Blood Sugar Glucometer

Blood Sugar: Your Key to Vibrant Health

  As you know, I have been counseling women to lay off the sugar for about twenty years now. When I talk about sugar, I am referring to refined sugar, the white stuff. I first started talking about the negative effects of sugar in all it’s forms – bread, potatoes, alcohol, rice and even beans — […]

Watch Me on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday

UPDATE: What an amazing response! You can view details and clips from my appearance on Super Soul Sunday on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network. Watch these clips from my conversation with Oprah on her Super Soul Sunday program. The show aired on April 26, 2015. Thank you for joining me and helping to make it such a success! Super Soul Sunday airs […]

Getting Smarter with Age

Getting Smarter With Age

I was talking with a friend of mine about her father. He doesn’t have dementia, but he just isn’t as sharp as he used to be. Obviously, my friend is sad about this and worried that she too will lose her mental acuity as she gets older. When I explained that she could actually get SMARTER with age, she was surprised.

I’d like YOU to know how to get smarter with age, too. The solution is so simple.