Should I Still Be Menstruating at Age 55?

by Christiane Northrup, M.D.


Dear Dr. Northrup,

Tomorrow I turn 55 and I am still menstruating regularly. Should this be a concern? Can I still get pregnant?

Thank you – P.M.

Dear P.M.

Getting regular periods at age 55 is perfectly normal. When did your mother go through the change? The average age of the last period is age 52 in the U.S. You’re just at the upper end of the range. What this really means is that your biologic age is on the young side! Nothing to worry about. Your bones, skin, hair, and vaginal tissue are all getting the benefits of your natural hormones. And yes, you could still get pregnant. Just enjoy this.

Congratulations – C.N.


Last Updated: December 16, 2010

Christiane Northrup, M.D.

Christiane Northrup, M.D.

Christiane Northrup, M.D., is a visionary pioneer and a leading authority in the field of women’s health and wellness. Recognizing the unity of body, mind, and spirit, she empowers women to trust their inner wisdom, their connection with Source, and their ability to truly flourish.


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  1. Rowena
    2 months ago

    Im turning 56 tomorrow and concerned about my period. I spotted on the first day of August very light for 3 days and on the fourth,fifth and six days was extremely heavy. And now im still spotting and its going to be 11days of my period. I’ve never go more than 8 days of my period. Im worried.

  2. Mary graham
    3 months ago

    I am still having a period at 63 very painful cramps and heavy bleeding

  3. Christina Lomeli
    5 months ago

    At 55 I had heavy period for a year. It finally stopped. But now Im 56 and it started again
    Heavy bleeding. I can’t figure it out. I live a healthy lifestyle..Please give me some advice in what to do naturally.

  4. Tammy J Price
    8 months ago

    Am 55years old last month didn’t get my period,been getting ever month,can I still get pregnancy,or just stress

  5. Mireya iza
    8 months ago

    My mom got her period today after years of not having it . She is 55 now
    Is there something she should worry about ?

  6. Sherri Smith
    9 months ago

    In 2017 at the age of 53, my periods started becoming irregular for the first time in my life. First, I missed May and June. In July, my period came back. Afterwards, I didn’t see another period until Nov. Then, I missed the following month. Jan 2018 at the age of 54, it came on for three months straight and then nothing for the next four months. After August, I didn’t have another one until Jan, 2019. The months that I missed, I still suffered with PMS. However, I’m sure that I am a peri-menopausal. In addition, my menstrual flow is much lighter now. Should I worry about birth control at this point?

      6 months ago

      I’m going through the same. I just turned 55 on April 12, 2019. I had gone for months (4-6) with no period. Well, started again just the other day. Ugh! I can go for month with none which this started around the same as yours, then BOO! She shows me she hasn’t given up the ship yet. Goodness.

    2. Chris F.
      5 months ago

      I turned 55 in February. Went nine months with no period (the year before, seven months). Hot flashes and all. About two weeks ago I had signs of ovulation. Well, today I started my period. Ugh! Will this ever end??

  7. Jo
    9 months ago

    I am 54 still having light periods. Have a completely different issue with pain, itching, in vaginal area and increased urination. Gyn tested my hormones..all levels show postmenopausal. So she has me going for a regular and a vaginal ultrasound. Nervous, she has me worried about cancer. She did comment that my vaginal walls had Gorrell very thin. Anyone have this os similar issue?

  8. Angie
    9 months ago

    I am 55 and still with a menstrual cycle my doctor put me on birth control pills to stop my periods because my period drains me bad is this safe to do and when I stop taking birth control will my period come back?

  9. Shenaaz
    10 months ago

    Hi. I am 55 and still having a regular period. I am concerned. My Dr requested an ablation. Any comments. Thanks

    1. Velouria
      9 months ago

      Did you read the above answer?

    2. Marie
      3 months ago

      I’m 55 soon 56 I’ve NEVER skipped a period. Regular as clockwork. Every 28-31 days. Am i worried ABSOLUTELY NOT. It’s healthy keeps our bones and heart in check. Read Dr. Northrop’s comment at the top of the page. She also states this. My Mother was 63 with her very last period. She never worried about it. After 9 kids she didn’t worry about anything! WHY are SO MANY women running scared to Drs. Relax and know this IS normal. If you have a deadly disease youll know it. Doctors don’t cure they mask cover up and there prescriptions ARE DEADLY.

  10. Gibbysan
    11 months ago

    Hello, I’m 56 and nearly 57. I’ve been on HRT about 3 years due to night sweats, insomnia and headaches. If I try to go off or even reduce the HRT, all those symptoms come back within days and I can barely function.

    I recently had a doc completely take away my Testosterone, Estradiol, and she reduced my Progesterone by about 90%. After I told her I would get screaming headaches and insomnia, she did it, anyway. My already dry eyes also got considerably drier. I began having periods approximately every two weeks. She refused to help me further until I got a vaginal ultrasound so she could “see if there had been changes to my endometrium” even though she had no baseline to compare it to. I did not get the ultrasound.

    I’m now seeing another doc who basically put me on what I was on before and I feel much better. (Still get night sweats for about a week before my period.)

    Since I’ve been back on the higher doses for about 2 months, I’m getting a period every 28-35 days, but the one I’m having right now has been so light I haven’t had to use anything, which has never happened before. (I’m on 200 mg Progesterone a day, 10 mg Estriol and 5 mg testosterone.)

    I’ve asked docs if I’m still having periods due to the HRT but no one can give me an answer except “I don’t know” and “maybe you won’t stop until you’re in your early 60’s”.

    I’m also wondering if I can still get pregnant, although I suppose the answer is yes, but still incredibly difficult to conceive. Not that I want to.

    Thank you.

    1. Emily
      8 months ago

      I do wonder how ignorant some women are. All HRT will do is delay the inevitable. Chuck the cancer-giving pills in the bin, go through the menopause, stop complaining (it’s not an illness) and it’ll soon be over.

      1. Marie
        3 months ago

        I couldn’t have said it better. Women this is part of our “normal” aging. Drs will write prescriptions for the money. They harm NEVER help. Crazy…. just accept your Woman traits its all normal. Please Women realize to a Dr your a business. They never cure only mask and cover up symptoms. Why and who would allow this. Drs practice medicine stop putting ALL of your trust in Man. God explains it in his word

      2. Toni
        2 weeks ago

        No need to be so rude Emily

  11. Kay
    11 months ago

    Hello everyone,

    I too, was menstruating at age 54. My doctor was a bit concerned due to my age even though a very, very small percentage of women continue to normally menstruate at this age and after. An ultrasound was ordered, my endometrium thickness was over 13 and that is not normal. Next, D and C. Thank you Jesus, no cancer discovered. After that procedure, had light cycle, then nothing for the next 4 months. Thennnn……Sally shows up again. I am a bit concerned, but I haven’t had a complete year without a cycle. Will be contacting my doctor. Finally, a note to those women who stopped menstruating for a year or more and now you’re bleeding/spotting again…..please get to your doc immediately! As a precaution, go to doc to rule out any form of cancer. This happened to a friend who had a normal pap smear, later learning she had stage 1 ovarian cancer. Had traditional surgery and has been cancer free for over 5 years. Cancer was caught very early because she was alert and in tune with the function of her body and a great alert doc also! Blessings to you all!

    1. Jackie
      11 months ago

      Hi Kay. I too am 54 and went through the same thing as you last year. I didn’t have a period for 4 months this past summer but am having them regularly again now. It is so frustrating and I so badly just want it to stop.

      1. Tootie
        7 months ago

        I too am 54 and I am praying to God to stop

  12. Melinda Steward
    12 months ago

    I’ll be 54 in 9 days and still get periods but they not regular they are heavy with clots. 2 months ago it lasted 2 days then I went 7 weeks without one now it’s back. I have bad cramps also. I went to Dr 2 yrs ago they did ultrasound and I had a few small fibrods but he said they weren’t big enough to worry about. I also have fibromyalgia which don’t help. Should I be concerned

  13. Valecia Jones
    1 year ago

    I’m 56 and had not seen my period for 9 yywokd up last week with a period is something wrong it lasted 7 day and is now gone will I have another next month I’ll be 57 at the end of October is this weird?

  14. Karen Avey
    1 year ago

    I am 59 and had an ablation two years ago as I still had a regular period. My experience with it was amazing! No pain or bleeding afterward. Unfortunately, my hormones are still wreaking havoc. Every two months or so I develop a fungal rash that appears on one side or the other. I have a slimey, smelly coating on the skin…if I shower less than every three hours, and the burning pain increases in intensity til it’s fire engine red and out of this world painful. The next morning, it’s gone and my skin starts to shed. When I still had my period, I would invariably start my period the day the rash disappeared. Literally!

    The gynecologist told me it’s hormonal skin sensitivity.

    Two nights ago, the burning was incredible and then I woke up in the early morning with 5r bedsheets and bedclothes soaked!

    Hormones are a peach!

    Anyone else with this, too?

  15. Sharon
    1 year ago

    Dear Dr Northup.
    I turn 53 and my menstrual was off for
    Year 2 month back on
    Been on for 2 week now is that ok very heavy with blood clot.

  16. easthigh81
    1 year ago

    No, it’s not normal to have a period at age 55, I’m 55 and have irregular periods and very heavy bleeding with large blood clots. The heavy bleeding and clots come without any warning, thankfully I have not been out in public when this has happened. My Doctor says I need a D & C.

    1. Sally
      8 months ago

      It’s not abnormal to continue to have a normal cycle in mid to late 50s. We are all different,. The age at which we started our periods, how we eat, how we exercise and our genetics play a big role in whether we continue to have our periods later in life.

    1 year ago



    1. Angela
      1 year ago

      I’m not a Dr. but that happened to me also and my Dr. thinks it’s ok. If your concerned you should see your Dr. I experience blood clots usually when I’m dehydrated.

  18. Sonya Nunnally
    2 years ago

    Hello, I would like to know if having getting an hysterectomy to stop my periods at 56 is ok? I’m considering having it done because of my pain and depression that comes along with still having a period. Also, no fibroid problem and my ultrasound came back normal. Help!

    1. Kathleen
      9 months ago

      I’m 56 and having same issue. I had a D&C and polyp removed in 2016 and have had light pink spotting off and on about every six months since then. I event went almost a whole year without having the spotting then it came back. I am going to ultrasound next week and then discuss options with my doctor. I’m a little apprehensive about a hysterectomy only because of the issue of organs moving around and loss of sexual feeling.

  19. Koreen rafikh
    2 years ago

    Hi I am going to be 56in July , my period has been on and off since last year,my last one was in November last year now it come back in this month , should I be worry?

    1. Angela
      1 year ago

      Same here. I guess it will be that way until we are fully in menopause.

  20. Gail
    2 years ago

    I am 65 and have not had any kind of a menstrual for at least 20 years
    had some spoting about 8 years ago after a shot in lower back.
    do i need to go to a Doc. right away or wait to see how long it last.?

  21. Michele
    3 years ago

    Dear Dr. Northrup,
    I’m 53, last year I had several months without a period, then it came back and was regular until I went to the doctor the beginning of this year. She did some blood work, ultra sound in and out and I have a few fibroids which I was aware of. She said that I shouldn’t still be having periods because of my numbers discovered through blood work of being in menopause. I had a D & C, then recently got another period and have been bleeding for the past nine days, now it is recommended to have a hysterectomy. I’ve had issues with pain during ovulation for years after having three C-sections and I’m really tired of living with the pain.

    Is a hysterectomy the solution…I’d appreciate your thoughts?

    1. Indita
      1 year ago

      Hi Michele,
      Did the Dr answer your question? Interested in knowing what her answer was to you, thank you:)

  22. Nancy
    3 years ago

    Iam 62, dr took out my thyroid surgery 4 years ago, they have never been able to set the medication that works it’s play from to high to very low, generic levothyrozine, please help

  23. cristine
    4 years ago

    Dear Dr Northup,

    I just turned 55 this week.
    For more than a year, i have not been menstruating regularly but had spottings every now and then. Two days ago I had a flow that was heavy after days of tender breats, bloating, and all the pre menstrual syndromes I usually have during my regular periods. Is this the signn of perimenopausal?
    Thanks. vc

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