How to Honor Your Body and Live Heaven on Earth

by Christiane Northrup, M.D.


Having spent the last 40 years assisting women in healing themselves on all levels and at all life stages, I’ve learned that our bodies are true altars—the most sacred places in our lives.

Without flourishingly healthy bodies, nothing else matters. Yet, many women take their bodies for granted—especially during times of stress and uncertainty.

While paying loving attention to your body may sound silly, selfish, or self-absorbed, then consider this: Your body needs regular doses of comfort and pleasure to be optimally healthy. Without it, you are much more likely to seek pleasure from external and unsustainable sources and behaviors, including drugs, alcohol, and sugar.

So for my last blog of this year I want to give you the permission to deliberately pay loving attention to your body. And if permission is not enough, think of this as a prescription to “listen to and respect your body more than you have ever done before.”  

 My Tips for Honoring Your Body Now and For Life

Here are my tips for honoring your body. You can use these any time, in any order or simply pick one or two that resonate with you. I suggest you find time every day and make honoring your body a ritual as you do other health-enhancing practices.

  1. Love your body all the time. Your body is where your soul lives. It is truly a temple. So, whether you feel too weak, too fat, or too tired, or you dislike some other feature you simply love your body. You can say an affirmation such as “I love my body in its current state even with its perceived flaws. I beautify and worship my body-temple when I care for and love myself.” Acts of love toward your body can be as simple as flossing your teeth, exercising and stretching, eating slowly and sensually, and breathing fully.
  1. Do things that comfort you. It’s ok to want to improve your body, whether you are seeking to be stronger, lose weight, improve your skin tone, or whatever your goals. But you must also remember that honoring your body is about giving it what it truly needs. Take a nap if you are tired. Relax with a cup of tea. Go for a walk in the fresh air. When your body feels nourished and comforted, you are more likely to achieve the goals you are seeking.
  1. Bring pleasure into your life. We are hard-wired for pleasure. And taking time for pleasure decreases the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline. Try to take time to experience something pleasurable every day. This can be anything that feels good to you. It may be something as simple as enjoying a meal with loved ones and allowing ample time for digestion the way the French and Italians do. (When food is savored and enjoyed not gulped down at our desks or eaten on the run it’s metabolized differently.) Commit to a minimum of fifteen minutes of true enjoyment every day. Not only will you feel better, but you’ll be also able to approach arduous tasks with more energy and a better outlook.
  1. Honor your emotions. We cannot heal negative emotions with our minds. We must acknowledge and fully feel our emotions, including the difficult ones such as sorrow, grief, and anger. It’s much healthier to feel these fully and much healthier for your body-temple that reaching for a glass of wine, a cookie, or a pill, or to criticize yourself for having negative emotions. When we honor our feelings, we are practicing compassion.
  1. Ask for help. Everyone needs help and support. My friend told me how her husband recently attempted to carry their Christmas tree inside by himself. Even though she offered to help him, he went ahead and put the 10-foot tree over his shoulder, climbed the small hill on their front lawn, tripped and fell flat out on the walkway. Aside from a few minor scrapes, he was ok. But he certainly could have been injured. And asking for help is about putting yourself first. When you do, you give others the gift of being of service to you.
  1. Invoke the Divine. We are Divine beings living in physical form. This means the perfect solution for ALL of our problems and all of our requests has already been chosen. When we simply relax into being guided to the right action, everything falls into place easily. This approach is far less stressful than trying to make things happen all of the time. You can also use Divine Love petitions to help.
  1. Breathe fully. Breathing fully in through your nose and out through your mouth is a great way to reset your body, mind and spirit. Physically, breathing properly balances your nervous system and effectively calms any excess stress.
  1. Smile at yourself in the mirror. This may sound difficult at first, especially if you are used to looking in the mirror critically and “fixing” the things you don’t like. Instead, take a moment to smile and imagine your smile being directed into every cell in your body. Then close your eyes and send well-being and acceptance to all of your body parts, one by one. Do this once per day.
  1. Enjoy nature. I enjoy being outside and regularly walk barefoot on the Earth. This practice—known as Grounding—does wonders for our bodies due to the Earth’s healing electromagnetic field. This for me is connecting to true Source. I regularly commune with all of the elements—the wind, fire, water, and earth. I commune with trees, flowers, plants, and animals, and they commune with me.
  1. Expect magic. Try greeting each new day with the anticipation of a young child. Remember what it feels like to be eager to see what wonders await you!

You can use these tips to create affirmations or try meditating on one or several of these as needed. You can even write them in your journal and update your progress.

When you spend time every day worshiping the temple of your soul your body will reward you many fold.

Last Updated: December 20, 2023

Christiane Northrup, M.D.

Christiane Northrup, M.D., is a visionary pioneer and a leading authority in the field of women’s health and wellness. Recognizing the unity of body, mind, and spirit, she empowers women to trust their inner wisdom, their connection with Source, and their ability to truly flourish.


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  1. Christiane Northrup
    11 years ago

    @Angel– from one angel to another. I have come to see that the people we most look up to an emulate are the ones who are most like the souls we REALLY are. In the 12 Step Program they say, ” If you spot it, you got it.” So if I have been your rock– in A

  2. Angel Lia
    11 years ago

    You have been my guidance throughout all of my crisis…spousal abuse, abandonment, cancer, death, 8 year divorce battle, death threats, PTSD, STD, loss of 4 loved ones in 5 years, bankruptcy, foreclosure, raising and supporting 3 boys on one income alone, nervous breakdown, surgery and much more… But I can solemnly swear that you have been my rock and teaching me to love and respect myself has been the key to my being alive today. I know you are an angel sent to me from above…Thank you xo

  3. Sunny
    11 years ago

    I start my day with your Daily Inspiration. I am so grateful for all your work, as it speaks directly to my heart, uplifts my spirit and invites self-healing like nothing else.

  4. Holly
    11 years ago

    Beautiful reminder …. I prefer to take care of my body as the temple of the only one to worship (God and His son Jesus who indwells me) rather than worship my body but to long I have neglected it …

  5. Christiane Northrup
    11 years ago

    These comments are all wonderful!! Suzette– that Gaelic blessing is powerful. I could actually FEEL it sparkling through my body. Thank you one and all!! Just LOVED reading your comments here. And it’s so true– without love, no self-care will EVER be permanent!!!

  6. Claudia
    11 years ago

    Thanks for your kind and loving guidance – heard of you in the Bruno-Groening-Circle of friends here in Germany. I never miss your Daily Inspiration and I am thankful for your Newsletter. I shared this Blog with a German doktor (woman), who understands English and who liked it.
    Best wishes to you in 2013!

  7. Liliya
    11 years ago

    Given you are asking in Cancer I am gssueing you are taking your temp during chemo treatments to monitor for infection.I found the digital thermometer easier to read (didn’t need my glasses) and I was able to keep the temp showing for second opinion after I removed it.However, they can become inaccurate after time (expecially if someone helpful tries to sterilise with boiling water!)When I had a visiting nurse after surgery, she isued me with a glass thermometer but was happy to swap to my digital. Her opinion was the digital were easier to use but they could only issue glass because of affordability.

  8. Sharlene
    11 years ago

    I am introducing the elderly community in my care to the power of affirmations and we will be using mirrors while affirming as a group. Thank you for these beautiful affirmations. They, and your newsletter, are a powerful validation for me as I move forward with this project.

  9. Gillian
    11 years ago

    Thankyou Dr Northrup, for your very comforting and wise words, peace & love xxx

  10. Marilyn
    11 years ago

    I am 55 now. “The Wisdom of Menopause” has been my bible since I was in my forties. I am soaring through this stage of change due to the wisdom I have gathered from reading Chistine’s Book, Thank you! It helped me make better and healthier choices like Accupuncture, Yoga, eating better and getting regular exercise. I continue to fine tune my journey. I share my joys and successes with other women.
    Thank you again, Christine!

  11. Suzette
    11 years ago

    Wow! Dr. Northrup you ROCK my world and totally turn me on! LOL! I absolutely love and adore you! I very humbley thank you for being part of my world.

    A New Year’s Gaelic blessing
    Deep Peace
    of the running wave to you
    Deep Peace
    of the flowing air to you
    Deep Peace
    of the quiet earth to you
    Deep Peace
    of the shining stars to you
    Deep Peace
    of the gentle night to you,
    moon and stars
    pour their healing light on you
    Deep Peace to you.

  12. Linda
    11 years ago

    As usual, you have gotten to the heart of the matter. You are a beautiful inspiration and when every woman, once again, recognizes her wonder, the world will indeed be a better place.

  13. Julie
    11 years ago

    I am counting on 2013 being my best year yet. I have been going through a nasty divorce for the past 2 years. I am sure that it will be finalized in 2013 and that I will be able to start the life i was meant to live. Thank you for all your guidance.

  14. Helen Markoglu
    11 years ago

    Thank you will share and retread often.

  15. Maureen
    11 years ago

    I can’t thank you enough for all the wonderful insights you’ve shared. I was going through a divorce (over 15 years ago) and first discovered you through Wayne Dyer and Louise Hay (Wayne has been a long time favorite) and heard you on “Empowering Women” series. I listened to it over and over along with the other wonderful women in this series. You don’t know me, but you’ve helped me change my life in the most positive and loving ways. Thank you so much for gifting my womanly soul.

  16. Jennifer June
    11 years ago

    I have made a commitment to what you are telling us and practice everyday with enthusiasm and a smile but if I falter I also forgive myself instead of beating myself up about it. I was thinking, OH NO!, lol When I was married I took a vow. blablabla but now I am taking a vow for myself and removing the guilt the church put on me. I now honor myself.

  17. I love how you always brings it back to the body Dr. Northrup. Thank you for being such a positive ressource for bringing in pleasure and honouring the living experience – in all it’s facets. Truly inspiring!

  18. Tara
    11 years ago

    I second Gerrie’s comments! Your books, blogs, Facebook posts, newsletters, etc. remind me regularly of just what I need to hear. You are very appreciated!

  19. Marcia Whitfield
    11 years ago

    Love this! Thank you!

  20. Teri
    11 years ago

    Happy New Year, Dr. Northup. I hope 2013 brings you all the wonderful things you deserve. I have listened to you for several years and you continue to inspire me and help me to appreciate all that is important. Thank you.

  21. Monika
    11 years ago

    I have been battling anorexia for many years. Now that I am 53, and my body is begging me for nourishment, I am finally realizing that unless I adopt resolutions like the ones you encourage, I will continue to “live dead”. My healing has nothing to do with the food I eat or don’t eat. Healing will happen only if I honour my soul, my feelings, and give thanks to this body of mine that has kept fighting for me, many times despite myself, like the most loyal of all friends.

  22. Melissa
    11 years ago

    Thank you for being you Christiane! You have been such a wonderful influence in my life and have connected me to so many other wonderful resources that I am overwhelmed with gratitude! Thank you so much! Many Blessings to you in 2013! It’s going to be a wonderful year! 🙂

    11 years ago


  24. Julie
    11 years ago

    Thank you Dr. Northrup. This is just what I needed to hear! I know I am loved but I do not love myself. I am told I am a kind and loving person and in many levels I believe that, but I still do not take the time I need to “come home to my body and worship the temple of my soul.” I pray to God daily for His help to get me to this place. I have two beautiful grandchildren that I want to run and have fun with. Thanks to your words of wisdom, this may just be my year!
    Happy New Year!

  25. Judy Cochrane
    11 years ago

    Love this, thank you, thank you. A beautiful reminder that I printed to read often. I would add one more thing that really has helped me love my body more : dance like no one is watching!
    Move your body freely as it wishes to move to really feel alive and connect to the childlike spirit that always danced!!! – wonderful website with videos of such dance

  26. Elizabeth
    11 years ago

    Hi there,
    I like these and find that a daily affirmation reminder via email really helps keeps me on track – do you offer something like that?

  27. Pam
    11 years ago

    thank you for this Dr Northrup .I have neglected and been unkind to myself for years but in the last 12 months have come to like myself and to realise self care is not selfish ,but is essential so that I can be there for my family ,especially my daughter as she is struggling with anorexia .
    I hope it is ok to print these and put them in a healing journal I’m making for myself as a record of the little and large steps I’m taking to restore my health
    love and hugs

  28. Liz
    11 years ago

    Dear Dr Cristiane
    After recently watching you on the ‘Heal your life i felt so inspired by your words, humour, and warm presence.
    Thank you for every thing you do for women everywhere
    love and blessings Liz UK

  29. Christiane Northrup
    11 years ago

    Thank you Gerrie and Dawn. These resolutions are so deceptively simple. So so simply. And we think” Yeah. Right.” And our minds want to know how many milligrams of zinc ( or whatever) we really need. And what food additive to stay away from, etc. Those are all important. But loving yourself– especially when you feel unlovable, is at the very HEART of all of it. And after 30 plus years on the front lines of medicine, I am absolutely CERTAIN about this!

  30. Gerrie
    11 years ago

    I have been listening to you and reading your books for many years.
    You always bring great joy and pleasure to me.
    Thank you so very much for all you do .

  31. Dawn Long
    11 years ago

    Thank you, Dr. Northrup. I pray you don’t mind that I printed this and am handing them out to a few of my girls that prefer paper to e-mail. Your beautifully significant words of wisdom shall be shared with other women who have not yet had the Blessing of your “voice”. It is my sincere pleasure to be a part of the transformation from uninformed to informed, inspired, ignited, and enlightened. Simple acts with profound effects! You are changing the wisdom of women with every word.

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