Turn Your Daily Routines into Rituals

13 Healthy Rituals to Improve Your Health

by Christiane Northrup, M.D.


Most of us engage in countless routines every day.  For example, you may wake every morning at the same time to the same alarm or music, eat breakfast, shower, get dressed and then head off to work or exercise class.  Other routines may include making your bed, cleaning your home, or making lists. While routines require discipline and are important to daily life, you probably don’t attach a whole lot of meaning to them.  But what if you did?

How to Distinguish Ritual from Routine

Brew a cup of tea as a morning ritual

The main difference between a routine and a ritual is the intent you put behind each. Rituals are meaningful because you are putting mindfulness into practice. You are engaged in the process of performing a ritual in a way you may not be engaged in performing a routine task.

Rituals may include praying, saying affirmations, practicing meditation daily, celebrating a marriage or death.

Both routines and rituals are necessary because they help us structure our lives. When you examine your typical day, maybe you notice several routines that are supporting your health, such as brewing a cup of tea at the same time every day and sitting down to enjoy it and reflect.  If you exercise daily, you may have your own routine around how you prepare for or finish your exercise.  These are examples of routines that would become even healthier if you turned them into rituals.

However, there are rituals that, on a daily basis, aren’t so good for you, such as “retail therapy” or having a few drinks.  These can fall into the category of mindless routines that are tension relieving instead of health achieving.

I am all for rituals that make your life easy, improve your performance at work, and enhance your relationships. In fact, without rituals and celebrations, we can lose sight of our true selves. And, some researchers believe that many of our culture’s physical and mental illnesses stem from our disconnection from ritual and community.

Health Benefits of Mindful Rituals

Not every routine needs to become a ritual, but every routine has the potential to become a ritual if you desire to make it meaningful.  The biggest difference between a routine and a ritual is your intent.

In The Miracle of Mindfulness: An Introduction to The Practice of Meditation, Thicht Nhat Hanh talks about “washing the dishes to wash the dishes.”  He says that if, while we are washing the dishes we are thinking of something other than washing the dishes, then we are not living. We are sucked by our thoughts into the future (or the past) and are incapable of living each moment of life.

When you put mindfulness to practice you are living in the moment and this helps to improve your health.  Some of the health benefits of mindfulness include:

  • Better memory
  • Improved mood
  • Better sleep.
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Lower blood sugar
  • Balanced hormones
  • Improved immunity
  • Fewer headaches
  • Less pain

5 Rituals to Include in Your Daily Life

Being more mindful is something you can do every day. Simply pick one activity that you do each day, such as feeding your pet, and allow this to become an activity that you enjoy rather than a chore. For example, you can put down your phone and talk to your pet as you prepare his meal.  You can sit in the same room as your pet while he eats, and then spend time with him after he finishes his meal.

There are many more ways to turn routine into ritual.  Here are 5 rituals I have added to my own life.  You can do them too. Here’s how:

Put your cell phone to bed.

Make a ritual of putting your cell phone to bed each night. You can even create a special place for your phone. It’s best to leave your phone charging downstairs or as far away from your bedroom as possible. This frees up space to get messages from your soul as you sleep. If you use your cell phone as your alarm or need it by your bed for other reasons, be sure to turn off your wi-fi.

Take time to wind down before going to sleep.

Create a relaxing ritual around going to bed.  Turn off all electronics at the same time each night.  You may want to try a warm Epsom salt bath to prepare to sleep or pamper yourself in some other way.  It’s best to get sleep on the earlier side of midnight.  It’s more restorative.

Frosty pitcher of drinking water.

Drink and eat more water.

I make a ritual out of preparing and drinking water every day.  Each night I place a pitcher near my sink. In the morning I fill it up and add 1/8 teaspoon of Himalayan sea salt (for 20 ounces of water.) I also add a highly absorbable form of magnesium, called Remag and minerals, called Remyte by Carolyn Dean, M.D., N.D. For optimal hydration, you can also eat your water.

Repair your dreams.

This is an exercise that can really help change your life.  It takes only a few minutes.  Whatever you don’t like about your dream you can change by drawing a picture of it or writing a better outcome.  You can also just go back into the dream in your imagination and change the outcome to something more favorable.

Meditate for 15 minutes twice per day.

Since returning from a recent meditation retreat, I have been meditating twice per day for 15 minutes. I do Vipassana, a type of mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness meditation is really just being present, and it helps me to remember to be mindful throughout my day. Here’s my routine: First, I light incense and candles at my home altar, where I have figures of Buddha, Mother Mary, Ganesh, Green Tara, and Kali. I put my hands in prayer and bow. I am not praying to them, per se, but they are symbols of the Divine that I enjoy having on my altar. Then, I set a time on my phone and ring a set of Tibetan bells. Once finished, I sit in a chair with my back straight and my hands in my lap— right hand over the left, thumbs touching, which is what I learned at the monastery in Thailand. Then I simply follow my breath— saying to myself “in, out, sit.” When I find myself thinking about something, I just say to myself “thinking.” If I’m distracted by sound I say “listening.” When the timer goes off, I put my hands together in prayer and send Metta (blessings) to whomever I think could use it— or to the world at large. I then blow out the candles.

8 Ancient Rituals That Are Good for Your Health

In a previous blog, I wrote about the health benefits of drumming. This is an ancient ritual that can have many positive benefits for your mind, body, and soul. Here are some more of my favorite ancient rituals that can improve your health:

A woman dancing from her soul


Dance can become a wonderful daily ritual.  You can do it anytime and without training or spending a lot of money. Ancient cultures have used dance rituals for many purposes, including health. Traditionally, members of a village would dance to experience communion with each other, spirits, their ancestors, the earth and the cosmos.  During a dance ceremony, participants have experienced visions, healings, and even ecstasy.

Dance therapy is a form of movement therapy that is often used to help both health professionals and individuals dealing with illness.  The movement and expression of emotions through dance rituals creates positive changes in their attitudes and even their will to live.

Oil pulling.

If you want cleaner, whiter teeth, you may want to try oil pulling. Oil pulling has become popular recently, but it is actually an ancient Ayurvedic ritual. You simply put a teaspoon of oil in your mouth, then you swish it around pulling it through your teeth for about 15-20 minutes.  The oil cleanses your teeth and mouth by activating enzymes to draw out the toxins.  You can use coconut oil, sesame oil or sunflower oil.

Be sure to spit the oil out when you are done. Don’t swallow it! And spit into the trash or outside in the grass so you won’t clog your sink. Then, you can gently massage your gums and teeth with your finger.

An abalone shell containing some sage, with a turkey feather for smudging


Smudging is a cleansing ritual that has been said to provide wisdom, clarity and spiritual awareness. Sage is often used for purifying.  Simply set your intention to purify your space, then place your sage in an abalone shell or clay pot. light the smudge stick, and walk around taking the smoke throughout your space.  If you like the idea of yin-yang balance, you can burn incense or pal santo after smudging.  Sage has a yang/masculine quality, and the incense brings int he feminine/yin qualities to balance your space.  Pal santo brings sweetness and positivity to your freshly cleaned space.

Be sure to dispose of any ashes with intention. For example, you can take them outside and offer them to the Earth. You can also use bells or simply clap your hands as a way to end the ritual. Try doing this once per week at the beginning of a new week to cleanse the old week’s energy. Then, after a few weeks notice if the energy of your space has become lighter and calmer.

Fire Ceremonies.

When you want to let go of the old and birth a new story, fire ceremonies can be very magical. Fire ceremonies exist in many medicine traditions. They are typically held around the full or new moon of each month.

Before your fire ceremony, create an offering to burn. This can consist of small sticks that represent whatever it is you need to let go of. Or, you could burn pieces of paper on which you’ve written what you want to release. You can even burn pictures.  Use your intuition here.

When you place your old beliefs into the fire, you honor them as your lessons then turn them over to spirit. Fire takes the solid form of matter and transforms it into smoke, which wafts away in the air. This process allows you to heal deeply at the level of the soul. Pay attention to how the ashes go up into the air. It can be pretty dramatic!


Meditation is popular for good reason. The health benefits of a daily meditation practice are significant, including decreased cortisol, weight loss, decreased anxiety, lower heart rate, and even less pain. Any health condition that is worsened by stress (which is all of them!) can be helped with meditation.

Meditation does not have to be a long or involved ritual.  Just sitting with your eyes closed or slightly open and focusing on your breath for 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes before you go to bed will benefit your health

Breathing Exercises.

Bringing more oxygen into your body helps on many levels. Deep diaphragmatic breathing brings increased amounts of oxygen into your lungs and helps to give your body more vital energy.  Belly breathing massages your internal organs and helps improve digestion.

Kapalabhati breath is a yogic breathing technique that can help you release stress and toxins. To do this, you use your abdominal muscles to pull in your belly and then force your air out in repeated short exhalations until all your air is expelled. This can actually tone your abdomen!  Buteyko breathing has been shown to improve asthma and allergies. You’ll find information on YouTube for how to do these exercises.

There are many other breathing exercises you can turn into rituals and even incorporate into your daily meditation practice. You may want to ask a knowledgeable yoga instructor for more information.


Sweating is a great way to cleanse your body and soul. From a physical standpoint, your skin is the largest organ of detoxification. Sweating allows toxins to be released from your body through your sweat glands.

Sweat lodges are an ancient form of sauna where people sweated to heal physically, mentally and spiritually.  Of course, today you don’t need to go to a sweat lodge to benefit from this practice.  Try an infrared sauna or take a hot Epsom salt bath.

Rituals of Pleasure.

Rituals of pleasure may help you live to a ripe old age. In his research on hundreds of healthy centenarians all over the world, Dr. Mario Martinez found that every one of them participated in daily rituals of pleasure.  This could be enjoying your morning coffee, savoring a small glass of whiskey at 5PM daily or breaking bread with family at dinner.

Though we tend to think of some of these rituals as distinctly unhealthy, it’s hard to argue with someone who is thriving at age 100-plus  It’s also important to remember, none of these individuals over-indulge.  They simply enjoy their drink or their smoke at the same time of day in community. And stop with just one.

Two Rituals to Help You Stay Grounded

With all that is going on in the world around us, finding ways to stay grounded can be an important element to remaining healthy, especially if you are an empath. When you are truly grounded you are calm and balanced in your body, mind, and spirit. This means that when something or someone tries to rock your boat, you can easily come back to your center without feeling overwhelmed, afraid, or anxious.

Certainly many of the rituals I discuss above can contribute to your ability to stay grounded both physically and mentally.

Here are 2 more practices you can turn into rituals for staying grounded:

Healing Crystals.

Use healing crystals. All crystals and gemstones have specific properties and benefits. Wearing beautiful crystals or placing them around your home or office can help move energy and keep you balanced and grounded. For example, amethyst can help release negative energy and support clarity. Aventurine is known as the stone of luck and can help with confidence. Garnet is said to help with grounding the body so it may help bring daydreamers back to the present and even alleviate anxiety.

You can research crystals and gemstones for their qualities or simply use the ones that feel right for you. A friend of mine has always loved turquoise. When she researched it, she learned that turquoise supports communications and the 3rd (throat) chakra. It also is said to foster compassion, healing, and wisdom. In addition, turquoise is believed to protect riders from falls from their horses and to protect the horses as well. Even before she knew this, my friend has always carried a piece of turquoise when she rides her horse!

Spend Time Outside.

Spend time outside. Fresh air is good for the body and the soul. Whether you are on a beach, hiking a mountain trail, or just stepping out to a city park being in nature has a way of making us feel more balanced and supported by something greater than ourselves. Taking off your shoes and walking barefoot on the ground helps to realign your body’s electrical energy. This practice is called Grounding—also known as Earthing—and it can even help with symptoms related to EMF exposure. If you live or work in a city, try eating your lunch outside or taking a walk around the block. This can help clear the clutter from your mind and allow you to reconnect with your Source.

What rituals do you have that support your health?  Please discuss in the comments below.

Last Updated: August 24, 2022

Christiane Northrup, M.D.

Christiane Northrup, M.D., is a visionary pioneer and a leading authority in the field of women’s health and wellness. Recognizing the unity of body, mind, and spirit, she empowers women to trust their inner wisdom, their connection with Source, and their ability to truly flourish.


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  1. Val Hendrickson
    2 years ago

    I started Syncing with the Sun last December. Up before sunrise, outside, grounded, naked eye and sun gaze for at least 15 minutes. Taking in the red rays for my health.

  2. Heidi Frye
    3 years ago

    My morning ritual includes drinking a glass of Cardio Miracle first thing, and then I head outside to ground. Standing on the grass/snow, I inhale/exhale 3 times, connecting from top to bottom – center of Earth to the Heavens. For me this is also a great reminding metaphor – like giving and taking, inhaling and exhaling represents the balance I want for ME.

  3. Claireloveslife
    4 years ago

    Thank you dear Christiane! I am just now open to receiving your high vibration, high integrity and joy filled sharings.. I have know of you for many years and it is only now as I land more into my full embodied self/ woman that I feel ready to receive your wisdom with such a happy heart. Thank you for your super easy to digest and helpful writing/ videos. From another video too- you are inspiring me to take up tang/ partner dancing. Lots of love! Claire

  4. Charli Smith
    5 years ago

    Running in the morning is fine. studies show that if you run before breakfast that you will burn more calories.

  5. Nina Keating
    5 years ago

    That’s lovely. I really enjoyed reading this. Even though I do a few of these and feel great while doing them – I actually never knew why. I’m going to try the sage smudge in the house and see how it goes. Thanks you for this!

    1. Bonnie Berk
      5 years ago

      Does anyone know of any studies on the health benefits of rituals?

  6. Jacque
    5 years ago

    Sitting on the front porch in the morning, watching the sky brighten, petting my good dog, sipping coffee, talking with my husband, taking deep relaxing breaths as I silently repeat my daily affirmation… this is a ritual that restores my soul. It is a precious time.

  7. Sandra
    5 years ago

    I love this post. I have a morning ritual with my Crystals which I keep under my pillow. I breath and do a junjitsu with my fingers and set a good intention for my day. I have a little book that I write people who need healing and send reiki to them. Starts my day in a positive way. Would like to get a sage stick and some insense sticks. Great idea. Thank you for your wise sharing. Love Sandra

  8. Cindy
    5 years ago

    Lovely ideas! Thank you!

  9. Christina
    7 years ago

    Thank you for your information and your beautiful sexy appearance in my life:-)Where have you been all this time?I am exhilarated to have found you as only yesterday I was searching for clarity in creating my biz brand and realised I want to work with teen girls and empower them and address the little girl inside every woman out there who s forgotten to nourish……..I m listening to the bonus of u are beautiful and the meditation at the beginning gave me such an orgasm like feeling when I pulled the earth energy into my heart:-)))))) is this something that happens to every woman?waaawwwww I love that!Thank you!

  10. Anne
    7 years ago

    Wonderful to hear from everyone! I take care of a 97 year old man at his farm house. I told him a few weeks ago that I wanted to give him a foot bath & foot massage. The next day, he looked like he had been reborn as he shaved his beard, got his hair cut, & wore a nice shirt. I decided that I would wash his feer every shift as I enjoy our daily foot bath ritual just as much as him. Lol, tonight he had some top shirt buttons unbuttoned. I thought of Christiane’s story of Charise flirting with the WWII vets and feeling hot even though they were decades apart. 🙂

    1. Melissa
      6 years ago

      I LOVE IT! And agree 100%. : )

  11. Kitty
    7 years ago

    You are beyond brilliant Dr Christiane! You share your knowledge and wisdom in such a fun and creative way it is easy to relate to and remember. Your generosity of spirit is admirable. Long life, health and happiness to you.

  12. Shannan Bunch
    7 years ago

    I adore you! The wisdoms, your learned, fearless reach. Gathers of rejuvenating shares, Gratitudes on Instagram, simple & well descript. A lady for the ages, a well, reliable source. Thank you Dr. Christine. I appreciate you! ~XX~

    1. Christiane L Northrup
      7 years ago

      Oh what a wonderful thing to take in tonight!!! Thank you so much!!

  13. Donna
    7 years ago

    I am a relatively new follower of Christiane Northrup. I love the material that Christiane shares as well as the comments from this community. My personal ritual is tending to my plants. I just moved into a new apartment and I have plants situated in every room. I adore them and they love me back!

    1. Christiane L Northrup
      7 years ago

      Oh that is such a great reminder. Even one philodendron can clean the air in a room with its life giving oxygen. And when you feel love for the plant, they do, indeed, love you right back!! Thanks for this.

  14. MIchelle Gowen
    7 years ago

    I went to a Podiatrist the other day and the nurse asked me who my primary care Physician was. I said,”Christiane Northrup” Thanks for the great women’s health information over the years, I have learned so many practical and useful tips that have enhanced my life and health and well being that you just can’t get anywhere else. With every new book or article I realize that I have changed my health habits slowly over the years and I have already integrated so many wonderful ideas and practices into my world. Your information about women and health is very empowering, thank you.

    1. Glenna
      7 years ago

      Love your comment, Michelle. My feelings exactly.

    2. Christiane L Northrup
      7 years ago

      Oh this is so GOOD!!! And what a cheeky thing to say to a healthcare practitioner. Next time we should all say ” My Higher Power”. And watch what happens. Thanks for this!!

  15. Linda
    7 years ago

    I’m deeply inspired by everyone’s sharings here. This is one of my all-time favorites of your articles, Dr. Northrup. This tells me I must be really hungry for ritual. I made a “promise” to myself a few years ago that I would practice Tai Chi every morning. It had to be a promise because I’m so laughably challenged around keeping to routines or schedules. This promise kept – has opened up worlds for me of peace, presence, love in action, utter transformation.

    1. Christiane L Northrup
      7 years ago

      This is very very impressive. Blessings on you for changing the universe in this way.

  16. Rose
    8 years ago

    Every morning for the last year and a half I get up before everyone else, about 5:30. a.m. and I prepare my lemon water. I use the juice of a whole lemon in a mug of warm water. Then I sit in the dark staring out the kitchen window at the moon and stars. I say my prayers, set my intentions for the day and affirm away any anxiety I may have. It’s me time I just can’t do without.

  17. Marilyn Harding
    8 years ago

    As a doctor I think you will find this most interesting. Here in Greece the olive tree – its fruit and juice (oil) has been revered since ancient times and science is now showing why. We moved to Greece to pursue the research into what the ancients, Hippocrates and Dioscoredes, knew about the medicinal properties of early harvest olive oil. I use it daily as a supplement, topically and for oil pulling.

    It is especially the phenolic compound oleocanthal that has the most far reaching benefits for neurodegenerative conditions so common in our modern culture. Here is my article from HuffPost describing the benefits http://huff.to/1Se1oZh and on the recent Oleocanthal International Society (OIS) conference held here in Ancient Olympia last month. http://huff.to/294zHGF The research out of Rutgers into treating cancer is particularly compelling http://bit.ly/28Z52WQ.

    As research surges forward, indicated by the June OIS conference and the recognition of olive oils shifts away from grading of EVOO on taste alone and is based instead on testing and certification of phenolic compounds, more high phenolic olive oils will be identified and on the market. EU Labelling regulation 432-2012 states that olive oils containing more than 250mg/kg of phenolic compounds can make a health claim. Many oils here in Greece from proactive producers following the ancient mandate of early harvest are upwards of 1000mg/kg – offering a true superfood.

    One Greek producer Gaea has named author Vicky Vlachonis (“The Body Doesn’t Lie”) as Chief Wellness Officer. Here is her guide to choosing EVOO. http://bit.ly/290l5oF

    Thanks for all your inspirational work – I am looking forward to my free audio chapter of Ageless Goddess!

    1. margaret
      8 years ago

      I am just surprised about that whiskey at 5 pm.Wouldnt that be called alcoholism if done everyday??

      1. Lori
        8 years ago

        In a word, NO.

      2. Lesley
        7 years ago

        My mother always had a whisky at about 5 in the evening and she lived to 103 years old and never had anything major wrong with her and was quite astute until the day she passed.

    2. Christiane L Northrup
      7 years ago

      This information is invaluable. I learned so much. Thank you SO MUCH for posting this here.

  18. julie
    8 years ago

    Ritual connects us to an idea or belief, which then points beyond itself to a truth.

    1. Christiane L Northrup
      7 years ago

      Love this. So true

  19. mercedes diez barroso
    8 years ago

    Hi Dr Northrup
    This information is so perfect because I was looking for some kind of Ceremony Rituals to return back to earth all the marvellous things and blessings that I have received in my life and this will be on my B-day
    So I am very grateful for this
    Mecedes :))))

  20. nilkamal Ghosh
    8 years ago

    Contact Swami Ramdev an indian yoga guru who teach yoga all over the world. Breathing exercises like kapal bhati , anulom bilom , etc 8 breathing exercise which is also available in YouTube thanks for your information. Regurds your fan. Nilkamal Ghosh. India..

  21. nella bokman
    8 years ago

    My ritual starts with morning coffee with God/ Goddess.. I light a candle and incense on little table i use as altar surrounding with crystals and elements of earth, fire, air and water. I start with gratitude meditation, connecting myself to ALL THAT IS, and recite Ho’oponopano , asking and giving forgiveness..Feeling grounded and connected i can start my day on the higher vibe.

    1. Rachel
      8 years ago

      What a beautiful way to start the day. I am constantly rushing in the mornings as I usually have to drag myself out of bed. My little ritual of gratitude lasts about 30 seconds as I am rushing out of the door to work. I walk to work so take the opportunity to do a walking meditation and a gratitude prayer by thanking the universe for everything- for protecting me, for supporting me, for uplifting me, for sustaining me….. and for the bridge I wak upon, for my job… my colleagues… Also i do the Divine Invocation until I reach work.
      You have inspired me to wake up a little early… and I have crystals and lovely spiritual ornamnents which I love on my table. I lit a candle and some incense and essential oil….and said a prayer….It was a wonderful feeling and it stayed with me and grounded me throughout the day….


  22. Joan Hay
    8 years ago

    We now live in a seniors unit and I have two small gardens both front and back. Every morning I enjoy my gardens with my coffee and the morning sun. In the evening, just before bed, another walk around, enjoying the colour and wonderful scents of my garden and the birds and butterflies it has brought to our home. I have never thought of this as a ritual but it is. I am trying to come up with a new word that encompasses everything I have in my life. Gratitude, though a wonderful word, isn,t large enough. Maybe it was meant to be that for some gifts of life there are no words.

  23. Ilone
    8 years ago

    I get up at 7 am feed my dog and cat and play with them a bit than I go to my yard and water all my plants and check them I live in a dessert and it is difficult when you have an temperature of 112degrees but I love ever plant and any flowers what I see that morning and I say thank you for a beautiful beginning of a new day.

  24. Griselda Pineda
    8 years ago

    Every morning I sit in my special little corner with my cup of tea and lit Palo Santo or sage and I give thanks for being able to do this another day then off to work I go so great full for this mornings

    1. Griselda
      8 years ago

      Hi Griselda,
      I was in shock when I saw your name! I was just reading through the comments and something made me stop to read yours , especially hour name.,
      You see , I’m also Griselda and I don’t come across this name very frequently. I live in Adelaide Australia . I just started reading Godesses never age and I love it! I will light a Palo Santo to meditate this week! Thank you for sharing your post!

  25. karen green
    8 years ago

    A little over 5 weeks ago ,I had a total hip replacement. I had been in quite a bit of pain for a long time so the mobility I have now is just amazing. At 2 weeks , my surgeon told me I had no restrictions and to get busy making it work. So busy I became and cleaned and fixed and tossed out, putting my house in order from it being neglected for too long. I noticed a peaceful feeling take over , giving me the time to think of all the things I am grateful for. I have been taking the time to just sit outside and watch my dogs play and drink a cup of coffee. I will soon be going back to work and hope to carry over this grounded feeling, Thank you Christiane for offering some wonderful ritual ideas that could be put in place to help me keep this awareness.

  26. Stephanie
    8 years ago

    Recently , while turning 58, I went to a 23 day immersive yoga teacher training. While there , we established a morning sadhana ( spiritual practice) that we were encouraged to do daily for 90 days… And then for the rest of our lives. I get up with the sunrise and practice my breathing, spinal flexes, some yoga and meditate.
    Any sad thoughts disappear…
    Tgen I get on with my day…. Shower,
    Tea , and walk with my awesome dog..
    Then whatever tasks / work etc….

    I also listen at night to hayhouse radio before bed to feed my brain and my soul…..

  27. Kris
    8 years ago

    I love waking up everyday and making a smoothie for my myself, my husband and son.
    With Stevia, all things are possible, so they never actually know what they’re drinking, just grateful to be consuming it through a straw!. Chia, coconut milk, cacao, whey powder, flax meal, kale, frozen berries, a cucumber or zucchini.
    God Bless my Vitamix and my morning ritual as we are all healthy & gorgeous!

  28. Connie
    8 years ago

    I start my day with a plant based protein smoothie with frozen organic berries. Then it’s time for a shower, clothes, makeup. And now, off to Yoga class which is very important to me.

  29. Diana Davis
    8 years ago

    My daily morning ritual is making my small pot of coffee, or tea. When it is done. I pour a large cup of coffee or the tea and add milk. I take my dog, Sparky, outside and we sit in the very back yard under the old shade trees. I do my gratitude of thankfulness, and then I listen to the birds chirp, and I mimic them and whistle with them. I feel so at peace with it all.

    Diana Davis

    1. Christiane L NOrthrup
      8 years ago

      I just LOVED reading this. I can FEEL the peace and joy. And even FEEL those trees. Thanks so much for sharing this.

      1. Jackie
        8 years ago

        I drink lemon water first thing in the morning to detox, and at the same time, make some herbal tea. Then, like Diana, I sit outside in the backyard with my tea and watch the birds who have made their home in the birdhouse that we have. I watch them soar and wonder if they’re having an awesome time. I watch the clouds move, and sometimes there are bunny rabbits that play. I close my eyes and listen to the sounds of the animals and feel the breeze blowing. I give thanks for life and for my body, and I bless my body and all of myself, even my pain and my shadow. I affirm my oneness with life.

        1. Hp rich
          8 years ago

          I had been moving too fast and now have pneumonia. I had a.m. Rituals but now I am forced to slooooow down. Sitting outside I seldom did choosing instead to rush. This medical intervention had given me a renewed appreciation for the need to ensure I don’t get lost in hurrying to start my day. Thank you all & God for the opportunity to re- focus.

        2. Griselda
          8 years ago

          What a wonderful world we live in! I do a very similar ritual to you Jackie! I have my dog and cat who accompany me. They love the morning ritual! My cat goes outside in the sun whilst I make my hot water with lemon . She calls me and edits for me until I come outside and we do stretches together! I feel so blessed every moment of my life!

  30. Shona
    8 years ago

    I make tea the old fashioned way .. Even if it’s just for me . Set the tray with a tray cloth , milk in the milk jug, warm the teapot .. Before pouring the hot water over the bags .. Sealing in the heat with a tea Cosy.must have a tea Cosy .. Aaah bliss . Just me and my tea

    1. Christiane L NOrthrup
      8 years ago

      This sounds SO enticing. And reminds me of how wonderful rituals of pleasure really are!! Thank you.

    2. Susan
      7 years ago

      Sounds so very like my rituals of pleasure for many years, the tea cosy part especially! Must have that little cosy… and a nice Scottish teapot shaped like a thistle!

      all the best… Sue

  31. Claudia
    8 years ago

    I sing in a small chorus. We sing jazz mostly, and some spirituals. I find that if I arrive tired, even a little down from a long day, as I begin singing, I begin to rise up out of it. The breathing required for good singing is part of why I think it helps heal the soul, and the sheer beauty of the sound of 12 voices mixing together is very inspiring. The difficulties of the day just fade away. Focusing on producing a beautiful sound from your own body is a great therapy! By the end of rehearsals, we all are in happier moods.

    1. Christiane L NOrthrup
      8 years ago

      I read of a monastery once in which the monks sang daily. And then an edict came down from the Pope that they had to stop singing. The monks began to die. You are SO right about singing. I must start doing this again. Thank you.

  32. KlR
    8 years ago

    A simple cup of tea and reflection .

  33. Kathie Donovan
    8 years ago

    I wake up in the morning and the first thing I do is ground myself by imagining roots coming out of the bottom of my feet and descending down, down down to the earth’s core where the roots attach to a crystal. Then I focus on a few things that I’m grateful for, a few people that I’m grateful for. I imagine my beautiful body as healthy and vibrant and feel that…..then I think of a situation that I would like to see manifest in my life and see it as done in my imagination. I borrowed the idea from Tony Robbins and modified it to suit my life. Thinking and acting “as if” is a powerful force. Now I’m off to smudge my work space and light some incense. Thank you, Christiane for always sharing high quality intel…..it’s much appreciated. #goddessessneverage

    1. Christiane L NOrthrup
      8 years ago

      Oh how I love the idea of sharing “high quality intel”. Thanks for that phrase. And for the visualization. Really resonates!!!

  34. Alexandra D.
    8 years ago

    I have my morning coffee with my best friend, Jesus. During this quiet time I meditate, reflect, and write in my journal if I’m moved to do so. I pick a favorite chair by an eastside garden window and welcome the new day. I finIsh with this three word prayer. I am

    1. Christiane L NOrthrup
      8 years ago

      One of my long time associates does exactly the same thing. I gifted her with Doreen Virtue’s Loving Words of Jesus card deck. She loves it. http://www.hayhouse.com/loving-words-from-jesus-card-deck

  35. D H Miller
    8 years ago

    Thank you for all your wisdom and for outlining these rituals

  36. KarenS
    8 years ago

    I tend my houseplants. I have 25 pots spread over 3 rooms of my house. I find it’s meditative. I examine each plant to determine its overall health, see if the leaves need cleaning (something I do a few times a year), add water, pull off dead leaves. I never thought of it as a ritual of pleasure before reading your article and I thank you for that!

    1. Christiane L NOrthrup
      8 years ago

      Oh I love reading this. And indeed, what a healthy and meditative ritual it is– plus you get all that great oxygen from the plants. Bless you for this.

  37. RT
    8 years ago

    Watching the sun rise or set have always been a favorite form of meditation for me. I gain peace, a sense of clarity and focus.

  38. Another ritual that was shared with me many many years ago… late 1980’s standing around with a group of women at the full moon… we shared ideas/talked about personal issues/health issues, etc… and laughed at our own foibles! The ritual is used while one is walking. I carried a small bottle of water and filled my mouth full of the water, and took off walking. It teaches one to breather deeply, through your nose! Hold the water in the mouth as long as you can, and continue walking… in the beginning I released it when I could no longer hold it, and continued my daily exercise routine. I set goals for myself as to how long I was going to hold the water in my mouth… or how many miles…. HAPPY ADVENTURING!

    1. Christiane L NOrthrup
      8 years ago

      NICE ONE!!!

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