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1. Why You Should Detox Your Pineal Gland


Your pineal gland is part of the endocrine system in your brain, and it plays an important role in regulating almost every function in your body, including reproduction, executive function, growth, body temperature, blood pressure, sensory and motor activity, sleep, mood, immune function, appetite, and longevity. The pineal gland sits in the epithalamus located beneath […]

2. 11 Simple Ways to Take Care of Your Soul


In my book Making Life Easy, I talk about Saturn’s return––the time when the planet Saturn returns to where it was at the time of your birth. The first Saturn return occurs between the ages of 27–32. The second Saturn return occurs around age 58. Saturn’s return is about growing up. The first Saturn return […]

3. Why You Should Be Sun Gazing


Sunlight is a nutrient. When I was practicing medicine and trying to get pregnant, I made an effort to get outside in the sunlight at least 30 minutes per day because I knew then what is now proven—that exposure to direct sunlight during the follicular phase of a woman’s menstrual cycle increases her BBT (basal […]

4. Swollen Bartholin’s Gland


I've often said that when our upper lips (those around our mouth), can't speak, our lower lips (genitals) will do it for us.

5. Why You Should Skip Your Annual Check-Up


The other day I received my “health plan” from my insurance company, which informed me that my health plan for the next year is to 1) get a mammogram, 2) get a colonoscopy, 3) have my lipid profile done, and 4) get a blood pressure check. Clearly my insurance company does not know me or […]

6. Dry Eyes and Sjögren’s Syndrome


One perimenopausal symptom common to midlife women is dryness of the eyes and other mucous membranes, including the mouth and vagina. For many women this dryness can be easily remedied through using eye drops and a vaginal lubricant when needed, but other women will require much more help, particularly those who have Sjögren’s (shó-grins) syndrome.

7. Do You Have Midlife Hypothyroidism?


An estimated 20 million Americans have some form of thyroid disease. Statistics show that one in eight women will develop a thyroid disorder in her lifetime. And, women are five to eight times more likely than men to have thyroid problems. 

8. The Big Sleep


A couple weeks ago, a good friend called and said, "Help. I have night sweats and hot flashes. And I haven't had a good night's sleep in months. I watched you talk about bioidentical hormones on television. What do you think?"

9. Your Chakras: A Roadmap to Vibrant Health


When you hear the word healthcare, what do you think of? Doctors, medical testing, clinics, and hospitals, correct? Conventional Western medicine equates healthcare with disease screening or early diagnosis. Thankfully, you can own and operate your own state of health completely and fully by understanding the energy systems known as chakras.

10. Surfing Your Chakra Waves


It's very useful to have a basic understanding of your energetic anatomy, including how the energy centers — known as chakras — function in your mind and body. Different lands, people, and times, both ancient and modern, have given different names to different parts of our energy anatomy.