How to Sleep Better at Midlife

Occasional problems with sleep are common at midlife, often secondary to hot flashes and night sweats, or anxiety and depression—which often occur together in midlife women. Between 20 and 40 percent of women have sleep disorders, and women in perimenopause often need more sleep and suffer from insomnia more often than do men of the […]

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Natural Ways to Stay Healthy This Winter

When we’re healthy, we are able to live life to the fullest and truly flourish. When it comes to being healthy, I believe in prevention first. And, by prevention I don’t mean vaccines and screening tests. I encourage cultivating true health from the inside out by adopting healthy habits such as proper diet and exercise, an enjoyable family and social life, and a personal spiritual practice.

Yet, even healthy people sometimes get sick. And with cold and flu season upon us, I want to share some of the best ways I know to stay healthy naturally, and some natural ways you can treat symptoms so you can recover fast.

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7 Healthy Habits Everyone Should Consider

Vibrant health is possible for everyone. And, it’s not just about preventing disease, though that is a big part of it. In this video Dr. Northrup shares her top 7 health-enhancing habits to improve your health and truly flourish.

Dr Christianne Northrup

In this day-long interactive workshop, world-renowned women’s health expert and New York Times bestselling author Christiane Northrup, M.D. will teach you how to awaken your unique inner blueprint so you can create optimal health, loving relationships, personal fulfillment, and life-long prosperity. We have entered a new time that shamanic astrologer Daniel Giamario has coined the […]