Dr Christianne Northrup

Why I Hate the Term Cougar

Why I hate the term cougar. Recently, I was having an e-mail discussion with my daughters and other friends, ranging in age from 26 to 61, and one of the 30-somethings sent a Newsweek link to a story about cougars, famous cougars, you know, Susan Sarandon, and we had Madonna, and we had, of course, the most famous cougar of all time, Demi Moore, and she was all over the term, and I hate it. I’ve always hated it. And she said, she didn’t see it as a put-down phrase.

Keep Your Brain Sharp With This One Tip

Keep Your Brain Sharp With This One Tip!

Did you know that your brain continues to make new cells for your entire life? The cultural belief that we lose brain function as we age is just that – a cultural belief. In this video I share my one tip for keeping your brain sharp no matter how many years you have been on […]