Knight and Day

With Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz

by Christiane Northrup, M.D.


So good, I saw it twice.

If you’re a fan on my Facebook page, you already know that I saw Knight and Day twice this summer in the theater—it was that good. Why is this my favorite movie of the summer so far? First of all because it has a fabulous sound track with a Nuevo tango flair, complete with the unmistakable and evocative sounds of bandoneon (a type of accordion). The opening airplane scene even has strains of music from the Gotan Project, some of my favorite dancing music. And then, of course, there’s Tom Cruise. I know, I know. He’s been unpopular lately. But for heavens sakes, no one does a better job of smiling into the camera and not taking himself too seriously. He’s a megawatt star when he smiles that way, especially with the backdrop of a plane blowing up behind him—or when he has just done a spectacular rescue that would be impossible for a mere human.

I haven’t liked Cruise this much since Risky Business! He plays a spy type in Knight and Day, who is attempting to keep a battery with infinite power from falling into the hands of the FBI. And so we’re left wondering whose side he is on, anyway. The incomparable Cameron Diaz (who plays June) runs into him (literally) at the airport while on her way to her sister’s wedding. She is dragging a carryon full of spare parts for a classic car. Turns out that is her job—restoring old cars. Not just another pretty face. This woman has skills! Cruise points this out in ways that I found hilarious—like during a car chase.

Diaz gets on a plane with the charming Cruise, only to find that most of the seats are empty. Curious. At the gate, she had been told that the plane was full. Cruise and Diaz start talking. She excuses herself to go to the bathroom. Meanwhile, back in the cabin, Cruise and the remaining passengers get into a gun fight, and we quickly realize that everyone on the plane (except Diaz) is either a good guy or a bad guy. And everyone wants this battery. The conversation that Diaz has in the mirror with herself in the airplane bathroom, whilst mayhem is going on just outside the door, is worth the whole movie. “Okay, June—this is not your first rodeo,” she says, while trying to psych herself up to flirt with Cruise when she goes back to the cabin.

The fun—and the mayhem—continues throughout the movie as we finally learn the truth about who the real bad guys are. Knight and Day is the quintessential summer blockbuster movie. It’s full of action, great music, a hilarious script, and comic book characters. Plus the chemistry between Cruise and Diaz was simply palpable. Make sure you put Knight and Day in your queue. My daughters loved it, and so did my tango partner—a guy!


Last Updated: August 15, 2010

Christiane Northrup, M.D.

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