What Are the Symptoms of Estrogen Dominance?

Plus 7 Holistic Ways to Decrease Estrogen Dominance

by Christiane Northrup, M.D.

The conventional medical mindset is that menopause is an estrogen deficiency disease resulting from ovarian failure. Women have been led to believe that at the slightest symptoms, they should run out and get estrogen replacement. While estrogen levels will decrease during menopause, the truth is, estrogen levels do not fall appreciably until after a woman’s last period. In fact, far more women suffer from the effects of “estrogen dominance” during the transition — that is, they have too much estrogen relative to progesterone. And some women can suffer from the symptoms of estrogen dominance for 10 to 15 years, beginning as early as age 35.

Estrogen Dominance Symptoms

The symptoms listed below, as well as many others, often arise when estrogen overstimulates both the brain and body. All of these symptoms are exacerbated by stress of all kinds. Many women in their thirties and early forties find that they experience moderate to severe symptoms of estrogen dominance as they approach perimenopause.

  • Decreased sex drive
  • Irregular or otherwise abnormal menstrual periods
  • Bloating (water retention)
  • Breast swelling and tenderness
  • Fibrocystic breasts
  • Headaches (especially premenstrually)
  • Mood swings (most often irritability and depression)
  • Weight and/or fat gain (particularly around the abdomen and hips)
  • Cold hands and feet (a symptom of thyroid dysfunction)
  • Hair loss
  • Thyroid dysfunction
  • Sluggish metabolism
  • Foggy thinking, memory loss
  • Fatigue
  • Trouble sleeping/insomnia
  • PMS

Estrogen dominance has also been linked to allergies, autoimmune disorders, breast cancer, uterine cancer, infertility, ovarian cysts, and increased blood clotting, and is also associated with acceleration of the aging process.

What Causes Estrogen Dominance

When a woman’s menstrual cycle is normal, estrogen is the dominant hormone for the first two weeks leading up to ovulation. Estrogen is balanced by progesterone during the last two weeks.

As a woman enters perimenopause and begins to experience anovulatory cycles (that is, cycles where no ovulation occurs), estrogen can often go unopposed, causing symptoms. Skipping ovulation is, however, only one potential factor in estrogen dominance. In industrialized countries such as the United States, there can be many other causes, including:

  • Excess body fat (greater than 28%)
  • Too much stress, resulting in excess amounts of cortisol, insulin, and norepinephrine, which can lead to adrenal exhaustion and can also adversely affect overall hormonal balance
  • A low-fiber diet with excess refined carbohydrates and deficient in nutrients and high quality fats
  • Impaired immune function
  • Environmental agents

7 Ways to Decrease Estrogen Dominance

Here’s what you can do to decrease estrogen dominance:

  1. Increase nutrients in the diet: Take a high potency multivitamin/mineral combination.
  2. Follow a hormone-balancing diet:
    • Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables
    • adequate protein
    • and moderate amounts of healthy fat.
  3. Remember to get enough fiber. Estrogen is excreted by the bowel; if stool remains in the bowel, estrogen is reabsorbed.
  4. Use transdermal 2% bioidentical progesterone cream: Many of the symptoms of estrogen dominance can be relieved with natural, bioidentical progesterone, available over the counter in a 2% cream (one-quarter teaspoon contains ~20 mg progesterone). Use one-quarter to one-half teaspoon 2% progesterone cream on skin (e.g., face, breasts, abdomen, hands) daily for two to three weeks prior to onset of period. If periods are irregular, use 2% progesterone daily, or from the full moon to the dark of the moon. (That way you’ll be teaming up with the cycle of the Earth itself — the same cycle that governs the tides and the flow of fluids on the planet.)
  5. Lose excess body fat and get regular exercise — especially strength training.
  6. Detoxify your liver: Traditional Chinese Medicine explains that menopausal symptoms are caused by blocked liver and kidney chi. This makes sense. The liver acts as a filter, helping us screen out the harmful effects of toxins from our environment and the products we put in our bodies. When the liver has to work hard to eliminate toxins such as alcohol, drugs, caffeine, or environmental agents, the liver’s capacity to cleanse the blood of estrogen is compromised.
  7. Decrease stress: Learn how to say no to excessive demands on your time. Remember, perimenopause is a time to reinvent yourself. This means investing time and energy in yourself, not everyone else.

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Last Updated: February 6, 2007

Christiane Northrup, M.D.

Christiane Northrup, M.D.

Christiane Northrup, M.D., is a visionary pioneer and a leading authority in the field of women’s health and wellness. Recognizing the unity of body, mind, and spirit, she empowers women to trust their inner wisdom, their connection with Source, and their ability to truly flourish.


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  1. 45 lbs overweight
    1 month ago

    I am 25. Have not had a period in 25 years. Got thyroid levels checked and they are normal.

    I probably have PCOS, but I don’t know. I seem very insulin intolerant, because even on a keto (if I eat any carbohydrates I blow up like a balloon) diet I am easily gaining weight. I gained 35 lbs in 3 months. None of my clothes fit.

    I used to climb a small mountain about 4 times a week. I walk every day. I drink water and a cup of coffee every day. Eat a lot of eggs. I don’t know how to lose weight,.

  2. Alisa
    2 months ago

    I’m 47 years old and just had my hormone levels checked. Mine came back with a Estradiol level of 717, mg/ml,FSH5.0 ml, LH3.8 ml….I’m worrying myself sick. What are the chances this could be cancer? My Pap smear however was normal. My periods have been absent for a few months and I started spotting 3 weeks ago and at that time headed straight to the dr. A sonogram is scheduled , but not for another 3 weeks. Worried sick! Any comments or information on something like this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Dr says I’m not in perimenopause…..

    1. Melissa
      1 month ago

      Alisa, I am 47 years old, estrodial is at 650 & I’m also worried about cancer. My dr. says this IS perimenopause which starts for many women in their mid-30’s. You should find a new dr., in my opinion. Look up Suzanne Somers & her find a dr. tool to find one near you that may help.

  3. Kristen
    2 months ago

    Can you take DIM and bioavailabile progesterone cream at the same time?

  4. Jenni
    3 months ago

    I know there is ONLY one form of progesterone that “protects” from getting uterine cancer….is it the pill form OR the cream?

    And also….which form is safer to avoid blood clots?

    1. Robyn
      3 weeks ago

      Natural progesterone. Not the one in birth control pills.

  5. Mary McCluskey
    3 months ago

    My daughter has a swollen thyroid. Her blood work is normal for thyroid levels. She is waiting for the results of an ultrasound. This developed in the last year at the longest. She also, in the last year had IUD placement and it has a hormone component. I am wondering if the two are linked. We do not have any history of thyroid issues in the family. She is regularly active, maybe a little stressed and eats healthily.

    Any thoughts on a link between IUD hormones and thyroid changes would be potentially helpful. Thank you for your time.

  6. Jay Jen
    3 months ago

    I am 29 years old,newly married and have no pleasure of any sort during sex.What could be wrong& is there a solution.

    1. Kelly Tompkins
      2 months ago

      If you are comfortable with your sexuality but it is physically uncomfortable then I would speak to your OB Gyn. It could very well be endometriosis.

    2. Grace
      4 weeks ago

      Get your hormones tested. Could be a hormone imbalance.

  7. Kelly Tompkins
    3 months ago


    I’m 40 years old. Had a complete hysterectomy 11 years ago. Was able to keep one ovary with fallopian tube. Two years ago I had another surgery for endometriosis. The last fallopian tube was removed. The ovary stay although cystic. Received a call today from primary that my estrogen caame back the highest he has ever seen and that I need to schedule an appointment with my OB Gyn. My estrogen is 967. I have gained 25lbs in the past 6 months…and I am highly active. I run approximately 50-60 miles a week. I’ve never done any sort of hormone therapy and I practice clean eating…I’m at a loss and unsure what to think…

  8. Wen
    3 months ago

    I am 49 yrs old and was diagnosed with Rhuematoid Arthritis, fibromyalgia (and all it’s wonderful symptoms), chronic pain & fatigue, and several spine issues about 12 years ago. My fibromyalgia symptoms are what plagues me most, the biggest of which is fatigue. We had pretty much gotten things to a manageable level and about 2 years ago things changed. For two weeks out of every month I am totally out of Commision and in the bed due to absolute exhaustion (lately my time down seems to be increasing). It is literally so bad that I don’t get up to use the bathroom until I just cannot stand it any longer, I just don’t have the energy to make myself do it. No matter what I did I couldn’t seem to change it including the medications that I take that had given me my life back. Things that I care about just don’t seem to pull the weight -for lack of better words as it’s a difficult thing to describe. I started keeping a calendar and its cyclical and seems to start right before my period. I found this while researching my symptoms and can check each one from my list. I bought the Progestrine cream recommended and have been using 1/2 tsp twice daily and it does seem to help although I am still in my “funk” and this month I am in my 3rd week down. My question is should I be using estrogen and/or something additional and if so what and how much?
    This site is such a wonderful resource and a light in what seems a very dark and confusing world.

    1. Uyi
      1 month ago

      Try a whole foods Vegan diet. Worked wonders for me.

    2. Marie
      1 month ago

      Perhaps you have Lyme disease?
      My symptoms get worse the week before my period, it is like clockwork, I know when my period is coming without checking the calendar. I will often ask my hubs to check the moon ( I used to menstruate on or around the full moon) so I would know why I was feeling awful. Before I was diagnosed and began treatment ( my naturopath in Moorhead, MN uses Igenix labs for Lyme testing, other tests the mds use have high rates of false negatives) I was so exhausted it took all my energy to change my daughters diaper and could barely walk up the stairs to my bedroom. Did not get properly tested until after I had a miscarriage. (Though testing negative does not rule it out, most diagnoses are clinical, based on symptoms).
      The Lyme messed up my digestion, adrenals, thyroid, and liver.
      Don’t know if the Lyme was the culprit or if my body was out of balance before that and the Lyme infection was the straw that broke the camel’s back.
      By the grace of Yahweh and the help of my ND, I am still kicking five years later and am 80% better, but still working to rebalance hormones. Not completely out of the woods yet.
      There are several instances of people having RA and Fibro and several other syndromes and later find out that a Lyme infection was the culprit that caused the autoimmune issues.
      Hope you find answers, healing, and hope!

  9. Erin Sullivan
    3 months ago

    Hi there! If having problems with sleep, is it best to take the full dose at bedtime? I’ve read on the Progest box to take twice a day and I just want to double check.

    46 year old premenopausal woman.

    Thank you.


  10. Nixie
    3 months ago

    This blog made me feel so much better, I’m 37 years old was told I’m pre-menopausal ,and I’m diagnosed with PMDD, I have heart palpitations , which I have had multiple heart test and my doctor says there benign but I HATE they way they make me feel. I did not want to do hormone therapy (i.e the pill) for fear of cancer, so I adopted clean eating, and I workout. It helped for a while but the older I get the worse my PMDD symptoms get and it is frustrating! I was thinking about DIM but heard that it may cause heart palpitations which is my main complaint! I’m trying to get into an endocrinologist but getting approval is like getting candy from a 2 year old sooo.. Im thinking of Keto as my body builder diet I don’t feel is cutting it for me. The weird thing is when I meal prepped for my last show I did not have any heart palpitation issues during PMS week.. now its full force. Does anyone have any insight?

    1. A.N Rumens
      3 months ago

      Yes. I found Yam Cream was the only thing to stop rapped heart, panic based attacks.
      I use Anna’s Wild Yam Cream, it’s powerful stuff. After 4 months i had to apply to hands and feet only due to a rash, other than that im 6 months in use, no real symptoms apart from aches and pains. Im 52 and i tried many natural products rather than HRT which i don’t like.

    2. Christine Traylor
      3 months ago

      Definately take DIM, it lowers estrogen by letting the liver let go of the excess hormone, over stressed life causes too much cortisol increasing estrogen, so many factors, take DIM and a progesterone cream from health food store. DIM lowers estrogen and calms heart palpitations. When cortisol is whacked out out pancreas doesn’t function properly, anxiety wakes you up and brain won’t shut off, this is low blood sugar, eat dried cranberries, two hand full, count to 60 blood sugar levels and nighty night! Daytime anxiety can be low blood sugar too, eat an apple.

    3. Maxine
      1 month ago

      Sounds familiar.
      I am 42. Pretty sure I gave PMDD.
      Last year I started a vegan bodybuilding diet and intense weight training. Lost 10 kilos of body fat and my PMDD symptoms disappeared. Then I fell off the wagon diet and exercise wise and am back to being suicidal for 2 days a month right before my period. Just got “3 day bloods” hormone workup and hoping for the best.

      I tried antidepressants one month and barely survived. I will never go near them again!!

  11. Agi
    4 months ago

    i took DIM for some time and it helped me in losing weight. I stopped for some time. And then when i tried taking it again I realized that it causes heart palpitations. I tried multiple brands also lower and higher dosages and same thing.. i keep feeling my heart flatter.. Does anyone know why this may be happening? I heard that estrogen imbalance can lead to heart palpitations.

    1. Laurie
      3 months ago

      Could the heart palpitations actually be caused from something else such as a food sensitivity or blood sugar crash or even caffeine. I’ve been taking DIM in the morning first thing before breakfast with water and have had no issues.

  12. Dolores
    5 months ago

    I still feel confused because I had a hysterectomy 20 or more years ago and I still have hot flashes and other symptoms. I never know which way to go!!!!

    1. Natalie
      4 weeks ago

      The hormones are produced in your ovaries. Is it possible that your ovaries are still intact? If yes, that would explain the menopausal symptoms, I think.

  13. Rachel Fenicle
    5 months ago

    So much off kilter that have cancer and autonomic dysfunction. How to undo that?

  14. Karin Bergemann
    6 months ago

    I was looking into your AMATA to help resolve some of my issues. But after reading one of your books, I truly believe I’m estrogen dominant. So, since AMATA is a supplement that helps youre body create estrogen, it would be bad for me, correct? I will be looking into bio-identical progesterone, and maybe even just start with some chasteberry to see if that helps first. Any advice is welcom!

    1. Kathryn Wells
      6 months ago

      Try switching to a keto diet to fix estrogen dominance: Dr. Berg explains it here. I’m on week 2 of the keto diet and I have already lost 16 pounds and my brain fog and mood issues have cleared up. Here’s a video from Dr. Berg about Estrogen Dominance and why adding more hormones might just be masking the underlying issue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWGzfNaVHiE

  15. Grace
    7 months ago

    I may have the strangest story, and I with Dr Northrup would advise me.
    I’m 60, and have not had a period for more than 10 years. I have two grown kids and have been free if menopause symptoms for many years. My gynecologist says I am in the top 2% of women for youthfulness, energy, etc for my age. I practice yoga, meditation and dance.
    I use a estrogen patch and take progesterone pills for osteoporosis which has been getting worse the last 10 years. I felt I had an imbalance because I started loosing muscle mass, and my small breasts lost volume as did other once fleshy parts of me. My Dr doubled the dose of my estrogen patch 2 weeks ago and my breasts are so much fuller, my skin is softer and less dry.
    I stepped up my meditation practice recently and experienced a revelation about my feminin connection. Walking meditation gave me connection to the earth, our mother. I am a mother, like the earth. I am in a loving relationship with a man who connects deeply to the Devine feminine and has brought this part of me to my consciousness too. We meditate together.
    I don’t know if it has to do with changing my hormone dose and/or a strong spiritual feminine meditation I’ve been going through, but I’ve been lightly menstrating for two days after at least 10 years period free. There is only a little blood, but my internal river is now thicker and definitely blood tinged.

    I want to wait a few more days, see what happens. I feel intense love blooming in me. I feel connected and loved. I am excited but scared by the response of my body immediately after a strong spiritual experience.
    Can I safely continue with the hormones a week more over. New years? Should I cut back? I feel blessed by this but concerned.
    Thank you!

    1. Gail
      5 months ago

      I had light period post menopause. I had been taking a supplement which had soy in it. Long story short I had a uterine polyp causing the bleeding and am advised to decrease estrogen by losing weight. 3 times I went on and off the soy weight loss product with same result. So something to track perhaps. I haven’t removed the polyp but may.

    2. Micheline
      5 months ago

      This should be considered a red flag and I would call an OBGYN for an exam as soon as possible. It’s great you feel strong and connected, but bleeding at 60 after no period for 10 years could be a symptom of many serious problems. Go check it out. Good luck.

    3. Amie
      5 months ago

      My 65 year old mother experienced bleeding post menopause and it turned out to be estrogen induced uterine cancer. They caught it early, but she had a hysterectomy as a result. Seek medical advice as soon as possible.

  16. Yvette
    7 months ago

    Hi I am a 29 year old and I have epilepsy and I found out that do to my hormones beeing out of balance my seizures are not getting any better. Your advice has helped so much thank you so much for all the information

  17. FabMaMah
    7 months ago

    I am extremely thankful for this wonderful insightful and sensitive article towards what women are dealing with. My hormone changes after having my first child in my mid thirties has totally changed my body rhythm. And now in my mid forties I feel like I’m trapped in a teenage girls body! I am diligently researching natural ways to deal with my symptoms. And nothing I read by women including this article recommends birth control pills. Which I’ve been taking Junel 21 day for 4 years now and I think it’s making me feel worse! Thank you Dr. Northup for this profound article. I appreciate how you have noted that stress is a key factor! I’ve been under a tremendous amount of stress in the past 4 years. Plus I love how you speak on the full moon. I notice my menstrual cycle phases are in alignment with the full moon now. But several years ago it was the new moon. And I love most of all how you say perimenopause is a time to reinvent ourselves. To invest more in ourselves instead of everyone else. What a revelation from God that statement is to me! All my life even as a child I’ve played the role of rescuer or problem solver in my family. I drove me away from home when I was in my early twenties! But the behavior just transferred over into a marriage to a great guy that I was deeply in love with but way too ill prepared to marry. And thus I continued being the problem solver and rescuer. All of that lead to stress. I know now that stress has been the primary cause of my psychotic cycle! That and fibroids that just popped up in my body 4 years ago! I’m therefore on a quest to heal. To reinvent myself. To focus more on me. Because if I’m not being good to me I can’t be of any good to anyone else. Thank you for this article!

    1. Herma
      7 months ago

      Fanmama, I feel the same as you, as my life been quite similar. Been trying to do same as you for almost two years and still struggling.
      I wish you good luck

  18. Kasey D
    8 months ago

    I am 38 yr old, have had full hysterectomy. I am 80-100 lbs overweight, fatty liver. My mom battled both breast and ovarian cancer so i got tested and found out that I am BRCA gene positive for Ovarian, breast & pancreatic cancer. I was told recently by my doctor that i am estrogen dominant. (which explains so much of the troubles i have had most my life) She put me on some herbal supplements DIM & Chrysin. I am on the bio identical pellets with estrogen & testosterone. here is my question, there is SO much contradictory research out there regarding progesterone and breast cancer. I am so confused since i have the gene for breast cancer but i am also estrogen dominant as to if i should be on progesterone or not. From everything i read my body need progesterone to regulate my high levels of estrogen but then some sites say since i dont have a uterus i dont need it and it would raise my risk of breast cancer. Trying to be proactive about my health but i am on information overload.

    1. Kim
      6 months ago

      Kasey,may I ask what you decided to do? I am estrogen dominant and I’m trying to make some health decisions but I’m running into the same type of concerns.

    2. Glynis
      5 months ago

      Do you still have your ovaries?

    3. Cevia
      4 months ago

      If you are still looking for information on BRCA and progesterone, you may want to check out an article by naturopathic oncologist, Dr. Tina Kaczor, written for integrative health care professionals. I am 44 years old with the BRCA 1 mutation and lifelong estrogen dominance. I just had the total hysterectomy due to a thankfully beign ovarian cyst, however chose to have my uterus removed as well due to family history and because my doctor said that in the event that I need estrogen for any reason (to manage menopause, for bone or cardiovascular health, etc) it cannot be taken without progesterone. Though it is best avoided for BRCA carriers, with the absence of a uterus, estrogen can be taken without progesterone. However, Dr. Kaczor’s stance is that progesterone should be avoided in BRCA folks at all costs if possible.
      All the best to you!

  19. Michelle
    8 months ago


    I am 44 and until recently (Sept 2017) I had no significant signs of peri-menopause. In September I had a lot of stress and developed extreme anxiety which came on strong and with little reason other than stress which I have always dealt well with. Since that time my dr thinks that it may be hormonal. I had my progesterone and estrogen levels tested (23 days after the start of my period) and although they are not out of the normal range my progesterone was a little low. I noticed a huge amount of anxiety a few days before my period all the way through and periodically throughout the month. My periods are coming closer and closer together. Like 23-25 days apart. I am not sleeping well and will wake up with a rush of adrenalin and feel very warm, but not extremely sweaty. I am usually able to fall asleep after some time after waking up, but then wake up off and on after that feeling super anxious. I tok some sleeping medication, but it was making me confused and foggy and I cannot do that in my line of work. I don’t want to take anxiety medication, because I’ve found that I’m fairly sensitive to medications. I am on a low dose of progesterone, but it doesn’t always seem to help. The anxiety is causing so many weird symptoms (dizzy, heart palpitations, headache, racing thoughts, irritability, uncontrollable unwanted thoughts about my health and what could be the real reason for all of this) and I don’t know what is hormonal, lack of sleep, or anxiety related. This is terrifying! My dr is great, but I feel like we are running out of options! Any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated! The weird part is this all seemed to come on overnight. I think I had some low grade symptoms before, but this has seemed intense in the amount of time.


    1. Marcella
      8 months ago

      Michelle, I can so relate to your story! I felt I just read my own story. I am 41. I thought i was going crazy with intense fear and anxiety for no apparent reason. It came out of the blue in one day. Dr checked my hormones. My progesterone level was .9, estrogen was 42(normally it is around 230), low vit. D, normal but on the low side for testosterone. They have me on a progesterone troche, plus weekly 50000 units vit d. My family doctor prescribed me an anxiety pill for attacks, and antidepressant. I do take the anxiety pill, but don’t want to take the antidepressant. I feel waves of hot and cold, waves of anxiety all day long, and don’t feel myself at all, with no appetite. I just pray to be me again. I see my gyn Monday, and hopefully on the way to recovery. Please keep me updated how you are doing. I definitely have leaned on the the Lord and family and friends. Bless you! Marcella

      1. Ann
        6 months ago

        Did this help? Please update having same problems and I’m 42. I also have endometriosis had surgery 16 years ago. Thankfully able to have 3 children.

      2. Did you find any answers yet?

      3. Regina
        4 months ago

        Try magnisum and B vitiamin complex for anxiety

    2. Andrea
      7 months ago

      That also sounds like it could be thyroid related as I suffered those exact symptoms some time ago and only recently found out it was my thyroid .

    3. Meme
      6 months ago

      Hi Michelle…if you’re still here, PLEASE please please have a FULL THYROID PANEL done including antibodies. Also check your morning fasting blood glucose and even your A1C.

      I believe you’re having blood sugar issues (the waking at night and anxiety) which is ultimately driven by low levels of thyroid hormone. When we become hypothyroid our liver becomes compromised and can’t store glycogen properly which makes regulating blood sugar difficult.

      Too much estrogen during peri-menopause can suppress thyroid. A lack of thyroid hormone coupled with low blood sugar at night when you aren’t eating will trigger adrenal stress hormones (adrenalin and cortisol) in order to keep blood sugar up. When it happens during the day it will trigger anxiety. Heart palpitations are also a symptom of Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism.

      This whole cascade operates as a sort back up plan for low thyroid/unstable blood sugar, but obviously it’s very disruptive to one’s life.

      I hope you find the help you need!

    4. Sherill
      6 months ago

      Your story is my story. I feel like I’m going crazy. I’m 51. Same issues.

      1. That is my story too!!! What is going on???

    5. Jeannie
      4 weeks ago


      You have described to the T exacly what is happening to me. Wow. It was as if i wrote it. Have you found any relief? I have not. Thanks

  20. Stacy
    9 months ago


    I am 25 years old, no children. I have suffered from adult acne since I was about 21 years old. The acne is painful, cystic, and mostly around my jaw. I used to take Maca powder and it seemed to help a little bit, but nothing too dramatic. I finally went to a dermatologist (after seeing an aesthetician who gave me lots of topical creams that did not work) and he prescribed Spironolactone (antiandrogen). After about 4 months, I saw a great improvement in my skin, although the acne was not completely gone and my sex drive went up from a 3 out of 10 to a 7 out of 10.

    Fast forward to almost a year on Spironolactone and my skin is still not completely clear. I have gained a lot of weight (not sure how much, since I don’t own a scale); none of my pants fit me anymore. My sex drive is pretty non-existent. I have lots of cellulite that I never had before. I feel depressed, no motivation to ever go out/hang out with people. I always just want to go home and lay on the couch. I am always mentally exhausted/fatigued. I have no motivation whatsoever to exercise. My periods have been irregular all my life, but I have been bleeding now for the past 3 weeks (with one 3-day break).

    I am wondering if the Spironolactone created estrogen dominance in me? I am taking a fairly low dose (50mg/day).

    I don’t want to sound like a hypochondriac, but I have symptoms related to PCOS, hypothyroidism, estrogen dominance, candida overgrowth….

    I just don’t know what my next step is. I probably have to stop the Spironolactone, but I don’t know which specialist I need to go see. I never got any blood tests for anything, and I can’t afford to test for all the conditions I mentioned earlier because I don’t have insurance, I pay out of pocket. I don’t really make good money.

    My current symptoms include: hair loss on head, excess body hair, irregular periods, weight gain/slow metabolism, pms, low sex drive, fatigue, depression, brain fog, bad memory, mood swings, and cystic acne.
    My esthetician also said I have thin skin, despite always wearing sunscreen on my face. I have also started supplementing collagen for the past 5 months.

    I want to get healthy and stop being depressed but I have no idea where to start. If someone can give me a push in the right direction, I would be very grateful!

    1. Jessica Noseworthy
      9 months ago

      Hey! You should follow @leefromamerica on Instagram. She has pcos and has done all of the natural ways to re balance her hormones and has been symptom free for 17 months or so! She’s truly inspirational!

    2. Kara
      8 months ago

      I’m sorry this has happened to you! I have been in your situation, and know how frustrating it can be. With the insurance issue, and lack of finance I would recommend watching Dr. Berg on YouTube. He has over 2,000 videos, all related to your situation. He has many self remadies to heal your body, also his videos are easy to follow. I have been dealing with many health issues like gallbladder removed, hysterectomy, and intestinal problems, digest problems, also thyroid (Hoshimoto disease). I started follow some of his diet recommendations and have felt so much better. Give it a try and don’t give up! God Bless.


    3. Terri
      8 months ago

      It definitely sounds like pcos. I too have PCOS and I’m hypothyroid. I found out 25 yrs ago at the age of 23 that I had PCOS. Then in my mid 30’s I found out I was hypothyroid. It has been a roller coaster. The last 10 yrs I have been able to manage my weight and control hairloss. It’s a very complicated condition and can be very depressing. So my advice to you is try and find someone in your area that specializes in PCOS and get tested. Stay away from carbs as that will aggravate the condition. You can have the good carbs like fruits. Eat lots of the green leafy vegetable like spinach salad arugula, broccoli etc Eat no more than two red meats a week. Get you some omega fish oil ( a good quality). Take as directed. I’m on spirolactone and have been for 15 yrs. it will help with hairlosss, acne, and weight loss as long as you are eating healthy. Stay away from sugar! I know that’s hard for me too. Drink lots of water and stay clear of cokes. Tea is better for you but remember sugar must be low or none at all. Vitamin d is too very important. I stopped taking the pill 5 yrs ago as I don’t plan on having anymore kids. I take vitex to regulate my periods. That has worked wonders for me. I’m on time every month. Well I hope all this info helps you and god bless. Remember read and research everything to teach yourself about pcos. Stay smart about it because you are the only one that knows your body. Doctors don’t always know it all.

      1. AnitaTaco
        8 months ago

        Have you ever tried supplementing with iodine or lugol’s (which is an iodine mixture with a couple other necessary supplements) I’ve read of people who rid themselves pretty much completell of their pcos symptoms by supplementing iodine. It’s what the thyroid needs to function properly, and we dont get nearly enough in any way shape or form without supplementing. It’s my 1st stop tomorrow, to buy a tincture. I’ve heard it helps all sorts of big problems like uti, breast cancer and more. Look it up!

      2. Aly
        7 months ago

        Hi Teri,
        How are you keeping the hair loss under control? I’ve been dealing with this since the early 90’s and I’ve tried everything for the hair loss. The thin skin is a problem as well. I’m on spironolactone 100mg. daily. I’m going to try cutting out carbs and sugar, but I’ve always craved sugar. I know it causes inflammation, so it’s bad news anyway. I had wondered if the spironolactone might be causing more hair loss, but I’ve been on it for about 25 years and while my Derm prescribed it for facial breakouts, my hair loss has gotten progressively worse over the years. I’m really discouraged.

        1. Regina
          6 months ago

          Hair loss could be a sign of low ferritin levels, which are your iron stores. Have them checked.

        2. Lisa Shanklin
          4 months ago

          Try Bosley and also for your hair DDT blockers and vitamins I also got Dr Lee natural progesterone cream

    4. Ericha Cook
      7 months ago

      I have PCOS too and share many of the symptoms you mention. Being on a Ketogenic Diet has helped me tremendously! Lost 51 lbs so far (started this 11 months ago in Feb. 2017). Sweetie, It is NOT the Spironolactone. I take that too with good results for the excess hair growth too.

    5. Sonya
      6 months ago

      Dr. Berg has helpful videos on YouTube. He also has supplements that might help you.

    6. Jackie Aldridge
      6 months ago

      Spironolactone will affect your entire hormone balance. You will probably need to get off it.

    7. Kaye
      4 months ago

      Hi. Yes, it was the spironolactone that contributed to the weight gain. Spiro is a cortisone steroid. It cleared my skin as well of all the acne, cysts, scars, and dark spots. My skin was flawless but I had gained so much weight and was miserable! All your symptoms I had. I mean even my stretch pants could not fit over my rear end! I do not know if you have had any chemical peels, but that is what contributed to my thin skin, so I stopped getting them.

      Please wean yourself off the spiro, taking it every other day gradually every 3 days then off. If you go cold turkey, you will go into shock…..trust me, I did! I had to be placed in a bathtub of cold water to get my temp of 104* down plus severe diarrhea and vomiting….had to be hospitalized for 2 days. Remember, it is a STEROID. Once off it, your acne will come back in severe form if you do not catch it. I treats mine with lemon juice on a cotton ball twice a day and use a tumeric and apple cider vinegar of equal parts mask once a day on my face and also exfoliate daily! Please use a sunscreen with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide with broad spectrum 50.

      Spiro is wonderful to treat cystic acne but the side effects destroys your body. It took me about 6 months to get back to my size 7 figure after ballooning to a size 14 in a year!

      I hope this helps and good luck.


  21. Anna
    9 months ago

    I went to see my gynecologist the other day. For the past few months, I’ve been suffering from hot flashes, insomnia, and intense night sweats. They ended up being so frequent that they negatively impacted my quality of life, so I decided I needed help. I imagined I was estrogen deficient…I’ll turn 49 in December. My periods were regular until this summer when they started becoming more irregular; first, there were 42 days between two periods, but only 21 days between the next two.

    The doctor sent me to the lab before starting treatment. To my great surprise, my estrogen levels on day 23 of cycle (so luteal phase) were seriously out of range…they looked like I had gone to the lab during the ovulatory phase.

    I guess this means I’m estrogen dominant and should start progesterone cream without delay…? Strangely enough, the doctor did not test progesterone levels.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

    1. Kara
      8 months ago

      I would recommend you watching Dr. Berg on YouTube. He has a lot of great videos on this topic. I feel it’s always better if we have an understanding of what we are dealing with. His videos are very informational and easy to follow. They have helped me tremendously. It’s sad that doctors don’t do further investigation on our symptoms, but quick to write a script, and end up with no relief. It’s like putting bandaids on a reoccurring wound, but not asking the question ” why is this reoccurring”, unfortunately they just put more bandaids on. We have to be our own advocates with our health. Doctors have been tought to treat symptoms not cause, so I wouldn’t put all my faith in them. Hope you feel better soon!


      1. Ericha Cook
        7 months ago

        I too, love Dr. Berg’s insight!

  22. Caroann
    10 months ago

    Hi I have been on oestrogel, utogestran and testim gel for 4 months now, im 50 and hormone test through gp showed i was menapausal along with weight gain, fatigue painful joints particularly knees. At first I thought I felt a bit better, but really im no better symptoms the same. I wad really excited ti discover bhrt, but unfortunately doesn’t serm to be working. I have considered dhea, after reading about oestrogen dominance im wondering could I just take tbe utugestron tablets for progesterone, also I tead the tostesterone can turn into oestrogen in some people. I dont know what to do for tbe best. My gp doesn’t believe in oestrogen dominace.

  23. Jaz
    10 months ago

    I’m 31 no children and recently found out that I have two mthft gene mutations. Long history of miagrains, anxiety, depression, pms, period pain, hayfever.
    I was anaemic and started on iron along with methyfolate and methyl b-12, magnesium, zinc, candida support, vit d. White cell count elevated and taking probiotic. Hypothyroidism and putting iodine on skin.

    The main concern is that since starting the above my pms and period pain got so much worse. The flow actually was a bit lighter. I don’t know what it is I’m taking that has effected my hormones. I have tried a natural progestelle in the past but didn’t notice much difference but maybe I didn’t stay on it long enough. I would like to fall pregnant but haven’t had any luck to date.
    I am thinking about getting my hormones checked. Can anyone offer me any ideas on what I could do until I can see my Dr?
    I need to take the supps due to mthfr but thought it may be the methhy b and maybe I should try hydroxy b instead. My miagrains have been better since starting supps. I have also started taking Sam-e which maybe helping but I am a bit sensitive to it so can only take every 3rd day. Thanks.

    1. Elle
      10 months ago

      I am not seeing anything in your list that would be effecting your hormones specifically, in many cases using more progesterone cream than suggested on the bottle seems more effective. I use 200 mg every night before bed and it has been a life saver. I sleep with no trouble and my cycles have lightened and shortened, I also no longer retain water and my moods are well balanced.

      1. Anna
        9 months ago

        Elle, very interesting! I’m glad you found something that works for you. Can I ask which brand of progesterone you use?

    2. Kara
      8 months ago

      Watch Dr. Berg on YouTube, he has many videos on this topic. Hope you feel better soon!


  24. Debra Cronen
    12 months ago

    I have been going thru BC treatments since October if 2016. My ? Is my oncologist says to not take any type of hormone replacer. My BC was triple positive. I asked him for a hormone test but he said it wasn’t necessary so I went to a homeopath and had a saliva test sent in, it came back progesterone low so she wanted to put me on a progesterone type pill made at a natural pharmacy in my area. I talked with my oncologist about it and of course got told no hormones while I am getting treated. I had 12 weeks of Chemo/Herceptin every week, lumpectomy in January and 33 radiation treatments and am now on Herceptin infused treatment every 3 weeks until the end of the year. I am also on an anti estrogen (Anastrozole) for 5-10 years, God help me live that long. I have a 19 year old daughter whom we had just dropped of at college 4 hrs away.
    What is your opinion of the saliva test results?

    1. Jennifer Zuniga
      11 months ago

      The more i look into this issue i have found diindolylmethane or dim to be healthful and is natural. Look it up there is info about it out there. Hope this is helpful.

  25. Sean Mullowney
    1 year ago

    Hey guys, progesterone is very safe. Don’t confuse with progestin – they are not the same. Blood and saliva tests wont give you a true picture of estrogen. There is no test to determine tissue status
    Check your body temps.- they should be over 36.6 C or 97.8. F

    Estrogen will lower temps.

    1. Natalie
      11 months ago

      Actually, saliva results do test intracellular (within the tissue) hormone levels. If saliva tests are available, they offer a much clearer picture of hormone levels!

  26. Deborah
    1 year ago

    I am 19 years old, for a time now i just thought i was depressed but i think i might have all the symptoms except i keep loosing weight and I can’t eat. Can weight loss be a symptom?

    1. Chloe
      1 year ago

      Me too and I’m 22 🙁 I’ve just sent off my salivia hormone test – I would really recommend going to a naturopath and getting one to confirm! I’ve lost 8kgs over the last 6 months and have lost my appetite alot but other than that I have all the symptoms of oestrogen dominance.

    2. Marcia Hawkins
      1 year ago

      Sounds like Hyperthyroid.

      1. Bianca
        1 year ago

        hyperthyroid increases your appetite not decreases

        1. Janine
          11 months ago

          Hypothyroidism increases your appetite and Hyperthyroidism decreases it.

          1. Amy
            9 months ago

            Wrong! Hypo decreases appetite as digestion is slowed delayed. I’ve had it for 25 +years.

      2. Janine
        11 months ago

        I agree. Sounds like Hyperthyroidism. Have your thyroid hormones checked. I was hyper and then went hypo later in life. I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. It’s an autoimmune disease. Now in menopause I’m still hypo and have indications of estrogen dominance. Not fun.

        1. Julie
          11 months ago

          I’m 28, hypo, and have almost all the signs of estrogen dominance 🙁

    3. Kara
      8 months ago

      I would would recommend you having your thyroid checked. Change your diet too, also watch Dr. Berg on YouTube!


  27. Mel
    1 year ago

    Hi, I’m 32 I’ve had two beautiful girls aged 10 & 7.
    It’s been 13minths now since my last period. Over the last 12 months I’ve put on 15kg, feeling always tired no energy and I get depressed from my weight gain. I eat healthy I’ve always been slim weighing 52kg, but now I’m heading to 65kg. Hate the way I look, I’ve lost my sex drive with my husband because I’m always so tired. I used to be the girl/wife that always loved or pushed to have sex with my husband but not anymore. I’m always suffering with a headache, constant bloating…can I seriously be going through early menopause?? Has anyone else went through the above symptoms as I mentioned above?? I need advise, when I went doctors to tell of my concerned he just laughed and said don’t be silly you’ll get your period..it’s been 13minths now

    1. Kristina
      1 year ago

      Sounds like pcos or thyroid issues. Maybe an endocrinologist can help.

    2. Juliana
      1 year ago

      You should try the Keto Diet (high fat/low carb), listen to Leann Vogel’s Keto Diet Podcast. She has a lot of great info and has also been through a time where she lost her period. It was quiet a journey, but she was able to get her body on track. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

    3. Bridget W
      1 year ago

      Please find another doctor who will take your concerns seriously.

    4. Janine
      11 months ago

      Happened to me also, Mel. It was Hashimoto’s thyroiditis for me. Get your doctor to give you a thyroid panel blood test. Hope this helps.

    5. Kara
      8 months ago

      I would watch Dr. Berg on YouTube. I was going through the same thing as you. He helped me tremendously! Hope you get back to your self soon!


  28. Karin
    1 year ago

    I’m 49 and have 5 kids 8 to 20 years. In the last couple of month I have had terrible sleeping problems. Mostly a week before my period I have 3 sleepless nights. I haven’t missed any periods and they come mostly regular, but the first 2 days extremely heavy bleeding. I eat healthy and try to exercise. I feel anxiety and have slight depression around my period. From my symptoms it seems like a estrogen dominance. Any advice how to get this under control. The non sleeping is the worst, but I would like to get it under control naturally.
    Thank you all

    1. Traci
      1 year ago

      I wasn’t ready for the progesterone cream so I tried to balance my high estrogen with DIM and Calcium D-Glucarate and it helped me tremendously with my moods. I’m adding progesterone cream now because I’m having trouble losing weight. There is a lot of good information online but if you can’t get answers, then you might have to do your own experiment or see a D.O. or Naturopath.

      1. Suzanne
        1 year ago

        Please try DIM from the https://www.berkeleyformula.com website.
        Also Siberian Ginseng, and vitamin B ‘100’ complex.
        Then my final recommendation is Banting as a way of eating(not weight-loss) although this may occur too.
        But LCHF has stopped bloating abdomen, swollen & tender breasts, period pain and hot flushes. Unexpectedly it has even helped with my asthma, and my sister-in-law says it has done wonders for he arthritis.

        I have never been on this site b4 but am verging on tears reading your comments, thought I was on my own or going mad.
        Since my 2nd child 13yrs ago I have never been the same and confounded my Dr. by not having pms but lots of energy and being very positive coming up to period. Then gradually becoming more and more tired & miserable/depressed approaching ovulation, but I began to look forward to the cramps of ovulation as I recognised this as the turning point in the month. So we’re living “Ground Hog Month” every month. Having to be our own Diagnosticians & pharmacy I have been through the full array Re clover, soya iso-flavans, evening primrose, star flower, Black CoHosh there were others that I can’t recall right now.
        Through Wisdom of Menopause & Dr. Patrick Holford I came on DIM.

        Have to say it doesn’t work for everybody but it has made a remarkable difference to mine. So therefore worth a try ?

        1. Agi
          10 months ago

          i took DIM for some time and it helped me in losing weight. I stopped for some time. And then when i tried taking it again I realized that it causes heart palpitations. I tried multiple brands also lower and higher dosages and same thing.. i keep feeling my heart flatter.. it is a very eary and uncomfortable feeling. I am very dissapointed that i can no longer take DIM. what is an alternative? How is using a progesteron cream?

    2. Kara
      8 months ago


      I would recommend watching Dr. Berg on YouTube. He has many videos on how to heal yourself, they have helped me tremendously.
      Hope you get better soon!


  29. Priscilla King
    1 year ago

    Thank you so much Dr.Northrup. I’ve had a hysterectomy years ago. Everything is fine, but brain fog and memory loss is here now. It does help to exercise and watch my diet. I have difficulty staying asleep most nights.( I use no caffeine.) Do you have any suggestions?

  30. Idy Williams
    1 year ago

    I was diagnosed of hyperprolactinemia in 2010. I took bromocriptin for some time and stopped.just recently, last month, I was diagnosed of low progesterone…what is really happening to my hormones. I tried to conceive three times but no way…can someone help on what I should do? thanks.

    1. Nancy
      10 months ago

      Dr. Tom O’Bryan has helped people recover from hormone balance and be able to conceive.

  31. Janice
    1 year ago

    My mother died of Ovarian Cancer in 1965 at the age of 54 years old. She refused Chemo because they had just started it and didn’t want to loose her hair and many were dying from Chemo at that time. They did the surgery right away , but the surgeon said he broke the ovaries getting them out and so he put Nitrogen Mustard into her abd. cavity and rinsed it out with saline. Mom wanted to have my Dad drive her to Texas for Laetrille Tx’s IV B-17 , but he couldn’t afford it he said. And since it was controversial anyway and still is he probably didn’t think it would be a good idea. But, I would have tried it over chemo now I presented with the choice.
    He left her Uterus in tho and within 9 months post op she died and her uterus was huge popping out of her thin frail 70 lb body before she died. I had just gotten out of LPN training then and did home care for her. she had total body asites and dark dark urine a few days before she passed away.
    I never wanted to die of that type of cancer. So , I have turned to Food and Nutritional Supplements most of my life and have gone to D.O. doctors for my healthcare. So far so good ,72 years old and no cancer.

    I read this a few months ago. Two of my friends have Ovarian and Omentum type cancers. The surgeons are not removing the cancers first, they are both having their bellies tapped for fluid and on Chemotherapy. Both very ill from the Chemo , and waiting for their surgeries. Dr. Northrup,why are they doing things backwards now days? Also, the one had her uterus removed but they left the Ovaries in ,which I used to scrub in , in the OR’s , once they cut the circulation from the Ovaries don’t they just rot in the bellies ? Why would they not remove the ovaries as surgeons did years ago? Anyway now the one has cancer of the Omentum. Of course how do they know without surgery or even a Laproscope.? When time is so important to remove the cancers and Chemo and Radiation causes adhesion and burns good tissue.
    But anyways in my persuit of preventing Ovarian Cancer …….I read this and have been eating Ginger and Drinking Ginger tea and Green Tea , I use ground Ginger in cooking and eat Candied Ginger with every meal. or use as a snack.
    I know these foods are used by the Asians, how many of them have cancers of the Ovaries or not. ???
    NaturalNews) Ovarian cancer is one of the most deadly diseases out there. It is the fifth leading cause of cancer death among U.S. women — an astounding 14,000 out of 23,000 diagnosed each year, die. Ovarian cancer tends to be aggressive and generally has very few symptoms until it reaches an advanced stage. Fortunately, several natural remedies have proven to be exceptionally useful in both preventing and curing this silent killer. Ginger, ginkgo biloba, green tea and flaxseed are all remarkably effective at destroying ovarian cancer cells and tumors — hindering proliferation and increasing survival rates dramatically.

    Using food as medicine
    Diet is extremely influential in preventing as well as healing ovarian cancer. Beyond consuming an abundant variety of fresh produce and limiting dairy, meat and sugar, certain foods specifically target ovarian cancer cells — demonstrating extraordinary success in defeating this life-threatening disease.


    Ginger root is an outstanding food for annihilating ovarian cancer cells. When researchers dissolved ginger powder in a solution containing ovarian cancer cultures, the mutant cells died. Ginger destroys ovarian cancer cells in two ways. First by a process of cellular self-destruction called apoptosis then by autophagy where the cells digest themselves. Scientists at the University of Michigan found that ginger caused the same rate of apoptosis as common chemotherapy drugs yet without any side effects. Ginger root also controls inflammation which is a precursor to ovarian cancer.
    for more information………http://www.naturalnews.com/037944_ovarian_cancer_foods_medicine.html#ixzz4W5IERWsC

    1. Tan
      9 months ago

      I had Ovarian cancer at age 31 and wanted to keep my other ovary and other “bits” in case I wanted to have kids later in life. At the time they removed the one ovary, the fallopian tube as well as my omentum to make sure that the cancerous cells had not migrated.

      At the age of 51 I then had another large cyst on my remaining ovary and demanded that a total hysterectomy be done rather than just removing the cyst and ovary and fallopian tube. Good thing as it was borderline for cancer and based on all of the scar tissue from previous surgery it would have made it quite hard to go back in and do a third surgery to do a total hysterectomy of the remaining bits.

  32. Jason
    1 year ago

    My wife had 2 miscarriages one In July and another in November. Since she has been very depressed and mean. And of course every doctor wants her to be on antidepressants. And that’s actually made it worse. She is actually the best the few days before her period. And during her period. She is very negative about life wanting to leave because she isn’t happy. We have 3 children already and after the first I could tell she was different after each one was born. Kept getting more moody. We recently had her hormones check and her estrogen is 16 times higher the her progesterone. She is supposed to start the progesterone cream after her next period. Will it help? And will the happiness Come with that. And do you have any other advice for husbands. I just want my wife back.

    1. Ashley
      1 year ago

      I am here just reading info and trying to get help for nyself. Your wife sounds a lot like me. I’m 33 and have 4 children and I had 3 miscarriages in between my children. My mood got worse with each child and now i’m looking for help and explanations. Your wife is lucky to have you! Good luck to both of you 🙂

      1. Limda
        1 year ago

        Sounds like me too. I just found out I have high estrogen today. Maybe that’s why we were unable to conceive after a year of trying. Will start progesterone tonight. Hope it’ll help my “bitchiness” too for my husband’s sake!

    2. Jillian
      1 year ago

      Progesterone cream helped my 2 cousins immensely. Much happier, more energy, they feel more balanced.

    3. Kara
      8 months ago

      Watch Dr. Berg on YouTube. He was a God sent to me! Hope your wife gets better!


  33. Jeanette
    1 year ago

    I haven’t had a period about 1 1/2 years now, my body still acts like I am fixing to have a period once a month. I am cramping and it seems worse now then I was actually having a period. Is this normal?

    1. Ann
      1 year ago

      Jeanette, I feel the same way. Research “phantom periods” and you will find that these sensations do occur for many women. I have not had a period for nearly a year but I often feel like I have PMS that lasts for weeks – with weight gain, cramps, breast tenderness, mood swings, insomnia – everything but the actual bleeding.

  34. JH
    1 year ago

    What is your take on chia seeds? I’ve read to take them to combat estrogen dominance, then saw not to on another site because of the PUFA content. Thanks

  35. Mindy Charles
    1 year ago

    Menopause is destroying my life, I would love some helpful feedback, or suggestions on what to do.
    I have not had a period in almost 3 yrs. I am 52. I have been on HRT (2 pumps of estrogel and 1 prometrium tablet for 3 yrs). For 2.5 yrs it really helped a lot in that it completely cured the severe foggy thinking and short term memory problems I was having and it cured my insomnia. However, recently I started having anxiety and depression (have never had anything like this in my life before). My heart felt like it’s pounding out of my chest constantly and I could not stop crying all the time and had all these thoughts of not wanting to go to work anymore, or go anywhere or do anything, lost all interest in everything, constant stupid excessive worrying over irrational things that never bothered me before. Nothing had changed in my life to make me feel this way. I couldn’t make it stop or go away no matter what I did.

    Gynecologist said anxiety and depression is very common in menopause and it’s related to low estrogen but because I’m on the maximum dose she can’t increase my estrogel. But I read other places that HRT could actually cause anxiety and depression (side effects of the HRT). So I decided to test the theory. I stopped the medication. Within one week the anxiety and depression was gone completely. But the insomnia and short term memory problems / foggy thinking had returned.

    I feel so lost and don’t know what to do. I can’t live with this anxiety and depression that I feel when I’m on the HRT and can’t live with the short term memory problems and insomnia that I feel when I”m not on it because it prevents me from being able to function and perform properly at my job. What can I do. Is there any solutions to this. I just want to feel somewhat normal again. These menopause symptoms are ruining my career and my relationships and my life.

    Also many yrs ago when I was in perimenopause I tried bio identical progesterone cream and I remember it made me excessively sleepy during the day (even when I took it at night) and made me very weepy and depressed all the time. So I suspect it’s the progesterone causing it this time also. What I don’t understand is why did this HRT work so well for me for the past 2.5 yrs and then out of the blue start causing this depression and anxiety?

    It seems to me like the progesterone causes the weepiness and depression and the estrogen is causing the anxiety , am I way off base on this?

    Is there any way to accurately determine what my actual hormone levels are? Is there anything else I can take to fix the short term memory problems if I stop the HRT altogether? I can take melatonin for the insomnia. But the I must have something for the foggy brain problems because it affects my life in a big way and the only thing that has fixed it so far is the estrogen.

    I have tried other things for the anxiety but got no relief at all (5 htp, etc). The only thing that seems to help is not taking the HRT at all.

    1. Lisa
      1 year ago

      Mindy- I am not a doctor, but have experienced many of the same symptoms that you are experiencing.You could be experiencing Adrenal Fatigue. The HRT made us feel better temporarily because we were giving our bodies back what it needed. But then the symptoms of Adrenal fatigue were unmasked………

    2. Ellen
      1 year ago

      Hi Mindy,

      I really recommend going to the Dr and asking for blood tests to check your hormone levels. I have a non-traditional form of PCOS and when I received the results from the blood tests and saw what was out of balance, I could then work on resetting those particular hormones naturally so it was really helpful – and so far it has worked. It may help you to take a more natural approach to your symptoms instead of relying on medication which can often just be a quick fix and cause nasty side effects.
      I am currently in the process of developing a guide to hormone balance that you may find useful, as I have made a table of women’s hormones and what approaches can be taken if each one is out of balance. If you would like me to send you a link when I have finished (it will be within the next week or so) don’t hesitate to email me at ellesoiree@gmail.com – same goes for any other ladies 🙂

      Also, for the brain fogginess – I too had this and I took Neurozan tablets which you can get off Amazon and improve cognitive function! Might be worth a try.

      Best wishes

      1. HI Mindy,

        Most menopausal or post menopausal women don’t need estrogen we need bioidentical progesterone and we need to cut out all xenoestrogens in our environment and diet as well. And then most of us need support for Adrenals, Thyroid, Vit D, Liver. ZLabs has saliva testing for all your hormones including a 4x day cortisol test. Get your Vitamin D checked as well its more of a hormone than vitamin. Always tend to progesterone first before testing for estrogen deficiency. Most people in our culture have some effects of estrogen dominance. All the plastics we drink from eat from in canned foods, and so much more, and petrochemicals in beauty, personal and cleaning products among other factors mimic estrogen in our system and creat E dominance. EVen if testing shows a low level estrogen, one can still have estrogen dominance symptoms because the real mediator is progesterone. So even if E is low if P is low as well we have E dominance.

        I use a high grade non allergenic – no parabens or petro chemical cream with bioidentical progesterone. Dont’ take progesterone orally as then it has to be processed by Liver. And I swear by Mega Foods to balance my system as well as my diet. Megafoods is – 100% food based vegan supplements, and I take their Adrenal Strength, Thyroid Support, Liver Support, Women’s One Daily, Vit D, Chromium, Blood Builder ( i had low ferritin). I don’t eat any animal or fruit or veggie product that isn’t 100% organic and non GMO. I don’t eat any foods that could have any GMO corn or soy or potatoe derivatives. And then no sugar diet.

        Here are some resources to read for you. There is lots on internet about oral vs topical bioidentical progesterone and estrogen dominance and zenoestrogens and losing your mind after menopause.

        I encourage you to find a good naturopath with seasoned experience with bioidentical hormones and menopausal symptoms. And read and read and read on the internet. You can do this!




        1. Susan
          1 year ago

          I would like to visit with you, can I email you?

        2. Anne
          6 months ago

          Hello, Palika, can you please explain what you mean by “I use a high grade non-allergenic…” Did a dr prescribe it or how did you find and acquire it? Mind mentioning the brand? I used Dr Lee’s progesterone cream but quit when I didn’t discern any difference but may have been unable to really know what was happening in my body. I would be more discerning now.

          1. Lisa
            4 months ago

            What dosage do you use per day of the progesterone cream?

    3. Carrie
      1 year ago

      I skipped perimenopause and went straight to full on menopause at 47. I have had a hysterectomy and one ovary removed.

      I recently went on HRT (Estrodial .5mg being raised to .75) and progesterone (only because I have a history of endometriosis). Also, I am on Paxil 10mg for the anxiety and mood swings and a newly acquired OCD trait. I was actually feeling paranoid and that something was always horribly wrong. I woke up with pounding heart beat and sometimes in a full blown panic attack. I also had the brain fog so bad I would be in meetings and not know why I was there. I had notes in front of me but couldn’t present them. I also couldn’t remember where I parked my car. It sucked.

      This combo has made me feel like a new person. I am living my life normally now. Hope this helps.

    4. Dana
      12 months ago

      Hi Mindy – the same thing is happening to me after 3 months on BHRT Estradiol and Progesterone cream. Progesterone makes me feel like I did when I had PMS depression..and now just on the estrogen my heart palpitations, insomnia and anxiety are back…have you found a solution to alleviate these symptoms? I am 51 years old – any advice would be helpful.

    5. Janine
      11 months ago

      Mindy, an excessive dose of progesterone can cause depression. I think you just need to adjust the amounts of your HRT doses. As we age, the levels fluctuate. Maybe you should talk to your doctor about getting your hormones checked every 3 months. They can then adjust your doses of both estrogen and progesterone to what your body needs specifically at that time. I feel your pain….. I’ve gone through all this also. Insomnia, weight gain, depression, anxiety, hair loss…. etc. I hate menopause!

  36. Momo
    1 year ago

    I am perimenopausal and have almost all the symptoms of estrogen dominance. I also have a family history of breast cancer. Is progesterone supplementation safe for me?

    1. Traci
      1 year ago

      Hi Momo,

      Progesterone is safer than estrogen. Here is a link to more information that contains a link to research studies. http://www.larabriden.com/what-estrogen-does-perimenopause-how-progesterone-can-help/.

  37. Cathy
    1 year ago

    I have all the symptoms of estrogen dominance and progesteron cream have helped with the moodswings and gives me more energy. I have week adrenals from years of chronic illness and stress. My cycle is 25-28 days. I have headsche and nauseua from day 9-10 which I believe is from the rise in estrogen. Can I start progesteron cream this early in the cycle or will this inhibit ovulation and make me worse of?

    1. Renee
      1 year ago

      Estrogen Dominence
      Dim along with liver tone is honestly a great way to get rid of estrogen dominence. I have a high levels of estrogen. Honestly it will change your life. You will feel amazing. I recommend first need to get your hormones tested. Either through a doctor or naturopath. Once confirmed. Them I’d recommend the above. Unless you have your adrenals addressed. You may find if you stop the dim and livertone that your levels will get out of whack. I’m having that issue now. Every time I stop dim. I feel crap. I have adrenal burnout. So unless I address that and cut the caffeine. I’ll be forever on DIM. Xo

      1. Elaine
        1 year ago

        What do you mean by dim and livertone??

        1. Val
          1 year ago

          EstroDIM is a supplement. I’ve been taking for a few months and have had excellent results

      2. Candace
        1 year ago

        Who makes Livertone? I can only find Livatone. DIM how much do you take each day?

      3. Suzanne
        1 year ago

        Yes I have been taking DIM for +/- 6 yrs and the 2 times I have come off it my life has fallen apart badly.

  38. Shabana
    2 years ago

    does it affect conceiving?

  39. Patty Ryan
    2 years ago

    My daughter has a brain tumor called Craniopharyngioma and had surgery and proton radiation a year ago, however, do to all of that, she has lost all use of her pituitary gland. She has been place on the birth control pill to get her period, unfortunately, her whole body is reacting horribly to it. She is bloated everywhere…legs, face, arms and stomach! She is on the lowest of the pills…she is on thyroid, DDAP and a steroid. The Drs don’t know what could be causing this…any ideas?

    1. Ella
      1 year ago

      Dear Patty, You need to watch Dr. Robert Morse. he is an amazing naturopath who has figured out that the source of all our suffering is our lymphatic system. Please watch and start repairing of your daughter’s pituitary gland, kidneys and adrenals.
      Much love and many blessings. Ella

    2. Melanie
      1 year ago

      Hi Patty,
      I had two tumors on my pituitary gland. After surgery I replace many hormones, also. I would HIGHLY recommend seeing Dr. Theodore Friedman to get your daughter’s hormones straightened out. His website is http://www.goodhormonehealth.com I wish you and your daughter all the best! Melanie

  40. Karen
    2 years ago

    My herbalist suggested using Chaste tree berry extract to gradually and gently balance my hormones. So far, my thinking is clearer, my pain with ovulation is less and my sexual response is amazing.

  41. TinaH
    2 years ago

    In August 2014 I had a heart attack.I had surgery and 2 stents placed. Prior to that I started having wild mood swings, out of control anger and emotional fits. I was put on blood pressure medicine and cholesterol medicine. June of 2015 I started noticing my hair getting thin. I would brush and hand fulls would come out, in the shower more hand fulls. That November, I went and had my hair cut and styled for my daughters wedding. The lady doing my hair told me afterwards that she hand to clean out the sink a few times cause of all the hair that fell out. She also had to clean out the comb non-stop again cause of the hair that fall out. ( that upset me cause I couldn’t understand why didn’t she say something after washing and noticing it was unusual of amount of hair, I lost so much hair that day). Today, December 2016, over 2 years since my heart attack, over a year since I notice my hair thinning, I have lost about 60% if not more thickness of my hair. I hate it, I hate washing my hair now, I don’t ever style it, I hate brushing it and I try not to leave the house cause of how ugly I look now. My hair was long, soooo thick and healthy and was the only thing I could say was always beautiful about me. I went 9 months this year, without having a period and just started one again on December 1, 2016. I have had the hot flashes, gained 20lbs since my heart attack, I get regular headaches, I don’t sleep well, I am sluggish and my memory sometimes acts like it’s not there. I don’t mine all the other symptoms, I can deal and handle them but the hair loss, the thinning and breaking of my hair, I am having a hard time dealing with and just want to fix it and start getting it to grow back in thick again. What can I do, what should I stop doing, how can I fix this. I changed shampoos to only sulfate free shampoo and conditioner, I only wash my hair like twice a month, I don’t blow dry it, I don’t add anything to my hair. I take multi vitamins and use only a soft brush on hair. What can I do, please help.

    1. Sandy
      2 years ago

      Suggest you have a a full thyroid panel done to ascertain whether your thyroid levels are low..but I know myself that low estrogen levels play havoc with my hair and skin..both are thinning rapidly. .good luck

    2. Isabel Rodrigues
      1 year ago

      I don’t usually comment on these boards but I wanted to let you know that I understand how you feel. I too have had quite a bit of hair loss. I hate touching my hair, I always have it in a clip which isn’t good but that way I can hide the hair loss/thinning.
      I do have hope that I will recover. A couple of months ago, my blood work results came back as very low ferritin. Have you had your ferritin levels checked?

    3. Becky L Bernshausen
      1 year ago

      I have been told that being low in ferritin can cause this and once you supplement it will stop falling out and grow back. Also I have been told that undergoing any kind of major stressful situation or a new strong med can put your body in shock and cause your hair to fall out. It will do this for about 6 months or so and then stop and it will grow back. Good luck to you honey. Xo

    4. Bevelry
      1 year ago

      I am 48 and perimenopausal. My hair started falling out last year. My periods were super heavy and gross and I was over due for a gyno visit. I went in August and my iron levels were very low. My gyno said, aren’t you tired? Nah, I just attribute it to running around with my 6 year old daughter. I took Floral-Vital and got my iron levels back up to normal within a couple of months. My hair dresser noticed it too. I just saw her and she said my hair is back to the normal thick mane that it was and I noticed a HUGE DECREASE in hair loss in the shower. I just had an endometrial ablation a couple of weeks ago and my follow up today. He said I am estrogen dominant and wants to put me on progesterone. I appreciated the comment about taking it orally it has to process through the liver, so I will look into the cream. I will also look into the Dim.

      1. Shirley Krause
        9 months ago

        What does DIM mean? I am not familiar with those terms.

        1. Anne
          6 months ago

          Shirley, today is January 16, 2018. You posted “2 months ago.” A Suzanne (“7 months ago”) replied to a comment by Karin (“9 months ago”) and posted a link about DIM: https://www.berkeleyformula.com

          There are other mentions of DIM in the comments, including someone who said it caused her to have heart palpitations. So do due diligence. (I’d never heard of DIM and am just starting to research what my situation could be caused by.)

    5. Amy
      10 months ago

      I know this is an older post, but I want to chime in on the importance of ferritin testing. Half of my hair fell out over the past year (I’m 47), I’ve had night sweats and irregular cycles. My bloodwork(including iron) has always been normal, besides high platelets, and I eat red meat, so I never thought iron was an issue until my doctor tested my ferritin levels 2 months ago. It was low (9) and I started supplementing and being careful to not eat things that interfere with iron absorption. After 2 weeks my stopped falling out, and now it is starting to grow back in, little 1/2 inch stubble all over my head! I also used to have heart palpitations during the week of my period, and those have stopped.

  42. Debbie
    2 years ago

    I am estrogen dominant, doing all that you talk about but still not feeling great. Foggy dizzy head most of the time, headaches too. Tried Dim and it hurt my stomach, gassy. Any ideas instead of that? Trying progesterone starting tonight as well since it is low and have adrenal issues..Thanks! Deb

    1. Miranda
      2 years ago

      How’s your diet? I notice my symptoms reduce if I stay away from wheat gluten. I also find drinking lactose free kefir helps.

  43. Bernadette
    2 years ago

    I’ve been doing some research on maca root. It’s not considered as a supplement, it’s just a food, but it is known to naturally regulate your hormones and has no serious known side effects. I’m 45 years old and just found out that I am estrogen dominant and I’m thinking of taking this to help balance things out. Has anyone else taken this and if so, did you feel any difference.

    1. Merania
      1 year ago

      I took the macca powder and while it kind of made me feel good After 10 months I suddenly got my period. Apparently this is a side effect of the Macca.

    2. Julie
      1 year ago

      I have tried Macca and it did nothing. I am 46 years old (nearly 47) and have just started chastetree. Amazing! What a difference to my life! I was getting severe PMS symptoms 2 weeks prior to my period. Now I have no breast tenderness, my moods have stabilised dramatically, water retention is non existent. Truly try chastetree and you’ll be amazed 🙂

  44. Debbie
    2 years ago

    I am so confused, I am 58 postmenapausal last period about 2 years ago. I have thickening of the lining of the womb 7mm but not cancer. I just had my hormones checked and my progesterone is 93.2, estadiol is 2.5pg and progesterone/estrogen ratio is 31.9. Progesterone is high but I am estrogen dominance. It doesn’t make sense. I don’t take any supplements or HRT. I can’t lose weight, I don’t sleep, I have bladder problems and hot flushes all the time. I thought high progesterone would thin the lining of the womb. How can I have high progesterone and be estrogen dominant?? Can anyone answer that

    1. Jess
      2 years ago

      Progesterone to estrogen ratio should be 600:1. Anything less results in estrogen dominance….Doesn’t mean estrogen is higher than progesterone or even “too high” but that progesterone is not high enough to result in correct ratio.

    2. Gina
      2 years ago

      Please Google about DIM and hormone balance…Natures Way brand is very good on Amazon.

      1. Renee
        1 year ago

        Dim along with liver tone is honestly a great way to get rid of estrogen dominence. I have a high levels of estrogen. Honestly it will change your life. You will fell amazing.

        1. Suzy
          1 year ago

          Hi Renee what is DIM?

    3. Debbie
      2 years ago

      I have the same issue! Did you find something to work? DIM bothered my stomach.

  45. Jan
    2 years ago

    I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer, and also had 12 lymph nodes removed in 2014. Question: Could there have been preventive measures taken by blood /salvia test measuring my estrogen levels ? I was unaware I was estrogen dominant at 58 yrs old. I felt blind sided. Yes, I drank coffee, and cut back, and also cut back on sugar and GMO’s. Why did my doctor wait till I crashed and burned !! I think all women should be tested yearly , if that is an option and explaine how our environment and food supply is contributing to estrogen dominance. I would appreciate your feed back on my concerns. Jan

  46. Jenn
    2 years ago

    I am 40 years old and had a hysterectomy at 38. My progesterone levels are low and I have been using a bio identical progesterone cream. My acne flare ups on my chin are out of control! I have also gained a lot of weight in my abdominal area and hips. I also have ZERO energy. since using the bio identical cream, I am feeling a little better but still VERY off. Any recommendations?

    1. Kris T.
      2 years ago

      After many, many years, I found a natural solution for my chin acne. Every morning I take one of each: 300 mg of Pantethine (Vitamin B-5/Pantothenic Acid), a high quality B-Complex (to keep the vitamin Bs balanced), and 500 mg of L-Carnitine (boosts the effectiveness of the B-5). I’ve been taking this combination for years and whenever I’ve stopped (even for a couple of days), the “tumor zits” on my chin come back. The combination really helps balance the skin’s sebum production. The B-Complex will also help with your energy (which is why it’s advisable to take the supplements in the morning). FYI, my integrative health care practitioner was advised of my supplements and had no problem with the regimen. I also gained some tummy fat during perimenopause, which came off once I drastically reduced my intake of sugar and simple carbs and increased my intake of healthy fats (eggs, coconut oil, fatty fish, etc.). Getting off sugar was psychologically, physically and socially difficult, but soooo worth it (the craving eventually went away and now most sweets just don’t taste good anymore, yay!). Good luck!

  47. Khatyrah
    2 years ago

    I am 22 years old. I do not have a regular menstruation. As I can recall my last normal period was about 2 or 3 years ago. I deal with fatigue, and depression and I am overweight. I have been trying to conceive a child but it just isn’t happening. What should I do? Reading this has made me scared to go to the doctor.

    1. Kali
      2 years ago

      Have you checked your prolactin levels? You are too young to not have periods for so long. In my opinion, your problems are probably not related to what is referenced in this page. Finding out what is wrong and fixing it will allow you to have children so my kind suggestion would be to visit a doctor you trust (primary care, endocrinologist or gynecologist) and tell them about all the issues you are dealing with. They may be related. Also, ask for your prolactin and thyroid levels (including antibodies) to be checked. All the best to you!

    2. Molly
      2 years ago

      Khatyrah, Please go to an endocrinologist asap. What you describe sounds like what I was going through starting at age 21. I found out that I had Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome aka P.C.O.S (It sounds scarier than it is) This condition causes infertility, irregular or non-existent periods, weight issues, skin problems, increased body and facial hair, fatigue, depression, anxiety and the list goes on. You don’t have to have all these symptoms to have P.C.O.S. I unfortunately waited until I was 30 to go to the Doctor. I wish I had gone sooner. Please don’t fear going to an M.D., It is much more beneficial to you that you know what the issue is so you can deal with it now whilst you are young. I wish you Good Health, Happiness and Babies!

      1. Tanya
        2 years ago

        What did the endocrinologist do for your facial hair, depression & infertility? With PCOS does the facial hair decrease over time?

  48. Catherine
    2 years ago

    Dr Northrup,
    I am 38 y.o., want children, and just learned I have a 10cm fibroid against my uterus. I have several other symptoms of estrogen dominance. Old lifestyle (stress, meat, dairy, alcohol consumption) would explain it.

    I am reading that progesterone cream would help, but not in the case of large fibroids, as in my case. I am reading large fibroids can feed off of progesterone.

    What do you think?

    1. Lisa D
      2 years ago

      I’ve seen where eating a raw diet (4-6 months) has caused fibroids to shrink & disappear completely. So I know ones diet play a crucial role in the growth of them. I am in the process of changing my lifestyle (clean eating/exercising), to shrink mine away.

    2. Alissa
      2 years ago

      Hi there,
      I am sorry to hear about your fibroid. I am not an expert, but wanted to share something major that has helped me: serrapeptase. It’s a digestive enzyme that works to help dissolve dead materials–it helped with my endometriosis and what I thought could be a fibroid (never diagnosed). Please research it–ever since I discovered it, I feel a strong obligation to let other women know about it in hopes of it helping others like it has for me.

  49. L
    2 years ago

    Anyone hear of taking calcium d-glucarate to help with estrogen dominance ?

    1. Vi
      2 years ago

      Yes, I’m starting calcium d-glucarate for estrogen dominance once I get the product next week. It was prescribed by my doctor.

    2. Elyse
      2 years ago

      Yes. 30yo been taking it as prescribed for 6 months. Changes have been great!

  50. Bri
    2 years ago

    Can you get the transdermal 2% bioidentical progesterone cream online?

  51. Cindy L.S.
    2 years ago

    For the past few years I’ve been receiving BHRT…Testosterone only, via pellets, in the beginning and then Testosterone w/DHEA and Pregnenolone, via troches, the past couple months. Never any Estrogen. In both instances, for some reason, this seems to drive my estrogen way up and then I suffer from all the symptoms of Estrogen Dominance. Everything listed here which completely cancels out any benefit of the Testosterone. My doctors think I’m talking crazy even though my blood tests show so. It’s not possible they say. I quit the pellets and gave my body a year to rebalance and felt so much better. I got a new doctor and have been on the troches mentioned above for two months and I’m already experiencing the symptoms of Estrogen Dominance again. I’m willing to bet my next blood test will show a huge increase. I used the Progesterone cream the doctor mentioned for a period after I quit the pellets and I felt so much better. I’m 51 and I don’t have periods due to a partial hysterectomy many years ago yet my ovaries are still going strong. I’m quitting the Testosterone therapy and when I tell my doctor why, she’ll call me crazy…but I know there’s some connection here. I think Progesterone is far more helpful to women suffering these symptoms and that doctors too often mistake them for inoptimal Testosterone levels.

    1. cathy Jones
      2 years ago

      Testosterone can convert to estrogen via the aromatase enzyme. Same thing has happened to me. I’m not a doctor but the doctor should know this because it’s common knowledge. Talk to your doctor about options to stop the conversion to estrogen.

    2. Melinda
      2 years ago

      I am here to let a lot of you women who are confused as to why the estrogen dominance may be, especially if you take progesterone to help lower it or if you may have tried Bio identical hormone therapy. Did you know that if your thyroid and adrenals are not working properly that your body will turn progesterone, and even testosterone into ESTROGEN ? Yes many people have no idea and most western medicine Docs. Will ignore this fact because they are so brainwashed by drug companies and from my experience was totally ignored when I questioned the possibilities of this being my problem. You need to have Free T3 Free T 4 thyroid levels tested. They may look close to normal but a good Dr. will notice if they are off and your Adrenals as well will trigger this response in your hormones!

      1. Melinda
        2 years ago

        I started going to a naturopathic Dr. To try and help me out of this hell of bleeding for months, I had already gone through menopause and things were fine until I got on the Band wagon for Bio identical hormone pellets, only for lack of sex drive. I am 58 have been in menopause for over 4 years with no problems only no sex drive. That’s when al hell broke loose from the pellets. And of course my GYNOB wants to take out my uterus. I also found out that it’s possible to diminish my two small fibroids on my uterus with and iodine supplement. I posted earlier about abnormal hormones so please find out about your thyroid and adrenals as well as liver and look into a natural approach to healing yourself. Please don’t get on the Band Wagon like I did, it’s like breast augmentation everybody is doing it but what are these hormones really doing to your body’s natural way of taking care of its hormone levels?

        1. Shelley
          2 years ago

          Hi Melinda,
          I don’t know if you’ll see this message as yours was a month ago, but I discovered an excellent method to deal with heavy bleeding/flooding. The herbs Lady’s Mantle (1) or Shepherd’s Purse (2) both will usually do the trick. Some time ago, I had an issue with flooding and after 48 hours on the Lady’s Mantle (Shepherd’s Purse) the blood flow was reduced to normal. The next month it was a bit heavy and I again used the herbs with great success – the blow flow became normal within 24 hours. The best form is a tincture, which can be used several times a day. Both are non-toxic and very safe. The 1st choice would be the Lady’s Mantle, or Shepherd’s Purse if you can’t find the L.M.


    3. KERI
      2 years ago

      I am 44, perimenopause for about 7 years already and have been taking testosterone for the last 7 years, pellets, then troches, then cream, and all combos imaginable. It started out not oo bad but we always had to increase testoserone because I was still exhausted. It diid help keep my periods regular and very light!! 🙂 My testosterone levels were usually between 400 and 500 with no side effects at all except I wanted to kill everyone around me, including myself! It was really bad, turned me into not a nice person. We DEFINITELY think it was turning into estrogen and just floating around as bound testosterone. DHEA is doing the same thing to me now, no more daily naps but a psyhco!! I eat 65% raw, lift heavy weights, juice, etc…hormones are complicated and everyone is different. Oh and progesterone makes me soooo tired so I can only take at night. I have a 9 yo special needs sons so my life is stressful but there’s nothing I can do to change that. I love being a woman!!

  52. Cindy Reckley
    2 years ago

    Im 64 and take low dose of estrogen and a progestrone cream. Ive gain a lot of stomach fat and a lot of fatigue. No lenergy. Can it be connected to the replacement therapy?
    Thank you

  53. Lorrell
    2 years ago

    Hi I am 45 years old and had a hysterectomy 10 years ago leaving 1 ovary. For the past 1 to 2 years I have experienced no sex drive ,headaches, weight gain, tired all the time but worst of all every couple of months I fight really bad with my husband to the point that I want to walk away from him and have thoughts of suicide, the only thing that stops me is my two children, but I am scared that this won’t be enough soon as each time it gets worse, please help.

    1. Shelly
      2 years ago

      Talk to your doctor. It sounds like hormone imbalance. Sorry you’re hurting.

    2. Alicia
      2 years ago

      Lorrell, how are you? I hope you are feeling better by now.
      Please take, for a start, until you get in to a very good natural doctor or consultant, St. John’s Wort (daily), herbs for rest/sleep/destressing (such as Valerian, Chamomile, Passion Flower, Hops, etc.) before bedtime, and take homeopathic Ignatia (decrease frequency of doses as your symptoms improve.).
      I pray that you will feel better. 🙂

    3. Chantelle
      2 years ago

      Have you tried vitamins, lots of B-vitamins, speaking with your Dr. to see if you have an imbalance, is good advice, take care and explain to your family how your feeling and that you feel like something is taking you over, they love you they will help.

  54. Tam
    2 years ago

    I am 56 years of age. I have always been very active, didn’t smoke or drink alcohol (not that am downing anyone who does) however, I drank diet coke for approximately 35 years. The last 1 1/2 I was drinking about 6-32 oz cups per day. Well, I am happy to say I have gotten rid of that forever! Since I have stopped drinking that horrid stuff, I have started having energy and weight problems. Oh also, I was diagnosed with a goiter about 25 years ago and I am on Levothyroxin. I’ve been on the same dosage for the period of 25 years and I have never had a problem. Now, I cannot lose an oz. of weight and I have lost my energy. I was like the energizer bunny right up until 2 years ago. People used to laugh because I never quit. This change in energy and the weight gain has just begun in the past 2 years. My doctor says it is menopause but hasn’t run any test to confirm this. Is there anything I can do to try to kick start my metabolism?

    1. Tam
      2 years ago

      Any input for my issues? Please help.

      1. Justme
        2 years ago

        The diet coke gave you the energy. It likely also caused cortisol and adrenal problems. You had excess energy which helped you lose weight and move around a lot causing even more problems to your system which is linked to our hormones. Staying overly active for too long shifts your body into high alert all the time. That eats at your zinc, B6, magnesium and vit c levels.
        Is goiter something to do with your adrenals and /or thyroid. If it does that would make alot of sense.
        Take a deep breath. Change your diet to that of the anti candida diet and use this time to REST and repair. Walk at a slow to moderate rate 30 mins a day is perfect.

    2. pp
      2 years ago

      Good for you for stopping the Diet Coke. One step in the right direction. See a functional medicine doctor in your area.

      Google the health benefits of Matcha for energy and metabolism benefits. Also research the benefits of Shizandra Berries,Spirulina and Bee Pollen. Follow the theory that food is medicine and also make sure you exercise daily, and reduce your stress. Stress is responsible for 90 plus % of all chronic illness.

      Also be sure to address your emotions, mind and spirit along with the physical aspects of health.

      Within you is the power to heal and be well.

      The natural healing force within you is the greatest force in getting well. Hippocrates

  55. Dasha
    2 years ago

    Hi Dr Northrup,
    I was wondering if you have any advice on how to balance the hormones after breastfeeding and pregnancies. I am 28 and just had 2 children in the row and breast fed both for 18 month each. So about 5 years of being pregnant and breastfeeding. Last year in the winter I started showing sings of PPD but nothing severe. I stopped breastfeeding my son about 3 month ago but stared experiencing PMS symptoms, night sweats and even hot flashes. I am extremely tired all the time and have no energy. My naturopath recommended Chaste berry supplement as well as Cortex ( b vitamins) and I have been taking them about 2 month now but I don’t feel better, in fact it my libido went from 6-7 out of 10 to 1-2. I exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet. I think I am too young to experience peri-menopause. Would love to hear any advice. Thank you

  56. Sarah
    2 years ago

    Hi! This sounds like me! I’m 34, and just experienced my 3rd miscarriage but have two healthy children from before the miscarriages happened. I noticed the changes in myself after my son was born, who is now 3.5. I used to have thick beautiful hair, now it’s thin and wiry, especially at the back of my head, and it can’t hold a curl (before if I curled my hair, it would stay for days), I have dry itchy skin, stubborn abdominal fat, constant fatigue, constant bloating. What are your thoughts? I thought it was a gluten allergy, but my intuition is telling me it’s high estrogen/low progesterone 🙁

    1. Meg
      2 years ago

      Sounds like you may have hypothyroid- 3 miscarriages, dry itchy skin, abdominal fat, constant fatigue are all classic symptoms. I would encourage you to have a full thyroid panel- TSH, Free T4 Free T3, Reverse T-3 and TPO’s/Antibodies.

    2. Maureen
      2 years ago

      It could be blood sugar. Even high (but still in the normal range) blood sugar causes problems. I recently read a book called brain grain and the dr. who wrote it said we should all be shooting for a fasting blood glucose level of 90…but the AMA says to 107 (which I had) was still in the normal range.

      High blood sugar can cause lots and lots of heath issues including the ones you described above. You may want to reset your blood sugar by doing a low carb/high fat fast of 20-30 days.

      It worked for me. I lost some weight and feel so much better. Also…look into Magnesium. Most of us are deficient due to weak soil used in farming. I recommend buying a magnesium oil spray and using it on the skin a few times a day. It worked wonders or me…almost immediately I felt more “relaxed” but oddly had more emery as well!

      Best Wishes!

      1. Bettyjoe
        2 years ago

        You can also take Epsom salt baths. Your body will absorb the magnesium from the Epsom salts and release the bad toxins that are taking up residence. Shaving your legs also allows for more absorption thru your pores as well.

  57. kathy
    2 years ago

    I tried bio-identical prog. Cream .ended up in er. With unstable look pressure.couldn’t sit up without blacking out ect. Hrt made me worse. An antidepressants are not working .I eat ok .I suffer so bad trouble with balance .muscle stiffness .head pressure,ect. Tried herbs ,chiro,yoga,supplements help

    1. Teri
      2 years ago

      Check iron levels. Being dizzy/passing out sound like anemia. I have that.

    2. Amr
      2 years ago

      Also if you stop taking prescription antidepressants there are 2 natural ones that help a lot with no side effects 5 HTP and SAM-E which also helps with joint pain. Coq10 with ALA(alpha lipoic acid) will help your heart and energy.

    3. Amr
      2 years ago

      Most people are deficient in magnesium and it will help your muscles. You may want to research it online. Magnesium oil is good and there are lots of quality supplements.

  58. Joy
    2 years ago

    I am a 58 years old women and was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer in Nov of 2015. I had a double mastectomy in Jan 2016. The oncologist is working on a chemotherapy schedule beginning in Mar. When I was pre menopausal I took a plant based supplement with soy, black cohosh, Don quai and a few other ingredients to ease the symptoms of menopause, i suspect this supplement could have contributed to my cancer. Needless to say I’m devastated and angry at myself for choosing this supplement, it did ease the effects of menopause but at what cost.

    1. Joe
      2 years ago

      Dear Joy, don’t be hard on yourself…there are many reasons why people get cancer, and chances are it wasn’t the supplement. Many of the plant based estrogens have been found to be anti cancer. Flax estrogens, for example, have been found to bind to the estrogen receptors in the body, blocking some of the synthetic estrogens, which are far more reactive in changing the dna. From my years of reading after my own cancer experience, i can say that most cancers are most likely the result of lots of factors coming together, most of which we are unaware of – so don’t blame yourself.

    2. Heather
      2 years ago

      Joy you should check out,
      A Global Quest-The Truth About Cancer videos…
      Priceless information

  59. Kell Brigan
    2 years ago

    I just love the “lose excess body fat” recommendations when ALL WEIGHT LOSS ATTEMPTS FAIL AND MOST CAUSE WEIGHT GAIN. But, let’s keep telling those fucked up lies because doing real research is too boring. Any “doctor” who utters this bullshit should BE IN JAIL FOR MALPRACTICE. IT’S LONG PAST TIME YOUR KNOCKED OFF THIS CRAP.

    1. Joanna
      2 years ago

      The reason this is recommended is because estrogen feeds off fat.

    2. Stephanie
      2 years ago

      Diets fail. Lifestyle changes like eating a low-glycemic index diet, getting 30 minutes of exercise a day, and practicing self-love, compassion and gratitude (not anger and loathing) really help you to bloom into the person you are inside.

      1. Maureen
        2 years ago

        Great advice and well said.

    3. Lisa S
      2 years ago

      Kell Brigan – Follow Dave Frahm on Facebook, as well as Google him. drfitt.com aka Dr. Roby Mitchell

  60. Lyn
    2 years ago

    Isn’t it estrogen deficiency that causes breast cancer and other major health issue? I have always heard that but here you are saying that its too much estrogen?

    1. margaret
      2 years ago

      Definitely too much estrogen. Read the menopause book by dr. Lee.

    2. Lisa S
      2 years ago

      Read ‘A Cancer Battle Plan’ Athr Dave Frahm. He’s also on Facebook. Roby Mitchell, MD aka drfitt.com

  61. Fitness Guru
    2 years ago

    If I had my way I’d make health catching instead of disease. ~Robert Ingersoll

  62. Rhonda Whomble
    3 years ago

    Hi Dr Northrup,
    Went to dr about fatigue…estrogen level came back close to 800… Was told normal was 50-100…rather alarming !!! I’m 52! Thank you for teaching about his subject. Will work on implementing your suggestions. Any other thoughts ??
    Sincerely, Rhonda

  63. Clare
    3 years ago

    Dr. Northrup,

    My 23 year old daughter is having a difficult time with PMS. She is quite anxious, depressed, irritable 7 days before her period (she is on Tri-prev birth control)… and if she drinks alcohol the week before her period, it often can result in more drama. She just graduated college, and transitioned into a high stress job in NYC. I have her take a good multi-vit, magnesium, and b6 after doing some research, taking CALM (a magnesium drink) at night before bed. It seems that sleep in a factor, so she has been concentrating on trying to get more sleep.

    These things have helped, although, that week before her period is still brutal, to the point where she is concerned. Could she have a hormonal imbalance? Could that be stimulated by her Birth control? Would a BC switch be merited? I don’t want a doctor to tell her she need depression meds…. I want her hormone levels tested.

    Can you give some guidance?

    1. Philyssa Grammar
      2 years ago

      Try to get her on a birth control pill that doesn’t have synthetic progestin or synthetic estrogen. Bioidentical progesterone is better. I have horrible responses to the bc pills that have synthetic progesterone in them. They causedon’t the same symptoms your daughters experiencing. I’m 37 and everyone’s different, but I stand behind bioidentical hormones.

    2. Stephanie M.
      2 years ago

      Is she getting enough exercise and drinking enough water? Is she perhaps eating foods that she is allergic to? These symptoms are common food allergy symptoms that can be exacerbated during hormonal shifts.

    3. Maureen
      2 years ago

      Her blood sugar may be a possible problem. it was for me.

      Try reducing carbs to about 100 grams per day for about 20-30 days while making sure she knows to eat nutrient dense foods (not ANY processed ones…not even whole wheat bread) and see how she feels.

      The first week or so of this diet can be really tough (sugar withdrawal symptoms may be strong) as her body learns to get energy from proteins in stead of sugar so you have to be patience and stick to it.

      Best wishes!

    4. Lisa S
      2 years ago

      Dave Frahm ▶ follow on Facebook / Google search. drfitt.com aka Dr. Roby Mitchell.
      Hormonal imbalances are known causes of pms.

  64. Ann
    3 years ago


    I have estrogen dominance and starting taking 2percent topical progesterone creme .5 mL one time per day at night for days 14 to 27 for the last 2months. Since then I have felt angry and emotional. My nutritionist wants me to take a 1/2 teaspoon morning and night for 21 days per month but not the first 7 days of my period. I started this dose last night and this morning but was alarmed by the quantity. I have read that the more the symptoms the higher the dose. Please help! I don’t want to overdose but I am not sure if I was taking enough either. Thanks!

  65. jami
    3 years ago

    Dear Dr.
    I am 50, have been dealing with hypothyroidism/hojimotos since 14 yrs old. Premenapause started in 40’s period off and on for past few years, hot flashes, changes in my levels of synthroid as I get bloodwork every three months. Was doing great for couple years as they pit me on bystolic 2.5mg, and lorazepam and Ive stayed 112 synthroid after determining the generic played with me terribly, even had heart cath, and cardiologist released me stating it was thyroid. All of a sudden I get period after almost a year of nothing right after my 50th bday. No big deal until nov 19 went to ER for severe dehydration, due to uncontrollable peeing, which has not stopped. 3 trips to ER for fluid iv treatment, catscan of abdomen, ultrasound of pancreas, liver, gall bladder, and all vitals showed nothing. I have a small right kidney with a cist the size of a peach on it, so I thought the pylonephritus was acting up again, as I have been on antibiotics over the years to keep the chronic infection at bay. Which it has been several years since I needed to that med. But urinalysis come back clean, and urologist says cant figure why I am losing all my fluids sends me back to primary care doc. More bloodwork checking thyroid levels and hormones, ultrasound of corroded artery, thyroid, bladder, and transvaginal as well. Still awaiting these results. Hormonal levels showed menopause except estrogen showed high levels that I should have periods every 12 months???? Also a 2hr glucose test was done showed nothing. I am getting cleared on all tests done, but feel very bad, and literally living on pedialyte.I am scared they are not finding why the urination will not stop, nor the fact that I cant replenish enough on my own for what I am losing. My hot flashes are back and I am losing fluid in bed at night too. Any idea you may have as to what direction or what type doctor to go to because I feel my primary will cut me loose after these results come back clear as well. Could high estrogen but all other hormones show menopause be a culprit in this terrible ordeal? Also I have been losing weight, which for the past several years has been an issue for me previously. I have cut back on my intake and started exercising, which could be the reason for the weight loss. I feel tingley all over, cold feet, light headed when I start losing too much fluid, and very weak. There was mention of checking pituitary gland, but not sure if primary will go that far if everything else shows fine. PLEASE HELP, my quality of life is dimished literally overnight on the 19th of Nov. I spend all day in the john and drinking water and pedialyte, still only to feel bad. I truly look forward to your reply. God Bless you for allowing these requests. Jami

    1. shannon
      2 years ago

      Sounds like u have diabetes insipidus! No its not blood sugar diabetes. Look it up !!!

      1. Teri
        2 years ago

        Yes, my mom had Diabetes insipidus and I think that she took a water pill to keep her fluids in her body. She developed this condition after giving birth to me and my twin sister.

  66. wendy
    3 years ago

    Hi Dr. Northrup,
    I have been suffering with horrible fog, fatigue, no sleep, dizziness, and dizzy vision I call it, that seems worse before I get my period but I have all month. . Dr’s all say I am healthy. No MS, no lyme, no anything . Except for mthfr gene mutations ( folic acid/ detox issues ), acid reflux, estrogen dominance, migraines with aura, and bad sinus surgeries leaving me with chronic sinusitis along with allergies to everything along with my celiac. Could what I am experiencing be estrogen dominance and controlled and cured? I am so tired of the fatigue… no sleep… and I started waking up sweating off and on. Not every night. I am 50. 3 kids.

    Any advise would be sooo appreciate.

    1. Maureen
      2 years ago

      You could be pre-diabetic…look into trying a ketogenic diet to bring blood sugar back to normal.

      It is hard but well worth!

      Also look into Magnesium. Try a good oil spray…I had the EXACT same issues reducing sugar and adding magnesium were two of the corner stones for getting back to health.

      Exercising outside will help you get your Vitamin D as well.

    2. jay
      12 months ago

      Hi Wendy – look into histamine intolerance / mast cell disorders and salicylate sensitivities. You may find something useful there. I’m seeing again and a again a connection between Histamine Intolerance and estrogen.



  67. Joanne
    3 years ago

    Hello Dr. Northrup,

    I have been struggling with a weight problem for 17 years now and don’t know what to do anymore. I had two big babies, one weighed 10 lbs. and the other was 11 lbs. After my two pregnancies I developed hypothyroidism, which I was treated for some years until I developed Hashimoto then I received no treatment.
    The only way I have been able to lose weight in the past is by following a 500 calorie daily diet and exercising extremely vigorously 1-2 times a day 6 times a week. Problem is that I am burned out and don’t feel that its normal for me to have to starve and over exercise in order to lose weight. I have always eaten very clean, I almost always cook my own food and make the wisest choices possible.
    Even though I always have a clean diet I have gained about 60 lbs. throughout the last 17 years. It has slowly crept up on me and is concentrated in my abdomen, breasts, and back area.
    Sometimes I just feel like giving up and just eating whatever I want whenever I want. The only thing that keeps me from doing that is the memories of what I used to look like 17 years ago.

    I suspect estrogen dominance, hypothyroidism and a fatty liver perhaps. My current doctor always makes me feel like I’m a liar with regards to my weight and my concerns. I don’t know what to do or where to go from here.

    Do you have any suggestions?


    1. Krysta
      3 years ago

      If you have Hashimoto’s and are not being treated for it, I would think that is where your primary problem lies. I would not go untreated. And eating only 500 calories a day is dangerous w/extreme exercise up to twice a day is dangerous…you will sooner or later become nutritionally deficient in essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, neurotransmitters, etc

    2. NoNameRequired
      3 years ago

      First of all, you have always HAD Hashimoto’s – that’s what has caused your hypothyroidism. Your hypothyroidism isn’t being treated properly, which is causing you to not be able to lose weight, and with your thyroid hormones being out of whack, so are your sex hormones and adrenals – they all work together. You need to find a Functional Medicine or Holistic doctor in your area, such as Dr. Northrup, who will LISTEN TO YOU. Endocrinologists and general practitioners/doctors do not treat hypothyroidism unless you’re practically dying on their doorstep.

    3. Amy
      2 years ago

      Hi Joanne, I too experienced this weight gain even though I was working out and eating very few calories. I’m 38 and had a partial hysterectomy a year ago so I thought I needed to be extra vigilant. I gained more fat on my thighs, back and lower belly in obvious pouches of fat deposits. As it turns out my body was in fight or flight mode from over excersizing and under eating. I started eating small amounts of healthy food every two-three hours and sleeping more and resting more in between weights sets and doing less cardio. All better

  68. Shirley
    3 years ago

    Hello Dr. Northrup I’m 57 years old and have been taking Estradiol 2mg daily and Medroxypr ac 2.5 mg daily for years now however once a month usually the third week I expierence allergy and cold symtoms that last about a week or so but it never fails I catch a cold every single month /allergy sinusitis problems . I know this is a hormone related problem . What can I do? And when should I stop taking hormone therapy all together? Your reply would be very appreciated for at this time I’m in the process of finding a new Dr. Thank you.

  69. Sarah
    3 years ago


    I was hoping to get your opinion on my situation. To try to give you a detailed look, I’ll try to provide as many details as I can, though I’m not sure if they will all be relevant.

    I got pubic and underarm hair at 8, and I started my period at 10. My first two periods were perfectly normal and regular–they were beautiful. My third was light and was also late, and then my fourth skipped months before I got it. Ever since then, my periods have been awful. I’ll maybe get three or four a year if I’m lucky, and they’re always very light and only 3-4 days. My doctor didn’t bother to find out why–she merely put me on birth control and left it at that. I recently decided that I want to figure out what is really wrong with me, so I stopped taking the pill so that I can monitor my real body. Every single doctor I go to (even my gyno) doesn’t seem to care about my horrendous period schedule. They give me a weird look, say something with a super uncomfortable tone, and then move on. (And in the case of my gyno, she just told me that I’d probably have trouble getting pregnant, and then sent me out of her door.)

    Here goes some misc. things that I’ve noticed in my life (I’m not sure what’s relevant or not):

    Around the same age that I started my period, I started getting these weird red circular blotches all over my thighs. They still come and go.

    My optometrist told me that I have really dry eyes, and because of it, my eyelids rub off the coating on my eye.. Or something to that effect.

    I was skinny when I was young–never had trouble at all. Soon after I started my period I started gaining wait at more than a normal or healthy pace. I am definitely way overweight now, and very bottom heavy. Most of my weight is in my waist, hips, butt, and thighs (blah).

    A few years ago, my doctors and I were so sure that I had hypothyroidism, that they basically tested my blood as a formality. I had all of the symptoms (and still do)–extremely tired, cold hands and feet, slow metabolism, etc. Well, turns out, the blood test told us that I didn’t have hypothyroidism, and I basically got yelled at by the doctor and told to “stop making excuses and never come back.”

    I am so tired, all of the time. I have a Fitbit that tracks my sleep, and I can sleep for 12 hours and only get 4 hours of restful sleep. My sleep efficiency is atrocious.

    Since I’ve stopped taking my birth control, I haven’t had a period. It’s been 5 months. I’m not pregnant. I checked like 5 times at home, and once at the gyno. It’s not because of my weight either, I don’t think. It was just as bad when I had a normal BMI years ago.

    I used to have over 20/20 vision. Since I started my period, my eyes got insanely more awful every year. Now I’m basically blind without my glasses (nearsighted). I can only see at books length. Anything else is only a very, very vague shape.

    I don’t know if any of that helped–but do you have an opinion on my situation? I am so sick and tired of how fucked up my body is, and I just want answers–answers that no doctor gives a flying fuck about finding. I’ve been to 6+ doctors in my life, and every single one was either obviously super uncomfortable talking about it, or just told me I should be on birth control.

    I don’t want to mask my awful periods with birth control. I want to find out why they’re so off. Why I’m so off.

    Thank you so much,

    1. Sarah
      3 years ago

      I just left the above comment, and I totally forgot to tell you my age!

      I just turned 22

      (Also, many women in my family are very overweight/obese, including my mother)

      1. Krysta
        3 years ago

        Hi Sarah. I’m so sorry for the way that Dr’s have been treating you. In all honesty, I do not believe its you…what I think is happening is that is that these doctors simply do not have a clue as to what is going on with you. Unfortunately, Dr’s with that only practice conventional, western medicine do not always have the most open minds, nor do they have the time or the desire to “think outside of the box”. That’s why I’d start looking for a practitioner in holistic or functional medicine, now. Based on your history and present symptoms, he or she will know right where to start with you, getting you on your way back to health do you can start living your life again. These are also the type of doctors that will treat you for hypothyroidism, even if your levels are “normal”. What is normal for one individual may not be normal for the next. I’m paraphrasing here, but as Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum explains, blood tests can be helpful, but not reliable due to the way we come up with “normal” reference ranges. Out of 100 people, they will take use the 2 highest levels and the 2 lowest levels and even if you are in the lowest twentieth percentile, all your Dr will see is that your levels are within normal range, therefore your thyroid is fine. Pretty absurd, I think. I was misdiagnosed as having a normal thyroid for 5 yrs. So you could very well have a low functioning thyroid. I can relate to your sleep too. For me, it was due to very low cortisol and dhea levels, this could be a possibility for you as well. I have had very our vision since a young age, but not with my eyelids. And you are exactly right to have that addressed. When we notice strange things, they need to be addressed bc that is our body’s way of telling us something is wrong. I think that you were right on, getting of of that birth control, synthetic hormones are terribly toxic. I cannot say what the root cause of you not having a menses at 22 yrs old is, but it’s not normal. Your doctors may have ignored it, but you are smart not to. You can go to endfatigue.com, which is Dr. Teitelbaum’s webpage. He had a web link to help you find the nearest holistic physician, as well as a link to help you find the nearest physician practicing integrative medicine. I know there’s an answer it there for you! Best of luck!

        1. Krysta
          3 years ago

          And Sarah, those red blotches that come and go? You may talk to your new physician about Chronic fatigue syndrome, transient rashes are a symptom and it could very well be contributing to how fatigued you are…getting plenty of sleep, but waking up feeling unrestored as well as the unexplained weight gain. Adrenal dysfunction, thyroid dysfunction, insulin resistance, and a deficiency of your reproductive hormones are all very common in people with CFS/FMS. I know, bc I’m one of those people! Again, try to find a good holistic physician. They will not treat you as if you are just lab values, they will treat you and your body as a whole!

      2. Jkbp
        3 years ago

        Have you ever done a salivary cortisol test to test for Cushings? Your symptoms sound so much like Cushings… Google it.
        Also, I have hypothyroidism that was undiagnosed for years because I was always “within” range. I now am medicated based on how I feel and I don’t feel normal until my tsh is very below range at .004. You need to find a good naturopathic md who can try you on thyroid meds. You’ll lose weight pretty quick if that is the problem.

    2. Sarah
      3 years ago

      Hi Sarah,
      Dr. Northrup talks about causes above. Do you have any issues with the following?

      -Too much stress, resulting in excess amounts of cortisol, insulin, and norepinephrine, which can lead to adrenal exhaustion and can also adversely affect overall hormonal balance
      – A low-fiber diet with excess refined carbohydrates and deficient in nutrients and high quality fats
      – Impaired immune function
      – Environmental agents

      These are deep places to go, but they start with you. Doctors won’t know your life or body like you do, and healing begins with you, beginning with how you talk to yourself. Notice how you use words like “i’m off” and “insanely more awful” and “flying fuck”…you are angry, understandably so—our doctors are supposed to know everything right? We trust them to analyze our symptoms, and deliver a diagnosis in a neat package. Well they don’t know anything when it comes to treating autoimmune issues, because there’s a very good chance that it is caused by our beliefs about ourselves and our beliefs about the safety of the universe we live in. Doctors can’t handle problems that big, and Pharma can’t make pills that don’t have harmful side effects. Besides, that’s treating the symptom, not the underlying problem.

      But healing begins with using loving words when we talk about ourselves and we thank our big strong body (the only one we have in this lifetime), and with acknowledging all the good things that we DO have. And it also helps to make sure we’re not eating processed food, aren’t suffering from anemia from a leaky gut caused by too much processed food and stress, and it helps to make sure that we are getting enough vitamins…and WATER. Have you had any water today, yet?

      Louise Hay has an affirmation that she tells herself, and she is a healthy, happy 88 today! She thanks her body and tells it “I love you.” and “I love every cell of my body” (you can view this pretty affirmation here: http://www.louisehay.com/affirmations/)

      Good luck, sister! You can DO THIS! Health is yours!
      – Sarah

    3. Maureen
      2 years ago

      look into your blood glucose…you may be pre-diabetic.

    4. Deborah
      2 years ago

      Have your Prolactin levels checked (simple blood test). Your symptoms fit with a prolactinomia – including the problems with your eyesight. I wish you well.

    5. Jill
      1 year ago

      Get a sleep study. While all the other issues advice is good, until you find out why you’re not sleep is not refreshing, the key to all health issues is restorative sleep. Your story could be mine, took 10 years to get Narcolepsy diagnosis, my daughter was diagnosed right after at 17. Obesity and all you are describing sound like a sleeping disorder. Which in turn, that stress screws your entire system up. And that too will need addressing. Best of wishes.

  70. karen
    3 years ago

    Hello Dr Northrup
    I have breast pain – specifically on left side, it comes in waves, like tightness and into the top of my underarm, have just started applying trans dermal cream. Could you clarify a few things for me ?
    sometimes i apply it and the pain starts like just now…..
    when i first did apply it to my chest It felt good so i guess that’s good but I think it may have brought on my period…is this possible ?
    I’m nearly 47yrs old. it seems to come on when my little ones are being seemingly demanding and when in front of the computer.
    i started using it after hearing you on embodied wisdom talk about it……
    thank you and hope to hear back


    1. Jill
      2 years ago

      Did you find a solution? My symptoms are strikingly similar.

  71. Karen
    3 years ago

    I experienced nodules in my thyroid for over 30 years and it has been over active or under active. during that time. A few years ago after my partner died a sudden and tragic death, I started forgetting things, unable to focus as well as sleep through the night. I was in a constant fog. My doctor said that my estrogen and progesterone were non- existent from my blood tests and suggested estrogen & testosterone implants while taking oral progesterone. I started after being being post menopausal for ten years to have break through bleeding every month for over a year. I went to a top doctor in Chicago who works with post menopausal women and he took me off progesterone all together. I told him I would bleed more and he said he didn’t care. Sure enough within months, I started bleeding for 60+ days. He then said I had to back on it as I had a thickening in my uterus lining. The oral prescription was the exact same thing he took me off. I continued to bleed and still bled every month. Eventually I saw another doctor who gave me a progesterone cream. Now three years later my breasts have more cysts and I worry about breast cancer. Any correlation?

  72. Gail M Drouin
    3 years ago

    Good Morning,
    I am 61 years young. I had my uterus removed at 36 ( large fibroid ) & at 52 I had my ovaries removed ( l ovarian cysts & endometriosis throughout my abdominal cavity). Not once has hormone balance been discussed. For the past 8 or 9 years my vagina has thinned out, intercourse (if it were a part of my life) would be extremely painful. I am quite sure my cortisol is high ( lots of stress ). Whenever I try talking to my pcp about hormone imbalance she tells me I am postmenopausal. And then that is the end of the discussion. Do you have any recommendations?


    1. Philyssa Grammar
      2 years ago

      Get a better dr. She should not be dismissing what you’re telling her.

  73. Rebecca Casey
    3 years ago

    I am in remission from Stage 3 breast cancer (diagnosed and treated 2012) –high estrogen –and am now on Anastrozole. I am experiencing its side effects–hair loss, fatigue, weight gain, bone ache, etc. Are there any alternative treatments to Anastrozole (which is an estrogen blocker)?

  74. Shannon
    3 years ago

    Dr. Northrup, I am a 46 year old woman who is fairly active but slightly overweight (+10-15 lbs.). I have read one of your books, but I am still not clear about when kind of birth control/hormones I should be taking. I believe I have a hormone imbalance, as the last two years i have been getting migraines about two weeks before my “period” is to begin (most often I do not actually have a period). I am on birth control pills and last year at my annual checkup I mentioned the headaches to my doctor and noted that I thought they were related to PMS and it was suggested to change my BC pills and increase the estrogen (I thought I remembered from your books NOT to do that so I declined). Also, I have severely dark skin on my neck which i have recently come to believe is acanthosis nigricans. Last year, my doctor sent me to a dermatologist who took a biopsy and stated that is was an allergic reaction to something (NOT for five years!). I believe I need to have some blood tests done for diabetes and will talk to my doctor about that at this year’s visit. I know I need to lose some weight and I am working on that. I want to know what kind of birth control/hormones I should be taking as I believe that is part of the issue (with the dark skin and the headaches). I want to take some BC pills, because I did stop taking them for a few months earlier this year and my headaches got even worse and I believe I still need some form of birth control. I apologize for the length of this question. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

  75. Jacqurline
    3 years ago

    Dr. Northrop, what is the correct ratios of Estrogen to Progesterone one should be on? I am currently taking a combination of 1.5mg Estriol, 7.5mg Estradiol and 125mg Prosterone (bio identical). The Estradiol was reduced from 1.5mg to 7.5mg because I had breast tenderness and weight gain. I take them together in a slow release capsule and am wondering what is your opinion. I am 57 years young. I look forward to your response. Thank you!

  76. lori
    3 years ago

    Hi Dr. Northrup,

    I am 53 and no periods for 3 yrs. My only neg. symptom of menopause has been chronic insomnia. I eat a high fiber predominately vegetarian diet with antibiotic free poultry and some salmon or other seafood. I have eaten this way since my 30s. My last labs showed low serotonin, high cortisol am and pm and low progesterone and high estradiol. I exercise 4-5 times per week, also meditate and do yoga and have been practicing Tai Qi for 25 yrs. I am confused as to how my serotonin got so low and why the progesterone is so low compared to estradiol and why estradiol is high at all. I am 5’2 and weigh 135 so that could be one reason but I wouldn’t say I’m overweight. I know cortisol is a problem but I didn’t have trouble sleeping until my periods stopped, I may have had high cortisol before that. Even with all I do to counteract stress, it’s there. I am going to start a bio identical progesterone sublingually, I am taking phosphatidylserine at night for the last 3 wks and just started 50mg of 5HTP and will increase it slowly. What do you think?

  77. Heather
    3 years ago

    I am 43 years old and am in early remission from triple negative breast cancer. I have always had very low progesterone levels and took a synthetic progesterone to get pregnant. I have been using a natural progesterone cream each nice about once or twice a day. Is this healthy to do while in remission? is it a healthy way to prevent unopposed estrogen? Can I do this everyday or should I take a break and is this a good thing for triple negative cancer? Thank you!!! I am desperate for some alternative, preventative advice

  78. Lillian Roberts
    3 years ago

    Estrogen dominate after menapause

  79. heather
    3 years ago

    Hello Dr. Northrup,
    My name is Heather I am a mother of two and very active 35 year old. I am healthy, workout and eat smart. I need some direction. I only feel normal about one week out of the month. The rest of the days are controlled by estrogen dominance. Severe: breast tenderness, weight gain, bloating, mood swings, fatigue and depression. When I have my period it’s like the black clouds go away and I can physically feel my body come back to normal. I have tried birth control and seen many doctors and have tried progesterone (and was told this is feeding the fire). I need some direction, I am a nurse so very knowledgeable but I am really at a dead end please help.

    1. ANNA
      3 years ago

      Like you I only feel like me one week a month the week of my period. The rest is severe bloating, water retention, moody, headaches, irritable, fatique and deprssion. My doctor prescribed spirolactolone (25 mg) starting two weeks before my period. It seems to have made a difference with the bloating and water retention and my moids seem a bit more stable. I was wondering what Dr. Northup thinks about this?

    2. Anna Irby
      2 years ago

      I have the same problem. I am 49 and have estrogen dominance. Did you find anything that helped you?

    3. Jenna
      11 months ago

      Hi Heather,
      I am 37 and have been battling a similar experience for a few years. I was on hormonal BC for 15 years before having children. My PCP dismisses my experience as perimenopause, but I can’t imagine it’s normal for a 37 year old to feel decent only 1 week a month. I feel the worst during the week leading up to, and including, ovulation. I also have quite painful cramps and nausea with ovulation. My other symptoms include loss if hair on my head, increasing fuzz all over my face, oily skin with adult acne, excessive vaginal secretions around ovulation, loss of libido, heavy periods with powerful cramps, shorter cycles (about 23 to 26 days), chronic uncomfortable dry eyes, low immune system with constant colds and sinus drainage, cold sweats at night, poor sleep, and low body temperature so that I always feel cold.
      I’ve tried many different diet and supplement routines: seed cycling, vit D, magnesium, selenium, MACA, collagen, plant-based, paleo, LCHF. I briefly tried low dose BC pills at my PCPs recommendation but they made the nausea unbearable and lowered my libido even more. I’ve recently started using DIM, and it is making the biggest difference so far, last month the week of ovulation wasn’t a nightmare. I’ve also found that caffeine makes me far worse and that my periods are far less painful when I eat low sugar, low carb (no gluten), and dairy free. Eating this way helps my energy too. I also found that slow release melatonin before bed helps a lot when my sleep gets in a bad pattern, and I try to make sleep a top priority – at least 8 hours/night.
      I’m putting all of this here just in case it’s helpful for anyone because I remember combing through comments on sites like this desperately seeking something to try. Best wishes for all in this journey.

  80. Stephanie Kartinos
    3 years ago

    Need a progesterone cream safe for having had breast cancer at one time. Thank you

  81. Julia Dederer
    4 years ago

    I am 66 years old, was on the vivelle patch for at least 10 years.
    I had stage 1 breast cancer – high estrogen, then, lumpechtomy, radiation, now arastrazole for 5 years (diagnosed March of 2014). Oncologist said not to be on
    estrogen of any kind. I tried A-Ma-Ta not thinking it had estrogen. In 30 days my bad hot flashes, nite sweats,
    and dry vagina were 75% better. I was so happy. I mentioned what I was taking to my oncologist last week.
    He did not recognize any of the ingredients, but said, if it was having those kind of results, it must have some form
    of estrogen, and, he requested that I back off slowly and not take it.
    Does it contain estrogen. If, yes, what is the amount. Is there some indication that it operates differently than normal estrogen? Should I stop. If, yes, do you have another recommendation for the hotflashes, etc? Thank you very much, Julia

  82. Joan
    10 years ago

    you may find peppermint too stimulating for sleep.

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