10 Non-Toxic Cleaning Products For Spring Cleaning

Experts say that the average home has roughly 62 toxic chemicals lurking about. That’s significant!  Government regulations regarding labeling of toxic chemicals in cleaning products are pretty lax. Rather than a list of ingredients, what you see instead are those little pictures, like a flame, or skull and cross bones, or even dynamite.   But, […]

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The Art of Gift Giving

The Fine Art of Gift Giving

It’s been almost ten years since my family updated our gift giving practice. Now our presence is the present we make sure to exchange. There have been many times when I was guilty of going overboard when buying for my daughters. I’m a firm believer in abundance on all levels, but when does abundance become excess? With a little creativity and thought, the gifts you give can be wonderful, regardless of your budget.

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How to Take a Flattering Picture

How to Take a Good Picture

Are you someone who thinks you don’t take a good picture? Or maybe you’ve been plagued by that awkward or unflattering picture of you at a special occasion—maybe a wedding, a birthday, or family reunion—that seems to follow you for life? Having done a lot of photo shoots, here’s what I’ve learned: A really good photo shows your soul qualities—who you really are behind your eyes.

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