8 Ways to Turn Your Empathy into A Super Power

by Christiane Northrup, M.D.

Dodging Energy Vampires Relationships

Empaths are highly advanced souls being incarnated on earth in increasing numbers to shed light into the darkness during this time of transformation. There are more empaths on earth right now than ever before.  In fact, medical intuitive, Caroline Myss, refers to empaths as “the new normal.”

All empaths are highly sensitive people, but not all empaths are alike.  For example, an emotional empath feels the emotional state of others. For this type of empath just going to the mall on a busy Saturday could be exhausting. A physical empath is able to pick up on the physical ailments of others, often getting headaches or feeling nauseated when someone around them has these symptoms. A friend of mine used to experience joint and muscle pain and fatigue when she was around her mother who has arthritis, and chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia. A cognitive empath thinks about what others are feeling and why. 

While most empaths are thought to be emotional or physical empaths, there are also empaths who feel the emotions of animals. These people often can’t go near a zoo. Global empaths pick up on the emotions of humans across the planet and may have a hard time watching the news.  Other empaths can feel the earth’s energy and may even be able to predict earthquakes and other catastrophes.

If you are an empath you may have traits of one or several different empath types.  And, no matter what type of empath you are, you may frequently feel exhausted or debilitated due to taking on the pain of others.

Super Traits and the Empath

There are many degrees of empathy.  And as an empath, it’s likely that you reach different degrees of empathy during different times of your life. That said, most empaths exhibit super traits. These include agreeableness, feeling optimistic about human nature, a willingness to compromise, and concern for social harmony. 

In addition, most empaths are very trusting, and we feel strongly invested in our relationships. We are natural helpers and fixers, and that’s what makes us prey to energy vampires. It’s no wonder that many empaths feel they need to hide their true nature. 

This desire to hide, not rock the boat, or just blend in and be helpful is the empath’s form of self-protection. For example, you may choose not to go to parties, malls, concerts or crowded, loud venues frequently because they make you feel anxious, overwhelmed or drained.  You may also avoid other places where you are more apt to feel negative or low energy, such as battlefields. Yet, for many empaths, no matter how hard you try to take care of yourself, you still end up sick, exhausted and with a slew of health issues you can’t understand. 

The good news is, you don’t have to sacrifice your well-being if you are an empath. There are ways you can take advantage of your innate strengths and goodness. And, you don’t have to do anything extraordinary.  As an empath, everything you do to heal yourself actually helps to heal the planet. Your mere presence on this planet is what creates the highest level of transformation for humankind.

9 Super Traits of Empaths

  1. Highly sensitive. Sounds, smells, and low energy can overwhelm you.
  2. Spiritually open. Feel connected to a higher source.
  3. Attuned to other people’s moods. Absorb other people’s emotions,
  4. Introverted.  Prefer 1:1 contact or small groups. If extroverted, may limit time spent in a crowd or party
  5. Intuitive.  Can sense when something is off.
  6. Easily overwhelmed in intimate relationships. Too much togetherness is difficult.
  7. Targets for energy vampires. Prey for narcissists, drama queens, chronic talkers.
  8. Nourished by natural world. Seek refuge in nature.
  9. Huge hearts. Often give too much, good listeners. Relieve the pain of others by taking it on, then feel drained.

8 Ways to Turn Your Super Traits into Super Powers

If you are an empath you may feel that you are cursed in some way.  The truth is empathy is a gift, and you have the power within you to turn your empathy into a power like no other.

Here are some ways you can activate the empathic power within you:

  1. Acknowledge that you are an empath. If you are an empath, compassion is your calling. You were hard-wired since birth to anchor the light on the planet. Acknowledging that you came here to do this is the first step toward letting your inner light shine. Learn more about your empathic nature in my book, Dodging Energy Vampires:An Empath’s Guide to Evading Relationships That Drain You and Recovering Your Health and Power.
  2. Trust your intuition. As an empath, you are highly sensitive. Whether you can read people’s minds, receive psychic images, pick up on smells, or sense a feeling in your gut, learning to trust yourself and the messages you receive will help you avoid energy vampires and find positive, healthy relationships.
  3. Don’t play the victim. Empaths often lack self-worth.  After a while, your need to be loved can turn into a victim mentality.  This is commonly seen in spiritual relationships where the guru ends up with all of the resources and the devotees are drained of self-esteem, money and more.
  4. Set boundaries. Once you are able to recognize the energy vampires who drain you, set limits on the amount of time you spend with them.  Notice how you feel when you are with them and how you feel afterward.  Soon, you will be able to walk away for good and recover your precious energy.  You will also have a lot more time on your hands to do something you love.
  5. Meditate. Empaths need time to recharge. Meditation is a great tool for empaths and it takes only a few minutes. For example, Judith Orloff, M.D.’s 3 Minute Heart Meditation can help you feel centered in your heart energy. This is great for taking back your power when you start to feel sensory overload. But, you don’t have to sit to meditate. Spend time in nature or try visualizing yourself in a protective bubble where dark energy cannot reach you, but light can filter through. Do this several times per day.
  6. Breathe. Develop a breath practice where you simply sit and consciously breathe. As you breathe in, think about clarity and power. As you exhale, think about breathing out negative energy. You can even say “I am breathing in power. I am breathing out stress and negativity.” Do this several times per day to clear any built-up stress in your body. 
  7. Transmute negative energy. As empaths we take on a lot of negative energy everywhere we go. Employ ways that you can transmute negative energy in real time.  For example, bring plants into your workspace to help absorb any negative energy.  You can also try crystals which are natural energy modulators.   Surround yourself with beauty.  Try to speak positively in a difficult situation. Finding the humor in a situation when possible can also transmute negative energy. Another thing you can do is start each day with a gratitude affirmation to increase positive energy.
  8. Love yourself. As an empath, your life’s purpose is to take care of yourself.  It’s all you are asked to do!  Listening to your own thoughts and emotions is self-empathy. Take some time every day to honor your feelings and embrace your sensitivities. Recognize that you can be vulnerable and strong at the same time. Celebrate every time you listen to your intuition or do something that helps you become happier, stronger and healthier. Remember, when you live up to your full potential, you actually transform the lives of others.

Once you fully embrace your empathic nature, you will be able to experience great joy.  You will see the big picture on a deeper level – one that is full of beauty. And, you will be able to refill your own energetic cup by aligning directly with Source.

How has your life improved since embracing your empathic nature? Be sure to leave me your comments.

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Last Updated: March 20, 2018

Christiane Northrup, M.D.

Christiane Northrup, M.D., is a visionary pioneer and a leading authority in the field of women’s health and wellness. Recognizing the unity of body, mind, and spirit, she empowers women to trust their inner wisdom, their connection with Source, and their ability to truly flourish.


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  1. Chris
    9 months ago

    We are all what we choose to be. What our beliefs allows us. When we master belief, we can be anything 🙂

  2. Curious
    1 year ago

    I believe I am an empath, but personality tests tell me that I’m a extrovert

  3. Jeanne Clougher
    1 year ago

    I have only figured out that I was an empath since my sister died. I cannot believe how much you have helped but now I have a thirty year relationship to dissolve and find out I have been used. Holy cow! And during this relationship everything bad happened to me. Now I thought I was dealing with alcohol problem when the alcohol was to keep himself from being involved to discovery. Anyone, definitely one hundred percent narcissist and energy vampire. We need to get women more involved in knowing energy! Thank you! By the way, I believe it is time for women to save earth!

  4. Savana Williams
    1 year ago

    Ive always thought I was different since I was a little girl. I remember my first day of school EVER and I was so excited. Not a scared bone in my body. My friend yesenia was sitting beside me and she was sad. She cried and cried and I couldn’t do anything but cry too. I didn’t know why I was crying, I just knew I felt sad. Till this day I feel others emotions and people love telling me their personal secrets that I don’t ask for. It’s quite hard dealing with your emotions and other people’s emotions. I lost a very special person who I loved dearly and I’ve been focusing on my mental health and trying to get myself back balanced. I set boundaries with family and friends, of course they take it personal but I have to do what feels right for me.

  5. Julie Bickle
    1 year ago

    I’m not going to pretend I know ANYTHING about this …. Because I know close to nothing . I do know that feeling in my belly and the things “my imagination” makes me see is sometimes heartbreaking . I’ve always had these , sience I as a kid . I never thought anything of it besides pure annoyance of the fact I’m making myself see this “shit” until couple months ago … I still don’t know much bout it , but I know it’s NOT my imagination. . It’s sad and scary . I’m going to continue to learn more of this stuff and hopefully understand it some day . Wish me luck ! Thnks … Julie Bickle …. Ny

    1. Jeff
      3 months ago

      Hi Julie, my name is Jeff. It’s April 2024. You jumped out at me , I’m curious if after a year things for you are making sense resulting in peace within . I am a super empath and although I do not know the things you’ve done I do know who you are. The secret is to find out who you already are born into this life. I have this guy feeling you might be walking a lonely road meaning you are a one of a kind and finding someone you can talk to doesn’t happen to often. I like being wrong and you are the best version of you with happiness all around. Even so then hay I sure would like someone to share in a conversation. Oneoftheolderkids (one word) at a hot place for mail.

  6. Ash
    1 year ago

    My entire life I’ve been After Answers and uncertainty
    With the Derection I was going in normally filled my life with dark energy dark Matter infact I couldn’t move or think outside my mind allmost trapped in my Own anxious ness sitting in a prison full of emotion was the most overwhelming place I’ve been trapped wicked thouhhts evil actions with no remourse the Closest to the devils table Ive ever got why am i going through this why can i not walk without news reports of everyone i know everyone like I’ve been in there Life 2020 was a change for me I Nearlly died of covid 19 whilst I was recovering In a Coma deep sleep i met my spirit Guide clear as day who for the last 3 years as built me back up helped me heal helped me get to my right path onlong the way I,ve picked up some incredible gifts I already have just Didn’t know it chakra Meditation is my favourite thing to do aswell as nature i love walking past people and i know the problems in this world Its a power or gift I,m Grateful of i know your thoughts aswell as if your lieing and I know your reason for life Ive the ability to talk to spirits I see good spirits aswell as dark spirits I’m so Sensitive if I go by a plant it will React to My energy been spiritually and empathed is beautiful words cant describe how its feels to know your purpose in life my journey so fair as been a quest to figure out with no knowledge what I am Ive the best of both worlds in higher self my mission is self love and abundance to my name thankyou for this post you have no idea how long I’ve kept this to myself but know I’ve gotta be true to me and not hide shine bright I’ve got this

  7. Chris
    1 year ago

    A few years ago my aunt mentioned I’m empathic. And I realized I am. But how to handle or utilize this has never been taught or suggested. My intuition is so strong it pains my stomach and turns it into almost unbearable knots when those close to me or myself is in danger, I’ve heard screams of loss before they’ve happened tragically, I can feel others emotions, absorb and give anxiety, i hear faint voices, fighting and screaming noone else can, I can feel the earth and knowledge it is capable or giving naturally, I attract people damaged and heart broken as well as dramatic, I have a natural pull towards plants and animals, I become overwhelmed by simple trips to public crowded locations, I see what people try hide in there every slight gesture to hide anything, i sense people’s intents be it good or bad… im rarely wrong with my suspicion, when someone is approaching or thinking of it my ears ring, im always the help, I cannot decline even if the other has done me wrong… I have unreal almost superhuman abilities and I’ve had no direction on how to use them. Now I’m trapped within the confines of my room and am scared to leave my safe place, decompression is needed for every instance. I love but often push away and become insecure but the insecurities are always right… I need help

  8. Kimber
    2 years ago

    I have known for a long time that I was different from my friends and coworkers. Sometimes I feel like a “pied piper” as I attract the sad, the weak, the lonely. I shut it down for many years as I struggled with my own life traumas. Lately I have been having a re-awakening and my empathetic abilities are stronger than ever. I have decided to embrace this. The world needs more kindness and more people to listen. I am told by people young and old that they feel my sincerety and kindness not just in my words but also in my actions and my eyes.

  9. David Thompson
    2 years ago

    My name is David Thompson I am 65 years old. I have had many abilities as far back as I can remember I have never had a term that I associate with it. I’ve always felt I’ve had the ability to re-people from across the country as well as people near me and also the ability to take away their pain or help them heal. For a long time I tried to suppress this abilities due to the fact they could be overwhelming at times. I have recently made friends with an empath As well as a young lady I also believe to be an empath that I would love to get to know better with these two people I’ve never felt so calm and at peace with myself when I am around them or even just talk to them there’s no pressure at all. I am currently learning as much as I can so I can be at peace with my abilities as well as use them to help people. Many of the things I have read over the last couple days include all of my abilities as well as things that I have always tried to do to call myself and re-energize. I’m very excited to follow this path now sings there’s some information ability and many more others like me.

  10. I’m 39 and just understand what been happening to me. Its always been this way. Never understood or any explanation. I’ve never had to many I could ask really. But how does an empath and God mix ? I feel everyone in every place I go I always hurt and I know it’s not me. I would love to know more about being intuned with whatever this is. So I can help the people more around me more sufficiently..

  11. Randy Wiggins
    2 years ago

    Even as a child I knew my thought processes were different from other children around me. However, as a child of an autocratic father, I was unable to express my unique, for a young child, world view. The older I became, the more difficult it was to avoid toxic people. Eventually I became a nurse and it seemed the world began to “click” around me. By my early 30s, I came to the conclusion that I had been blessed by God with spiritual gifts. I was very sensitive to negativity. I didn’t understand what I was supposed to do to respond to all of the frankly incredible things that were occurring around me on a daily basis. I reacted by starting to drink, which only achieved increased social problems and only a thin film over what I finally recognized as a life situation that meant I was both blessed and that I had a tremendous responsibility to others. I have since not had a drink in decades. At this point I realize that I am an intuitive empath. I am able to receive different types of information from almost everything in the environment from how others are reacting to their own personal environment to sometimes what some are thinking. I can sense when plants are under stress and I can especially discern when animals are under stress or if they are healthy or maybe needing something. This can be very strange at times to have a conversation with an animal I have much to learn and much to share. Again, I have been blessed by God with abilities that are to be used for His glory.

    1. Janice
      2 years ago

      I am also a nurse and minister with a similar background- Just now beginning to see this empathy as a blessing-it has always felt like a burden as I was living on the verge of burn out most of the time.

    2. Lindsay Middleton
      2 years ago

      Oh wow! When I read this I feel like I wrote this! It’s such a relief to see others that are the same way. I am also a nurse, and I am still currently drinking too much to cope. I’m extremely sensitive to negativity and am so emotionally drained. I know the negativity isn’t directed at me, but I feel like it is. And I feel like I’m always begging for love because my cup in empty. I have to turn this around! I just realized that I feel others peoples emotions and I get confused as to whether or not they are my own emotions. It’s so confusing sometimes, that I don’t know why I’m suddenly so upset and sad and then I realize that it isn’t even my own feeling. I also think I can feel the emotions of spirits or those who have passed on. Which is a whole other story! It’s getting to the point that it’s interfering with my relationship with my son and boyfriend. Ugh! I need guidance.

    3. Dee
      2 years ago

      Thank you for sharing! Your testimony sounds almost exactly like me! May God continue to bless you!

      1. Dee
        2 years ago

        My comment seems to fit with most of these posts! Thank you everyone.

  12. Sivana
    2 years ago

    I just became a Christian and it feels like God is revealing to me. I learned that I am an empath.
    I don’t know what kind of empath. I can sense people and animals emotions. I have a ability of knowing things (it just come to me) i also can finish what other people saying. I just blurt them out. I get messages in dreams. Which I ignored all my life and it ruined my life. More like being an empath ruined my life.
    I have major depression and ptsd and obviously mood disorders.
    I need help with how to control it. I just want to normal person which I didn’t feel all my life.

  13. Tamara M Bell
    3 years ago

    So oddly enough, many years ago I watched a short video/story about a stick figure character walking about it’s day. It saw a person who was sad, the stick figure held the sad persons shoulder and was filled with their “darkness/sadness”. The previous sad person now perked up, walked away happy, all the while the main character was now filled with some darkness but proceeded to keep trying to walk along, head held up high. The stick figure once again, found someone sad, filled with darkness, and the stick figure once again, touched the sad person and took on their pain/sadness. Each time this happened the poor stick figure became darker and darker in color until you could only see their eyes and tell by the set of their shoulders that they were under such a heavy toll. It was when the stick figure found a puppy to hug that they returned to their previous state and once again became renewed and able to help the world. I shared it long ago on my personal Facebook page understanding that “wow, that’s me!” but not knowing what it was. It was not until just as of the past 3 years that individuals have privately told me how it is incredibly apparent that I am a strong empath, and oddly enough they said they too were empaths. Then I had my first known brush with a full blown narcissist. It was after dealing with this person that I truly had that “ah-ha” moment and realized some deep truths about myself, what my weakness and my strength was and now I’m working on how to best use my strengths to my advantage while guarding myself against others. I take on others’ emotional states very very strongly if I let them too close to me. Case in point, I allow my guard down around my son most of all because he’s easy to read and I know as a teenager in this current turbulent world, he’s affected deeply by the chaos so I seek to create some calm in his world/around him. Around my husband sometimes I have to guard my energy because his mind is very chaotic which throws the calm me all over the place. This is all while I seek to help him maintain control and help guide him to what he is usually seeking (whether that is looking for his car keys or solving some other issue).
    Only now in my life am I realizing that over the past 20+ years I’ve accurately predicted almost all the private opinions/thoughts of those that are closer to me. Its both a blessing and a curse. So now I work to both heal myself from that trauma and make sure I come out of it a warrior that is thriving as well as strengthening my ability to read others and develop a thicker skin. Whew, okay that was a novel.

    1. Cateleya
      2 years ago

      Please c my post just after yours replying to Kyle below

  14. Kyle
    3 years ago

    Almost two months ago I had an awakening experience. Now, I’ve discovered, I can sense people’s emotions, thoughts (though I’m still learning this one), which chakras are blocked, I can sense their physical pain, meridian blockages, and I can “loosen” other people’s muscles. I’m fine with all of this, but I need help figuring out how to stop my energy from being drained CONSTANTLY. Yes, I’m grounded in the Earth’s energy, but that doesn’t stop the constant drain. Please help.

    1. Cateleya
      2 years ago


      Every morning I said this over myself and my daughter and my cats this is called putting on your armor for the day

      “I close my self round
      With the pure white light of love
      into which nothing negative can penetrate and
      out of which
      only goodness can come”

      (picture yourself being wrapped up in the white light like a cocoon,safe)

      “… I loose myself and I lift myself
      To my highest good in God love “

      It’s critical as impasse that we daily ground and daily cover ourselves with the armor of love
      Our boots are tried with the blood of the gosh bus that walked before us we will put on the chest plate of righteousness the helmet of salvation and then our hand we wield a sword which is the word of God that is stronger than any double sided sword that could ever come against the human body

      And for grounding a great one I learned last year is picture a big tree in your yard or anywhere near you and just imagine if the tree was hollow and you just jump inside the tree and just travel all the way down through the roots into the center of the earth and then as you ascend back up higher your crown chakra is breathing in if you’re white light of love God source life river of love

      If you’re talking to people specifically mini narcissist use a lot of pointing and jabbing stabbing motions with their hands so it’s good to turn your body sideways so that they can’t literally stab you through your aura and take the breath out of your solar plexus chakra for real

      Finally when you have errands to run maybe you have five errands to run you’d like to get done that day but I have to go in and the two big stores you can’t take it anymore and you feel the urge to run allow yourself that run home chill out do the other three errands tomorrow or later And remember we as in paths we are like a big sponge we shook up all the negative energy but you must also realize that we let that go into the earth through our grounding and we ring the sponge out on the Holy Spirit who change my chip into something good we don’t hold onto the sponge of nasty dirty energy mop water we wring out the mop the sponge after we take it in

      I’m preaching to myself right now but these are the regular daily practices and for my daughter I close my daughter safely around with a pure white light of love into which nothing negative can penetrate and out of which only goodness can come I lose her and I lift her up to her highest good God amen and amen thank you

      1. Cateleya
        2 years ago

        I clothe myself roun with the pure white light of live…


  15. Snow
    3 years ago

    I didn’t know I’m an empath until a month ago. I’ve been wondering many things like why I listen to others too much, why people get comfort from me (as I’m kinda straightforward), why my sense are always right, why I hate and feel annoyed to be with many people, etc. Not knowing about it, I’ve been suffering from depression and anxiety for a long time as my parents, especially my mom, being very narcissistic, and overprotective on me. They really drain my energy everyday in many ways. This blog helps me a lot more to understand myself and what to do. But if there’s anyone who can guide me and explain more, please help me. I’m new to it and I really don’t know how to differentiate empathy and depression. Please help.

    1. Grant
      3 years ago

      I’m an empath and been both diagnosed with bipolar disease and institutionalized as a result. I’ve realized that due to being empathic any stress within my own family is a danger to me causing depression or mania. Now that I’m aware of my “gift” or “curse” of being an empath I’ve had to learn what triggers me and to set hard boundaries to manage my energy and protect my mental health. When I start feeling the stress of interacting with a family member I discretely remove myself both mentally and physically from the situation. This stops the energy drain and I then can get a chance to recharge.

  16. Traci
    3 years ago

    Thank you for this story.. As of late I feel I was going out of my mind.. I don’t/didn’t understand what is happening.. why now are these abilities manifesting? I’ve always been able to feel when someone was not being truthful or if someone isn’t such a good person. I’ve been able to feel there energy’s. But lately things are getting to be overwhelming.. I’m seeing. Hearing. And smelling things that aren’t there. I feel I am losing my mind. It feels like I’m constantly feeling nauseated or I have a massive headache. I drive past a place and instantly I get a sharp pain in my temple then it’s gone. I’ve never been a “Big” crowd person it makes me feel anxious and uncomfortable but nowadays I have a hard time going into Walmart or a grocery store that has a lot of people in it because I get overwhelmed Xs 100.. Is this normal? I’m trying my hardest to understand why now and be accepting.. but some days are so intense and overwhelming I feel I can’t take anymore. I just need a little guidance on how to control my manifested abilities… when Im seeing things no one else can see or when I’m hearing faint voices no one else can hear.. I’m afraid to tell my family about these things fear of feeling more alienated than I already do.. by them thinking I’m crazy.. it is very hard because my family is my rock.. my support system.. my everything.. So any advice In how to help control this ability I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you and God bless

    1. Daniel Thomas
      3 years ago

      I’ve been an empath my entire life. Unless you know an empath with similar qualities you will have to trust yourself to maintain balance. There is much dark energy bouncing around now. Follow Dr Northrup’s advice. Meditation allows me to identify external negative energy quickly.

      1. Debra
        2 years ago

        Hello, I’ve had this ability beginning at a very young age. Sense the good/bad, what they are feeling. Helping others with this ability has been a positive God send. I’m sharing this due to your comment. What you stated is very true.
        Thanks for sharing.
        Best Regards
        Debra Foresman

    2. Sheena
      3 years ago

      Hi, I can relate. All my life, I have suffered from depression and headaches. I truly believed that I had a mental illness. Then God opened me up and I am able to predict things and feel things on a deeper level than most. Since I now know, that this is a blessing, because all I ever want to do is help people out of their pain, well in order for me to help them I have to know what I’m up against. My empath power helps me to do this. I too was scared that people would think I was crazy, but through my meditation and my Oracle cards, God tells me to do what he ask and not worry about what people will think. I tried to run from this but God is showing me he gave me this gift because he knew I could handle it. I can’t let fear stop me from being a soldier for God.

      1. Don
        2 years ago


    3. Mark
      3 years ago

      I am an empath and I recently discovered that I was. I discovered the name for it but always knew I had special abilities. They hurt me when I was younger and I had to block them out. While I could not turn them completely off, I ignored large portion. I am an emotional, intuitive and physical empath. At a young age I could tell people about their past, discern good and bad people and take people pain.
      My advice is to imagine a force field you create. Use your hands and surround yourself. Do this while alone and in a quiet place. Also, visit nature often. Do this alone also. It will release the burdens you have acquired. Do not spend time with those you have negative feelings from. Just don’t.

    4. Grant
      3 years ago

      I’m recently become aware of my empathic abilities. I too was questioning my sanity and disbelief of what I could feel and discern about those around my. I assure you that you are not alone. I can physically feel other peoples energy as I pass by them. Until I realized this was “normal “ for me as an empath I was literally questioning my sanity. I started researching and discovered there are about 20% of us that are empaths.

      I have accepted my ability and now can manage my emotional response. I’ve used several coping techniques to maintain myself. I know my triggers and have set hard boundaries to manage my energy control and how much chaos I can tolerate. I literally leave an environment that I start to overload in. I go to a quiet calm place”even a bathroom” and take some deep breaths and calm my mind. If I need more I leave the environment entirely and go outside away from any noises people until I can think straight. Good luck.

  17. Aryona Williams
    3 years ago

    my names aryona i get visions of the far past and let me tell you the bible was dead wrong….

    1. Daniel Thomas
      3 years ago

      Same here.

    2. Melissa Huckabee
      3 years ago

      I am interested in hearing more of your thoughts on the bible being dead wrong. I am intrigued, as do I, believe there is something wrong about the bible in whole.

      1. Jacob Coates
        3 years ago

        When I read the Bible I felt greed, selfishness, and much more, makes you wonder why a supposed tool of light for the betterment of mankind is embroiled in such negative energies

      2. David
        11 months ago

        There is a story in the bible about Christ saying something and his enemy s said that he was speaking against scripture. Christ responded with the definition of scripture “all scripture is inspired by God etc.”. Ministers today claim that was Christ saying that every word of the bible is true, when in fact he did not. In fact he said the exact opposite. If Christ was speaking truth then their claim of their belief was false, but probably generally accepted as scripture. The bible has to be sorted Truth from fiction. Christ taught Love, Truth, Justice and if people actually lived in harmony with that there would be no need for government and that is precisely why the Roman government sent Paul to kill the Christians. Law and order is detrimental to government because government needs the people to live in fear so that the people are willing to pay them for protection. God is Love and God wants us all to live in Love which is the opposite of fear. Ministers quote Paul as having said that “Be subject to the powers that be for they are ordained by God…”. So are we to believe that any asshole that stands up and claims to be the power that be, has his laws consistent with Gods laws? I don’t think so and for ministers to quote that to Americans is stupid because we are the powers that be, while the Christians under Paul were captives.

    3. Robin Proehl
      2 years ago

      Can you share a little of this in more detail ?

  18. Destiny lyons
    3 years ago

    Thank you so much for these topics and explaining what I need to do. I always knew I had these abilities, but unfortunately pushed them aside untill recently. After reading this I am going to follow up about learning more and taking care of myself! Thank you so much!

    1. I dealt with these abilities considering myself insane, and society helped me greatly in that regard (thank you for the dark ages operand conditioning) because they are not normal standard mean type intuitions. Is there any sound current understandings in psychology for people who feel before they have cognition about why they feel. The complete opposite of what standard psychology preaches. I grew up in science and was a language I could relate to in a very chaotic life threatening environment. the guru approach to understanding with these emerging experiences, whether they are abilities or disabilities, is an extremely hard to relate to in my foundations of geometry and logic and a extremely hard animal to do an autopsy on while one is still living through managing cognition tangent to functional frames of thought, that wish to rely purely on cognition that gives credence to identifiable form and function) that makes living in ignorance a blessing. I can not relate to forms of logic I pay no credence. I want to know a scientific understanding and know if there are any treatments with MRI tech for folks that have intuition that is becoming spot on and really effin unpleasant for anyone who has love for living creatures.

      1. My thoughts are gleaning on nonverbal foundations of thought that rely solely on form and function for a rational sense of identity, even this language is becoming too rife with emotional conveyance that leaves dis-easing conveyance of emotional to the point I feel the irritation in my skin and body. I have no history of feeling such irritation in any of the events of my life that were trauma inducing experiences. Even speaking in language is beginning to irritate me in the need cognition to communicate in speech or writing. These thought processes are not natural to me, and not pleasant to think in. The written word was a complex mess in my mind until I reached college and computers and word processors were available to eclectic hobbyists, prior to the pc revolution and pervasive home use. If I get thrown in mental health illegally one more time, I am going to shit my pants.

        1. The earlier forms of cognition are a bit dismayed with how ignorant and dark ages the mental health system truly is. Still all me, not split personality crap. Just different development forms of cognition that got stunted, and new ones I can only assume are developing in the subconscious due to speed and not being verbal in construct.

        2. Cateleya
          2 years ago

          Yes my narcissistic ex-husband and my full out evil now I know I didn’t know this till I happened upon my family online last fall but back in 2019 when I was attacked by what I know and it was a sociopath and he had me almost completely brainwashed through the whole you know they And they begin by being nicer than Mr. Wright could ever be totally interested in you and what you’re saying giving you love and and kissing and hugging and… And they’re using the word love and the narcs always say something in the first few times you’ve made them I have no feelings my ex-husband used to say I have no emotions and I just think to myself in my head well I know he can get real mad that’s an emotion but I never it had never occurred to me till I found out last November

          And then another guy the Conman still $25,000 for me in 2019 that’s when my sister and ex-husband they plotted together to jump on his back to get me locked away insane take my daughter away from me and my sister try to get medical power of attorney from me I read about her last January each of them acting exactly according to their rules in the family and just appalling and also to realize that teaser not just the Freddy Krueger‘s in the Jasons to Michaels in the Halloween in these these people are here the real they exist and they’re nasty and they want what ours everything that’s ours and once we stop a bang your commands we can we just get sick of it and they’re gaslighting and then in my case they just want to throw you up away and crazy people prison

          Illegally and then my sisters and my ex has tried to do it again when I didn’t shut up for Christmas last 2019 and only 26 they inspired to just make up the most outland dish awful most dangerous psychopathic perversion knowing exactly what my diagnosis of bipolar and now she PTSD for mini mini decades since birth and 53 just became enlightened nine months ago it’s like my entire family and extended family let’s just say that they all died last December and a plane crash they are dead to me they are robots They are the grays do you know that we have a piece of in infancy and then embedded in the genetic line believe it or not who knows but they’re not human they’re not regular and they do not recognize fear on someone’s face unless you’re crying out loud in agony they do not know and the only way that they can feel is to feel through us every smile they make no crinkles in the eyes they can’t smile every time they with the person at work they have to mimic that person‘s emotional state if you’re coming out there, if you’re exuberant exuberant it must be exhausting to be a psychopath they learn at the age of by the age of three different and they just mimic everyone around them and then when they fail to laugh at the big joke or they respond wrong that’s when your mask falls off especially at work and that’s when they are triggered and that’s when they get dangerous for real watch out people much I’ve always thank you for the list I could’ve written any and almost everyone of these messages myself for real

    2. Mireille Hoffman
      2 years ago

      I didn’t know I was an empath until yesterday,I always knew I was different and eccentric. My intuition kicks in full blast all the time and I just started to follow it. I also started setting serious boundaries, letting people go out of my life for good. I have issues with my past as I am a recovering addict. I recently got thrown in my face at my job by employees I actually left I couldn’t deal with the humiliation. I’m working on standing up for myself. But I have made alot of major changes thank you for this article and I will be purchasing your book! M.H.

  19. Emma Jane
    3 years ago

    I felt guilty at first for limiting my contact with my immediate family as they are very narcissistic and are energy vampires. Very demanding especially when I’m low. But over time I realise its the right thing to do and I’m much happier. My work has greatly benefited and I’m greatly appreciated by friends I have carefully chosen and customers who feel happier and calmer when I’m around. Each day is another step

  20. Heather savary
    3 years ago

    I would like to learn more about my abilities of being an empath

    1. Aryona Williams
      3 years ago

      so would i

  21. Ashley Gordon
    3 years ago

    Thank you im fully in my purpose now that I accepted who I am.

  22. Shueb
    3 years ago

    At last I got to know I’m normal and very delighted with this kind of knowledge thanks a lot give us much knowledge about empaths
    But I have this situation where I feel other’s pain so much that I get uncouncious( faint )

    1. Grant
      3 years ago

      I too recently became aware that I’m an empath. I’ve extensively researched empaths and discovered there are around 20 % of us of the population and that as with most things a continuum of abilities from just highly sensitive to healing abilities. I’ve learned, the hard way, to manage my gift and lead a “normal” life. Triggers, boundaries, down time to recharge are vital for me to function as an empath. I can feel other peoples energy when I walk passed them. I can actually feel others pain, anger, and sadness. I can also feel their joy and happiness. Enjoy your abilities and protect yourself. Good luck

  23. Alex
    3 years ago

    Thank you for your insightful post.

    Love & light to all you empaths out there.

    Lets Light this world up!!

  24. Nadia
    3 years ago

    WOW… I just thought I was different. I’ve been described as, weird but as I’ve gotten older I’m realising my comments about what seems random actually comes about. I’ll say something and sure enough, it will be. I’ll think of someone, an actor or a name or place and something do to with my thought, happens. Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m all about, love. Sharing, giving, forgiving, compassion…I love, loving but I’m lonely because relationships don’t work. I tend to attract and choose those in great need of saving and for that, I end up hurt.
    I’ve learnt that, it’s ok and it’s my calling! I’m supposed to heal and I’m now comfortable with that…I was born on the cusp of Aquarius & Pieces but during an Aquarian moon during a blood moon.
    I sleep very little, I need the quiet because day times can be too loud. I also hear a high pitched ringing that I’m sure no one else I know hears and Spirits tend to not cloak themselves from me. I know I’m different but can you help me to understand myself more PLEASE???

    1. Daniel
      3 years ago

      I’m in the same place as you but for me, my life is glorious.

    2. Grant
      3 years ago

      I think I can help you. Being an empathic like we are includes challenges others don’t have. I’m extremely sensitive to everything around me. Lights, noise, music, wind, people talking……. I can feel others energy as I walk past them. I can feel others grief, sadness, stress, as well as their joy and elation. Once I’ve come to accept me as I am I have been able to “manage” my emotions and mental well being. There are around 20% of us out there so your far from alone. Our abilities exist on a continuum from highly sensitive to being able to heal others. Know your triggers and set your boundaries. Good luck

    3. Cateleya
      2 years ago

      Nadia you are no different than I am
      I am a newly awakened empath as of December and November 2021 ties with my family last Thanksgiving they’ve tried to lock me away as crazy and tried to kill me but everything that you wrote as well as many othersCould all have been written by me

      you’re not different than I am we are the same thank you for sharing!

  25. Din
    3 years ago

    Hi Thank you Dr for your explanation. I’m just not sure if I am an Empath or not. I’m glad I’ve found your article. Actually I’m searching for an article that might help me figure out what is really within me as it’s been years I have been experiencing this not so normal and maybe shallow for some but I just want to really understand why it is happening?… Whenever (several times) I go near the faucets, it drips few amounts of water, (enough to get my attention) without anyone using it. It started 4 yrs ago in my home country, normally before taking a bath. Until I get use to it but even now that I am working abroad, I am experiencing it still. Our own bathroom and different offices toilet. It is actually weird. Maybe someone could help or having same experience. In some cases, my gut or instincts are most of the time correct or I feel things will happen in advance. Don’t know really,,,

    1. Liz
      3 years ago

      It’s not water dripping, but I often notice if I drive under/ or close to street lights, they will go out, like the bulb blew. The next day they will be on, and working fine.

      1. Aryona Williams
        3 years ago

        wow thats cool you must be an electric empath nice im a dark empath i only feel emotion for the people i trust which is only four people and that doesnt include my parents just the people who never lied to me i only feel the emotions ive absorbed from others your lucky i havent felt a real emotion since 6th grade

    2. NIC MAZZ
      3 years ago


      1. Din
        3 years ago

        Thank You Nic Mazz, this helps.

        1. Cateleya
          2 years ago

          I too have been experiencing water dripping from toilets I’ve even recently changed out the rubber seals and my solar panels are leaking solar company trying to blame on a/c but that drip spout is on different patio location also my pool pump started leaking that I’m trying to repair that caused a $400 dollar water bill having turned off my pump for repairs I know was using wrong kind of caulk but while poop pump not running as I learn how to repair leak my lastest water bill was still $135 not just $35 / month as it was b4 leaking toilets and solar panels still leaking – my point is that u spoke of this on ur post 1 year ago, Din and ur response from Marc served to placate you

          My question did u figure out a spiritual impending water related issue, has it stopped 4 u ,was it spiritually related to past trauma?

          Marc can u explain in more detail how this could part of our empathic skills also my bathtub is clogged but I realized how awful my family was and that their evil doings to me were never going to stop b4 I was dating another now I know he was a psychopath and I was so enamored by his initial 3-4 weeks of kindness that as I now know I was youngest child of psychiatrist already knew and my old family I happened upon when the ugly the crazy the demeaning and silent no contact began I got deja vu from 2019 sociopath and broke up for good end of September I googled- how do men manipulate women and up popped a page describing the narcissist with. The list of dark triad narcs followed a link from there to web page describing narc father and I began reading about my father thing and he checked every trait on the list.

          Like does everyone get nervous and scared when ur father enters the room? Does he punish u kids with stuff that’s weird and strange like he has unknown book of rules he rages and punish kids for …

          I broke ties with whole family thanksgiving and was alone But as woman doing man fixing it’s hard I read about my entire family on web pages from November through December I read about every family member finally last week of December read about my mother hardest to pin down as narc cuz I thought I loved her. Find out by December 2021 my whole immediate family were psychopaths – 3 words narcissist, sociopath, psychopath that changed my life. Psychiatrist knew I realized every boyfriend was psychopath but con artist ruined my life but exhusband was narc in league with my sisters tried to lock me up as crazy hospital and my doc saw through after 11 hours nurse hands me clothes says doc believes toxic family lied to cops in retaliation December 26 when I didn’t show up 4 Christmas.. suddenly I realize every man I’d be with were also narcs but echelons better than my family I learned I was Empath scapegoat since birth. I learn about something called boundaries. My entire life of confusion all puzzle pieces of bizarre things my whole life couldn’t understand them I became an awakened Empath last December 2021 and as they say “ for awakened Empath…nothing was as it seemed “. I reached out to extended family realized massive smear campaign had been done against me realized only one niece, my daughter, and I only ones not psychopaths.

          I think of it as if my entire family and extended family all died in let’s say a plane crash last year. My grieving time is over and I’m trying so hard to begin living life again struggling to get out of paralysis and put my life back together anew. Didn’t mean to share so much but reading all these comments I could have written any or all of them but for knowledge this is others just like me. Kindred spirits trying to b my purpose in life no longer the queen of the sewer and awful, not good enough, life of lies I give myself a new title

          I am the Negative energy Filtration system for the world. We r
          Ty if this posts

          Plz share any help steps
          Ty so much everyone on these comments

    3. Grace
      2 years ago

      People have been telling me I”m an empath but I don’t really think I am. However, I have sometimes taken on my kids pain when I don’t even know that they are sick.
      When my daughter was 6 months old I started getting daily migraines out of the blue. Had not been real well and started to get better right as they started.
      It’s now been 35 years and these daily migraines have ruined my family, career, life. Life is not worth living this way, and now that kids are grown, disabled/retired, there are no obligations tethering me. I would gladly die today than ever have another migraine.
      I have always felt that once I figure out the purpose of the migraines, they’ll go away, just like figuring out the message in recurring – theme dreams make them stop.
      Recently a woman who claimed to be psychic said that she sensed anguish. I had to give that a lot of thought.
      . Then I had an aha moment. I think the pain was my daughter’s, and I took it on from her when she was 6 months old. I took on her anguish.
      (She was conceived in marital rape at a time when I was trying to get out of an abusive marriage, so I felt stuck and was extremely despondent and always feared that I passed on those negative feelings to her in the womb.)
      I am a senior citizen and utterly exhausted from carrying this burden. My daughter has a lot of emotional issues, but otherwise she’s healthy, and she’s also in counseling, so this seems like the perfect time to return them to her.
      But I do not know how.
      I read the article looking for ideas. I have always had high self-esteem so that’s not an issue. I belonged to a Buddha Center so I know about meditation and breathing and all of that. I know about emotional vampires in setting boundaries. I was an environmental science major and spend considerable time outside..
      I dont know how to clear these, return these migraines to their original owner.

  26. Maria lugo
    3 years ago

    Hi Im Maria.
    I was very touched by your story. Its very similar ti mine. I am now looking forward to getting, understand and live my life as i should. Hiding is not life. I cant deny that there is so much information i don’t know what to do with. If you have any advise other that what you shared all ready please reach out. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

  27. Erica
    3 years ago

    Sounds like you are a medium as well as an empath I am too but I haven’t been practicing my medium gift.. Ive been focusing on astral projection and my empath gifts.

    1. Shubham
      3 years ago

      I want to connect you. I’m also an empath but i want to learn astral projection…
      Reply if you can help…
      Thanks in advance…

      1. GMuddy
        3 years ago

        I did that when I proposed, it was unintentional but just happened

  28. kathy crabbe
    3 years ago

    Loved this! I believe there is another empath not mentioned, not sure if it would apply to your extensive list though. I find that my empathy comes out when I give intuitive readings virtually and my empathy is felt the most physically when I do an ancestral reading. I can often sense how the ancestor died, for example if they had lung problems I will feel out of breath. Thank you again!

    Sparkly Blessings,
    Kathy Crabbe
    Artist + Soul Reader

  29. Darcelle Mattson
    3 years ago

    I just finished listening to the audio version of Dr. Northrop’s WOMEN’S BODIES, WOMEN’S WISDOM. The book provides incredible insight into the need for all of us to strive for what I now call “living strong with deep love.”

    For my entire life, I walked this earth as an Empath whose gift was seen as a weakness because my body has been unable to keep up with the energies and knowings of my Soul. Even as a child, standard expectations for me did not work because so much of our control-directed society, simply didn’t make sense. When I was a long-distance cyclist, consistently lifted weights, connected with nature routinely, and spent more time with nature and animals than with people, I had much to give when I was with people.

    After listening to Dr. Northrop’s book, I now know that the answer lies not in running away from, or hiding our gifts, but encasing our Souls in strong and balanced bodies, so when we do “appear,” we show up as the strong, beautiful messengers we were sent here to be.

    In 2017, a 17-year old relationship with a malignant narcissist finally ended. In the three (almost 4) years that followed, I behaved in ways that I had never experienced before. Once a strong and fearless adventurer, and champion for my children, responsibility, beauty, love, compassion and caring, I became physically, mentally, and spiritually weak. My ex-husband’s last attempt to completely destroy me and leave me and my children homeless, finally consumed all of my fight and flight, and left me with only freeze.

    Thanks to the works of Dr. Northrop and others like her, I am now reconstructing my life so I can once again enter the appear strong (but this time with love as my strengthening guide) and able to help (not hide). This will enable me to live intimately and intricately connected to a body that will be capable of keeping up with my “Soul’s desires,” and be a loving, Soulful, and caring mother, entrepreneur and do the work I was sent to do.

    For those of you who struggle with fully knowing how to live a full life as an Empath, I highly recommend that you read/listen to Dr. Northrop’s book and embrace her teachings, so you can show up strong and leave the mark on the world that you were sent to leave as well.

    There are no accidents in life. We have our gifts for a reason. We will all die someday. We need to stop hiding and start building and showing up strong, starting now, today!

  30. Susan Dunaway Thielke
    3 years ago

    Dear Mercedes,
    I feel your confusion with the struggle of your environment changing who you are. In order to maintain a positive outlook and maintain our energy, we must develop and maintain daily balancing rituals that center us. These rituals allow us to reconnect with our spiritual source, release negative energy, receive inspiration and find clarity and truth. Besides practicing your personal rituals, learning how to limit our exposure to negative people, environments and situations that drain your energy/light is essential. Choose joy, choose relationships and environments that inspire you. Seek to be aligned with and develop a supportive tribe of other like-minded positive individuals. Also, finding a professional therapist to help us process the negative experiences that impact our lives is essential to personal growth and understanding. Through all of these, we are able to foster and nurture ourselves toward our life purpose with joy and peace. Sending you positive energy and encouragement. Seek what you know in your heart is good. Release the rest. Set boundaries. Building a life that you love takes time to grow; a day at a time. When we falter, learn our lesson, get back up and carry on. Eventually, our lives will be filled with all of the abundance and goodness derived from the years of seeking, building and working to navigate this thing called “Life.”

  31. Mercedes
    4 years ago

    I have had empathic abilities for as long as I could remember. When I was a kid I just KNEW things. Animals and babies loved me, but I’ve gone through a lot of emotional trauma and was subjected to narcissists so much that Im afraid I’ve picked up some of their traits. Every time I see an article about narcissists and empaths it always leaves me wondering which side Im really on. When I fet critically overwhelmed somewhat recently I have a tendency to blow up in anger at anyone who crosses me. I feel extremely guilty afterwards and it adds to a deep sadness I have lodged in my heart. I also tend to take on the personality traits of people I live with. For example, when I was staying with a friend I had more energy and drive to do things like exercise and do art projects, but after moving back in with my mom, I have been feeling low energy and stagnant. I’m healing slowly, but I cant help but see how bad for me living in such a low energy place is. I haven’t got the option to just move away. Its like my emotional balance was smashed and Im slowly putting the pieces back together, but I struggle daily. There are even times I feel so low and worthless that I want to die. I dont want to die! I want to live a real life again. Free of fear.

    1. Grant
      3 years ago

      Being an empath myself that actually feels others energy when I walk by I was questioning my own sanity until I understood what it meant to be an empath and how sensitive I am to my environment. I’ve researched my empathic abilities and now understand them. Awareness was my first step, then acceptance, and now management of my energy. I learned my triggers “stress” of any kind, I’ve set hard boundaries when I start feeling overwhelmed or depressed. I remove myself physically and mentally from whatever environment I’m in and take down time where it’s quiet and I can recharge.

  32. Spiritual by Nature
    4 years ago

    In the last couple of years, I have noticed that when I spiral into a depressive mood, I am tormented in dreams by a black figure. It isn’t until I ward off this figure that my mood is able to lift. I am an empath and in the last 2 years have identified this and I have been trying to do more self care. I have always been able to sense spirits and sometimes see them. Are my down moods affecting me to the point that a negative spirit is able to affect me? Has anyone else experienced this?

    1. Jonathan White
      4 years ago


    2. Weaver
      4 years ago

      I also experience black figures in dreams at times of great emotional distress. I started out being totally unable to defend myself against them, but then 2 years after my recovery from depression, I finally had a dream where I beat the black figure away, and when I woke up it was the most uplifting feeling I have ever had in my life.

      I myself cannot say whether they are spirits that come from somewhere else, or if it’s a kind of egregor spirit manifested by the mind, but either way it is a good thing if you can ward them off!

    3. Beca
      3 years ago

      Very common! There are safe people who specialize in kinds of spirit releasing work for empaths and HSPs. There are many protection techniques, and none are effective if by unconscious intent you invite spirits of ill intent, no matter how good they feel, or any type of mediumship at all. Beware: If you are new to this, you might not be able to identify “plastic shamans,” energy healers/therapists without some safeguard of legit accountability state licensure; and vampiric, charming”healers” of Eastern, Western or eclectic new agey manipulation.
      This almost cost me my life. Become familiar with the varieties of new age, globalist/corporatist and fundamentalist psychopaths by reading among the very many good books by the vampirized and checking out the different cult forums online. (Life 102: What to Do When Your Guru Sues You by Peter McWilliams is a hilarious and tragicomic tour de force, if you can still locate a copy at any cost.)
      Safe healer guidance might include Donna Eden’s esoteric writing; Judith Orloff, MD podcasts and books; and the “Love Bite” author Eve Lorgren and her contributions. Paul Levy writes brilliantly about the mind virus Wetiko; his podcast with Piercing the Veil teacher Bernard Guenther is outstanding for those starting out. The powerful yet gentle writings of Matt Licata, PhD can help soothe a lifetime of narcissistic abuse and nudge suffering into expanded yet grounded awareness.

      1. GMuddy
        3 years ago


  33. JEZ
    4 years ago

    I was a very powerful outlaw biker. I retired an soul searched cuz I wanted to find joy. I seen it all an now was time to change. I am changing and finding out who I am. Its happening fast an it feels good being in control of my destiny. Now I’m becoming a really powerful Emp lol

  34. Some guy
    4 years ago

    It can get better but it doesn’t ever really… settle. It’s perhaps more important to set boundaries for yourself, not that you (or anyone) is more important but because of what comes with being consciously aware of this power. I can easily identify with anyone and I can change peoples minds, like literally reach in side and sculpt their opinions to closer resemble mine and I can do this just by talking or blowing off steam. I became aware what was happening and how dangerous it was in my early 20’s. An idea I throw around with myself is that all of, or at least most, are fully capable of this power with the lot ignoring it or lying to themselves whether subconsciously or otherwise so they may lead ‘normal’ lives. The few that fully embrace it, or aren’t capable of suppressing it, either use it to consume power or help people. I read somewhere that Empaths and narcissists have different powers with similar effects used for opposite goals. Many articles I’ve read support this in someway, most define that they ARE infact different, some even softly imply narcissism an incurable disease. These two words I don’t believe describe separate things though. The empathic and narcissistic draw from the same power and all that power is is just the ability to look behind the curtain and see things as they are. Any person even somewhat aware of this power has used it for both sides of that coin toss. There are people in high places that have used this to consume power and rule others. There are people out there so rich they could solve world hunger and still be rich beyond someone’s wildest dreams but they don’t… and why? If you could save so many and only lose a piece of something you had too much to ever use in your lifetime even if you tried, why wouldn’t you? It didn’t use to make sense to me, but these days I think it might. The flip side has the same void that yearns to be filled. I do what I can to help and I don’t ever regret it overall. This makes majority of people fond of you however attracts bad attention among others since you seem to be around when problems arise(Trying to help). In either case most that are fond of you somewhat take you for granted, a lot of them don’t even know it really so again I don’t blame anyone. This thing that I am, this power is like a opening Pandora’s jar and inside you find a rabbit hole. The further down you climb inside, the more you know you can never un-know and sometimes you despise it but you can’t stop. It’s a void, and you don’t know if it’s good or bad but it builds an unknown responsibility within you that someone has to do it. It’s not subject to a Martyr Complex because the responsibility it bestows feels purposeless. I’m not sure if there is an answer, and maybe it’s enlightenment to be at peace with that fact that there isn’t and that there’s no purpose for anything, no right or wrong answer. To be clear I’m not spiritual either, which is what I associate terms like “enlightenment” with. I can’t blame those with the same power that use it for greed, who wouldn’t want to distract themselves from this pointless crusade if not able to suppress it. I believe in a very small amount of things though, and one of them is kindness. At least it’s a hope I have that kindness to all things is important in this giant machine. Anyways, as I said before about blowing off steam I try not to talk too much anymore but here I am… I don’t want to complicate things for anyone, the last thing I want is to push others further down the rabbit hole but also as I said earlier… It never really settles, and I’m not always made of steel.

    1. JDV
      4 years ago

      Resonated with this so much. I do want to challenge you on spirit tho. You seem to have a compassionate one masked in “kindness”. Just saying.

      You write well, I’m gonna plagiarize some if that’s cool

    2. Julia
      3 years ago

      Where can I find the right guide if I just recognized that I’m empathic? I’m confused on how to use this gift. Is there a book or website? The last thing I want is to go down the wrong rabbit hole. Thank you for your time!

      1. Grant
        3 years ago

        I recommend a book by Dr. Judith Orloff, Md. Thriving as an Empath.

    3. richard crim
      2 years ago

      i know exactly how these experiences and thoughts feel. ive always thought i was different from everyone else around me, from people ive met to even my family as far back as i can remember. as a teenager i began reading and watching videos on mental dissorders and human behaviors as well as other material for spiritual understanding to better understand who/why and what i am. i learned very little about what an empath was as a teen and thought a possibility i may be one but it wasnt until a few years ago i began to realize i truelly am an empath. once i accepted the reality of who/what i am the “big picture” ive always been able to see about everything around us became much much bigger, deeper, and that much more clearer for me. yes i agree that empaths and narcissists draw from the same source that feeds our abilities. i also know that a majority of people who have these increased abilities are unaware of it or dont realize and/or too afraid to embrace it because they misunderstand their difference from other people and think it is a bad thing to have and try to hide it or ignore it. i didnt begin to embrace my true self until after struggling to find myself after my divorce to my exwife. i struggled knowing i would loose my kids want to be around me from not understanding what i was coping with. they were teens at this time and i didnt want to loose them while i was loosing their mother who i loved with every fiber of my being. i couldnt see the big picture anymore because it was clouded by my own emotional loss. that struggle is what blinded me and opened my eyes. when i looked back at everything in my life with her i began to realize i was an empath and until recently feel my exwife is a narcissist. we had only our abilities in common but i see thats what drew us together as well. mine was for a deeper connection with someone like myself hers i feel was to gain in life with someone like herself. i dont think she understands what she is and ive tried to open her eyes to it but i may have opened her eyes which led to the loss i experienced from the divorce. now great things happen for me without effort. i love it but i try to use it to gain an advantage or better my life from fear of loosing this blessing. i accept it and thank the blessings i recieve as a result. i hope my story can be helpful to others who may be struggling with themselves and understanding as well.

  35. Brenda
    4 years ago

    I have been an Empath all my life and as a child I was fully aware of God’s love for me and everyone. Growing up in a life where family and friends were not like me it was very difficult as I had no idea why I was different and so I hid my gifts as to fit in.
    I had no idea what an Empath was I had never heard of the word before. Over the past 15 years I have located other Empaths who I felt finally I fit in and they understand and have had many similar experiences as I have encountered over my many years. I am approaching 70 years old now and have seen, felt and observed many strange occurrences in my lifetime, many miracles, and manifesting without knowing how things just aligned for me. However, once I realized what an Empath is and how almost every aspect related to me I now know what a marvellous gift, yet curse it is. Yes as you stated I was subject to many narcissistic relationships starting with my mother and then two marriages to narcissist husbands who treated me horribly. However, because I had no idea what a narcissist was I was unaware that they were feeding off of me before it was too late and they had wrapped their web of deceit around me. Hopefully, now through your guidance to the younger generations of Empaths they will not have to endure such abuse. I am fully disengaged from any narcissistic people and now can spot them in an instance and avoid them like the plague because that is what they are to Empaths. I had to basically find out who I am, how to redesign my life and pull myself up without any help but it has been a lifelong struggle. I have learned how to love myself and in so doing I love myself enough not to put myself in danger again. I am so happy to see that like you Dr. Northrop others are speaking up as well and our lives will be far more productive and with this knowledge available many wonderful Empathic beings will see and know their light . Much love and keep up the good work. We will shine on.

  36. Memory Mobley
    4 years ago

    I have always been able to feel what others feel. I use to have these nightmares. And when I woke it it was like someone was standing over me. Since I was a child. I hate being in crowds or in places that I do t feel comfortable. The odd reasoning being I don’t feel safe. I feel something in my gut or think it in my mind and somehow I leave before it comes true without warning. Being an empath has drained me. I wanna stay in the house. I don’t want want to be around to many people due to feeling the emotions of someone else or a group. I have been able to use my abilities to help others. Always have the right words to say. And sometimes not because the words just won’t come out like I’m not feeling the right feelings and my mind is telling me I’m not. I sometimes mix my emotions up with someone else. Being an empath is difficult to me but it’s something that I would never get rid of, or wish it was gone. I just wonder why was I chosen?? Am I capable of handling this?? I feel like I don’t belong here on this earth at this present time, is that because I’m an empath??

    1. Julia
      3 years ago

      I feel this way right now after separating from my husband. Have you recovered from 10 months ago? I don’t have the tools needed to move forward as an empath but I want to. I know my purpose but do not know how to ‘practice.’ Thank you for your time.

  37. Memory Mobley
    4 years ago

    I have always been able to feel what others feel. I use to have these nightmares. And when I woke it it was like someone was standing over me. Since I was a child. I hate being in crowds or in places that I do t feel comfortable. The odd reasoning being I don’t feel safe. I feel something in my gut or think it in my mind and somehow I leave before it comes true without warning. Being an empath has drained me. I wanna stay in the house. I don’t want want to be around to many people due to feeling the emotions of someone else or a group. I have been able to use my abilities to help others. Always have the right words to say. And sometimes not because the words just won’t come out like I’m not feeling the right feelings and my mind is telling me I’m not. I sometimes mix my emotions up with someone else. Being an empath is difficult to me but it’s something that I would never get rid of, or wish it was gone. I just wonder why was I chosen?? Am I capable of handling this?? I feel like I don’t belong here on this earth at this present time, is that because I’m an empath?

  38. Makay B
    4 years ago

    I know what I am, I’m very grounded and have been through a couple spiritual awakenings. I know how to refill my cup and deal with certain things that I couldn’t before. Right now a very important person in my life is having an spiritual awakening but they don’t understand it or accept it and they are burning out. As an empath I know I have the powers in and beyond me to be able to help, I just now need to learn how to pass on my light, love, and protection to others that need it! This is my purpose for this person, I just don’t know how to pass these feelings of positive energy and love onto him spiritually. How do I do it??

    1. Mardi Shakti
      4 years ago

      Maybe try becoming a Reiki Practitioner.
      I wasn’t expecting much from it, because it was so “popular” – but it is *totally* amazing.

      Learn to build Crystal Grid mandalas, send reiki, and you will be doing everything in your power to help anyone and everyone you desire.

      Sometimes, although we see or sense danger, other people’s experiences are for them to “grow” through.

      I always offered to be a Guide for others, but mostly, people choose the hard way, by clinging to identity, or ego; by having to always be in control, or because they’re afraid.

      I sense Reiki will suit you.

  39. barbara
    4 years ago

    hi, I have been a very strong empath for a while now and so much of what i just read is exactly what i am but now i have learned from what i read how to protect myself from dark light and entities (the bubble shield) i do the breathing but never added the words so thank you for this information. Life is good and love is infinite

  40. Bill
    4 years ago

    Someone very dear and caring provided your website to me this morning. We have known each other for nearly 40 years, and both have struggled to understand the why’s, and how’s of my power of empathy. I have lived as an empath for more than 60 years, and yet until now, kept it to myself, sharing it only with a very small and confidential group of friends or family. I never even knew it as defined, or that it had a name for it. . I called it a curse for years. Your article above clearly pinpoints the reason that I have chosen not to express, or share it openly. It is something I did not ask for, would not have purchased if it were for sale, or ever accepted if I could have avoided it
    Being an empath has been very frustrating and even dangerous for me over the years. The feelings that I get are draining, and usually overwhelming. My emotions are so sensitive that I get them out of nowhere, and without warning. I cannot be a part of social events. The feelings I receive from wherever they come, are sudden and powerful. I can start crying or become ill, feel unexplained pains, and recently severe headaches, migraine intense headaches. Almost to the letter, all the things you mentioned in your article, I have, and continue to experience daily. I do not talk about it with anyone, (aforementioned group excluded), for fear of people thinking that I am crazy, a liar, or a freak.

    I have every trait you mentioned, and then some. I am highly sensitive, spiritually open, introverted, intuitive, and constantly give or sacrifice myself for others. I feel called on by other intentionally. That they find me a vent for their emotions or anguish. I am a great listener, and people find comfort in dropping their troubles on me to find resolution. In addition, here is where the empath really kicks in, most of the time they can do it simply through feeling. They do not even have to speak to me; I just pick it up without even wanting to, and guide them through the issues, or take them on myself.

    Not being able to control this power has left me drained and confused as to what to do. I am now hopeful, that through research and more study on the subject, and knowing that I am not alone with this condition. I want to first thank my dear friend that brought me to you, and to you for your intense research and publishing’s on the subject. I intend to move forward with my quest for more learning, and a better understanding, how to deal with, or perfect, what you call a “Gift”.

    Thank you,

  41. Josh Anema
    4 years ago

    I’m Josh 33 years old. Just found out about this meaning and it impact it’s been on my life. I have probably lived 10 lifetimes in my life. I have the pain the healing the emotional rollercoaster and the knowledge that I can not explain or understand fully. I understand and know things without reason. I have always been 2 ppl born Male mental female fought myself always. I care about ppl too much to worry about myself. I sacrifice so others dont have to. I take pain just to easy someone I dont know. I recall past lives and I have my 3rd eye on top of my 6the sense never failed to go away. I have seen therapists and I have changed them for I also dont have to be next to someone physically to feel they’re pain or attempt to heal them. I have once and scared me to have to confirmation. It easier for me if ppl dont believe. It like catching a rock before it hides someone your hand hurts but them dont believe it would have hit them. Life is a struggle I’d like to help everyone but I am so overwhelmed at work how is there time? I have been offered opportunities to make profit off of my ability but I can’t seem to do it for I dont think it right to profit off of helping ppl. Is that wrong? Even if I’m drowning I will still help? In the end the only thing I wish for is my son doesn’t endure this life. My burden is my own. If you hear my voice I will and always will protect you for I am jwolf and I am dont stand alone. Thank you for letting me finally vent and share a piece of my story.

    1. Al
      4 years ago

      how did you see this past life?

  42. Gracie
    4 years ago

    I have always just assumed I was just emotional, but I have realized within the past few years that I am, without a doubt, an empath. I always found myself having these emotional bursts and not knowing why I felt the way that I did, but I now know that it is me mimicking the emotions and thoughts of those around me. This article was very helpful in assuring for me what I already believed to be true. I’m excited to discover more about my empathetic gifts and how I can find peace and provide other’s comfort with them.

  43. Tee
    4 years ago

    What I find is helpful is to when your energy picks up on the unhealthy energy of someone you encounter especially in the work place, breathe out . I call this breathing them out of your energy space. The focus you are putting into protecting yourself tunes them out. Then I smile and walk away. I also limit conversations with energy vampires. I do not give them much energy at all I cut the conversation to a bare minimum. I even choose one word answers. I barely give them eye contact i do not let them get any parts of my energy. I keep by body language the same like a dead corpse gazing into space lane i call it lol. I hope that makes sense. This keeps them away, they are unable to read my true emotions and thoughts. I also thank the universe daily for my gift, and for always being my guide and my protection. I find this empowers my energy even more. I have accepted my gift and I have in embraced it into my daily life. We will never be able to avoid energy vampires it comes with the gift but we can cut down the energy that we give provide them to a minimum(co workers parents, everyday people we encounter), or none at all.(husband wives, boyfriends )

  44. Aleisha
    4 years ago

    I discovered this one recently… giving out sincere compliments actually lifts my mood. Watching the light shine brighter in someone else lifts me up.

  45. Erin
    4 years ago

    I am an empath and a hair stylist. I need help with how to deal with energy vampires that I cannot avoid (paying customers). They are literally killing me. Thanks ❤️

    1. Patrice
      4 years ago

      Picture a bright healing light in your heart, a focal point of the light that is you within you. With every inhale see the light grow brighter & every exhale the light grows bigger around you. Surround yourself in the light bubble before you go into work. When paying customers walk in, see them in the light that already fills your salon. Your light will help ignite their own internal light & they will not try to vampire from you. You can listen to them talk without feeling the need to affirm negative things they say, just “mhmm” or “oh, wow” (and meanwhile you’re breathing your light bubble all around you).
      Also visualize cutting off any energy cords they may have sent into you (I usually visualize a big pair of scissors & sometimes I also visualize removing the ends of the cords from my heart like pulling them out). Your light will dissolve the rest anyway. Release it with whatever feelings arise, anger and rage are ok & give thanks for the healing.
      God bless.

    2. Cateleya
      2 years ago

      Also keep in mind if you don’t know this already as I immersed myself in thousands of webpages and YouTube pages and followed all the steps exactly before I cut ties with my family last Thanksgiving narcissist call you what they are that’s why the insults never makes sense they call you what they are so in your head they say something ugly to you in your head just say I’m rubber you’re glue everything that you say bounces off me and sticks to you because they’re talking about themselves not you don’t let them kill you I love you I am you

  46. Andi Patzwald
    4 years ago

    Hi, I am an empath as well and life has been tough up until now absorbing so much negative energy around me. However I have discovered an amazing device called the Healy- has anyone here heard of it? It is a frequency therapy device that can also send vibrational energy! Truly the most incredible invention of our lifetime! It has helped me raise my vibration and learn how to stay at that high vibration and also help others. Truly life changing. Let me know if any of you are interested in hearing more about it, it’s my life purpose to bring this incredible tool to the world and for humanity overall.

    1. Sam
      4 years ago

      I want to know if I’m an empath, I’m 16 and I’ve felt a lot if not all of these “symptoms” of being a empath. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a teenager and I’m imagining crap but I don’t know if there is something I can do to know 100% that I am a empath. And how can I make my abilities stronger.

      1. Isabelle
        4 years ago

        @Empath – hi Sam, as the article mentions, you are part of a generation where empaths are much more numerous. I guess that you already know that you are one, deep at your core. And the compassion and sheer desire to uplift that you feel for other beings is your own understanding. My advice to you is to learn how to hold others’ lower energies and emotions in your awareness without dropping your own. You do this by just being love and pure perception without attempting to solve their issue, or engaging in an exchange where you try to fix others. In the presence of a high vibrating, all embracing presence, people are uplifted, they open their heart to their own deeper feelings, which is their path of healing and transformation. Here is how to strengthen it.
        When you re an empath you feel the superposition of your own energy and other people’s. So it is important to maintain yours “pressurized” if I might say, this allows to be a shifting presence rather than a leaking energy tank 🙂 This will open some more revelations about HOW (which path) you may apply your empathy on 🙂
        “I don’t know if it is because I am a teenager and I’m imagining crap” = typical empath confusion, feeling so much, so what is ME in all this ?

    2. Salle Bayer-Carney
      4 years ago

      I would love to learn more about Healy…
      Please share
      Thank you in advance.
      Living with this gift during covid19 is extremely exhausting…
      Look forward to hearing from you.

      1. JDV
        4 years ago


  47. Soli Holmes
    4 years ago

    Is it weird that I am an empath but also an energy vampire???when I was little me and my dad would walk around and the street lights would turn off when we go by. But I feel each others emotions when they are hiding it. I often can tell also how the world work in school and other places just by looking around and look through each others eyes. I have no control through any of this which makes it difficult. What should I do to fully control it???

    1. Nikki
      4 years ago

      An unchecked empath IS a energy empire… tapping into peoples emotions, especially when they didn’t ask for it is invading. Only let people in who allow it and are aware of it and who WANT to be tapped into. My favorite new mantra as an empath is “Its none of my business”

  48. Diane M Fletcher
    4 years ago

    Thank You so much for this information, I am an empath I have always know but ignored or ran. I didn’t want to be that person. My daughter is a energy vampire. I let my family completely drain me. I was empty for the last 5 years. I have know this change was coming for a while I embraced it. I am now meditating every day I am learning and growing. I have started to connect with my angels. I was told I am also a medium. Which actually make a lot of sense. My life path number is 9. I have been exposed to death at a young age. I have known when people passed. I have always wanted to help people with that transition. I worked in health care terminal patients. I see that Mediumship is the same thing. That is the person I did not want to be. I never wanted to be the one to have to walk up to a stranger and give them a message. I did have to give my husband a message when his mom passed. I now realize this is my path I am embracing my whole self. I AM LOVE

  49. Heather Brown
    4 years ago

    I am 41, and years I have physical pain/symptoms for super close loved ones. It wasn’t until recently that I realized I may be an empath. It had been years since I had experienced pain for people. I started having severe neck pain, and the exact same symptoms that my best friend was having. I also started having symptoms for her pregnant daughter (that I’m very close to) such as urinary frequency, heartburn, shortness of breath, etc. My symptoms would alternate day by day. One day neck issues, and the next day I’m pregnant lol. I have always had a strong gut intuition. Loud noises, large crowds, super talkers, and negative people wear me out. I’ve also been a magnet for narcissistic people and have removed several friends from my life because they were not good to or for me. I just recently started putting all of this together when I was having shortness of breath, and it was scaring me. I’m a nurse, so I always self diagnose, even though I know better. As we traveled to OK for Memorial Day, I discovered that my pregnant God Daughter was having shortness of breath. I felt exactly the same way she did. It was riveting for me. I was freaked out and relieved (that I wasn’t really dying lol). Up to this point I had only suffered physical pain for people. After returning home, I no longer felt pregnant or short of breath until yesterday. A friend of ours was over, and was coughing and became short of breath. All of a sudden, I did too; and my eyes started watering as his were. My ribs and abdomen are sore today as if I coughed all night.

    I guess the point of this is that I’m pretty sure I’m an empath; but I don’t understand why all of a sudden after years of no symptoms, this has gotten so bad. I’m not super close to the gentleman I was having symptoms for last night. Does this mean my ability is getting stronger, or is it because I’m just now realizing this? I have been reading Judith Orloff MD’s book and it all makes so much sense.
    I feel like I’m going crazy and it’s like all of a sudden I’m opening up to all of this. It’s a little overwhelming for me. Why is it that all of a sudden this ability has gotten so strong for me? Any insight would be appreciated!

  50. Amber Green
    4 years ago

    Hello my name is Amber and I am is desperate need of GUIDANCE. I have always had an intuition. Sometimes I souls dream and it would come true years later or I would get this dejavu but couldn’t remember what specifically it was about. In addition I can feel energy. I can feel when I hug my husband for example if he is giving me love back or is faking it or not at all. I am 37 and only three days ago came across empths and clairsenents.i am in shock that I only just found this out after trying to figure out what this power I had for years. I also can not see but feel bad energy and demons I only recently have been having flashes of horrible pictures in my mind and I think a demon is trying to enter me. I always thought u was some kind of special but never knew what. I have been fascinated with magic my whole life but something always stopped me. (I think I got into it in a nother life and it went bad-maybe) recently I have been reading the bible. YouTube videos on god, jesus and actual history of it. And praying a lot for god to help me and, with the demons and being better for myself and family) im wondering if god helped me to be s bit more intune with myself and it opened something. I am very curious also if I can drain energy from my husband when he is loving me and I’m just sucking the love in.
    Please help! What all am I with these things going on. Is it more than just feeling and energy if I am having demons mess with me. (

    1. JDV
      4 years ago

      Conquer the process of thinking about having demons. Tease them. Poke them. Prod them. Open the door to where the Holiest of spirits lives. Demons are pretty silly in the presence of omnipotence.

      Power of cliches, use them as thought swords. Your internal speak reverberates throughout your being (temple).

  51. Katie
    4 years ago

    Ever since I was a kid I was able to feel when someone close to me or related to me had died before I was told. I could also feel when family & friends of my friends would have died before they told me. I could & still can feel their souls & the pain they felt while they were alive. When I told my mother’s parents they refused to accept me they told me I was crazy. My Uncles, Aunts, parents & friends accepted that it’s a part of me. I can’t stand being around my mother’s parents when I visit them without feeling drained nor can I stand being at work without feeling drained. Also I can feel what other people around me are feeling & how strong it is towards who it is or what it is. I don’t know what kind of empath I am.

  52. Milena Aguero
    4 years ago

    I just read your article and although I feel a bit more aware, I am completely lost. I know for a fact that I have these Empathic abilities but I dont know which type I am because I feel like I cross into a few categories but at the same time I have no idea what to do and how to go about making a change in my life to learn about such abilities and how to protect and develop them. I am 31 and life has been a rollercoaster of both good and bad. I’ve been feeling extremely defeated and tired lately. It scares me, the feelings are overwhelming and I think of the suffering of others around the world, close to me, I pick up on vibes and absorb emotions. It’s hard for me because I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality disorder, Major depressive disorder, and unspecified anxiety. I dont know how to help myself and my will power is running low. I need help but no one around me knows how to help. I feel so lost and alone while surrounded by people. Please help me. Thank you.

    1. Nate Brannan
      4 years ago

      With you saying you feel drained, you could be picking up on energies around you from other negative sources. Try going into nature more for walks or visits at a stream or something. Running water at a stream helps me relax because it helps me realize that even when I’m in distress, the world is flowing all around us and whatever we’re down about shouldn’t matter as much. It sounds to me like you’re on the emotional aspect of empathing. Something that helped me was talking to a roommate I had a year ago who was pagan so the laws of energy was more natural to her and she was able to help me resolve some of the issues I had before. Paganism and empathing work well together but it’s about finding the right person who can help you see that. Burning sage will definitely be something like a booster since it’s known to help clear away the negative energy. I don’t know what else to say, but what I’ve said so far is to help you not feel so down. You’ll learn more about yourself when you’re in better moods. I just hope you get to that point first.

    2. Juls
      4 years ago

      Your absolutely not alone I feel the
      exact same way. They always wanna put me on psych meds and they make me feel worse. I stopped all meds a few years ago and have learned different ways to cope I was beginning to feel i was losing it. Surgical menopause my twin and her drama moving in with me and my husband after her husband passed she came with her toddler Grandson which we love a lot. Its overwhelming in these times too everyone wants heard and nothing much is changing. I’m trying completely to self focus now on only positive happy uplifting way to get on with this beautiful life bc I do want the best outta life I’m here now I wanna enjoy it. So I will forsure be following this Doctor I was blessed to find thank you for your gifts of knowledge & wisdom to help US Keep enlightening US Praise God❤

    3. Cassie
      4 years ago

      You are not alone. I am also a twin and reading your story was like a little glimpse of my life. Feel free to add me on Facebook if you would like to connect. Cassie Violette from Maine 🙂

    4. LynneMarie
      4 years ago

      Hey Milena. I also am a combination of several different empath categories. I am 33 and actually have the exact same diagnoses as you. I have suspected for years I am an empath and I understand what your feeling, I run out of will power too. I feel emotional exhaustion and pain in such an intense way, don’t give up. The world needs people like you, just find a way to be out in nature maybe and breathe. Remember the good you can do and cut yourself out of situations where there is too much negative energy and pain periodically to rebalance your happiness. I am learning still & you seem very caring & strong, just exhausted I get that. Stay strong & go find a positive spirit or energy to be around for a bit if posdible.

  53. Christopher Saldana
    4 years ago

    I am an empath! wow, I always knew something was up with me since I was little. I still am today as a 15 year old! this has provided me with such knowledge that I am so humbled to know about! Knowledge really is power as well as love really is strength! My grandpa was..different though. He is not in touch with his emotions but is at the same time. I come from a family of empaths and he is one too! it is just that he does not know what to do with emotions, even his emotions! Someday though, I hope he will learn. I am a clairvoyant, claircognant, clairsentient, and a clairaudient. I work with the Reiki energy – the energy that taught me and still is, that we are all connected and we can heal using that universal energy and help others. And I WILL learn my birthright which is Shamanic Healing! All my life, i always knew my purpose was to help those around me and myself by helping others! Thank you so so much for helping me realize this knowledge as I can now better help myself!

    Kind Regards,

    Christopher Saldana

    1. marianne
      4 years ago

      wonderful testimony Christopher, stay true to your path and you will make a difference in the lives of others

  54. Sandra.V
    4 years ago

    I was recently told by a psychic that I was an empath, but I just couldnt put a name on it. My parents had alot of issues with me growing up. I use to cut High school because being in school was overwhelming. When they asked me I just didnt know why. I couldnt explain why I couldnt be around all these people. I even felt spirits and seen things I couldnt explain. My parents were old fashioned and didnt believe in mental health back then. I always had a need to help people to the point where I was taking advantage of most of my life. My relationships were with narssacistic men that used me. Everyone came to me for everything, advice, money, babysitting, all while some knew I was going through my depressions and stresses. I noticed when I needed something no one was around for me. I also noticed that, it took me a while to find out who I was because I always was caught up in someone else’s life and shadow that I couldnt pinpoint my life from theirs. I had so many negative energies around me that I knew I had to cut them out of my life. Long and behold, when I pushed most of the negative away I was able to find myself and who I was. Somehow even with that being a great thing, I still feel overwhelmed with my surroundings. Unfortunately I live in nyc and my emotions are all over the place. I feel so much different things and dont know how to control them. I feel sick, tired, sad, happy, depressed, angry and sometimes I feel like I’m going to have a breakdown. I also know and feel like some of these emotions are not mine. When I’m on the phone with my friends I know things before they tell me, and I tell them things that’s going to happen before they happen. Sometimes they get mad at me because I’m being so honest. Yet they still call me for advice. Its alot to manage, now that I’m learning more about Empaths, maybe I can learn to control all these different energies I’m feeling.

    1. NIC MAZZ
      3 years ago


  55. Leon Combrink
    5 years ago

    I always new I was different but assumed most intelligent people also new these things. I was 47 when the penny dropped I was an Empath. Within that moment every single question I had about my past, those odd unexplained situations I saw, felt, smelled, touched, was visibly higher in made complete sense…….freed. then 2 weeks later my 9 year old daughter asked me out of the blue: So Daddy how much of the energy do you see? Am am know helping a Crystal Child into this world……. beauty personified, what a lucky humbled man I am to have found the truth……

  56. Frank
    5 years ago

    I knew early on I was empathic. I didn’t have a name for it back then. What I did know was it frightened me deeply. It would be years to figure out a way to teach myself to protect my soul. Even today I know things I wish I did not because I’m powerless against those forces. So I work in secret helping individuals without them even knowing. My grandfather told me never to interfere in the outcome of someone’s destiny. But I don’t believe that, my belief is if I can do good to help others I will.

    1. Tina Haight
      4 years ago

      Amazing, I’m beginning to become more in tuned with this gift but also a curse. As you said there’s outside forces we can’t control that sometimes steal our positive energy leaving us tired but I fight against it the best I can. I was wondering if you have any pointers for me?

      Thank you,
      With love,

      1. Debbie
        4 years ago

        I’m a claircognant super empath and it has caused a great deal of damage in my life where people who don’t understand me have slandered me, used my “gifted curse” as I now call it, to seriously destroy my life. I’ve been made to take numbers of psyche evaluations and neurocogs, sassi addict evaluations and so many more ways to prove I’m not crazy, an addict or “psychologically challenged.”

        The gifted curse is a gift for all who love us. The gift is there then for us to offer and feel proud of… the curse is there always where other human physicalists interpret things they cannot understand by ridicule and so many other cruel ways to treat us.

        We are on the up and up though… we are no longer being burned as witches. 🙂

        I understand the curse part though. But you have to see it from a different perspective.

        You wouldn’t want anyone to put needles on your cereal spoon and force you to eat with it. We could do it byt its likely we’d get hurt so we would to eat with a different utensil of optional. But when people see a rose, the beauty seems to outweigh the thorns. Regardless of the naturally growing flowers right next to them.

        Rose bud, you need to help others bleed love for us and others around them as we are meant to do. That’s when the righ people take the chance to see who we are, because those who are smart enough to see the beauty of us more closely are a whole lot lighter to carry than those who are afraid to bleed love for anyone other than themselves.

        For every blessing there’s a curse every dark a light, everything is in balance and so are we.
        Those who we cannot carry burdens for, are more than welcome to walk away and assume we are mere brambles.

  57. Jay
    6 years ago

    Need Help. I believe I have empathic powers and my feelings are overwhelming and I do not know how to react to this. I first experienced my power when I was young and my grandma was sick in the hospital, I had the worst headache I have ever had. After school when I found out she passed my headache was gone. Ever since I feel like I been picking up emotions and I can not tell what are mines anymore please help.

  58. Andy Espinoza
    6 years ago

    i am just learning of my empathic ability when another emapth i came across told me of such. i always new i was meant for something but i hid that because f the pain i endured in my heart. im slowly training to regain the love i always had and coud use more support if its possible. your page is amazing to read.

  59. Olivia
    6 years ago

    I am so glad my acupuncturist told me about this & sent me to your site!
    She mentioned a quiz I could take but can’t seem to find it?
    Where exactly is that located?

  60. Cathy Bonniwell
    6 years ago

    I am so grateful that my girlfriend shared the Empath test with me. I am an old soul Empath
    I finally see myself for who God made me to be. I am so thankful for you and all you’ve done to help us find our true self, and be able to finally embrace who God made us to be.
    I understand now what my true job is, and I will enjoy myself fully now. Finally I am free to take care of myself first and not feel guilty about it. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  61. Deona
    6 years ago

    Thank you for the article Dr Northrup, that was spot-on for me!

    How can I change my thinking to be more empowering in dealing with an energy vampire I can not walk away from (at the moment), being my employer? Quitting is not an option right now, but the constant nit-picking and having to deal with her unresolved emotional issues through her aggression, is using up every resource I have.

  62. Julie
    6 years ago

    Beautifully written. I could relate to your comment about wanting to “hide your true nature.” I’ve often felt that way but I e never had the courage to put it into words. Thank you, Dr Northrup.

    1. Christiane
      6 years ago

      I generally have to live something for a decade or so before articulating it. This stuff takes time!

  63. Shaniqua
    6 years ago

    Ugh. Can’t wait for your book. I have been highly sensitive since birth but am just now at 57 yo learning how to take care of myself and distancing myself from vampires. So sad, they can be so close to you. But, the big question is…WHY did we come now?

    1. Christiane
      6 years ago

      We came to stand as the LIGHT. We are at the turning if the ages.. It’s exciting!

      1. Alicia Iona Thornton
        5 years ago

        I am a Empath ,I didn’t know how to really use my powers didn’t know there was a name for it just knew I was blessed with gifts and dreams and psychic abilities a few weeks ago or maybe I should say about 3 months ago I tried to see if I can do mind control and use certain kind of Energies to favor in a positive way As in Natural Resources in methods I use to meditate what’s good for me may not be good for others because I I use it for a positive outcome .I also realize there is a God who helps me understand things and empaths to me as well with his physic abilities as well with mines …over the past few months I have been taking through a tremendous turnmoil but also , as I will call it a promotion from my God. My powers have gotten stronger and more stable I’m now coming full circle with the world around me ,people places and things.. Thanks for this article … How can I help ?

        1. Alicia Iona Thornton
          5 years ago

          Sorry for the typos.. * God is physic and so am I, and I meant I have been taken through turmoil

  64. Donna
    6 years ago

    Oh Dr Northrop, this is the most accurate article I’ve read about me. Yes, I totally agree. Thank you!!

    1. Christiane
      6 years ago

      So glad
      To hear it!

  65. Shelly Fuhr
    6 years ago

    It’s liberating to read this blog and feel incredibly validated!!
    I check off every point on the list.
    I didn’t consuder that empathy could be broken down… I hit all 3 for physical, emotional, and can feel the emotions of some pets especially my current dog. All in all I’m way more agreeable as I age to trust and listen when I feel!
    Thank you for your mentorship. ❤️

    1. Christiane
      6 years ago

      Love it! It is our time. At last.

  66. Christine
    6 years ago

    Reading this came at the perfect time in my life.
    I have always admired you and read your book Womans body, Womans wisdom many years ago and you made me feel proud to be a woman.
    I found Tosha Silver’s book and it reconnected me back to you.
    Thank you for being so beautiful in your words and passion for women.

  67. Daniel
    6 years ago

    Would love to discus dancing Tango as an empathic milonguero. Thank you for this article. I am strengthened and encouraged.

    1. Christiane
      6 years ago

      Oh what a fantastic discussion idea! You must be an incredible dance partner…

  68. Susan
    6 years ago

    I’m 66 and your voice in “Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom” was the first voice I ever heard that felt like a kindred spirit. So many wondeful, meaningful voices are chiming in more and more, since you opened the door for me. I listen to you and I’m grateful for your voice! Thank you!

  69. Betsie Saltzberg
    6 years ago

    I especially liked your “9 Super Traits of Empaths.” I possess every one of them & feel especially distressed with my sensitivity to loud noises, bright lights, heavy fragrances and folks who talk a lot! These traits greatly impact my desire & ability to spend time with other people. I don’t even enjoy eating out and this past Monday morning my house was being cleaned so I was forced to go to a local restaurant for breakfast. It was bustling & while no one would have known, I was suffering greatly inside. The noise was unbearable, I found the food to be mediocre, at best & I felt no joy or peace. This is going to sound terrible, but all I could do was count the number of people at each table, then calculate how many were overweight- the number was about 70%. Golly gosh, it’s a problem!

    1. Christiane
      6 years ago

      Okay.. NOW.. your mission is to use that sensitivity to communicate with the Earth, the ocean, flowers, bees, rocks. Begin to see yourself as a magnet for beauty and healing.. imagine your energy field as an orb of golden protection., You can do this!

  70. Bev
    6 years ago

    Thanks for that. I am so glad that my energy-draining ex-partner moved out. I feel much more positive now.

  71. jc
    6 years ago

    I notice I tend to avoid pressure and therefore the decisions I make may not be in my best interest when my motivation is avoidance. Feeling the fear and doing it anyway is helpful at the right times, but I have to be in touch with myself to know when the right times are. Owning responsibility for my emotions is essential for making better choices and I find that in order to use empathy as a gift, I have to accept that everything I feel is mine : )

  72. Tanna
    6 years ago

    Wow Dr. Northrup – I have been loving this information and had a huge Aha moment from this blog…I’ve been my mother’s full-time caregiver for eight years and she is on a slow decline, close to making her transition now. Although she sleeps most of the time and I don’t have as much to do during the day for her care, I have been incredibly tired recently. I rationalized that I should have more energy to do more now because I have more time, but you helped me understand that I am likely feeling this way because of her condition, so that must explain the constant fatigue.
    By the way, my toxic sister is a total energy vampire and has been an abusive drain on me and my mom my entire life (she’s 15 years older than I am) so you have validated our decision to step away from her eight years ago.
    This has given me so much clarity and understanding – thank you!

    1. Christiane
      6 years ago

      I am so glad this has helped!

  73. Nicu
    6 years ago

    Thank you for these helpful tips!
    I’m a balanced empath! Just wanted to let you know! 🙂
    Love & Joy!

  74. Marj
    6 years ago

    I love having a label for my gift . . . a cognitive empath. Never totally understood why I knew what people were thinking or feeling. Others occasionally laughed, as though I might be making up these ideas. But it is real!
    This article also explains why certain people drain me and I try to avoid them. Thank you; I feel less guilty. And it’s good to know that my sense of being re-charged when I’m out in nature is quite valid, even critical. Much appreciated article.

  75. Kathleen
    6 years ago

    Thanks for putting the words to what I already knew in my heart.

  76. Patricia Nield
    6 years ago

    I am still quite confused about Vampires identification as opposed to just thoughtless, self centred people who I thought were friends for the occasional contact when they wanted a listening ear, something done for them, yet are notiicebly absent on the rare occasion I need help.
    I also do wonder if I am the one who is asking too much but you echoed my thoughts over the past couple of years about always seem to be the one who keeps contact going. As a woman on her own after 1 marriage and 2 long term abusive relationships, I’m now ‘seen as the ‘needy one” by people who are3 blessed with ‘happy families and or partners” but I see through theri facade and say nothing. From my perspective I just want a friend/s who is/arer interested in my life on a reasonable regular basis and as reliable as I am. I refuse to get embittered by my experience and take responsibility for my part in any relationship and have learned to be brutally honest sometime but these day with more tact which is why I yee haa’d at your piece about expressing anger. Im surrounded by so man God controlled people who think I am ‘a sad and angry woman” I should be an athiest but Im not I just wont get into religion I had that growing up with nuns.
    being a little older than you but in great health and still looking pretty good I can’t help but feel there is also the jealousy syndrome of owmen by women which may need to be addressed at some stage but a writer I am not, so maybe another top[ic for a book from you. many thaks for this online course it’s becoming a bit obsessive because of the primary validation it has given me to date.

    Bless you dear lady

  77. Bee
    6 years ago

    Thank you so much. Your wisdom means so much to me and can’t wait to read your book! X

    1. Christiane Northrup
      6 years ago

      Thank you so much for this!

  78. Rona Ross
    6 years ago

    I’ve recently learned to say No with humility and want to continue

  79. Peggy
    6 years ago

    One thing I learned about myself was giving myself permission to bow out gracefully and even without explanation. Funnerals and gtherings with those in mourning are so draining, dibilating and negative effects seem to last longer when I have attended. I have always hated funerals, no one likes them but some people find comfort in supporting one another, I have never felt comforted. I prefer showing my last respects one on one or I find ways to honor those that have passed personally. Sometimes I let those mourning know I mean no disrespect by not attending funnerls or memorials and I just send condolences from a distance. Respect, condolences does not require personal appearances. I hope this is helpful to someone else.

    1. Christiane
      6 years ago

      I like the way you are honoring yourself.. as someone who lost a sister years ago and my father 9 months later, I can attest to how healing it is to have people
      Reach put with letters or calls long after the funeral.

  80. Margot
    6 years ago

    Thank you for naming that when we take care of ourselves we are adding to the food of all. Perfect timing! I’ve known i’m An empath for years. Much of what you’ve said here names what I knew in my bones but seeing it brought such Ah ha’s! Thank you! I feel a real shift after reading this! ❤️

  81. Valerie
    6 years ago

    Your information is going to help a lot of people.
    It’s taken me years to figure out why I am the way I am. And hearing others tell me to suck it up or just get over it.
    I have finally come to understand and appreciate who I am.
    Now to work on the vampires. I’ve had many.

  82. Rachel
    6 years ago

    I recognized my empathy years ago when my angels came into my life . I even wrote a book about how to protect your energy for sensitives!! Ironic!
    However I did not really realize until now the level of energy I give away and how I have been putting myself last all this time. I am a healer and therapist and author of two books and lately just feeling fricken exhausted. The last boyfriend was a grade A psychic vampire, thankfully I noticed in 2 months and ended it, 11 months later he is still harrassing me. I have asked myself often how can I stop this and why am I feeling so awful and why do i feel so drained doing the work I love and helping others. Well your articles and video just answered those missing links for me.
    It is time for me. I am not a victim but I have to stop behaving like I matter the least. I got in the habit of covering up my feelings all the time to look after others.
    I hve a feeling things are going to change for me !
    Thank you from my heart.

    1. Christiane
      6 years ago

      How thrilling!! So many people are right at this place of waking up too.. We’re all in this together.

  83. Judith
    6 years ago

    Thank you so much for your writing & blog post. I have been an empath my whole life & I am often overwhelmed by daily tasks. Disasters in the world pull me down & I am concerned about the health of the planet.

  84. Tere
    6 years ago

    After your interviewing Dr Judith Orloff, a new world opened up for me. I was an empath and my “symptoms” were a gift. What a change in mindset. Now you dive deeper and I am over the moon you are taking us by the hand to meet our true souls and feel empowered. The love And gratitude I feel for you are limitless. Thank you

    1. Christiane
      6 years ago

      This just touches my heart. Thank you!

  85. Gwen
    6 years ago

    All my life since I was a child I have had “this knowing” about people and events. Over the last 20+ yrs I have been made aware of “tools” I can use to open up this knowing…..such as…
    Acupuncture, Reiki, The sway test of asking my subconscious for answers, Tapping and more recently The Emotion Code. It is a humbling and amazing journey each day.
    Thank you Christiane Northrup for giving me even more information and joy about this “knowing” which I have come to realize is about being an Cognitive Empath.
    I continue on my “ crusade” of telling each woman I meet about Self-Care and Self Love.
    I know that this journey is taking me to a place where I will be able to express this knowledge to others in a more global way……
    I am grateful for each day of exploration!!

  86. Michelle Reese
    6 years ago

    I am an empath and a highly sensitive. Since coming out of the fog a few years ago through my work with Heather Dane and Jean Haner and the Hay House community (I discovered Louise Hay in the ’80s), the biggest gift I have received is knowing that I am okay. And not only okay, but I have spent my life learning how to stay physically and emotionally balanced. I can walk through the world knowing what’s mine and what belongs to others. I no longer take on the symptoms of others. On days when I ‘m tired or don’t have my program in place as firmly, the energy will seep in, and I know what to do to re-balance. So I’d say the biggest gift is feeling good about my empathy and sensitivity and no longer feeling that something is wrong with me. And it took me until my ’50’s to embrace it. Thank you for this post.

    1. Christiane
      6 years ago

      Beautifully stated. Thank you!

  87. Karen
    6 years ago

    Thank you for this, it explains so much in my life that I have felt but you have put it into words

  88. Lidia Muntean
    6 years ago

    Thank you for share this information. Now I understand better my life, my past. Thank you!

  89. Shan
    6 years ago

    Thank you so much for helping empaths! We need this information, and need to be reminded of how to better take care of ourselves! I greatly appreciate you putting this subject out there. It is extremely helpful. I resonate deeply with your message.

  90. Claire
    6 years ago

    Thank you so much for this article! It came at a perfect time. I didn’t know that there are different types of empaths until I read it. I am a cognitive empath and I a happy to say that I have been pruning my life for quite a while of the negative energy/drainers I was associating with. The article helped me validate who I am and why making those choices was right for me (not everyone understands my choices but that’s ok!) I love hearing that my life’s purpose is taking care of myself, because I’ve gotten really good at that, too, but it can feel a bit “selfish” which can bring guilt. I will keep on this path of self-care honoring my feelings and sensitivities to become happier, healthier and stronger so that I can be of service to others. It’s comforting to know that I am on the right path! Actually, I kind of “knew” it!!

  91. Dawn Paiva
    6 years ago

    Thank you, Dr. Northrup, for enlightening and validating, I am a true empath, and didn’t understand it until I was well in my adulthood. As you say, I always thought it a curse to be so “emotional”. I used to wonder what my purpose was, what my gift was….. one day I realized my deep empathy WAS my gift, but I didn’t understand HOW this could be. How could something so painful and draining for me be a GIFT?? You are helping me understand and navigate this. Your wisdom and compassion for women everywhere is a gift to me! God Bless.


  92. Jeanne Chabot
    6 years ago

    Greetings! I am so glad you mentioned empaths who can’t go near zoos .. or feel Heart- hurt when I see a hurt Animal and go crazy when I hear of an Animal going extinct. It’s hard to be sane on this planet .. but I’m here so I’ll do my best and trust there’s a plan . Thank you for acknowledging us and helping with deep insight and great ideas .oh and I’m like you about the Inquisition.. can’t bare to read about it . Yuck!

  93. Kathy
    6 years ago

    I greatly appreciate your sharing of these insights. It is helpful and quite timely, as much of what you’ve mentioned resonates with what I’ve been experiencing and am struggling with at present.
    With gratitude, Kathy

  94. Donna Bruni Cox
    6 years ago

    Deep gratitude for your vision, light, beauty. Have been on this journey too, from Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom to today, and celebrate the gifts you share.

  95. Sheri
    6 years ago

    I have recently come to realize that I am an empath. It is something that has been with me my whole life, but, not until recently I accepted and embraced it. I am reconnecting with my true nature and would like to communicate with other empaths. Are there groups that you are aware of, that meet or correspond with one another? I appreciate your time and expertise in these areas and enjoy reading your posts. Thank you.


    1. Christiane Northrup
      6 years ago

      HI Sheri– Yes– Dr. Judith Orloff has a facebook group for empaths which is highly regarded. And also an e-letter. Go to http://www.drjudithorloff.com

    2. Fran
      6 years ago

      Dr. Judith Orloff has a Facebook group for Empaths. She mentioned it when she was on Dr. Northrup’s Hay House Radio show awhile ago.

  96. A simple thank you.

  97. Lee Waltz
    6 years ago

    The guru ends up with all the resources and the devotees are drained of self esteem, money and more….

  98. Michele
    6 years ago

    Thank you so much for this post. This is exactly what I needed to read and it validates and explains so much about what I am experiencing right now in my life.
    You are a beacon of light in this world and I appreciate your wisdom and compassion so very much.
    Thanks again,

    1. Christiane Northrup
      6 years ago

      thank you for letting me know. It means the world to me.

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