Why Fear is Bad for Your Health

11 Easy Practices to Move from Fear to Faith

by Christiane Northrup, M.D.


There are basically two ways to live: in faith or in fear. Unfortunately, many people live in fear most of the time.  I am not talking about a constant fear of danger, although for some this is true. I am talking about a low level of fear that is present all the time so that it keeps you from living your life and fulfilling your dreams.

At its root, all fear results from a lack of faith—pure and simple.

Fears are often inherited from your parents and their parents before them. (It is well documented that babies can take on the fear of their mothers even in the womb!) You may not realize it, but you were probably taught to be afraid of just about everything. You learned to be afraid of growing older, gaining weight, and being alone. You were taught to fear contracting viruses, such as the flu or shingles. Of course, most of us were taught to fear death.

Living in fear makes no real sense. On a purely physical level, fear lowers your vibration and actually makes you far more susceptible to the viruses you fear you might catch. By contrast, a growing body of evidence shows that having faith can help you stay well and thrive. Of course, the best part is that faith doesn’t require a prescription.

Why Fear Is So Damaging To Your Health

The biochemical state that fear creates in your body adversely affects your immunity and increases your susceptibility to viruses and bacteria that are all around you. For example, most people have the bacterium that causes pneumonia in their respiratory system at all times, but it stays in check until your vibration is lowered in some way.

Here’s how fear lowers your immunity:

  1. Fear shuts down your gut. When you experience fear, your body releases stress hormones that slow, or shut down, bodily functions that you do not immediately need for survival. This includes your gut where most of your immune system resides.
  2. Fear short-circuits your brain. The flow of stress hormones creates an overactive mind by flooding the amygdala portion of your brain. This makes you unable to think rationally as you react to signals sent from your amygdala. When in this overactive state, your brain perceives events as negative and stores all of the details surrounding the perceived danger—including sights, sounds, odors, time of day, weather, and so on—as negative memories. Later, those same sights, sounds, and other details can trigger fear by bringing back the initial memory; in some cases, you may feel afraid without consciously knowing why. This can lead to a constant state of fear and anxiety or even PTSD. Fear can also impair formation of long-term memories and cause damage to certain parts of your brain, such as the hippocampus. Finally, fear can interrupt processes in your brain that allow you to regulate emotions.
  3. Fear can lead to chronic health problems. Living in a constant state of fear can cause gastrointestinal issues, including ulcers and Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). It can increase your risk of cardiovascular damage.  And fear has been associated with decreased fertility, depression, fatigue, and accelerated aging. Fear has even been associated with an increased risk of death—you’ve heard sayings such as “She worried herself to death,” haven’t you?
  4. Fear attracts what you fear most.  All emotions including fear are energy. When you let fear run your life, you attract to you more of whatever it is that you are afraid of. If you’re afraid of illness, you will attract it. If you’re afraid of being alone, you will be alone for as long as it takes to get over that fear. If you’re afraid to die, you will never live fully and joyfully.

11 Ways to Cultivate Faith and Improve Your Health 

Having faith—whether you go to church or not—is associated with many health benefits including reduced risk of depression, better immunity, lower stress levels, enhanced cognitive abilities, improved fitness, healthier heart, reduced inflammation, a positive effect on your vagus nerve function (which helps regulate your cardiovascular and digestive systems as well as your emotions), and more.

It’s relatively easy to live in faith when nothing really bad has ever happened to you; but sooner or later, everyone experiences something that seriously tests her faith. So, I am not going to tell you to stop being afraid and move into unshakable faith. This is nearly impossible, especially if your nervous system has been imprinted with childhood trauma. The only way to build the muscle of faith is to calm yourself and turn your trust over to God. This requires patience and commitment.

Here’s are some steps you can take every day to turn your fear into faith:

  1. Notice your fear. Scan your body and figure out where you feel the fear. Say to your fear: “I love you. You are precious. I know you’re afraid. I will take care of you.” This instantly breaks the fear trance.
  2. Breathe.Begin by taking a long, deep, slow breath through your nose and hold it for a couple of seconds. Then exhale slowly through your nose, allowing your exhale to be longer than your inhale. This way of breathing calms your vagus nerve, which in turn lowers your heart rate and blood pressure and helps your body metabolize stress hormones. Repeat this three times or as many times as you need to fully stop the fight-or-flight fear response in your body.
  3. Take baby steps. Don’t sabotage yourself by trying to tackle the biggest fear of your life. Start small. Let’s say you’re afraid to ask for help. Think of someone you could call to ask for help. Think of something you’d like help with if the world were perfect and you weren’t afraid of rejection. It could be anything: cleaning out your basement, doing laundry, keeping you company on a road trip, listening to a poem you wrote. Next, pick up the phone and pretend you are calling to ask for help. Make up a script so you know what to say. For example: “Hi, Joe. There’s something I’d like you to help me with, but I’m terrified to ask. Is there any way you’d be willing to help me take a load to the recycling center?” Once you have practiced, try it for real. You will be amazed how often people say yes when you ask for help. Having little triumphs that prove you can have faith in someone or in God begins to build your faith muscle.
  4. Pray. There are more than 300 peer-reviewed studies on the healing power of prayer, and it turns out that prayer is effective no matter what your belief system or religion. Prayer has been shown, among many other things, to increase conception rates in couples with infertility and also to decrease the number of days in the intensive care unit for heart attack patients. It even helps plants grow better. In general, there is nothing that isn’t helped by prayer. It also doesn’t matter what kind of prayers you use. What matters is your sincere desire to connect with the Divine.
  5. Know your worth. Lack of faith tends to boil down to a belief that you are not worthy—not worthy of love, acceptance, care, or understanding. Fears are based on the truth of your experiences, but you still have to transform them. And the only way out is to have more faith in God and the Divine than in your own ego. There are many practices you can use to begin to develop a sense of your true self-worth, including affirmations and mirror work.
  6. Try Tapping. Fear sets up an electromagnetic field that attracts the things you fear most. Tapping—or the Emotional Freedom Technique—assists in removing neuromuscular tension that is being held in place in the body by fear (both conscious and unconscious). As a result, Tapping helps to remove fear from our bodies and, in the process, lowers stress hormones. And Tapping can help you deal with way more than fear. Learn more.
  7. Focus on the big picture. There is a much larger picture than the one you’re able to see of your life. When you are up against fear or loss, I can assure you that you are going to have feelings about it—anger, sorrow, sadness, fear. That’s not only okay, it’s the only way for your Soul to do what it came to do. Many times, painful events are actually orchestrated by your Soul to assist you in moving from fear to faith. It’s enormously helpful to realize that, on some level, everything that happens to you is designed to help your spiritual evolution.
  8. Offer everything to the Divine. Say to the Divine, “Okay. I am yours. And the relationship that’s driving me nuts is also yours. I offer it all to you, including my body, my health, and my lover who just left me.” We all have the ability to do this. You simply need to trust in the part of you that is orchestrating things from a higher perspective. This is not the same as your little self who is down here on earth managing day-to-day business. Remember, faith is a process, not an event. It’s not intellectual. And it requires love and patience. The way to loosen your grip on anything is to realize that none of it really belongs to you.
  9. Claim your sovereign Divine rights.  When you say “no” to allowing fear of a virus control you, “no” to hating other humans despite your vast differences, and “no” to allowing yourself to be pulled into contrived (and paid for) chaos, you are standing in your sovereignty. When you refuse to separate yourself based on your religion, your politics, your race, or anything else, you are tapping into the Divine within you, and that is choosing faith over fear. 
  10. Get Informed. Living in faith does not require you to be uninformed about what is happening the world around you. But to be truly informed these days you must turn off the mainstream media. I have said this before and given the events that have taken place over the past nearly 2 years, I know this is imperative to achieving true health because much of the truth about how to be healthy is now being censored, including information about vitamins, and even bioidentical hormones. You need to ask yourself, “Why is this?” That’s why I continue to offer many resources for health seekers on this website. And it’s why I urge you to continually seek out new sources of information and question the veracity of what they are saying. Dig deep and trust your inner guidance. And remember, if a source is saying exclusively that there is only one right way, or only one answer to a problem, it’s a narrative, not the truth.
  11. Stand in your truth. Standing for something you believe in takes courage, especially when what you know to be true is not in line with the mainstream narrative. But when we simply go along to get along we are essentially abandoning ourselves to feel accepted. This is living in denial. And living in denial in a dysfunctional system can create undue stress, raise your blood pressure, and even weaken your immune system. While standing in your truth can feel scary at first because any validation you seek must come from within, it is ultimately better for you in the long run. And, when you find the courage to live your truth you will also find your true family—the people you are meant to be with and who support you. This creates health physically, mentally and spiritually.

How have you moved toward faith in your own life? How has it helped you? Please leave your stories in the comments below.

Last Updated: April 26, 2023

Christiane Northrup, M.D.

Christiane Northrup, M.D., is a visionary pioneer and a leading authority in the field of women’s health and wellness. Recognizing the unity of body, mind, and spirit, she empowers women to trust their inner wisdom, their connection with Source, and their ability to truly flourish.


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  1. kathy
    12 months ago

    fabulous, as usual. after listening to you, I decided I was not going to fear covid, even though I work on a memory care floor of a nursing home, where we can’t mask or quarentine the residents that got covid (many).

    I never got it during one of the three big outbreaks, but got it very mildly last summer. I honestly believe that you taught me to set the tone or how my body reacted to such constant, high risk exposure. I was not after, and I was fine


  2. Lakshmi
    12 months ago

    Thank you , I feel mentored to have faith, courage and to speak the truth through soul base versus ego centered. Much needed
    to build up muscle for resilience in life. It seems that the stamina depletes and then words like this comes along to keep going.

  3. Lora
    2 years ago

    It’s odd that I am reading this tonight. Not odd actually, but serendipitous. The past 20+months have been tumultuous but up to about two months ago I felt strong and in control. I practise meditation and have a strong set of beliefs; I am keenly aware of my physical health needs, and I try to encircle myself with positive and healthy thinkers. Of late however, I am feeling more and more depleted and finding myself fearful, and it is not someone I recognize. These thoughts you have shared could not be more timely: the need to dig deeper into my ‘faith’ is something I have not put much effort in to. Having been throttled with religion for the first half of my life, I escaped it and swore never again. Yet, the subject of God continues to surface throughout this time we are experiencing, and it is growing in volume. I cannot ignore the message and I am grateful that you shared this and that I read it now: very timely for me. And while I am here writing to you, I would also like to deeply thank you for being so vocal and passionate about our developing circumstances almost two years ago: you were one of two doctors that I heard loud and clear and you ‘red pilled’ me quick and thoroughly. It saved my life, and consequently the lives close to me.

  4. Ghanshyam
    2 years ago

    Thank you so much

  5. Lydia
    2 years ago

    Thank you for an informative article. I will share this information with my family and friends as it is worth the read.

  6. Lydia
    2 years ago

    I will share this web article with my family and friends as it is worth the read.

  7. Debbie
    2 years ago

    Hello Dr. Northrup, I want to know if the new vaccine type pills are safe, or are they just as bad as the vaccine? I know this is a sensitive topic, if u are able to reply safely I would really appreciate it.

  8. Diane S.
    2 years ago

    THIS! Article is exactly what I needed today!
    I have a family member who is in constant fear, an it is spilling over into my life.

    I try to help this person, but NOW I am joining her in constant fear!

    EVERY Word of this article is Divinely Sent to me ~ I am so ever Grateful, and I am moving out of FEAR and INTO FAITH today and hopefully my Family member will see this and want to join me!

    I actually FEEL Fear rolling off me right now, as I express my fears to God and HE ALONE will help me and my family member -Whew, I feel my neck ache releasing too!

    Thank you Dr. Northrup! Bless you too!

  9. Betty Minifie
    2 years ago

    Great reminders- what you focus on is what is manifested. Blessings Betty

  10. C
    2 years ago

    I saw a video from your website on the COVID vaccine. Is there a way to be exempt from the vaccine if you take Humira?

  11. Norm Shaw
    2 years ago

    I have forwarded your message on faith in particular re chapter 8 or number 8 which is using your higher force rather than yourself. Well worded. Norm

  12. Toni
    2 years ago

    Dr. Northrup, thank you SO much for being a light in this, sometimes, dark world. We need to hear the truth and to be encouraged to take the high road. Keep fighting the good fight!

  13. Tamara Valme
    2 years ago

    Thank you Dr. Northrup for your continued beacon of wise guidance during these fear induced times! I really appreciate having this as a reminder to continue believing that the body can heal itself and not rely medications or shots to keep my body healthy.

  14. Kelli
    2 years ago

    I love this post! It is indeed timeless.

    For me, the faith/spiritual aspect of my life requires nourishment in the same way my body and mind require such attention. I’ve never been much for crowd-think, so one “doctrine” doesn’t cut it for me. My faith approach is a melding of Bible readings, devotional books, my precious Al Anon 12-step books, meditation and prayer.

    Lately, I’m seeing far more symbolism in Bible stories than I ever noticed before. For instance, the Abraham/Isaac sacrifice story. To me, that represents the question: “Am I willing to sacrifice that which is most dear to me in order to support higher truths?”

    And this is just kind of interesting: Did you know that there was a Canaanite town named Ai? “Ai was a place in central Canaan. It is first mentioned in the Bible in Genesis 12:8 as a place where Abram camped during his journey toward the land God promised in Genesis 12:1 ……. The name Ai means ‘heap of ruins’ (Joshua 8:28).”

  15. Kathy Richard
    2 years ago

    Spot on! We miss your daily guidance videos on Facebook. You got me through the pandemic because you taught me how not to fear. I owe so much to you. I follow you on the other medias, but it’s not the same. I’m forever grateful ❤️

  16. Monica Troughton
    2 years ago

    I love this and thank you. This goes beyond just ‘thinking positive’ it creates a lifestyle to embrace peace, joy and hope with a life full of promise.

  17. Lilianna Gershenovich
    3 years ago

    Thank you Dr. Christiane Northrup for sharing your wisdom. For the last seven month I start my day with your morning meditation, Devine Feminine Meditation during the day. In the evening I listen to your daily inspirations on Facebook and then I finish my day with your evening meditation. I also use your Affirmations and Devine Beloved Prayers daily. I read all your books and like listening to them on my app. Thank you for being a true beacon of light, hope and inspiration . Sending you love and gratitude.

    1. Lynette Mayo
      2 years ago

      I LOVE ALL THIS, l play a talk by Dr.Northrup almost daily now. She lifts my low moods upon waking a lot of the time, she has become a ‘habit now’ . (l have been in mourning since April, this year, for my guy l was with 40 yrs.). What Lilianna shared, l would like to start doing myself. l am concerned & scared about finding a home l can bare to live in and afford. How do l find all these sites? it is strange, all my integrative doctors, since 1972 approximately, have been men? never any women in my life. The one’s around didn’t notice my existence in infancy wartime & childhood, maybe l am getting over it).. Serendipitously found ‘A New Breed of Doctor’, in the 70’s, Alan Nittler, MD. I had been a drinker before that. He changed my paradigm for life. l do see an Integrative female doctor for high copper yearly, Heather Sandison, ND in San Diego. l have followed my favorite integrative doctor for years, Dr.Mercola. Thank you for Sharing Lilanna. thanks for lifting me up Dr.Northrup.

  18. Cindy kingswood
    3 years ago

    Such sound truth and being in the healthcare industry much appreciated. We don’t talk about faith enough and especially now that everything involves covid and the fear that surrounds it. I have chosen faith over fear but the video clip I watched of yours on the vaccine did raise my blood pressure and scares the crap out of me.

  19. Kathleen Mixon
    3 years ago

    Fear has been a big factor in my life especially growing up with a fear based/worried constantly mother. I decided at a young age that I would or could not be like that. I have very strong faith that things will work out as God has planned. My boyfriend and I were both struck by lightening up near Sabago Lake in the 70’s. He was killed instantly and I survived. This taught me the most biggest lessons in my life thus far
    Now as a Mental Health Counselor I tell my clients about exactually what you discuss here. You cannot have faith and fear at the same time. This article explains it so well that I will send it to them as needed. You really are a blessing to us that take the time to listen. Kathleen

  20. RachaelM
    3 years ago

    Thank you for a thinking argument. I have trouble agreeing with almost all of it but I respect a place that allows (specifically women) a convergence of thinking and feeling. I think for me- there is no bigger picture (that equals a divine perfection that I feel is completely damaging to our relationship with the world) and that everything we do is significant. I don’t fear for myself in any way- I had long term multiple traumas my entire childhood and M.Pick confirmed C-PTSD with Adrenal exhaustion (along with Lyme disease), I don’t fear death or pain or loneliness. I fear (all the time) that something will happen to my beautiful spouse or child. I display all the symptoms of the above issues in constant fear- and I do agree that ritual and faith in something could help, I’m just not sure how to go about it when I do not believe in a cosmic design. I am nearly immobilized by my own control issues. How could anything help me not feel both helpless (and ok with that) and responsible when it comes to my family?

  21. j. madison rink
    3 years ago

    Thank you Dr. Northrup….during these times we may feel as if we can do nothing about most anything; at the very least life can seem greatly confusing. I am grateful and wanted you to know that it feels so Good to read your pro-active thoughts about life and living right now during these challinging times. Your crystal clear thoughts are welcome and valuable….these are actions we can take during ANY times…..we are all learning so much at this time and I believe we will be able to see this to be true even more over time… maybe even after taking these steps. 🙂

  22. Robin
    3 years ago

    So right on! Fear was imbedded in me as a child of the catholic school/church. I’m 66 so I hope they have changed much of that. I’m working on it! This email from you confirms so much for me.

  23. Jennifer
    3 years ago

    how timely, I just made the decision to cancel brain surgery and radiation and trust my own intuition and move on with love for myself and know the Holy spirit and Virgin Mary guide me if I just allow my inner self to listen. Somewhere along the line of life I stopped really listening to my own self and put my life in others hands which never worked out for me, Spirit has always been with me and always will be and it is OK to allow myself to come back. I remember Steve Martin in” Saturday night live”, yes I am that old, saying ” I give and I give” and now I give to myself as well as others. BTY I still laugh when I think of the interview you did with your daughter and laughing over the hair roller that stuck on your clothes, hahahahahha I still use those damn sticky things. Thank you for all that you give

    1. Robin
      3 years ago

      I pray for you Jennifer! God bless!

    2. Linda
      3 years ago

      Holding you close to my heart, Jennifer, and loving that you want to move on with love for yourself.

  24. Miriam
    3 years ago

    I am so happy to see this!
    This is exactly how I feel. It might help others to see the universe and what is happening as a very large tapestry. When we turn it over on the wrong side all we it is botches of colour and threads in crosses and knots….nothing to look at and has no meaning at all.
    But, when turned over to the right side…it is a beautiful picture!!
    We see the wrong side. G-d has it all perfectly planned …divine providence…every detail planned!
    This is so useful in these trying times.
    Am waiting excitedly for the Redemption…for this world to transform into what G-d had in mind when He created it. To be
    G-dly…for people to care about the other…to love one another…to stop the greed…to share when we have plenty …
    What a great world it will be!
    G-d Bless us all!

  25. tina
    3 years ago

    Thank you, I so needed this. I have been having a rough patch in life at this moment. I really needed to realize that I am allowing Fear too lead me at this moment.

  26. Laura Allison
    4 years ago

    Thank you Dr. Christiane for not only being a medical doctor but one that talks about God and faith, a rare find these days. I am a veterinarian and I talk about faith and prayer with my clients everyday. God dwells within me as me and so He does in the animals He created as well. I could not be the healer I am without the gifts God bestowed upon me. Prayer and faith is just as important, if not more, than the meds I script out daily. The basis of medicine is Love of the Patient and I practice this everyday. Whether a young pet or a geriatric pet, they are all beautiful in my eyes and I let them know how much I love them. On a daily basis I ask God to bless my hands and mind, that I may be a humble servant to my craft and my beloved patients. Hearing you with Jessica Ortner today during the Tapping Summit has inspired me more than you will know. You spoke directly to my heart and mind, as if you knew me. You are a gifted healer; spiritually, mentally and physically. Thank you for all your do now and how you have helped your patients in the past. May the Grace of God be with you always. With a tender heart, Dr. Laura

  27. Nicole Clarke
    6 years ago

    Because of my type A personality I have an intense fear of the unknown, I adamantly believe my quality of life will go down and/or shorten if I keep feeding into this fear of what is uncontrollable.

  28. Gale Wayman
    6 years ago

    Your article was sent to me by a friend, a Sangha sister, we meditate every Tuesday morning together. I had just gotten call from doctor that i had a shadow on my lung, that is now confirmed by both cat scan and pet scan and was so scared. That was just a week ago. I have gone through fear, anger and now calm, i will make sure i have fun every day and help others to have fun. If i live 10 days or 10 years, my days will be filled with helping all around me to enjoy what we have and each other. I am naturally an optimist and another Sangha sister has given me a little blue bird of happiest and said i should name my bird. I named it Mary in honor of my oldest grandchild. Mary almost died in Sept. 2013 from a rare illness and was in ICU for 6 weeks then rehab and she instantly got a job when she was on her feet and moved back to new York city. She is amazing!! The day i went for my cat scan, her dad send me a get well quickly card and reminded me that Mary’s favorite song was “don’t worry, be happy’ and i will keep that song in my mind for the rest of my life!

  29. fabiola donnelly
    6 years ago

    Thank you so much for this loving post. The universe and my kitty daughter, Chula, that just passed sent it to me at the very perfect time, not much a surprise here :-). The funny part is, asking for help is one of my bigger fears. So I really love the part where you suggest asking for smaller things. One of my roles in this lifetime is my mom’s caregiver and the last couple of weeks I’ve really realized I need to ask for more help. I actually asked my brother to get a couple of things at the grocery store for her yesterday!
    I am really grateful for these words and they resonated with me so much. I’m going to keep this post open on my laptop so I can re-read it and remind myself to breathe, pray, and allow. I also just started reading Nick’s newest book on tapping, so really this is all just perfection. Thank you again.

  30. Sheli
    6 years ago

    Thank you very powerful. I have experienced huge changes when practicing the above steps, choosing to not live in fear. Challenging at times, but very rewarding (life changing). Also helps with people close to you, they feel the energy and vibration of positive living. Lost my Mom recently and faith made the loss bearable knowing her spirit lives on and I feel very connected to her. I choose to live a spiritual life Thank you Dr. N. for the uplifting words

    1. Christiane Northrup
      6 years ago

      Just lovely. And so true about losing a loved one.

  31. Rosemary
    6 years ago

    What a wonderfully validating read this morning. I have just begun mirror work and doing daily affirmations this week… it’s so easy to think they won’t work and then I read this!! Thank you for the reminders that these tools do in fact work and for providing a community forum for us all to share

    1. Christiane Northrup
      6 years ago

      Beautiful comment. Thank you so much. Christiane

  32. Mary mallott
    6 years ago

    Beautiful read and so true. Great reminder and right on time for me. Thank you And happy new year xx

  33. Roberta
    6 years ago

    Great Read. I need to pray for the Money Tree I just transplanted yesterday. 🙂

  34. Emmy
    6 years ago

    Dr Northrup, thank you for the noteworthy article! It certainly resonated w/ me. Now w/ the information in the article, I can find a way to overcome fear w/ faith. You’ve been a blessing to me! Thanks again! ❤

  35. Peg
    6 years ago

    On the spot healing – I scanned my fear parts and affirmed my love and care for each. Simultaneously, I found myself in a self-bear hug covered in an unconditional wave of love and care for myself. …and then, I turned it all over to the Divine healer. Thank you for this gentle reminder I needed right in this moment.

    1. Christiane Northrup
      6 years ago

      Oh I loved this self-bear hug approach. It’s so effective and wonderful.

  36. Pamela Jeanne
    6 years ago

    Thank you for helping me remember the truth of who I am. 2017 was a truly traumatic year with 2 major abdominal surgeries that were hard to understand why it happened. Now on the other side and recovered I can feel the gift from it all. I have imagined myself traveling to many new places which what I wanted to do before I became ill. Thought it would not happen, but here I am now ready to take off for a 3 week Hawaii vacation. When I return I am planning a 3 month exploration in a older RV that I just purchased (never have done that before!) to see National Parks across America. I can’t believe it’s really happening, but have been visioning all this and voila it has manifested! Having faith is how I did it. I’m not any richer than before, but I made it happen through my thoughts and desire.
    Deepest thanks to Louise Hay and to you too Christianne for providing the guidance and love.
    In deep gratitude, Pamela

    1. Christiane Northrup
      6 years ago

      Yes yes yes!!! Your comment is priceless and will help so many. Thank you.

  37. Brenda Gubrynowicz
    6 years ago

    I am lucky to have been raised in a family with very strong faith, miracles were something we expected to get when we prayed and believed, I have seen and experienced the power of prayer many, many times. Impossible situations, illness, addictions,lack, conflict, resolving itself miraculously after we prayed, the existence of a higher power has never been a question, I have felt it, seen it in action and more than that….I intuitively know that it is there, always available to me.

    1. Marg
      3 years ago

      I agree!
      We, too, saw many miracles and answers to prayers!

  38. Joy
    6 years ago

    Thank you for showing up with these words of faith to remind me that no matter what, Divine order is always at work in my life and in the universe.

  39. Gail Kauranen Jones
    6 years ago

    Thank you, Dr. Northrup, for writing the most powerfully clear and succinct description of moving from fear to faith. When I first got “the calling” to write my recently released book, “Cancer as a Love Story: Developing the Mindset for Living,” (www.cancerasalovestory.com), I met it with much resistance. It was not in my life plan to write of journey moving beyond breast cancer using neuroscience and “energy as medicine.” I did not even understand those concepts before my diagnosis. Each time I wanted to bail on this five-year project that brought me to cliffs I could not imagine, faith kept me going. The right healer appeared, the right community evolved, the right time became available to complete the book in solitude in a casita in the middle of nowhere. Now that the book is published, I am in surrender, trusting that God, not my ego, is running the show. There is a beautiful detachment to what happens next, a “knowing” that I did my part, and leaving “space for grace” (which is a chapter in my sequel book. Allowing for mystery is as important as all the “doing” of bringing a dream.mission to market. Rereading your list of STEPS TO FAITH keeps me grounded. Thanks again. Gail

    1. Christiane Northrup
      6 years ago

      Beautiful example of exactly what it takes. Not easy. But oh so fulfilling. Bless you.

  40. Elizabeth James
    6 years ago

    I am right where I need to be at this moment. It’s as if your advice on fear appeared when I needed it most. Thank you for your message and your wisdom.

  41. Gabrielle
    6 years ago

    Perfect timing. Today I just gave my employer the news that I am leaving. This was a hard decision since he is also a friend and I have been working with him for 9 years. Fear was holding me back and every time I came into work, I would remain silent. I had been planning to do this for months, yet was “waiting for the perfect time.” I have nothing else in the works, so I am stepping into the void. Guess what? That takes a Heap o’ Faith! So I view this article, which just popped up, as a sign I am on the right path. Thank you Universe and Dr. N.

  42. Jill K.
    6 years ago

    Precisely what I needed to read today. Thank you Christian and to God for delivering this in perfect timing.

  43. Manuela Vaz
    6 years ago

    Immense appreciation for all you have been sharing, dear Dr. Northrup! Replying to your two questions above, and focusing particularly on your last sentence “The way to loosen your grip on anything is to realize that none of it really belongs to you.”, I’d say Human Design has had that radical effect in my life.
    (https://www.jovianarchive.com/Human_Design/What_is_it) According to this system, you are a Manifestor, one of the four human types, and the impact of your work in society corresponds to its unmistakable signature. Many blessings!

    1. Christiane Northrup
      6 years ago

      Yes indeed. I have had a Human Design session. I like the reminder “Nothing really belongs to you.” We all need to remember that. Repeatedly. Thank you.

  44. jane frey
    6 years ago

    thank you so very much for this article>

  45. Jackie
    6 years ago

    Thank you so much for continuing to be a shining example of a woman who lives her life to the fullest; who continues to be insatiably curious, and therefore is always growing; and who continually provides the model that it’s ok for women to step out of the box (which society rigidly provides) and to be our own, truly authentic self! You are terrific, and you give all women the courage to realize that we are, too!

    1. Christiane Northrup
      6 years ago

      Thank you for noticing this. It is always more comfortable “in the box.” Until that box just gets to darn small!

  46. Linda Keen
    6 years ago

    This article and especially the last section about faith resonated strongly with me this morning.
    I have been struggling with fear, anxiety and insecurity for many years. It almost feels like most of my sixty two years, but it has been intense the last couple of years, since losing my partner, a good, caring man, to cancer a little over two years ago. We lived together the last seven years of his life.
    Prayer, meditation, deep breathing, tapping and faith have carried me through the struggles of chronic pain, disability and the insecurity of a meager, limited income for many years now.
    Thank you for sharing this and your encouragement!

  47. Sharon
    6 years ago

    Funny and interesting how I got to this blog one year after it was written. Is synchronicity and the law of attraction working with the universe here? My life had to break open in order for me to heal…and during that process I learned that I live a fear based life. I learned it from my parents and from life experiences. I now have 58 years of un-learning to do. I am a work in progress and yes, I am making progress. It is not easy, but the rewards unimaginable. Wonderful article.

    1. Karen Tyndall
      6 years ago

      Sharon I am the same age as you and could have written what you said! We are not alone and have people like Christiane walking the walk before us. Lots of love and good luck and synchronicity means we are on our path to more joy fun and laughter bring it on!!! Xxx❤️

    2. Christiane Northrup
      6 years ago

      Wonderful. Since we are immortal, it’s never too late to learn. In my humble opinion.

      1. Noreen S
        5 years ago

        Hi Christiane,

        Just read your article on Fear. I have had much more of it since 2019. I am an Hsp and former “caregiver”. Before caregiving for my mom who passed in 2009, I was a Talented Artist chasing my creative dreams. Too many losses and grief, and disappointments and now I have PTSD and I am not wanting to die, but hsps can easily feel too much and have other mental health troubles that can lead downward. So, I still have to deal with the medical community on this. I am purchasing your 2 books, one on Energy Vampires and other on Making life Easy.
        I probably need some energy healing but not looking for heavy Detox.
        The outside earth energies since 2015 have been crazy. I was homeless in 2015 for almost 3months. Not a party. All the memories came crashing back. That can lead to more anxiety, depression, PTSD, etc. So, medical and other forms of help can be needed. I have to modulate my moods now. Elaine Arons books on this talk re suicide which is a real possibility for hsps. Need to take it seriously and be helped.
        Any comments from you appreciated. LIFE TRAUMA while on earth isn’t easy.

        Noreen S.

        1. Jeanie
          3 years ago

          Hi Noreen

          I just read your comment today and I am sorry you are where you are in your life. If you can google Jim Banks Healing Ministries, they have a Trauma Prayer on their website without any advertisement interruptions , that you can download or just listen to. It is helpful. It is also on You tube but that one does have a lot of advertisement interruptions on it. May God keep you in his loving care and bring you much needed help in all areas of your life. God Bless.

  48. Elisabeth
    6 years ago

    that is just what i needed right now.
    Thank you so so much! I will move from fear to faith in my 2. pregnancy. I thought faith would come by itself, but what always comes first is fear. So yes, i will be using the steps!

  49. Jennie
    7 years ago

    Dr. Northrup,
    I just wanted to thank you, as a behavioral health counselor/therapist, for such a well-written article. I very much appreciate your detailed explanation of fear and it’s physiological effects. I also appreciate your ideas in how to work with/move through fear, by holding it and first practicing acceptance. This will be extremely helpful in support of my work with clients… and of course, the whole article is an excellent reminder for me as well, in areas of self-care and living life to the fullest, areas in which I have been sometimes challenged myself.
    Wishing you all good things in this New Year,

  50. Diana
    8 years ago

    Trying to face and deal with the emotional baggage that I have been carrying around for decades now, even though I am constantly daring and challenging the patterns that led me to serious health issues, I find your article truly inspiring and insightful. In particular, I liked the way you ‘translated’ some ethernal wisdom into practical and easy to apply rules that can again and again be used to handle even the most problematic issues. Thank you

  51. Reems
    8 years ago

    Dear Dr. Northrup – Your article came at a very interesting time. I kept asking myself, why do I have so much anxiety and fear? I wake up every morning with anxiety – anxiety about getting my son to school, getting ready for work, being prepared for all the meetings in day, for the rejection I will face with customers and more. I don’t get the support I need to get everything done and there are days I feel so overwhelmed that I want to curl into a ball and sit in a corner. I love to work, to do things for others – but every now and then, I feel shackled and paralyzed by fear. I also realize now that my mother lives in constant fear of others and she passes her anxieties on to me. Somedays, I don’t feel like talking to my mother. When I speak to her, my anxiety shoots through the roof. I don’t want to disappoint her, but I also need distance from her. I will try and follow up your steps. What works for me really is praying – praying for strength and meditating when I get a chance. Thank you this guidance.

    1. Susan
      6 years ago

      TAKE THE TIME TO MEDITATE, don, t wait for the ‘right’ time querida mia – it never comes.

  52. V Grace
    8 years ago

    I’ve been struggling with fear around my job because I have too many residents that I’m responsible for too many drugs and treatments and not enough time to have the energy and one day to do it all. Last night I had to do a procedure that I’ve never done before and all of the right clues fell into place and time. (I’m still switching from full-time to PRN, to preserve my health,) but I do have faith and I question every day and ask for guidance. I’m not sure how I’m going to make a living now but I’m going to take better care of myself <3 thank you for this timely , informative and helpful loving blog!

  53. Kate
    8 years ago

    The first few lines of this were everything to me. I’m just had to decide between aggressive cancer treatment and non-aggressive cancer treatment for an aggressive tumour that’s no longer there. You see the conundrum…

    There are reasons to pick chemo and Herceptin and there are reasons (and in my case, stats) to pick radiation therapy and Tamoxifen. It’s the hardest decision I ever made. But in the end the choice was exactly this: faith (in the future, in my body’s ability to heal) or fear (of what may or may not still be there, that chemo could destroy). And when I viewed it like that, the answer was easy. I chose faith and now I choose faith and the chance to create health every day. To choose fear would be to somehow betray myself.

    It’s now a life mantra: faith or fear? And I know the answer.

  54. Jean S.
    8 years ago

    Dr. Northrup, this is an amazing article that you wrote! Brilliant!!!! I love all your blogs and look forward to reading every one of them. This is exactly where I am in my life……letting go and turning everything over to God. It feels so good to have faith and KNOW on all levels of my being that all will turn out without me micro managing everything. I always turn to God and ask Him to help me, teach me what it is that I need to learn, and bring something (like these articles) or someone to help me if I am struggling by myself. I’m so very grateful that God works through other people……we weren’t meant to do it alone. I am always thanking God for His help, for the lesson, for everything. God bless you Dr. Northrup for being true to yourself and passing all of your wisdom on to so many others! Love, Jean

  55. Peta Chait
    8 years ago

    I just feel so inspired and refreshed reading your latest blog, it just resonates with me. We all have so much work to do and
    work with on ourselves, and with patience and perseverance we can uncomplicate our lives. I believe it takes time , lots of time, but once your head gets around it, it becomes a way of life and you shift from “fear” into a more realistic way of thinking and doing. Love your articles always.

  56. Lucinda
    8 years ago

    Another simple and effective tool is to rephrase -instead of using I AM statements such as I am afraid state I am with fear. It puts space between the emotion and your true essence.

  57. Linda
    8 years ago

    Praise God! thank you for teaching faith. It is the believing when sense realm evidence tells you something to the contrary. We can speak our future into existence in alignment with God’s word. Nothing is impossible with Him.

  58. Susan
    8 years ago

    The 12 Steps are almost 80 years old this year– from AA — and still the best teacher available at no cost and meetings are in most of our communities in hundreds of languages everywhere around the globe. Learning patience and breathing … Especially practicing letting go — surrender, surrender, see you can do it — that is the way to build FAITH and TO LEARN to let go of fear.

    1. Christiane
      8 years ago

      I couldn’t agree more. Thank you!

  59. Ruth
    8 years ago

    Your insight and wisdom have been a great source of strength and growth for me, Dr. Northrup. Thank you. I am smack dab in the middle of a situation right now that is requiring me to surrender to ‘what is’, to face all the fears I didn’t even realize were buried in my psyche and to live from a heart of faith and courage. Some days are better than others, but prayer and meditation and many sources of inspiration keep me going. Again, thank you!

  60. Maris
    8 years ago

    When I am stressed about something I say “it does not matter” sounds so simple yet it seems to work for me. When I say it does not matter it is a double edged sword as it were. One aspect is the simple saying the other aspect is that this problem or stress will not matter as in be in the world of matter any more. Things just seem to disappear they literally do not matter any more.

  61. Stephanie
    8 years ago

    When I feel alone in a situation I realize that I am not. I am WITH myself….and that I can do it!
    Life presents things for us , not to us!
    That thought alone takes much fear away….
    Thank you again, Dr. Northrop !

    1. Helene
      8 years ago

      Very good point, Stephanie. Thank you.

    2. Christiane
      8 years ago

      That is a great thought! And useful. Thank you!

  62. Carolyn
    8 years ago

    Many years of blessings that helped my life through many difficulties – using the 12 Step program; writing journals and prose/poetry; Psychology classes along with therapy; prayers and help from Friends and Family never touched on the ‘low-grade’ fear your piece made me aware of. Based, i think, on lack of self-care/love resulting in stopping doing things that would provide me with improved health – such as doing my simple walking and stretching program. Ending up doing them in a haphazard way. Very sneaky….
    I am 82, live alone and have been in general good health, This year has been challenging with both hip areas causing problems.
    Thank you Dr.

  63. Rose
    8 years ago

    After I had surgery for cancer I wrote a piece called Faith Over Fear – that theme helped me through that scary and also amazingly healing experience – which is still going on four years later. Whenever I felt afraid of the cancer returning or of the next CT scan I found I could open my heart to God and, with simple prayer, connect my faith with that vulnerable child within me. Faith won every time. In time, my faith in God and in myself has grown strong enough that my fears are transformed into faith within minutes. Don’t miss the suffering. Focusing on appreciation helps too. So thankful to see Dr. Northrup teaching us more about this. So simple yet BIG!

    1. Christiane
      8 years ago

      Beautiful sharing. Thank you.

  64. Kathy
    8 years ago

    Just wanted to thank you for your e-mail and your message about fear. It is like God answered my prayers and is giving me a direction to change my way of thinking. I have been stuck and so tired of worrying about my finances and health and spend more time thinking negatively. Your message I have read many times before and tried to change my way of thinking to no avail. Lately I have been going through a lot and feeling overwhelmed and opened up your e-mail and felt like God directed me to read this to help me change my thought process. Thank you again I really needed this today.

  65. Jennie Hallberg
    8 years ago

    As a child religion taught me to fear everything. As a seeker of life, and many years later I was lead to the fact of the matter, befriend the fear…and use it as a strength, to empower yourself. Bruce Lee was and still is a perfect example of how to turn fear into faith. Im an author that lays out the message from living the experience. I’m working on my third book, and working at an antique shop part time at 70 plus and I’m not done yet! J. Hallberg

    1. Joyce
      8 years ago

      Really inspiring, thank you for sharing.

    2. Christiane
      8 years ago


  66. Monika
    8 years ago

    This is in perfect harmony with where I am at in my life now. Thank you!

  67. Dusanka
    8 years ago

    THANK YOU. Love you both, Christiane Northrup, and Doreen Virtue (and some others, too, of course …). You are two great women. <3 🙂

  68. Sandy
    8 years ago

    This is exactly what I needed today. Thank you for this wonderful and positive information.Really wakes up the mind.

  69. Patty Rich
    8 years ago

    Thank you for reminding me of these 7 exceedingly valuable resiliant reminders. 4 years ago, the love-of-my-life, best friend, and business partner of 30 years disclosed that he had been unfaithful for 15 years with 2 different women (one was a dear friend and GM for our very successful business). Needless to say, I was shocked and devastated. I was diagnosed with PTSD. My faith is what has kept me afloat! I turned 60 on 9-15 and I’ve never been as alive and beautiful — mentally and physically. And, I’ve never been as close to my Divine as now. For years my husband was “my divine!” I now know who truly is my Divine and love-of-my-life!” Thank you for your reminders! I am going to print these 7 Habits and place it in my “bills-to-be-paid” file so that I am reminded “to Trust” when fears well up in me!

  70. Jane
    8 years ago

    Very good basic fundamental information from Christian that requires a person to adapt and adopt a new paradigm to navigate their life. one of the ways to get such a turn around is to consider going to a 12-step meeting. . In the first three steps, one is asked to surrender their will to God, but first they must develope a God of their own understanding, not the one of childhood fears as most of us have been brought up to believe. Then we become willing to have our lives and our will managed by this God. Step 3, we turn our lives over to God. Step 4, we inventory ourselves, take an honest assessment of what’s working what’s not, step 5; verbalize this to a God and another trusted human. Step 6 make a list of our character defects step 7 ask God to remove them step 8 we now are willing to look at anyone we have harmed, we are willing to make a list. step 9 we actually make amends to those on the list, step 10 continue to take a daily inventory of steps 1-9 and step 11 we have a daily practice of prayer and meditation and 12; having had a Spiritual Awakening as a result of doing the steps we carry the message to others. That’s how I became a woman of Faith, and not Fear. It requires awareness, acceptance, and action.
    And ultimately complete surrender to what is. It’s all very simple and yet radically different from my life before.

    1. Stephanie
      8 years ago

      Love the 12th step above all!!!!

    2. Christiane
      8 years ago

      I love the 12 steps which, as you know, are based on the principles in every great religion of the world. They are, quite simply, spiritual truth.

  71. Linda
    8 years ago

    Dear Dr. Northrup,
    Thank you so much for putting “wise woman” self out there and sharing your wisdom with the rest of us. I listen to your Hay House Radio program when I am able or the rebroadcasts. I stop what ever I am doing when I hear you prep for an actual Divine connection segment or offer up a petition. I have “Goddesses Never Age” and loved every wise word! I am happy to say the book hold a prominent place on my nightstand for easy access morning and evening. I also have post it marked pages with highlighted sections on the words that resonate with me the most. I truly look forward to your new book “Making Life Easy” with great enthusiasm. Your words, meditations and guidance have really resonated with me. I most recently decided to make a change when a fearful experience runs ramp-id in my brain. I understand that when I am in fear or under stress that I frequently feel the urgency apply some type of action to stop the feeling. Previously, I used eating to eliminate the feeling, like all the crackers in the cabinet. This might be momentarily satisfying, yet unproductive in the long run leading to self loathing and weight gain leading to more self loathing. What a vicious cycle! This morning after my meditation, I declared when stress or fear arises I do need to take action and decided to do so with breath and meditation, which ease me back to a calm state. I love the “easy habit” you provided above !!! I look forward to reading the rest of your new book. I am sure it will it hold the prioritized position on my nightstand and have similar post it notes on the highlights as “Goddesses” In Loving Gratitude, Linda

  72. Rose Hayden
    8 years ago

    Faith is life changing…. and I always know when I ‘forget’ that all that is happening is not to me but for me. Wonderful blog and very important reminder… thank you.

  73. Danielle
    8 years ago

    This is so fantastic. Thank you.

  74. Caroline
    8 years ago

    Thank you.. Love this.. What a help, especially at this moment in my life ❤️

  75. Linda Nowinski
    8 years ago

    Your words are answers to many questions I’ve had for so long…comforting , enlightening, so uplifting and I thank my fears for finding you !
    Thank you, Dr. N!!!

  76. Sandra
    8 years ago

    Wow I really needed this. After losing my precious husband in 2014 I developed breast cancer this year. I feel I am doing well but I have fear for my health which I never did before. I am reading Godesses Never Age, your online articles and watching your videos. All of this is just what I need to live the rest of my life as intended. I am an ageless 75. Thank you

  77. Dove
    8 years ago

    This is really helpful and so clear and practical! Thank you!

  78. Linda Hall
    8 years ago

    Beautifully written message of trust. Thank you so much for all of these reminders of what I know to do for my self care.

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