12 Things I Am Too Wise For

5 Tips for Creating Your New Year, Wise You List

by Christiane Northrup, M.D.

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Not too long ago I read a Huffington Post blog by Michelle Combs in which she enumerates the things she is too old for.  I liked that she states that she loves getting older.  And, enumerating the things she no longer puts up with – such as “shutting up” or making excuses for her messy house – can be empowering for many who read her blog.

As you know, letting go of the things that don’t serve you can be a huge step toward increased health and vitality. And, if you have read my book Goddesses Never Age, you know that the key to becoming ageless is not related to the number of years you have lived on this planet – rather it’s about your own wisdom. Wisdom is affected by your own experiences, preferences and thoughts. You can be wise at any age.

5 Tips for Creating Your New Year, Wise You List

With the New Year in full swing, you may have already made your list for what you want to bring into your life. If you haven’t written anything down, then I suggest you try it. Writing down your goals forces you to clarify what you want. By the same token, writing down the things you no longer will tolerate in your life – the things you are too wise for – will motivate you to overcome resistance and take action toward your goals. Both are necessary.

Since most of us are filled with motivation at the beginning of a new year, now is a great time to make your “Things I am Too Wise For” list.  Here is how to get started: 

  1. Write down some of the things you have already let go of as a reminder of how far you have come.
  2. Add in the things that you know you are too wise for, but haven’t quite put into action, and let the action of writing it down move you toward letting go.
  3. Let your list be as long or a short as you want. No pressure. This is not a one-time to-do list.
  4. Put your list in a place where you can see it every day, and use it for inspiration
  5. Add to your list as you become wiser.  This can be both empowering and fun!

12 Examples of Things I am Too Wise For

I don’t believe in being “age-appropriate.” I believe that aging is optional.  There is nothing I am too old for. In fact, as many of you know, I feel younger now than ever!  One of the ways I have become younger is by becoming wiser. By eliminating the things I am too wise for, I have increased my value and my competence. You can too!

Here is my list of things I am too wise for:

  1. Believing I Need to Save Others. As a physician, I was trained to rescue others. And believe me, when someone is bleeding or in pain, the tools of medicine are wonderful and amazing. But, my rescuer mindset can go way too far, and can even disempower the very people I have been trying to help. So, I acknowledge that I am not their Higher Power. They have their own. It’s such a relief to allow people to find their own answers and not think that I know what’s best for them.
  2. Weighing Myself Every Day. Like many women, I spent decades allowing the number on the bathroom scale to determine the quality of my day. I’m now far too wise for that. My weight has been up and it has been down. Quite frankly, I’ve found that my happiness is pretty much an inside job that isn’t related to my weight. 
  3. Withholding My True Beliefs About My Spirituality.  This past solstice, I held a ceremony and I brought it — full on! I called in the Archangels and the 4 Directions, and I smudged everyone. Then I did Divine Love petitions for all participants. Finally, I danced around the fire. I didn’t hold back. I just allowed myself to officiate in the way that felt best to me. I suspended all concern about “what others would think.”  Of course, this was in my backyard. But, I started the process of being myself and acting on my true beliefs.
  4.  Being Hesitant About My Creativity. This year I took up “process painting”— just taking a brush to paper and allowing my inner self to choose the colors, the shapes, and the timing. WOW! I have loved this process. I realized that everyone – myself included — is born creative. We all have individual styles. And, they are expressed in a way that no one else can possibly imitate. I have found this exhilarating.
  5.  Spending Time with People Who Don’t Inspire or Uplift Me. This includes putting up with negative people – you know, those people who complain about their spouses, their jobs, their kids, their health or their families without being able to tap into their power to improve their situations. I am now wise enough to love my own company. I no longer need to be with people just so that I won’t be alone. In fact, nothing is lonelier than being with people who drain my energy and have nothing to offer.  I now love my own company so much that loneliness is a thing of the past. It’s so liberating.  
  6. Caring That I Don’t Fit In. I’ve been an outlier most of my life — in medicine, in college, in my town, in life in general. When one of my daughters was about 7 years old, she asked me if I was a doctor. I said, “Yes, I’m a doctor.” She said, “Well, you’re not what you’d expect.” She was right! I’ve never been what people expect.  I don’t fit into any one group. Though I can merge into almost all of them, I no longer try to be someone I am not. 
  7. Being “Appropriate.” I remember that a friend once called me to tell me her daughters told her that they didn’t want to see her dance like she did at a wedding. They were shutting her down by telling her that her exuberant dancing was “inappropriate.”  My friend was far from inappropriate. She was just enjoying herself on the dance floor. What she wasn’t doing was being “dignified” and “shut down.” I am no longer dignified and shut down. I used to be. I have the home videos to prove it.  But I’m wiser now.
  8. Finishing A Book I Don’t Like. If I read 30 pages and I don’t like it, I just stop and give the book away. It doesn’t matter if the book is considered a great classic or ingenious. If I don’t like it, it doesn’t warrant my attention. I feel the same way about television shows and movies. If I don’t like them within the first 15 minutes, they are not going to get better. Every single time I’ve stuck it out thinking that the movie simply had to get better, I’ve been disappointed. And it feels like a couple hours of life have been robbed from me. 
  9. Speaking to Telemarketers. When the phone rings and I hear that delay on the other end, I simply hang up.  Yes, I know that there is a human being on the other end doing his or her job. I bless them first – then I hang up. 
  10. Watching or Reading Mainstream News. I’m well aware that the mainstream media is owned by special interest groups that want to keep us angry, afraid and unsure. I give my attention to the people, places, and things that are making a positive difference on the planet— not tearing it down.
  11. Being A Fashionista.  Carry Bradshaw put designer shoes on the map for many women.  But even before that, for many years, I felt a little embarrassed wearing my L.L. Bean boots to New York City in the winter. (They weren’t considered stylish then.) And, high-heeled or pointy toed shoes might look sexy, but they throw your body out of alignment.  Over time, they contribute to bunions, hammer toes, and foot pain. Now I will only wear high-heels or otherwise unhealthy shoes for a couple hours once or twice a week – and only as I desire. Instead, I go barefoot whenever I can. I also wear minimal shoes so that walking is like being barefoot. As a result, I have better arches, stronger feet, and more flexibility than ever.  And, not that it matters, but those L.L. Bean boots I was so embarrassed to wear have become a fashion icon!
  12. Worrying About My Age. I have stepped out of the cage of age altogether — I have simply become too wise for ageism. And, as I advise in my book Goddesses Never Age, I don’t state my age. I don’t think about my age. I don’t celebrate “milestone” birthdays. And, I don’t use my age as an excuse for anything. Instead, I think about taking up space, not running out of the time. I feel so strongly that my best years are all ahead. 

What are you too wise for?  Please share your wisdom with me in the comments section below.

Last Updated: January 5, 2016

Christiane Northrup, M.D.

Christiane Northrup, M.D.

Christiane Northrup, M.D., is a visionary pioneer and a leading authority in the field of women’s health and wellness. Recognizing the unity of body, mind, and spirit, she empowers women to trust their inner wisdom, their connection with Source, and their ability to truly flourish.


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  1. Jill
    6 months ago

    Getting caught up in emotional manipulation (innocent or deliberate), and sharing space with energy vampires. Just leaving.

  2. Lisa
    8 months ago

    I am too wise to
    Worry about social standing.
    Make excuses when I say no.
    Allow myself to be belittled or put down.
    Be afraid of my own power, talent and creativity.
    Spend time with people who don’t make me feel good.
    Worry about how my body looks rather than what it can do.
    Know that I I feel good when I give love freely and often.
    Live a life full of fear.
    Not to discover and unearth the gifts i have hidden inside of me.

  3. Rasigie
    9 months ago

    I’m too wise to ghd/straighten my hair!!! I have beautiful curly hair (I love that I’m finally saying that) I blowdried & straightened my hair always “to look normal”. I’m of South Indian origin (I live in South Africa) so I have naturally curly hair. I wised up & leave my hair to be my beautiful.
    Christaine your book Women’s Bodies Womens Wisdom changed my life. Needless to say Ageless Goddess is my constant companion.
    My mantra – Goddesses never age & I’m a Goddess.

  4. Christine
    10 months ago

    I am too wise to:

    1. Try to convince myself to give repeated chances to partners who are just NOT up to my standards for behavior and self care.

    2. Stay in a job or career track because I believe that by leaving I will disappoint others. It’s none of their business, I don’t hold myself back for anyone.

    3. Obsess, analyze, take responsibility for objectifying behaviors or words from others. It’s 2017, sexist words are out, respect across genders is in. I don’t care HOW cute my butt appears to you– I have the right to cash out at Home Depot in peace and with dignity!

    4. Stunt my financial opportunities and keep myself fiscally small under the guise of being “careful” or due to feeling “unladylike”. I speak up when it’s time to ask for my raise, I network to get deals and opportunities, I choose to accrue assets and invest my earnings.

    5. Go out to party/socialize/spend time on others when my body or mind is tired and really needs quiet space.

    Ready for many more things to add in 2018!!!!!

  5. Bippan
    12 months ago

    I am too wise to not practice what I know and to be the change I want to see in the world.

  6. Ilsa
    1 year ago

    I sm too wise to continue acting as if I am not wise! I have a rare autoimmune disease, Non-Langerhans Hystiocytosis and have taken many dangerous and toxic medications prescribed by specialists and am currently taking a large number of meds. I have recently stepped into my feminine power and am looking at different ways of treating the disease and changing my life.

  7. Betsy
    1 year ago

    I am too wise not to put myself first, or put another way, I am too wise to put the needs of others ahead of my own and believe positive outcomes will follow suit.

  8. Susan Blanda
    1 year ago

    Great insight, Dr. N. Love your list! And, I share these wise beliefs.

    My biggest issues revolve around decluttering and purging the ghosts of a challenging childhood. I resolve to work on being wise with the following:

    1) I bless and release my past and embrace each day with the new eyes and a passionate heart.

    2)I will leave the doormat at the front door! It’s ok to be a caring, sensitive person but it’s not ok to let others’ needs be more important than my own. Balancing compassion and self-love is key.

    3) I will reach for what I love each day! For me, this is being creative either with photography, writing, or music. I believe that ceativity is a soothing salve that calls to our soul and nurtures our health and well being. (So happy that you are painting, dear Christane. Fabulous!)

    Thank you for the inspiration! So appreciate it, Dr. N ❤️❤️❤️

  9. Kathleen Ross
    1 year ago

    Loving the “Too Wise” list. Wish you had a “Print” Button.

    1. Susan Blanda
      1 year ago
  10. Cat Brochu
    1 year ago

    I appreciate that there are some things in this list that I had not considered…..I agree that the best years of my life are still ahead and are much more exciting than the earlier times when I had so little wisdom. Thanks for modelling appropriate irreverence for those old “rules”.

  11. Fran
    2 years ago

    I am too wise to not put myself first

  12. S. J. Volk
    2 years ago

    Hi, Dr. Christiane! As a man, I feel like an intruder here. But I must say that reading your blogs and your readers’ comments has been very enlightening. Being surrounded by so much yin energy has served to balance my own outlook. And I am going to adapt many of those esoteric and meditative rituals to my own daily mindful routines. Adding them to progressive resistance training will help restore the balance of mind, body, and soul. Doc, you and your readers are really uplifting the world’s spiritual consciousness, one blog at a time 🙂

  13. Linda Swensson
    2 years ago

    My goal for this year is to practice the art of BEING. I don’t have to “be busy” all of the time. If I choose to sit in a chair and quietly look out the window, that is what I choose to do. (Because that is allowing me to BE). I am living an uncluttered life that includes lots of laughter, reading, walking, spending time with a new friend, loving my grandchildren and my dog, and appreciating the good health that I have. Life is great!
    Signed, a wise and whacky 62 year old woman

  14. Barbara
    2 years ago

    I got this reply from my wonderful sister-in-law; when people ask me what I’m doing, now that I’ve retired, I tell them, “Anything I like!” I don’t need to make lists of the things I do or don’t do for others to evaluate and ponder on. What freedom!

  15. Time For Me
    2 years ago

    I just happened into this website while looking for Goddess related material and have been on this page for over two hours! Everything happens for a reason and I believe this was no coincidence. I actually have just reached a place in my life where I have decided Im Done! but Im to wise for this sounds so much better. I am blessed to have my mother and husband both my life and I have two children and five grandchildren who I love very much! BUT I have always been there in every way for all of them and I know they love me too…but I am to wise to continue putting every one elses happiness before mine and then feeling guilty about it! My mother and my children always have something to do or can’t find a sitter if I need assitance with anything, there is absolutely no equal energy exchange at all. I am married have my own business, have friends yet am always caught up in someone else’s mess in turn making my stuff a mess …I have decided I am to wise for that! And one other thing I have been thinking a lot lately as I finally make decisions that make ME happy is why didn’t I think of this when I was 20 or 30 0r even 40…wow I could have saved myself so much frustration. Then I look in the mirror and think wow I AM aging but I still feel as I did in my thirties …time for those mirrors to go lol.

  16. Christine
    2 years ago

    I really enjoy your work & wisdom!! I have always been told that I was weird, eccentric, etc.. I struggled a bit with that in the past.

    I am 36 years old & feel younger now than I did in my early 20’s.. I make no apologies for my loud laugh, the way I dress, the way I act, being opinionated, etc. I have 2 young daughters whose vibrant energy helps to keep me feeling young but my role as a mother does not define me as a woman.

    I had a very unconventional upbringing with my parents divorcing when I was young, growing up on the east coast and west coast which led to my sisters & I to have a lack of supervision. I did not have my parents support as they were dealing with their own personal issues. I had to work multiple jobs while in high school so that I could purchase clothing and school supplies for my sister & I. I look back on all the hardships and I am amazed that my sisters & I have fluorishing careers..

    The decisions that I have made involving my health & that of my family. From the way I choose to tandem breast feed my 2 girls to stoundimg my ground with physicians & their course of treatment for my family. I refuse to let anyone bully me & tell me what’s best for me or my family when my gut tells me differently. Reading your books & listening to you has given me insight & continues to provide me with clarity for making the decisions that I have made.

    God has truely blessed my family with so much. I am continuing to find my inner wisdom & passion each and every day!! I always say I am perfectly imperfect and I love it!!

    Keep being & spreading the truth, light, & love!! You are such a spiritual & truly inspiring woman!!


  17. Sue C
    2 years ago

    Your items you would no longer tolerate sounded so familiar to me. My age was never important to me, even in my 20’s applying for my first credit card. I had to think how far I was from my 21st birthday to tell them my age. I do not feel any obligation to read a book or watch a show that does not interest me. My health is outstanding, as was demonstrated by 13 blood tests (vitamin levels) this past year. I am divorced and I loved your comment about being alone, rather than lonely. Years ago I had this overwhelming feeling of loneliness (first time) sitting with the fellow I was dating and indeed, he did drain my energy. I kept thinking of all the things I could be doing if he weren’t sitting there and I had my time to myself.

    You are a delight to me, having found someone who has more ideas than I do on how to enjoy life! Thank you Dr. Northup!

  18. RaeMarie Timm
    2 years ago

    My fear of growing older became a distant memory when I read a comment about appreciating the number you are because many will not get there.

  19. Laura Aye
    2 years ago

    I am flying from Chicago to California on the weekend of October 7th in order to finally see you speak in person. You have inspired me in more ways then I can put into words and I share this wisdom with co-workers and clients every chance I get. I have reinvented myself, partially from your words, Dr Wayne Dyer, and Kris Carr. Can’t wait until the Hay House event at the San Diego Convention Center. My sister Colleen and I will be the 2 crazy redheads screaming our heads off, hopefully in one of the front rows. So excited!!!

  20. MC
    2 years ago

    After divorcing at 50, I give age because it is never too late…..I am too wise to accept bad lovers, I know what I enjoy and bring my A game — so should they — from foreplay to aftercare, how liberating!

  21. Kathryn
    2 years ago

    I’m not sure when the shift occurred or necessarily which life event precipitated it, but I find myself calmly in possession of a deep sense of self love and acceptance. At 47, I’m reconciling a life that was anchored by the “disease to please” and save everyone – so although I’m not at my best, I know I will get there and instead of beating myself up for wasted time, I see the importance of owning and understanding my choices. We all have issues, or baggage or things to work through – difference for me now is that I won’t relinquish my peace and I choose what I let in to my life. Yes I still give more than I take, but that’s because I am a giver by nature. What I no longer do though, is deprive myself of the means to be healthy in mind, body or spirit in order to satisfy someone’s wants. I’m immensely aware of my choices every day. My peace was hard earned and I genuinely hope others feel the same peace with their own lives. Thank you for this blog – the meaning resonated with me.

  22. Dianah
    2 years ago

    Finally someone who thinks like I do ….I have been saying this exact same things about age forever….I don’t have Birthdays…I have “Happy Days”….my friends just laugh at me and I try to explain my philosophy to them…..they just don’t get it !! But that’s ok I do !!
    I never say my age because I believe if you say it ….your Brain believes it…So don’t say it….and I am forever ageless !!

    Thanks for validating my feelings…. Ageless Dianah

    1. Tally
      2 years ago

      Never thought about my age until I moved back to the USA… The South American country I lived in celebrated Birthdays but age was not an issue to be revealed.. only rejoicing & celebration that you were on earth one more year! You were never put in a category because of the number of years you had on the earth! How refreshing & freeing! Now that we are living in the USA we never say our age, so we can remain young forever & not be placed in a category! The Americans seemed to be age obsessed! How sad! I will be in denial forever & proud of it!

  23. Ali
    2 years ago

    One thing I have learned over the years is that I am too wise to internalize the choices of others. This means that I do not listen to them complain about the same bad choices they make over and over, I do not enable them, I do not try to “bail them out” of bad situations. I let my friends own their own behavior, and I continually try to own mine (which isn’t always easy). It’s very freeing to understand that when a friend goes merrily and knowingly skipping into a minefield, I don’t have to take on the fallout when things inevitably fall apart. The light bulb moment for me was when I friend – a brilliant woman – got her third DUI and called me from a halfway house one day. I was so angry with her for getting that DUI – for making the same stupid mistake, for not utilizing her beautiful, magnificent mind, for expecting so little from herself. I was really angry! But then it dawned on me: driving drunk was her decision, it had not one thing to do with me. And – viola – the anger was gone. Luckily, she was adult about the whole mess and owned the consequences of her actions. In a way, I realized that the world doesn’t revolve around me, and so I don’t have to own all its problems.

  24. Janice
    2 years ago

    Your words are helping me to the extreme. So many things you have said I have thought for years but all thought I was crazy! LOL But now it’s out there and sooooooooooo many are hearing you. I’ve needed this confirmation, for some reason, and it has just given me a new lease on life…and I will most certainly follow the ones in the list that I haven’t already done. You’re the BEST!!! Thank you so much for sharing all your knowlege and belief system. 🙂 And, one day, I will reinvent (not retire)! When I mentioned “retiring” to my 17 year old grandson…he said: “No…you’re too young!” I guess I must be doing something right and your site is my reinforcement!

  25. Linda O
    2 years ago

    I agree whole heartedly with your list. I need to work a little harder on 3, 4, and 5. Much thanks for putting it “out there”.

  26. Sharon
    2 years ago

    THANK U for sharing your wisdom.

  27. Kristi Linebaugh
    2 years ago

    So very beautiful your words. Thank you thank you thank you. Following your inner voice is freedom

  28. Helen
    3 years ago

    I realized about a year ago that I am too wise to waste hours of my life dyeing my hair. For decades I had been spending huge chunks of precious time in the salon, going all shades of blonde to brunette, with and without highlights, in the hope that I might cover up the dreaded grey hairs that starting appearing in my late 20s. I always imagined that grey hair equaled old, so by dyeing my hair I could stay looking young. It was truly liberating when I made the decision to go natural, and reveal my full head of snow white hair. Much to my surprise, everyone, and I mean EVERYONE (including me) absolutely loves it, and the most usual comment is that it makes me look younger!

  29. Jane Malatesta
    3 years ago

    Dr. Northrup, you have spoken almost every thought I have had in the last ten years in your “goddesses never age” book. I started my journey understanding the impact of the law of attraction back then and have learned to listen to my wise inner voice regarding my choices ever since. Along with this understanding my previous belief in western medicine changed drastically. To hear someone that I have so much respect for such as yourself confirm what I knew to be the right choices regarding my health has brought me such comfort. Before this book I walled myself off from others feeling sure that my choices were the right ones but alone in that perspective at the same time. Your words have encouraged me to open myself up to finding my tribe. They are out there. Thank you beautiful goddess for this gift.

  30. Noreen
    3 years ago

    Amen sister! You have put words to the thoughts that I have danced with within the deep recesses of my mind. Thank you! To quote my dear friend Cindy, “when you turn 50 you realize that you don’t give a s… what others think. When you turn 60 you tell them so.” The number (age) is no longer the controlling factor for this realization. It’s a challenge to not want to rescue however, as women we share well thus we all learn and grow; this piece will get forwarded.
    This quote is often shared, and, when I share it I feel that it is spreading good intentions/energy.

  31. Shelley Young
    3 years ago

    Ditto to your list, especially letting people drain your energy (which includes watching the news), and letting others tell you how to dance, paint, sing or otherwise express your unique self. Thanks!

  32. Jo Ann
    3 years ago

    I am a people pleaser but I have become aware that you cannot please everyone, so I just try to please myself and by word or deed I please who makes me happy. Does that make sense. Also I’ve been told I’m too nice and the implication is that nice doesn’t get things done and I defend myself. I have wisened up and don’t defend what is the right way for me.

  33. Marianne
    3 years ago

    Thank you for sharing your list. I have learned some new things about my 56 year old self and now I am inspired to work on my own list. My favorite is your #5. It is something I will work on, so one day I can put that on my list too.

  34. Jess
    3 years ago

    Expect the news part and shoes – totally agree!!

  35. Heather Bestel
    3 years ago

    Hee hee, just love your list Christiane, especially No. 7 Being “Appropriate”. I love to be ageless and not fit into any box. I love to be childlike and find wonder in everything. This can cause judgement from those around me. I was once told I was too old to have long hair, when all my peers were cutting theirs short. I was once told I wouldn’t like a certain band as they were “really loud”. I was once told not to do that “weird thing you do with your hands when you get excited” because it’s really not cool. I love to answer: “This is me, this is what I do, deal with it.” Age is such a strange concept. Someone could do at 24 what others couldn’t do in a whole lifetime. Some people see my age as being more than half way done – I feel as though I haven’t even started. And yes, the best is to come xx

    1. Pat
      2 years ago

      Heather, I love your response to such comments!! 🙂

  36. Therese
    3 years ago

    Wow…thank you so much for this post. I had saved your newsletter in my inbox and finally read it, and I’m so glad I did. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. You are an inspiration to me, and I am too wise not to take this wisdom and apply it. Many blessings to you!

  37. Joelle
    3 years ago

    Your article and list are just the reminder I needed! You are from a family of healers…your father was my dentist! We lived on Elizabeth Street and sledded on your family’s hill……oh so long ago!

  38. Denise
    3 years ago

    Last year I read your book, Goddesses Never Age. I love it and started a book club around it. This list is absolutely a wonderful way to look at how to move forward this year. For the first time in years, I didn’t do New Year’s Resolutions… why… I rarely keep them. I decided instead to go with the flow, accept and love my body and some of the new found curves. I decided to be authentic and stop hiding my deep spirituality from the very traditional religious world I live in (in the Bible belt), I honor others beliefs and I want to acknowledge mine. Today, after reading this article, I once again affirm “I choose to life live from the truth of me!” Thank you Dr. Northrup! You inspire us all.

  39. Lynda
    3 years ago

    Dear Christiane,
    Thank you…enjoy life….blessings to you!
    Warmest wishes Lynda

  40. Mary
    3 years ago

    My son died last August & my best friend last April. She was 56 & he was only 44. My view of LIFE is forever changed. I feel LOVE very Strongly in my heart. I miss them & yet I know they are still with me. I don’t feel the need to do something with my life – or find my passion & really go for it. We all die someday – in the meantime & want together time with my daughter & Grandchildren & with friends. I want to make new friends & find new income to support myself … I am too wise to not be okay with me & what I feel drawn to – even if it changes …

    1. Christiane Northrup
      3 years ago

      I am so sorry for your loss. Your attitude is healing, uplifting, and wonderful to read. Thanks for sharing this

  41. Nancy
    3 years ago

    Thank you! I have made a lot of the same choices as you in my life, and still learning because I am too wise to not learn new things every day! I am also too wise to care what others think of me; it’s actually none of my business. I am too wise to try to belong instead of being me. I am too wise worry about anything because it’s only thinking about the things you do not want to happen. I am too wise to not move forward in my ecstatic and changing life. I am excited to be alive and wise enough to enjoy each day.

  42. Tina Parman
    3 years ago

    I am a crafting nut, I do all sorts of crafts. Many time I hear other crafters say that can’t take this class they would like to take, because they have too many unfinished projects already. I take all the classes I want and can regardless of how many projects I have currently in the works and love it. It is about the journey not the product itself. Also if I am not enjoying it I scrap it. My hobby should be fun for me. Boy it stresses other people out. I usually have 100+ unfinished items at a time, but focus on the hundreds I have finished or all the cool skills I have learned. Life is too short to not enjoy. I also stay in my PJ’s when I am home, it makes me happy.

    1. Christiane Northrup
      3 years ago

      Rock on. So fun!

  43. Norene
    3 years ago

    I am too wise to allow anyone to judge me or care if they do! I do what I believe is true and right for me, and allow others the same privilege. I am free to make my own choices! I do not talk politics or religion with anyone as the issues are too deep seated, decisive, and. I seek only peace and serenity with all people. I listen more and talk much less. I learn from others and enjoy their perspectives and life experiences. My time on earth has passed quickly, so I use my own time in doing what is most important. I enjoy nurturing relationships with family and friends, developing new friendships, studying those books, whether spiritual or secular that contribute truth and enlighten my understanding. Spending time alone feels good, as I do as I please catering to no one in my home. I enjoy the outdoors and give thanks to God for all the beauty in the world that he has blessed us all with and give gratitude for all of it. I count my blessings daily and live a more simple life, not complicated by things (how many things I an collect to decorate my home is a thing of the past). 2016 will be less complex, less drama, more health, and most of all positive!

  44. Karen P
    3 years ago

    Thank you for a lovely article. I love the one about being too wise not to explore my creativity. I started learning how to draw 10 years ago and just love the process of creating something every day and I’ve learned not to judge my work. At the age of 65, I feel younger than I ever have.

    I am too wise to answer the phone every time it rings if I am not in the mood for talking.
    I am too wise to hang on to toxic relationships, even if they happen to be with family.
    I am too wise to waste too much time in front of a computer each day.

    Now it’s time to go do some yoga or dance!

  45. Liz
    3 years ago

    I am 44 years old. This past May, I became fed up with dying my hair. All the hairdressers I went to declared that I was “too young” to have gray hair. I missed how soft it used to feel….hair-dye made it feel like dried-out straw. So I did one final hair-dye to platinum blond. I’m a brunette. This made it a bit easier to allow my hair to grow out in what is now its natural color. This has been so freeing. My husband has complimented me many times. It also happens that having ‘silver’ hair seems to be a trend right now but I don’t care. This is what feels natural to me and not what others think I ought to look like. Many more inner changes to come and I’m looking forward to them all.

    1. Pamela Duran
      3 years ago

      I did the same thing at about age 54. I love my white hair. My mother was so angry, because she thought it made her look old to have a gray haired daughter. At 85 she was still dyeing her hair truck stop waitress black. She kept saying, “I’m going to tell people you are my mother, with that gray hair. After the seventh or eighth threat, I said, just go ahead and do it, because I will then say, “my poor mom, she has Alzheimer’s, she thinks I am her mom.” Subject never mentioned again!

      1. Walter Wiszowaty
        3 years ago

        I just discovered Dr Northrup and I am quite impressed with her writing and philosophy. I am a Health Coach and I will definitely incorporate some of the ideas in my coaching. I believe Lifestyle has a lot to do with Health, Longevity and Disease Prevention.
        I would like to call attention to the fact that White and Gray hair is often a side effect of a serious Mineral deficiency, often Copper and/or Zinc. This may mean that you need a supplement for your overall health and well-being.
        Coach Walt.

  46. Elisabeth
    3 years ago

    I’m too wise to subject myself and my family to toxic situations -even with other family members. A counselor once told me if you go in you need a gas mask and an exit strategy. I just try to avoid them completely!

    1. Christiane Northrup
      3 years ago

      There you are have it. Good work

  47. Melissa noble
    3 years ago

    It all certainly resonates and resembles me at this point of my 61 yrs. especially get away from main stream rubbish news. That was a discovery made many years ago. It has a ripple effect. Yes yes yes. To those friggin high heels. They were designed by a man to put women in sexual bondage in all appearances, sort of speak. I’m a hair goddess stylist and makeup artist in an urban hip creative community. I refuse to buy fashion magazines that dictate such foolish unrealistic styles and everything else those marketing folks do. It’s all manipulated propaganda to impact your self esteem into thinking you need to make purchases of their products and bs they are selling you.

  48. kaukab
    3 years ago

    Dear Christiane,
    Thank you very much for your inspiration. I love your words that affect me positively, specially goddesses never age! I think so too. I think if I am 50 then I should tell I am 25, because half of my life is passed as sleeping. we shouldnot count the nights of our lives. I think if I understand me very well or all the things around me then I feel I am born again with new thoughts, with new ideas to start my life in a beautiful way as I like. I am very thankful person.Thank you very much. God bless you.

    1. Annle
      3 years ago

      At eighty years young, I am too wise to listen to others who tell me how and where l have to live,

  49. Barb White
    3 years ago

    Thanks Doc! My fiftieth decade has started with the death of my mother and my marriage. But I feel more empowered with those endings than I would have thought. Change is difficult, but when it is forced on you the only thing to do is embrace it, fully. I’m proud of the progress I’ve made, and I know it can only get better from here. I will no longer allow anyone to tell me what I’m worth, I decide my value and Sister, let me tell you that I have a lot to offer the world, so watch out!!!!!

  50. Betty Slusser
    3 years ago

    I love your advice and material on so many things about a woman’s life. I am there ( I call it maturity) and what you talk about and thank goodness I have your wisdom to read. Thank you so much.

  51. Jodi
    3 years ago

    This couldn’t have come at a better time. My husband and I seem to be growing apart. Too many emails, too much time on the computer, not remembering why we fell in love 25 years ago, sleeping, and just that, in the same bed. I tossed and turned last night and this morning told my husband I was going away. Not forever, he’s way too good to leave, but I needed to have space, just by myself. I left this morning, drove most of the day and wound up in a cottage by the sea. Just me and my books, my manuscript, and oh yes, my computer! I do need to find what it is that I need to let go of. At 72, I thought I’d done that years ago, but something tells me there are more, lurking in the darkness. The action part will be harder, as I am a people pleaser to almost everyone but this man I dearly love. I hope to spend the next three days searching my soul, but not too much as this time needs to be a time to just be me, whatever that is. So thank you Christine, for giving me further impetus for looking deep inside.

    1. Susan
      3 years ago

      You will sort through these “tests” and with your instinct locate loving solutions! Have faith. Know that you have come through trying times before and can do it again, with new and recharged vigor.

    2. Christiane Northrup
      3 years ago

      Beautifully courageous. Thank you.

  52. Lilli
    3 years ago

    I enjoyed this post so much. Big hugs and sending love your way to support all your truth and may whimsy always win . I hope we all live long enough to see silly come back into fashion and dignified will be left for Margret Dumont.

  53. Stephanie Langel
    3 years ago

    I feel like I’m living through your words! They have always resonated so much with me. My entire life changed after I became ill with Fibromyalgia at the ripe old age of 21. This in turn led me to many painful sleepless days/nights as I searched the Internet relentlessly for answers. I lost many things/people along the way not to mention…myself. It was at that point when I came across your book, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom. It changed the whole direction of my life for the better. I can’t thank you enough for all that you have given me. I began a hard , long look inside and began to heal myself, my soul

    ~Stephanie Langel

    1. Christiane Northrup
      3 years ago

      Thank you for your COURAGE!

  54. Benita
    3 years ago

    Thank you! I feel like you are in my mind. Keep the wisdom coming, please!

    1. Christiane Northrup
      3 years ago

      I think we all share ONE MIND. And it’s sure nice to have company at my current vibration!!

      1. tania
        3 years ago

        i’m with yoiu both! let’s play!!

  55. Angie
    3 years ago

    I am turning 50 in August this year and have been on the path of healing myself physically after three years of various medical problems. Now I’m focusing on healing myself mentally too. It’s easy to be negative all the time but it is so taxing anymore and I want to move away from that and just be happy. My approach will be similar to when I exercise my body so I plan on setting up time to exercise my happy mind and know that with time, my moods and outlook will be great.

  56. Patty
    3 years ago

    Thank you for this timely (New Year) list…I have been applying many of these over the years but such a good list to remind me of the importance of taking care of me first so I can better care for others in my life. It is at this time I am now putting together all my past careers into an educational magazine on Health, Wellness, and Environmental info for cleaner living. To do this I have found myself moving away from those that bring me down and to a new area I never lived before that has a draw for creative thinkers. What a positive move this has been, even though difficult in the beginning. Just had to pull up my “big girl panties” and make it happen :))

  57. Pat Ashley
    3 years ago

    Thank you for your wisdom, and for clearly stating things that I also, am too wise for. You are such an inspiring role model for me, and find that I have made many of the same choices you have, right down to choosing to stay in marriages that were not working for us.
    Bless you, Dr. Northrup, you have my eternal gratitude for your shining light. You are truly a beacon of hope!

  58. Spencer Woidruff
    3 years ago

    That was great reading. Thank you. I’ve always been called a ‘Free Spirit’ , (and often the statement sounds envious by the speaker). I say: Is there Any other kind?!

  59. Deb Wandler
    3 years ago

    Love your list! Very inspiring and much of it I just went YA! That’s me too.
    Thank you for this wonderful post!

  60. Ruth Jordan
    3 years ago

    Dr. Northrup,

    I am now too wise not to approach people who have made a impact in my life and express my gratitude…out of fear of being too insignificant for my expression to mean much to them :-). My life changed the day I first saw you (and your long skirt, tee hee) on Oprah and as I haven’t quite passed through as much time as you have, I am grateful for the trail of books you have left behind to escort us through the forest!

    Since I became a subscriber to Hay House radio I have been on a mission to listen to all of your archived shows and if I had a $1 for every time I said “OMG” or jumped up and down with the clothes steamer in my hand saying “Yes! Yes!! Me too!” Or wanted to rush out and share the “Aha Moment” with everyone I knew — while listening I could end up in another tax bracket entirely.

    I’ve lead an unorthodox life myself. I was fortunate, in my very early 20s to be presented with a opportunity which got me on the fast track to getting in tune with God and all things “woo woo”. At the end of my first year of grad school, my parent’s marriage — which was a battle ground for almost three decades — was so nightmarish that I decided to suspend my studies and come home and look after my mother to put an end to the torment.

    My mother was diagnosed with MS when I was five and was wheelchair bound by the time I made this decision. I knew in my gut it was the right thing to do; my mother was more upset about it than I. But I was dead certain that the answers I were looking for weren’t going to be found at university. My father ran from the opportunity to activate his seventh chakra — as they say, “grow or die” — I jumped in with both feet all the way up to the neck (did I hear something about fools rushing in where angels fear to tread?)

    Over the next twenty one years, my mother and I shared the spiritual path together in a physical format. We appreciated and assimilated the wisdom that you and many of your fellow Hay Housers shared with us. And passed it on when we came across a receptive ear (not very frequent in the 90s! But, as we come to the End of the Age, I have started to gift no end of your books to ladies on the quest for a new tribe). We have continued to grow together since her death, as a quadriplegic, in 2006. And, as my barge passes through the often tumultuous seas of perimenopause, your “Wisdom of Menopause” and latest book are beacons along the way.

    Thank you to everyone who posted. I would like to add:

    1) I am too wise to bash on people’s doors which have “Do not disturb” sign on them. If they want to stay in the land of Nod, leave them be. (I recall Dr. Northrup’s using the term “place holder” on the radio show.) I am too wise to wait for anyone to wake up.

    2) “Not my circus. Not my monkeys.” Something else I heard on the show. I used it on my husband a while back. He was a bit miffed but I stuck to my guns and there has been a definite change in the relationship!

    3) I am wise enough to know that more exercise is just more exercise. Strength, health and transformation comes with slow, mindful movement which feels good and brings joy. Which goes totally against my Northern European heritage but I read it somewhere in a book :-). I started an at home yoga practice as my 2015 New Year’s resolution by using Yoga with Adriene’s videos on YouTube.

    4) I am too wise to put off asking for what I want.

    Which is a lovely segue way into asking a favor from you, Dr. Northrup. (Not sure if this is the best place to do it…but in for a penny!). My husband and I are hosting a fundraiser (Bollywood Bash!) for a children’s home in Tijuana, Mexico. http://Www.vidajovendemexico.org. Vida Joven cares for 34 children ages 3-17 whose parents are incarcerated. I would love to to put together a really creative/out of the box prize to raffle at the event. Would you help me? I would also like to donate a copy of “Cuerpo de mujer; sabiduria de mujer” for the young women at the home (and possibly “La sabiduria de la menopausa” for the hard working ladies on the staff :-))

    Thank you and Happy New Year!

    1. Christiane Northrup
      3 years ago

      Hi Ruth– I’m happy to help. Please send your request here so we can orchestrate: http://www.drnorthrup.com/contact-us/

      And thank you for this wonderful post!

  61. Gail Marie
    3 years ago

    I am too wise to continue:

    Allowing the outer world to determine my value, success/failure, health choices, and/or forgiveness/unforgiveness. It has been a bumpy journey until I became convinced

    Denying that I am unworthy of God has replaced a spiritual addiction to the lack of trust I could be forgiven–just for even living!!! as part of the generational patterns and programming within

    Denying that if I am in Love/Joy/Peace, my outer life will have something/someone missingF

    1. Christiane Northrup
      3 years ago

      wonderful revelation. And so VERY true!!!

  62. Jacquelyn
    3 years ago

    I really enjoyed reading this, and like many of the comments , I could resonate with many of them, in my late 20’s I was considered arrogant by many , I wasn’t at all, I just learnt to enjoy my own company and discovered my intuitive side and wanted to spend time alone with my new “find” .. Nowadays I am a Mum and own a small business as a therapist in Complementary Health and Hypnotherapy, But your right – I have learnt to stop pleasing people, to not care about my age, I feel better than I have ever felt – a great article, thanks for sharing it x 🙂 x

  63. Christine
    3 years ago

    I appreciated reading your list. I am a process painter myself. I really love it. I didn’t realize how much it could draw me to my source. I write poetry too, after taking a class in mystic poets I found a deeper way to write. I am in process with many of these things on your list, but certainly there are things I want to put on the top of my list. Things i am too wise for :Caring about what others think. It seems to be at the root of things even though I have made progress too. Don’t be afraid of making a mistake is a big one. I have fabulous, big ideas but…
    I listened to your CD “Women’s Wisdom Women’s Bodies” It was helpful to hear from someone whose mind works like mine. I used to think I was lacking, because I took more time to answer questions and struggled with multiple choice. I was just starting to consider it was because i don’t think in a box when i found your dvd. Thank You.

    1. Christiane Northrup
      3 years ago

      It’s quite a revelation when you realize that you aren’t stupid– you’re just a multimodal thinker!!!

  64. terri
    3 years ago

    Love the list, great. I’m a little ambivalent about number 5. Yes, I do believe it’s definitely positive we need to learn to tap into our own power to empower ourselves. Yes, We do need to eliminate negative people who don’t inspire us and lift ourselves up. On the other hand, as close women friends, not talking about enabling, but we do need to help each other in simple terms, teaching each other how to tap into our own power, and learn to love ourselves. Sometimes our friends just need a little kind assistance and empathy for us to learn to love ourselves. Thank you.

    1. Christiane Northrup
      3 years ago

      You are right. And that’s where the Serenity Prayer comes in. Knowing when to hold em and when to fold em!!

  65. EMMA
    3 years ago

    Thank you for your wise words as always!
    I have done the same as you with reading books,there are too many great books out there to read.
    I don’t waste my time on something that doesn’t thrill me by the first chapter,same for films,if I don’t like it in the first 30 mins
    I don’t carry on watching!
    Although I have just realised that I’ve been wasting 15 minutes!
    My Mum gave me a compliment when she noticed me saying “no” to something and she said it took her a long time to learn to say “no”so saying no in a pleasant but firm way is something that you have taught me,thank you.

  66. Lydia
    3 years ago

    Thank you for your words of wisdom.! I woke up today on my 63 rd birthday and there you were sharing your wisdom. I can’t wait to make my lists. . I had been feeling it was to late in life to have a relationship with a man again. I am not too old, I have more love and fun to enjoy in my lifetime when that right person comes. My aura is changing. As for today I’m loving my life each day and enjoy my friends and myself on a daily basis.

    1. Robin Berrie
      3 years ago

      Happy birthday!

    2. Christiane Northrup
      3 years ago


  67. Lois
    3 years ago

    Thankyou is the main thought that comes to me at this time….all the 12 things you stated have been in my life at one time or another and some I am still working on for sure….These just solidify my thoughts of how my life should be….in other words just be me! So many of us in this world need someone to remind us daily I think it’s ok to just be “me” Love this….

  68. Ana
    3 years ago

    Dear Christiane, thank you for this inspiration! Fortunately, I work for the editorial that publishes your books in Spanish, here in Argentina, so I am totally blessed I can access your wisdom so directly!
    Here we go: I’m too wise for worrying if other will love me or not if I do what I feel. Doing what I feel means being totally present, no mind interference.
    Thanks once again.

  69. Mareen
    3 years ago

    Hello Chrisiiane, A friend gave me a copy of Goddesses Never Age and I in turn have given copies to 3 friends and one to my daughter. I am so grateful to you for sharing your wisdom! At age 70, I am finally coming to terms with myself and I do appreciate the assist!
    Love and best wishes,

  70. patricia escalada
    3 years ago

    You´re such an inspiration Dr. Northrup!!…
    Keep up the good work, keep strong and keep showing us the way!!

  71. Barbara
    3 years ago

    Thank you! I am too wise to believe that me or anyone is “broken” or damaged in any way. We were born for the experience of it – and every bit of it is precious as it leads us to an “awakening” of who we really are. We are unique, embodied expressions or our Creator.

  72. May-Britt johansen
    3 years ago

    I have the same list as you. Thank god that we are going viser as years goes by Thank you so mutch for your inspiration ❤️

  73. Elena
    3 years ago

    So true, your insights and so inspiring and fun to read, your list! Thank you for sharing your wisdom.
    After “letting go” of a third stage ovarian cancer with major surgery in Oct 2013 plus ensuing chemotherapy, my life has changed completely. I am too wise now for negative self-talk. I choose to think happy thoughts instead. While in hospital, I started doing deep breathing exercises combining them with feelings of love and gratitude and imagining a warm, golden inner light cleansing and healing all parts of my body. This has helped me tremendously and I’ve kept it up ever since. Whenever I fall back into old patterns, I remind myself I’m too wise for scolding myself. Forgive and move on.
    Happy 2016 from Germany!

    1. Jacquelyn
      3 years ago

      This is nice to read, I hope you are well now xx

      1. Elena
        3 years ago

        Thank you for your reply, Jacquelyn! I’m actually in the middle of another chemotherapy my oncologist recommended (after elevated CA 125 levels and a scan showing enlarged lymph nodes), which makes me focus on my self-care more than ever. I started juicing carrots, inspired by Ann Cameron’s book “Curing Cancer With Carrots”. I go walking in the sun whenever possible and found a cardio training that’s actually great FUN: rebounding! It kind of makes me feel wild again, as does dancing. Dr. Northrup wrote about dancing making her feel good a while ago.
        I guess all these things are inspired by the incentive sign in my daughter’s room that says: “Do more of what makes you happy”. 🙂
        Take care xx

    2. Gloria
      3 years ago

      Your 12 examples really opened my eyes. I think I’ll print them up and then modify them to suit my personal circumstances. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

  74. Diana
    3 years ago

    Thank you Christine, your an inspiration. Your words spoke to me, you empower women. As I get older I can relate to many of the changes that happen. I wonder did I do something wrong? Is it me? There have been many changes in my life I am proud to say I have moved on. The changes in my life seem to happen every ten years. This year I will be 60 and I am grateful that I am where I want to be. Thank you for your inspiration.

  75. Deborah
    3 years ago

    My New England roots encouraged me to walk barefoot whenever I could! However last year I injured something in my front lower calf near my ankle and was advised not to walk barefoot any longer as I have promated knees and fallen arches due to flat feet. Are you suggesting I can walk barefoot again? I hope so!!!
    Blessings to you~

  76. Linda
    3 years ago

    I am too wise for continuing conversations that I don’t feel good about or am interested in.

  77. Avana
    3 years ago

    Thank you Christiane ! I enjoyed reading and I actually am really getting wiser in many ways !
    I am proud of my new self 🙂

  78. Renee
    3 years ago

    Thank you….you seem speak for so many. Your blog has sparked that overswhelping joy that fills my chest when I realize that the possibilities are endless. Life is such a gift.

  79. Veronique
    3 years ago

    Thank you! This conforts me and pushes me forward!

  80. Denise
    3 years ago

    Thank you for the inspiration! I actually did think of these “things I won’t do anymore” recently, and it fits with the spirit of your post. I have long been the superstar at work and in many other situations, but frequently felt (and have actually been told!) that I needed to be more passive, less of a show off, and generally stop always being the person with all the answers. I’m not bragging & certainly don’t think of myself as more important than anyone else on the planet. But the truth is that I am a dynamo who happens to be gorgeous, ingenious, a great dancer, hilarious, and incredibly generous. What I’m NOT going to do anymore is tamp that stuff down even when I’m aware of other people (typically female) who are put off by who I am. I think we all have our way to shine even if some people don’t enjoy doing it in a public way. Well guess what? I DO! I know I have a LOT to offer, I’m full of opinions, and nothing makes me happier than solving problems, dancing, and making others laugh. So….I’ll make my opinions known at work even when I know someone in the room will roll their eyes… I’ll tell my funny stories, I’ll show my happiness, frustration, and excitement when I feel it, I won’t worry that I may look like I’m showing off in a Zumba class, and I will always show my gratitude to everyone I appreciate. Sounds like a pretty sweet life to me.. Happy New Year!!

    1. Patricia
      2 years ago

      Love your post! You are a hoot! 😀

  81. Laura
    3 years ago

    Wonderful article. I am too wise to continue trying to live up to others’ definition of what it means to be ‘successful’. I have lovely grown children, a network of amazing friends and family, I enjoy my own company and I have my health…what other definition is there besides that? I feel about 10 years younger and 20 lbs lighter just typing this!

  82. Renee
    3 years ago

    Thank you! I saw myself in several of yours…..too wise to…Continue being a fixer, acting appropriately, worrying about a number on a scale, not owning my creativity. My biggest one now is not worrying about money. I’m currently financing my first business. I opened an EFT/tapping Life Coaching practice and I love it! I know for sure that by keeping my focus on helping people heal their mind, so they can keep their bodies in an environment of relaxation/healing, that the financial abundance will certainly come too. Leaving the rat race behind after nearly thirty years is one of the best things I’ve done for myself. Feels so good. Freedom!

    1. Christiane Northrup
      3 years ago

      Such a great response!! Good for you! And me– and ALL of us!! Hello Freedom!!!

  83. Darci Garcia
    3 years ago

    I absolutely love my age. In a most profound way. My confidence and wisdom have given me a peace that I have never known, certainly not in my thirties and I would consider my forties to be the maker of all of the finishing touches. Now, I feel fearless. I have no agenda, I make no apologies. It a most beautiful and creative time. This year I had my first piece published and have been writing fiendishly ever since. Turns out there is a place for relevant literature!!! These years are incredible and the BEST, the very BEST, is yet to be. I can hardly wait to see what happens next!!!

  84. Gail
    3 years ago

    I am too wise to be around negative people…. They always want me to be positive for them… Nope , not me anymore ….I am a happy positive person…. I am done trying to make ‘you’ happy! I love me!
    Yep… I don’t like a movie or book … I am done…. No need to waste a good day on something you don’t enjoy!
    Thanks for posting your 12 things…!

  85. Ali
    3 years ago

    Love this! Thank you for this refreshing perspective. Can’t wait to do this process myself. <3

    One caveat: I loved it all except for the phrase "mainstream news." That phrase, just like "political correctness," has become a buzzword among the right for anything that is not expressly conservative/anti-liberal. It's a way to shut out discourse, now, that comes from the other side. Some Fox viewers don't seem to realize that Fox is just as mainstream as any other network out there. Further, alternative news sources can be just as corrosive to our political discourse and personal spirit (not to mention have fewer journalistic standards than cable news, including engaging in outright lying and flagrant spin). The little echo-chambers many of us live in now with social media and hating on the so-called mainstream news are, I fear, making us all more polarized and unable to talk to each other.

    Sorry to bring a dose of "that world" to this otherwise uplifting and beautiful post — I wish we could all find a way to communicate our hopes and dreams and concerns for our world in a more productive way than our current political discourse (as do many others, I know) and I think your point could be made in a way that doesn't touch on a political hot button phrase, if that makes sense.

    I will be thinking about the rest of your post for a long time – thank you.

    In gratitude,

  86. Terri Blair Maracle
    3 years ago

    Your list made me smile. Some of them are ‘so me’ and your wording is so eloquent that I just couldn’t help but smile… loudly. The more years I am on this planet (translated from -the older I get), the happier I become with myself and my life. I have always been a contented and happy person, despite a 20 year bad marriage and other assorted ‘things’ because I have always known that I could take care of myself and my daughter. We may not have been the richest but we always had what we needed and we had friends and family that would always stand by us. As I recently entered by ’60’s I no longer care what others think of me…truly….I do as I please, but not at the expense of others, I live peacefully and happily with my husband (not the old one….the new one 🙂 and I am writing a book, which will probably never be published, but the process of writing it pleases me. Thank you for your contribution to the world.

  87. brigitte pollock
    3 years ago

    Thank you for your list, it’s inspiring. I have to tell you that you are a hero of mine after seeing you speak on Oprah and pbs and also after reading your books which guided me through my menopause painlessly if not joyfully, LOL. Your facebook pg is inspiring me daily and I want to thank you for being a voice for women in our golden years.

  88. Linda
    3 years ago

    Dear Dr. Chris, are you sure we aren’t twins? Thank you, such a wonderful topic. I relate to all 12 of your “too-wise” comments. The new one I’m addressing now is being a lifetime balancer–being split apart with one foot in each boat, trying to have friends and family stay afloat and get along. It is now my job to swim away and let everyone fend for themselves. What a good feeling knowing I no longer need to do this. Actually, one family member told me, “We’re adults and can handle it.” On another note, I love writing and painting but find I get lost in creativity; there is no such thing as time. I’m gone. But when I come out of it, hours have gone by and I feel my close relationships and significant other, have been ignored or neglected. Creativity is like running away with a lover. So I steer away from creativity–almost in fear–for that reason. Instead of GO THERE I struggle with DON’T GO THERE. LOL sounds like I’m trying to BALANCE again. Any thoughts?

  89. Sarah Krause
    3 years ago

    Oh, I still struggle with a few things…namely other womens’ jabs about “where” I live. I live in an older neighborhood, but it’s full of nature. I’ve created a massive garden, that on tour, was complimented by landscape architects from Chicago. Yet snarky comments abound from those who question “why I stay”. My answer is that I’m adding value to my community by “staying”. (It doesn’t hurt that because I chose a home within our price range, we are now living in it debt free.) Our homes are personal reflections of ourselves, and it’s terribly personal for people to question or attack where they’re located or what they look like on the outside. In fact, its downright shallow. I’m getting better about letting this go….slowly, but surely!

  90. Dianna Glick
    3 years ago

    This is a great list. Thank you. I made mine on NYD, but one theme that keeps swimming around in my being is letting go and being completely true to myself. I wonder what that would look like and feel like? I have a friend who says she can’t become her true self because she is afraid of her own power. I am wondering if that’s true for many women…

    1. Christiane Northrup
      3 years ago

      I don’t think we’re afraid of our own power. I think we’re afraid that if we really OWNED our power and used it that no one would love us. At least that’s the case with yours truly.

      1. Nancy
        3 years ago

        WOW…that statement just hit me the face. “if we really OWNED our power and used it that no one would love us”. That is me in one, simple, statement. At 63 I am realizing that everyone else has owned me. It’s more powerful to be who we are meant to be and let people love us from that space. Thank you.

  91. Donna
    3 years ago

    I totally am in agreement with number 3 on your list ( plus all the others too). I grew up Catholic. Raised my kids Catholic. But always felt like I wasn’t being my true authentic self because some of the beliefs or “rules” were things I did not wholeheartedly support or feel good about in my heart. I am a very spiritual person and wanted to feel more alive in my spirituality than I was. I recently left the Catholic Church after finding a non-denominational church that touched me in a way that has lit a fire in me I didn’t ever feel before. I feel a sense of freedom, a sense that this is where I should have been, a contentment. What I no longer will allow myself to do is be guided to do things just because my family brought me up a certain way, or because I feel I should do something just to please my family or others. I will practice my spirituality as I feel guided by God to do, not by what others expect. Whether that’s in a church, with meditations, chanting, dancing or whatever. Freedom to experience the light and not be worried about being judged.

    1. Christiane Northrup
      3 years ago

      Beautiful!! And by doing this, you free your entire family. Especially your children.

  92. Lidia
    3 years ago

    This was a fast and easy, yet very eye-opening exercise. Thanks Christiane. Happy new year!

  93. GingerMay
    3 years ago

    Responding to events based on my initial emotional reaction to it. Knowing that an event, plus my response to it will equal my outcome (no longer a victim to the event itself.)

  94. Audra
    3 years ago

    Dr. Christiane…… I just want to say, THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU!!!! and THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR GIFTS WITH THE WORLD!!!! You are one of my power women inspirations, and the love you put into your work has a ripple effect that reaches farther than you can possibly imagine. I’m super grateful that you are wise enough to share it with us. Love, love, LOVE you!!!

  95. Ingvill
    3 years ago

    Thanks for your great advice. Since I discovered Womens Bodies Womens Wisdown many moons ago, you have always been an important go-to source of information and inspiration! Just wish I could buy your products here in Dubai where I live.

  96. Elisabetta
    3 years ago

    Thank you, Christiane! I alway love your articles and books!
    I really would like to get rid of people that made life choices completely different by mine, but I shared with them so many things in my “old” life that I really do not know how to refuse their invitations to dinners or small parties without harming them. I mean that I made different choices and it is not their “fault” if I changed! Do you have any hint?

  97. Tina
    3 years ago

    I am too wise to be concerned about elaborately styling my hair everyday. Instead I will continue to perfect and rock my simple, pulled together look that promotes healthiness and growth.

    I am too wise to continue to pay for plane tickets to visit family for annual holidays or out of obligation and get absolutely nothing out of it.

    I am too wise to be concerned about appearing high maintenance at work because I powder my face and touch up my red lipstick after lunch and before my evening commute home.

    I am too wise to feel inadequate because I am not good at and have no inclination for the caring and feeding of plants. Send me flowers!

    I am too wise to “shut down” the aspect of myself that loves being a lady.

    1. Christiane Northrup
      3 years ago

      I LOVE the red lipstick. My daughters and I were having a conversation about this very thing at lunch today. Keep rocking that look. It’s a winner!!

  98. sylvia
    3 years ago

    I am Too Wise TO CONTINUE TO DWELL ON WHAT I SHOULD HAVE DONE .it’s a difficult one to manage, but certainly worth it to stop the guilt and regret that accompany it.
    TO HESITATE VOICING MY OPINION even though I know it may mean lost relationships. I can no longer be one of those who agrees just to avoid speaking my truth.
    TO APOLOGIZE FOR SOMETHING THAT I HAVEN’T DONE just to go along with the others in my group so rhey will think of me as a nice person.
    TO ATTEND A PARTY OR EVENT IF I DON’T FEEL UP TO IT. It’s my time to spend as I choose. MORE, but am saving the rest for another time.

  99. Megan
    3 years ago

    Thank you for your words. I LOVE what you share

  100. mary bingham
    3 years ago

    I’ve gotten too wise to think I have to win an argument. Instead I just say something like, “Obviously nothing I say is going to change your mind, and likewise, you will not change mine, so let’s just stop. I have other things to do and so do you. ”
    Love your sparkle Christian. I think we are kindred spirits.

    1. Christiane Northrup
      3 years ago

      That’s beautiful. And so true. On my facebook community I delete the posts that are really snarky and unkind. And of the ones that I leave, I just don’t argue at all. though sometimes I’ll post a study or two to make a point. But other than that, I’m not here to fight. Or win. I’ve stepped out of the battle.

  101. Maryellen
    3 years ago

    As usual you are your normal amazing self! I love how you think, how you have grown and I have already implemented most of these. I was so very upset on Christmas when it was cloudy, I really wanted to howl at the moon!! I am going to be 70 this March and I can’t wait to tell everyone. I usually get a shocked expression. I love the gym, especially my Zumba class and now yoga and Tai Chi (amazing). I do hate the saggy skin but, oh well, I am in great shape otherwise. It is time that I do stop worrying about what others think…dear Lord, if not now, when!!

  102. Deidre
    3 years ago

    I am too wise to answer the door when someone knocks and I’m not expecting anyone. There is no law that says you must answer the door if someone knocks. I refuse to turn down the tv or stereo or lights and pretend I’m not home.

    1. Christiane Northrup
      3 years ago

      I do the same thing– Thanks for reminding me about this!!!! The tax assessor was here this summer. And they automatically assume that you will let them in so they can look for ways to increase your tax bill. I just told them I was too busy. They haven’t come back since. And by law, you don’t have to let them in!!

  103. brigitte.weber
    3 years ago

    Hi again, Beautiful Goddess Angel- Christiane!! Thank You for always Being Inspiring! I have let go of toxic people as well! Breathing a sigh of relief! Last year & this year I AM participating in a Course to become an Initiatic Art Therapist! sounds like your Process Painting!! in the course we work on ourselves & each other…. its amazing & the location is Inspiring too- Apollo Bay on the Southern coastline of Victoria, Australia!! Wow! take a look at Cornelia Elbrecht’s website! Google her stuff! She is Amazing! Love & Light to you Always, Brigitte Weber,

  104. Carol
    3 years ago

    A refreshing approach to reset the mind and actions for 2016. Thank you for providing the inspiration, courage and the know how to ficus on what is important snd good for ourselves

  105. Audrey Pierce
    3 years ago

    Thank you for this list, it was awesome & very helpful! #5 really reached out to my inner Goddess. After being married almost 25 yrs. & now being in a very different, healthier relationship with someone else I can truly say that I now love my own company! I practice almost daily the art of accepting these changes. It is people like you Dr. Northrup who truly inspire me, helping me to have the desire to be as happy, loving & thoughtful to “myself”.

  106. Susan Green
    3 years ago

    Love it!! I am going to practice those things……You rock Dr. you just rock……So happy you are on this planet!

    1. Christiane Northrup
      3 years ago

      Thank you, thank you!!

  107. Antoinette
    3 years ago

    Letting go of toxic people and situations has really helped me to enjoy life. I no longer need to pretend that a person’s abusive actions are fine. I can confront the person, feel my feelings, and then forgive and go on with my life. My goal is to focus on peace, tranquility, healing and gratitude. Your wonderful book “Goddesses Never Age” is a guide for me. Thank you so very much.

  108. Susan Blanda
    3 years ago

    Oh, Dr Chris! I am so happy to hear that you are “process painting.” There is something magical about time spent in the arms of creativity. Some call it flow…a place where time stands still and joy overflows from our souls. I’m a trained artist who has spent a lifetime trying to encourage others to try their hand at drawing, painting …whatever! Yes, creativity doesn’t come from a college degree or an online course. It’s firmly planted in the soul of all of us, just waiting for a chance to bloom. Congrats and Happy 2016. Wishing you all the best! ❤️

    1. Christiane Northrup
      3 years ago

      Hi Susan, I walked into an art supply store this past Saturday to buy a big piece of canvas and some paints. And an easel. Like a toy store for adults! I felt like a child. In the BEST possible way!! Thank you for the encouragement to remember that we are ALL creative. We are ALL artists!!

      1. Paulette Nickel
        3 years ago

        Hi Doc: I have called Womens’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom my bible for years and this is such a wonderful list! I am with you, my own company and my rescue pup are my best friends. Since I have retired, I started painting again only instead of still life, I decided to paint my senior dogs’ portrait. First try was good, second try looked like a photo. I have painted several pet portraits for friends and been commissioned but only if I feel like it. It’s my hobby, not work! Having time to do yoga, paint and read may be boring to some, but I find it to be so much fun! Life is good!

        1. Christiane Northrup
          3 years ago

          Beautiful. Inspiring!! Thank you.

  109. Jm
    3 years ago

    Wow – this is so great. The thing I am to wise for but am continuing to work on is caring what others think about me. This relates to #s 3-7. I know there will always be people I please and there will always be people I let down, but I have to just do my best and what is right for me. There will always be judgments and criticisms, but above all that, we need to be kind and gentle with ourselves.

    1. Christiane Northrup
      3 years ago

      That is SO TRUE!!! And that is why I hide unkind comments on my Facebook feed. And don’t allow them to be posted here either. We must guard our own precious hearts!!

      1. JM
        3 years ago

        Thanks, Dr. Northrup, for being you. I really do appreciate your contributions. I have bought several copies of your books to give to girlfriends; your thoughts, and way, and words have saved many of us, and have sparked lovely conversations. Thank you.

  110. Judith
    3 years ago

    Thanks very much for sharing your ‘I am too wise for’ list. It is timely for me read this as I am going through what I call a life transition in finding myself – who am I. Some of your examples ‘hit home’ for me such as worrying about my age, caring that I do not fit in, spending time with people who do not inspire or uplift me. I plan to compile my own list of what I am too wise for and start the New Year off by trusting and honouring my wisdom.

  111. Joyce Hollman
    3 years ago

    As my children have entered college, and I have more time for me, I’ve realized that I am through with accepting responsibility for others’ errors, even my kids. They know I am always there for them, but I no longer get tied up in knots trying to make things ‘right’ for them. I’ve learned to put myself first. I’m not old, but my time is more limited than theirs, and I have things I want to savor and accomplish!

    1. Andra
      3 years ago

      I can totally relate and am TRYING to stop fixing everything/one!

  112. Gerri
    3 years ago

    I am too wise to think I have to please others to be accepted. I have my own loves, desires, quirks and personality. If you love me for who I am, great, but I am not going to mask who I am to be accepted. On the contrary, cause I’m letting my colors fly.

  113. Libby
    3 years ago

    Dear Christiane,
    I love this : ) Thank you!
    I’m right there with you on the 12 you listed.
    Such blessed reliefs!
    This year I have added ‘too wise to delay delight’.
    And finding that quite delightful ! : )
    It came to me while questioning ‘what is at the core of what I really want?’.
    With great love and appreciation,

    1. Christiane Northrup
      3 years ago

      To wise to delay delight!!! Oh how VERY delightful!!! Lovely!!

  114. Paula Gervais
    3 years ago

    I LOVE all of them! How liberating! I was recently told by my own siblings and one of them being my oldest and most prude of siblings, my only sister, that “I don’t know how to speak to people, I’m TOO outspoken and its unacceptable”! She along with the other two siblings have been “released” from my life as they serve no positive purpose in my life any longer! they are weights that always pulling me down to conform! I am a good, decent soul who never hurt anyone and it’s only since I’ve enlightening and “lightened” myself of their burdens on me that I have become a happier ME! I spend time with only those who add to my life in a positive way! I have learned much of this through energy medicine and how it affects the body when we have dis-ease! I have allowed the GODDESS within to emerge through the hidden layers and it feels wonderful!

  115. Alexandra
    3 years ago

    Interested to hear more about process painting — who, where, etc. Thank you

    1. Margot
      3 years ago

      Hello Alexandra,

      Dr. Northrup’s painting looks full of interpretations of her thoughts. I am also interested in process painting. Even though I googled it as to how, where, etc., so far I have not found any definite anything as to where I could get guidance to start. It sounds just what I have wanted to do all along, to be myself, not first drawing something, but to start painting at my heart’s desire. I will try that and see what happens. I do not like a drawing’s limitations. Happy New Year!

  116. Jill
    3 years ago

    Can I just say, I Love You!!” How is it possible that I can relate to everything you wrote here?
    Thank You so much

  117. Barbara
    3 years ago

    Thank you! You are such an amazing inspiration!

  118. Doris Sommers
    3 years ago

    You go, girl! I think I’ve finally found a kindred spirit in you!! Rock on! 🙂

  119. Sandra
    3 years ago

    Your list hits home. I have been a caregiver/co-dependent to my family/friends for too many decades. I have let them manipulate my strength, love and caring to a fault. This past year my body grew a 20 lb. cyst which resulted in major surgery and a total hysterectomy. The 8″ scar on my belly smiles back at me every day to stay focused, wise and aware. I turn 60 in a few weeks and am excited to continue on my path, publish my creative projects and love my authentic self.
    Thank you for being a constant kick in the keester.

    Namaste, Ms. Christiane.

    1. Christiane Northrup
      3 years ago

      you are so funny!! I love how you “got it” about the way the body grows things to nudge us to wake up to who we really are!!! Beautiful work!!! I also love how you are completely accepting of your humanity.

  120. Glennie
    3 years ago

    Wow, Dr. Northrup!! I , too, have felt like an outlier most of my life, like my own entity in my own family, even. But I, too, could fit in with almost any group, and people seem to enjoy being around me. Now I see how wonderful I am, and that it is my gift to the world to be who I am. I love my personality, after so many years of thinking I was not quite the way I should be. Isn’t it wonderful when we finally realize who we are, and strive to become more of that person!!

  121. Kimm
    3 years ago

    Chtistiane, you have been and continue to be a wonderful inspiration to me. I am too wise to think I am not absolutely perfect right now, I have perfect knowledge, insight and experience for what I am lead to do!! Bonne Annee (Happy New Year)

  122. dawn
    3 years ago

    Since my major awakening april 2013 where I faced ahead injury that totally changed my life,at that time!! In almost 3 years since I have been evolving on a new path hence now know of your beautiful self,the one thing in particular I wish to share is mercury in retrograde!!!!
    As we face these time 3 times a year and through not paying attention they can have serious consequence !! in not a positive way,
    It is for me now essential to have an astro reading that can reflect and support me in ways that I could have never imagined,ok so to be in harmony alignment and recognise the right flow for each of us unique beings this astro support has allowed me to give myself a good talking to at these certain times of the year hence right now we have just entered a retrograde until the 25th taking into account its shadows before and after by paying attention to this I can really dig deeper into myself and an inner knowing that when another veil is lifted what can be revealed with this additional support from the universe is a pure divine alignment with understanding a little bit more about amazing self,
    What I could not see 3 years before is past what is clear now is having the chance to give such gratitude to the universe for allowing this saving grace gift ,
    I hope this can be passed on and be of support to maybe some other beautiful beings,
    As I hold your hand I know from deep within my heart this is a time for such expansion
    I am so grateful to see this
    love light grace
    Welsh Dawn

    1. Christiane Northrup
      3 years ago

      This is just beautiful. And I completely agree with you about aligning with the Universal enrgies through good astrology!! thank you!

  123. Deborah
    3 years ago

    I am too wise to think I don’t know what is best for me. For most of my life I didn’t know this. I am also too wise to hide my talents, gifts and abilities to make others comfortable. I was given these gifts to shine my light and make the world better!

  124. Maura
    3 years ago

    I’m too wise to need validation from others to make me feel whole. I’m also too wise to buy into this nonsensical modern way of thinking that you have to declare exclusivity in a relationship in order to be sure that your love interest is not multitasking with others.

  125. Carolyn
    3 years ago

    This really spoke to me. I’ll be 69 in June and I have made so much progress in the past few years in just being comfortable with who I am. I have checked a number of items on your list off my list and it feels good.
    If there’s one thing that I would have to call a “resolution” for 2016 it is that I want to be less judgmental. I need to catch myself in the act and nip it right there. One step to this, I think, is turning off the “mainstream news.” It makes me so angry and judgment follows. But I need to stay informed . I’ve found that the evening news on PBS is so much more intelligent and less angst driven. So I’m going to try to start there.

    1. Christiane Northrup
      3 years ago

      I get the local newspaper. I learn just enough of what’s going on around me to feel informed. Mostly about local stuff that actually makes a difference in my life. But I never watch the news on television. I am VERY picky about what I allow into my life these days. Thanks for this comment!

  126. Wanda
    3 years ago

    This year I’m too wise for addictions – in myself or in those I choose to spend a lot of time with.

  127. Kris Azzarello
    3 years ago


  128. SSofia
    3 years ago

    Love the idea of stating what I am too wise for. I am too wise to allow people to project their stuff on me. If it ain’t mine, I let them hold their baggage to deal with instead of trying to unburden it on me. I will loveling hold the space for them to acknowledge their power to deal with it. Forgive and move on.

    1. Christiane Northrup
      3 years ago

      boy is this true. When you refuse to pick up their baggage, they get to carry it– not you. And then they get to feel the discomfort of it. Such a wise thing to do. Thank you.

  129. Jessica
    3 years ago

    Dear Christiane,

    Thank you so much for your inspiring words– this year i had a ‘milestone’ birthday, and i found myself getting annoyed and sort of sad that people were making such a show of it– ‘oh! Wow! i didn’t know you were xx!’ & ‘well, i guess your old now! haha!’ ugh!! i just wanted to yell that i was so much more! and if they wanted to boil down my existence to a pat ‘age’ and whatever that is supposed to be, they could; I was out! I had a midlife crises of sorts at 17 (ha!) and since then numbers haven’t defined me, but this year i did notice more, perhaps part of it was just wondering if i should start listening to the magazines and people about what it supposedly means to ‘act my age’. I started to think, ‘well, maybe i *should* be different now, and feel differently about myself or something. Today, your words resounded strongly within me. I just needed an understanding spirit to confirm and encourage me. I will continue to just be me! An everlasting, ageless, fun and loving soul. Thank you again– i’m going to start on that Too Wise For List! Every Blessing <3

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