Dr Christianne Northrup

Rethinking the “Broken Home”

In the not so distant past, people would say a child came from a “broken home” if the child’s parents were divorced. And this was considered a great tragedy. Many people, who really needed to separate, stayed together “for the sake of the children.” Although each situation is different, I can assure you that when a parent is miserable and stays in a miserable situation for the children’s sake, the child learns that miserable is normal for relationships. She also learns how to put up with misery. Tosha Silver, a writer and astrologer, told me that she considers a family “broken” when people who obviously dislike each other stay together for the sake of the kids. And I agree.

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Protecting Your Children and Your Soul Through Divorce

The stress of the holidays is often felt more by non-traditional families, such as those who have been divorced and are raising children on their own. I received this question from a member of my web site’s Women’s Wisdom Circle. Married or single, if you’re struggling to give your children all that you want them to have—while also trying to protect your soul—I hope the answer speaks to you.

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Battle of the Sexes Revisited

With all the bad news dominating the headlines, it’s no wonder that an unprecedented number of people are experiencing stress. Stress, like any other emotional issue, manifests in the body to get our attention. When you’re anxious and worried for long periods of time, it’s common to experience muscle tension, sleeplessness, anxiety, headaches, high blood pressure, fatigue, and other conditions.

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