. Stephanie
    6 years ago

    I watched my mother in law engage in all these behaviors and subsequently pass due to breast cancer. Now that I’m middle aged I see some of those behaviors in myself. We truly do come into this life to teach other. Thank you Dr Northrup for giving us a place to start the healing.

    1. Christiane Northrup
      6 years ago

      I am so glad you feel this way. When we change our legacy, our cells change too. Bravo for you.

  14. JLBmom
    6 years ago

    Beyond Thank You! Dr.Northrup
    I have been a disciple of yours from the beginning!
    I cherish and practice your insight and wisdom!
    Continue to be the voice and light for living our true authentic life!

    1. Christiane Northrup
      6 years ago

      Thank you SO much for reflecting this back to me.

  15. Susan
    6 years ago

    I can’t believe this article came down my newsfeed this morning! In 2014 I was treated for Triple Negative Breast Cancer. This coming March will be my 5th year anniversary and the “Thumbs up” I have been waiting for. I spend all of last year taking care of my newborn granddaughter daily. My oncologist was concerned that it would be too much for me. But no, I felt it was healthy to hold her and love her each day. I also knew it would end this past February. Yes, I was a bit tired and drained. My husband was set to retire this past June 29th. On April 30th he had a stroke. I am now the full caregiver to him. But now, for the very first time, I am afraid. I read and reread this article. I know what I have to do…exercise, meditate, etc., but I find all I want to do is lay in bed and escape through TV. Coincidently, I see my oncologist tomorrow. I planned on having this discussion with her and am hoping she can guide me through my fears.

    1. Christiane Northrup
      6 years ago

      Oh Susan– I am SO SORRY to hear this. Please please please do what is necessary to care for yourself whenever possible. Many blessings.

  16. aricia halley
    6 years ago

    I found this PBS talk so energizing! How can I buy this in a CD or DVD form to listen to in my car for reinforcing my beliefs?
    Aricia Halley

  17. JulieAnn
    6 years ago

    Thank you for writing about breast health and the 4th Chakra. I had years of neglecting my own needs as I managed my children and church responsibilities. It led to my shoulders becoming painful, especially my right one which worked its way out of joint. 20 years later I am still seeking to improve my arm strength and decrease pain. I am doing much better at taking time for myself. I appreciate your list. Forgiving and letting go of past negative emotions does make a difference! When we take care of ourselves it encourages others to take care of themselves.

    1. Christiane Northrup
      6 years ago

      You are so on the right track here. thank you for this comment.

  18. Kathryn
    6 years ago

    Love this so much. My mother’s side has so much breast cancer (with no one testing positive on genetic tests), starting with my mom’s generation (she was first, then her 3 sisters and one brother). I was diagosed with ‘Stage 1A’ this March, grateful for no lymph, and finally decided to do the lumpectomy (but no radiation or tamoxifen). My focus has been on energetic and emotional healing along with lifestyle, and I’m so grateful for this journey and wake up call to deeper empowerment and deeper healing. Thank you for all you share!!

    1. Christiane Northrup
      6 years ago

      It sounds like you are changing the legacy for everyone. And this will heal your entire family in both directions– past and future. Bravo!

  19. Izabella Natrins
    6 years ago

    Great post thank you so much – I going to share it with my UK readership!

    In Breast Cancer Awareness Month, let’s not forget that we can reduce our risk of breast cancer with lifestyle changes too – particularly by avoiding and/or replacing everyday toxic environmental and hormone-disrupting chemicals which increase our risk.

    In the UK we have a charity Breast Cancer UK with a fabulous website full of information and resources to reduce your risk. Please visit it… prevention is always, always better than cure.

    Keep well 🙂

    1. Christiane Northrup
      6 years ago

      I couldn’t agree more! Thank you.

  20. Deborah
    6 years ago

    Loved the article. I am a Reiki III & try to do full body Reiki 3x a week. After this message, Reiki is the first thing on my list! Thank you! I would ask a question, but I know I would not get a reply. That’s ok.

    1. Christiane Northrup
      6 years ago

      Thanks for this great comment.

  21. Barbara
    6 years ago

    Such good information. Thank you!

  22. Madhu
    6 years ago

    Thanks! Very informative! Yes I often put myself last

  23. Traci Rae Wong
    6 years ago

    Thank you so much, this was a great way to start my day! I’ve always felt that just because my sisters got breast cancer, doesn’t mean I would and now I know why 🙂 You and Louise Hay have been priceless in helping me transform my life and you truly are a blessing to me. Much Love, Traci

    1. Christiane Northrup
      6 years ago


  24. Teresa McIlravey
    6 years ago

    I try to live from a place of love with myself and others. I do energy work and spend time everyday in meditation, prayer and bringing in healing light to all my chakras….. to the mental, emotional, physical bodies. So I do have awareness about the importance of loving myself. I also eat a diet that is 98%veggies and fruit, take supplements which include triiodine and selenium( good for breast health), and I take your Amata capsules( have been since you began them and I love them). I also do my own breast checks, go for breast Thermography once a year and go for my annual breast ultrasound. But what I won’t do is have a mammogram. I stopped 3 years ago. It just doesn’t feel like a loving thing to do for myself and I feel they are more harmful than good. What do you feel about mammograms at this point? I’m always told by technicians that the mammogram sees different things than the ultrasound. I have a hard time believing that. My mom had breast cancer twice and passed from sepsis when she was receiving chemo during her second round of breast cancer. Neither of her cancers were found from a mammogram. She found them by doing her own self checks. She also was an amazingly giving woman who never put herself first and lacked self love. I saw this and new I didn’t want to follow in her footsteps that way. I began my own self journey. Can you please comment on this? Thank you. Waves of love.

    1. Christiane Northrup
      6 years ago

      Hi Teresa, In my opinion, you are right on the mark about mammograms which I have written about extensively. They pick up far too much DCIS ( ductal carcinoma in situ or stage 0 cancer) which is NOT CANCER. The diagnosis scares women to death. But is something they would “die with but not die from.” It’s a big problem. And there is a lot of data about the harm caused by mammograms. Always best to follow your intuition on these things.

  25. Lori
    6 years ago

    I was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer earlier this year, had an invasive biopsy followed by two surgeries and radiation.
    Now I’m taking a pill that helps prevent recurrence. I love this article and your outlook and attitude towards breast cancer! I fully believe my cancer was brought on by hormone replacement therapy in the first place. I won’t blame western medicine but I do find there is so much else going on that contributes to dis- ease as you say. I’m trying not to get overwhelmed with all the follow up and focusing on getting and staying in optimal health. We do put ourselves last and I didn’t make time to care for me. Thank you for your outlook on what is becoming a pandemic of women’s cancer!

    1. Christiane Northrup
      6 years ago

      Great comment!! You are right on track!!

  26. Jude
    6 years ago

    My family is living (or dying proof) of your article. Three out of four sisters have had breast cancer and all have been people pleasers and ‘bottlers’ of emotions, myself included. The boys in our family also have had health issues. Having lost three siblings we are now trying to address these issues so that the same patterns are not passed onto the beautiful member of our next generations.

    1. Christiane Northrup
      6 years ago

      Bless you for doing the work of changing your legacy!!

  27. AnnieKate Phillips
    6 years ago

    Thank you Christiane, for making this information so understandable and clear. I will not only be more conscientious about applying this to my life, but will share it with my yoga students. Have a wonderful week.

  28. Joanna Heller
    6 years ago

    Significant? These last two years I have been wanting green in my life! Green car, green things, more gardening, and working with chakra meditations. Also at this time, more rigorous attention to physical activity and clean food, and no allopathic screenings. Thank you, Dr Northrup, for your perspective!

    1. Christiane Northrup
      6 years ago

      Love the GREEN theme!! So 4th chakra! Great intuition.

  29. pei
    6 years ago

    I had been holding negative emotions for over 3 decades since childhood, but over a few years ago, found out I had autism which is partly causing a lot of relationship breakdowns due to communication difficulties (one of the traits of the learning disability). Although I had forgiven a lot of people from the past, my general health have not been good as am approaching the menopause soon (with hormones changing) and overactive thyroid. But I am eating a balanced diet and exercise more than in my youth.

  30. Melodie
    15 years ago

    I recently started to replace my “yellow packets” of artificial sweetener with Truvia and I was pleasantly surprised at how good it tastes.

  31. Kelley
    15 years ago

    I’ve been using Stevia for about 6 months and really love it. I purchase it at Trader Joe’s in individual packets.

    1. Cécélia
      1 year ago

      You can grow your own stevia. I grown some and hang it upside down to dry and add smoothies and when I want some sweetness.

  32. Tina D.
    15 years ago

    I, too, switched to Stevia years ago. I was very pleased to see it hit mainstream.

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