Dr Christianne Northrup

The Sheltering Sky

A beautiful, gritty, and very sensual movie that is completely unique. From time to time, I find a movie that is so surprising in its beauty, sensuality, and uniqueness that I wonder why I have never seen it or heard of it before. One of those movies is Sheltering Sky, based on the novel of […]

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I just watched the delightful documentary Babies, a film that took three years to make. The film follows four babies from their first breaths to their first steps. What made the film fascinating was seeing the cultural differences in the babies’ home environments.

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A Matter of Size

On a recent visit from my brothers and their wives, we were looking for an afternoon movie that would allow us time to go to dinner afterward. And that’s how we stumbled upon this cinematic gem called A Matter of Size, which was a recent entry in the Tribeca Film Festival.

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