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It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the new DrNorthrup.com! While I know that many of my readers have followed my work for years (even decades, in some cases), I want you to hear my story—why I love being at the headwaters of women’s health.

I became an ob/gyn because I wept with joy the first time I saw a baby being born. I was still in medical school, and nothing had ever moved me that much. After an ob/gyn residency, I started my career as a doctor in a conventional medical practice. And soon realized that a woman’s health (or lack thereof) was intimately related to her beliefs, behaviors, diet, relationships, and environment. I also witnessed the devastating effects of abuse of all kinds.

Despite this, I have also seen the inner power to heal that lives inside everyone—no matter what their past experiences have been. And I have seen that this power very often comes through the very processes that can be so problematic for women, including labor and birth, the menstrual cycle, and menopause.

Because of my experiences on the front lines of women’s health, I eventually started a different kind of medical practice—one that honored the sacred processes of the female body.

Now I’m working way upstream at the very headwaters of health… teaching women (and men) from all around the world how to:

  • Trust what they know in their bones.
  • Honor the wisdom of their bodies.
  • Master the skills necessary for growing beyond any limiting beliefs, which may be adversely affecting their biology.
  • And, most importantly, to welcome this truth: It’s possible to experience heaven—and joy—right here on earth.

I designed this website to help you enjoy vibrant health at every stage of life. Health isn’t just the absence of disease. It’s being physically and emotionally able to live joyfully and in alignment with your deepest self. You have the ability to build health every day. All it requires is an open mind and a willingness to accept the healing power within you.

For inspirational tips and advice I encourage you to explore DrNorthrup.com where you will find wisdom and guidance for your body, mind, and spirit. Visit daily to discover how to mine the riches that already reside within you.

If you haven’t already done so, I hope you will stay connected with me by signing up for my eNews. There’s a free gift with every subscription.

Remember: You have the power within you to create vibrant health—at any age and life stage.

Last Updated: December 3, 2014

Christiane Northrup, M.D.

Christiane Northrup, M.D., is a visionary pioneer and a leading authority in the field of women’s health and wellness. Recognizing the unity of body, mind, and spirit, she empowers women to trust their inner wisdom, their connection with Source, and their ability to truly flourish.


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  1. Kandy R
    3 weeks ago

    Dr. Northrup…thank you so much for having the courage to bring all the “vaccine” issues to light. In one of your most recent interviews on BitChute, you stated that the J & J injection was “the worst of them all”. Can you please explain why?
    Thank you so much!

    Kandy Ricotta
    Scottsdale, AZ

  2. Staci
    4 weeks ago

    I just watched a video of you on bitchute about vaccinated people spreading toxins to unvaccinated people. You mentioned creating a data base of unvaccinated people who are experiencing strange hormonal complications since mass vaccination began. If you do it, I would like to contribute to that. I would be happy to tell you about the strange symptoms I have been experiencing since February of this year.

    1. Coulson Duerksen
      3 weeks ago

      Hi Staci,

      Please go to mycyclestory.com on the MAMM.org website.


  3. Cassandra Keen
    4 weeks ago

    I have developed a terrible rash on my left thigh & on my hairline on the back of my neck. It itches a lot at times. It developed after my husband got the jab. My question to you is, have you heard of others developing a rash because of the jab? I have had a lot of allergic reactions to other medications & esp. antibiotics.

  4. Deb
    1 month ago

    I have read your books and they helped me the first time I went through menopause, 15 years ago. I will be turning 65 in a few months and it seems I am experiencing peri menopause symptoms again. Needless to say I’m concerned and not looking forward to seeing what happens next. Do you cover this in any of your books?

  5. Jacqueline Benson
    1 month ago

    My daughter got the Moderna vaccine because they were pressuring her to get it because she is in the military. She is 22 and I am SO scared for her now! She promised me that she is not getting the second shot. Is there anything she can take to stop any adverse effects from this vaccine? I’m terrified about what could happen to her.

  6. Debbie
    1 month ago

    Dear Dr. Northrop…i have listened to most of your talks and I thank you for all you do. These injections are now becoming mandatory which I am against.
    How do we interact with the ones we love who did get the jab to those who did not.
    We were already locked down for a year and separated and now what do we do to protect ourselves from all this craziness?
    I want to hug my loved ones but some of them took the shot because ther were terrified! I haven’t seen a podcast on this maybe I missed one. Can you help?
    May God bless and be with us in this horrific time.

  7. Karen Branch
    2 months ago

    Hi Christiane, I recently watched a Gene Decode video about the INJECTION (covid vax) on Gene Unleashed, Backstage B2T. Amazing. If you haven’t, i suggest you watch it. I won’t given you too many details as this info is for those who want to know. We are in amazing times.

    God Bless

  8. Sheylyn Jaymes
    2 months ago

    Hi Dr. Northrup: I saw your Depopulation video on Bitchute. I have a great deal of medical knowledge and experience and I agree with all of what you said. Please, please, please, how can we get through to the medical field that this Covid 19 is nothing more than a political ploy and that the vaccines for it are so dangerous. The medical field needs to start seeing the devastation that it is causing and will cause humans before it is way too late. Doctors, nurses, other medical “professionals” and scientists have to stop the madness and come to understand the harm that Dr. Fauci and the CDC has caused and how they have put this country and people of other countries in fear and danger. Please book more conferences and make more appearances to spread the information that will save our species. Humans will be wiped off this planet if this nonsense doesn’t stop.

  9. Rachel
    2 months ago

    I just re-watched your interview with Dr.’s Tenpenny, Madej, Merit, and Palevsky. I’d like to share an image of a clot that came out of my body this morning. I have not had the injection, but I work in a medical office where many patients have had it. I’d love to get your thoughts or share this on a database – not sharing the image publicly, as it does contain some “less than appealing” aspects.

  10. Patricia Lane
    2 months ago

    Hi Christiane!
    Where can I find you now that Instagram has de- platformed you? I am not on Fake Book. The Warriors miss you!

    1. Coulson Duerksen
      2 months ago

      Please follow Dr. Northrup on her Telegram Chanel.

  11. Carolyn
    2 months ago

    Is there a database where those of us who did not get a shot, but have had effects, can report what we have experienced?

    1. Ginger Cox
      2 months ago

      Dr. Norththrup,
      I hung on your every word as I watched your interview with Steve Cunningham on Resistance Podcast #178. You are a gal after my own heart…Please tell me how I can join your very wise group who will not get the Covid 19 vaccine that I refuse and “campaign” to inform the uninformed citizens who haven’t a clue about the Evil surrounding this nation and the world.
      Your professional knowledge and extreme courage in pushing back the sadist is commendable. Thank you, I support you 100%

  12. Marty
    2 months ago

    I’m certain your 100% right about the shots. They are not vaccines and are Genocide. It’s so obvious. Covid is a Planned Epidemic.We are in a World War against evil people. I shook hands with a Policeman before I heard about possible transmission of the spike proteins. I have weird small bruises on my arm that have bleed and have no idea where they came from. I would appreciate any new info on the transmission aspects when available. Keep up the Great work your doing for Humanity. ❤️

  13. Annie Ocean
    2 months ago

    May i suggest that you get right to the point on your website about the injection!!! I want to point people to your site but where is your insight about the V… I don’t see it AND IT NEEDS TO BE SEEN RIGHT AWAY. THIS IS THE END GAME FOR HUMANITY!

    1. Sheylyn Jaymes
      2 months ago

      You are so correct Annie.

  14. Mary
    2 months ago

    My niece is pregnant and I can not believe how many are wanting her to be vaccinated. My question to all of you would be how can we protect her and ourselves and her newborn from people that have been vaccinated. At some point almost everyone we know will get the jab. Let’s say all We are hearing ends up being very true and the vaccinated can transmit something to us how do we protect those we love. Thank you for any help you can offer.

  15. Charles Hennessey
    2 months ago

    I need help now I have had sex with my wife since she had the shot once a week and for the last week and a half I am experiencing some back in some kidney pain and I have two kidney operations last year for kidney stones that had to be extracted from my back and I’ve healed since then everything is normal but ever since she got the shot and we started continuing on with our relations I just watched your article on for bidding knowledge and that’s why I am contacting you because you had mentioned about a transfer on fluids I need to know more about this!

    1. Mary
      2 months ago

      I am also wanting to know the same thing. How can we protect ourselves from vaccinated people.

    2. Lisabeth Milliken
      2 months ago

      This may be of help regarding the so-called vax your wife got. Dr. Chris also mentions a protocol in the first video for Morgellons; live synthetic tiny fibers found in the pcr test and “vaccine”
      I wish you well.


  16. Susan Olinik
    2 months ago

    Can another mRNA vaccine be made to stopthe first vaccine?

  17. Susanne Reed
    7 months ago

    In 2008 and 2009, I would wake up and write things down. Often I was too sleepy to read them until morning. I don’t know why this happened at this later point in my life. They made no sense to my life at the time. One of the pieces I wrote in Breckenridge in 2008. Years later, I was in discussion over the purchase of a Kachina and wanted the artist to consider a description from the writing in making the Kachina. I was called back and asked how I knew Hopi prophecy. I said, I don’t. I have talked to my priest and some other pastors I know. They tell me to trust the writing. I didn’t and don’t understand it clearly but in the last decade, much has unfolded. It developed similarly to what people tell me is like the book Conversations with God. I chose not to read that book so I wouldn’t create something. Here is a piece of one of the writings that came to me.

    “I write the story. I extend the drama. I take the vision and bring it to the world at the appointed time. The seed was planted and now the plant bears the fruit. The garden will grow again and man’s knowledge will be based on truth and the love of me and each other as a part of creation.

    A new millennium will open up as the lightening splits the sky and allows the ascension of the new sun to occur. The chorus of heaven that sang in creation will sing the good things back into their full beauty, restoring the land and the hearts of mankind.

    The balance will be restored and all that has been intended from the beginning will come into full bloom. I will radiate from heaven and the creative power of the mother will restore and refresh. All eyes shall see and all ears shall hear and all hearts will know. It will be the great cleansing and renewal as the last age of man takes the stage and the original intent comes into full manifestation. The light will ebb out of the darkness and love will radiate from all sending the message of the true nature of the creator.”

    I had a piece of paper fall out of a book the other day. It was dated 2016. I must have written it in the night. It said I was to stand by my daughters, they would need my help. This has been true. It also said that something was coming that would cover the earth and that it would be soon.

    As I listened to your covid video and as I have gone back to the writings of over a decade ago and some of the unexplainable situations I have experienced, I realize that this writing was definitely about this time. I believe in the hope of something better coming, but there appears to be an interim period that holds the potential for much destruction. I appreciate your willingness to take a stand. I was exposed to radiation from Hanford both from my mom who lived nearby and as a downwinder. My children were at the 99% for uranium though they never lived in the state. I spent years finding ways to heal the manifestations of this in them and in myself. What helped most were diet, cleanses, chelation and homeopathy. When you said the contents of the vaccine could not be removed, I thought we cannot do this. It was hard enough to overcome the health, sensory and learning challenges of my children with those and other tools. I train teachers in Autism and have seen the incidence rate exponentially increase with insufficient public reaction. Why this response to Covid and not the impact of the environment on our children? It seems like something else to me.
    When I had thyroid cancer from the uranium, my six-year old son was looking very sad. I told him I was fine, it had been caught early and I would not be sick anymore. He sad he wasn’t sad, he was happy. It was very incongruent. So I asked him why. He said the lady in his dream had sent a message. I asked if she was beautiful. I thought he had been watching “Ghost Whisperer” with my mom. He said “No, she was fat and was wearing a red dress. She told me to give you the message. Why would you look for anything with your head, when you can find it with your heart? The lady said you need to find your voice, mom”. Then I had to go to work. He had no more to say when I came home. When I watched your video, I thought all of this has lead to this time. We have been given challenges (I had 29 surgeries because of the exposure) and various levels of skills and recognition in order to be of help in this time. One piece said ” I am stern in your education and I set you on your path”. I would like to help. I am meant to help. Please let me know how I can be of assistance.

    1. Denise
      2 months ago

      Thank you so much for sharing ❤️

  18. Sasha Smith
    7 months ago

    I have questions about a condition I have called P O S D. please help , I just can’t seem to find any logical answers from any local doctors!! Please. Thank you.

  19. Judith Rebecca Rifkin
    8 months ago

    Did Dr. Northrup post a provocative video on Facebook about a COVID vaccine or is it a fraud?

    1. Dee
      7 months ago

      I saw the video and they took it down. It was a truthful video of what the harmful vaccine will do to you.
      If I have a choice I will not take it. If they make it Mandatory, then Dr. Northrup please help us find a way to detox from this vaccine. I am trying to research online to find a way.

    2. wanda
      7 months ago

      I just listen to a video Dr. Northrups supposedly posted where she is disputing the Covid vaccine saying that it will change our DNA and we will be coded etc. I do not believe she could have done this. Please please let me know if it is factual

  20. Yvonne DaSilva
    8 months ago

    I wanted to contact you I just watched you on Utube about Covid…I have a utube I would like to share with you …it is a series for 40 days and nights I hope you have time to hear all of it..you will find it out of the ordinary but it is truth..I was afraid to put it on your face book I am censored…plus I am sensitve to all your flollowers …also you do not have messenger to contact you…I could not find a email address so I hope this is ok…. https://youtu.be/xsdPa0Mn7fo. I have taken courses from you in the past…and admire your work as a light worker on our planet… love ❤️

  21. Dick Dalton
    8 months ago

    Just watched your urgent interview on Covid and the dangers of the coming vaccine. Thank you. Sharing it now.

  22. Kristi Murphy
    8 months ago

    Excellent. Thank you for all you are doing.

  23. Cathy Bell
    8 months ago

    I love you Christiane, and I just finished watching your video on vaccines. I wish to join whatever movement you have going to do with this Covid Agenda. I have followed you for years, and have read your books, and I just wanted to say Thank you for Being you! You are Such a Light, and I as well am showing up with my Spirit to Light the Way of Waking up and remembering who we really are.

  24. Sam Loria
    9 months ago

    Could you please post on your website the interview you did with We are Vaxxed regarding vaccines, nanoparticles, Gates Etc. Social media sites are taking it down as fast as it’s going up.

  25. Jacquie
    9 months ago

    I want to receive updates from you.

    1. Coulson Duerksen
      8 months ago

      Hi, you can sign up for Dr. Northrup’s eNewsletter to receive regular emails. https://www.drnorthrup.com/newsletter/

    2. Priscilla Daly
      6 months ago

      Believe you are God-blessed in your life and work because you have a servant’s heart. There isn’t a better compliment than that.

    10 months ago


    1. Coulson Duerksen
      9 months ago

      You can sign up for the free eNewsletter by following this link: https://www.drnorthrup.com/newsletter/

  27. Christy Vollstedt
    1 year ago

    Hi you guiding light, I know I have heard you speak on the ways of staying empowered in the institution environments of Allopathic medicine. I am checking my BP right now daily when I am home it is in a excellent range. Yes I have checked my machine with the clinics and they are both good. When in ANY clinic situation BP not good. It just dawned on me that checking it twice everyday is likely insane. I sure don’t check my weight ever in fact do not even have scales at home. Where can I hear or read your wisdom on what I am speaking about. Tomorrow dance dance. You inspire me ☮️

  28. Donna Purcey
    1 year ago

    Dr. Northrop, I need help. My 42 year old daughter just had her first child on March 25, 2020. An adorable, healthy baby boy. She lives in Atlanta and I am at our winter home in Utah. Our other home is Michigan. I arrived in Atlanta on the 7th of March in case the baby came early. My 75 yr old husband stayed behind. (He’s her step-dad but considers him dad.). Her due date was March 12. By March 20 the coronavirus was getting serious to the point where we weren’t sure that I would be able to get back to Utah. There were no signs that the baby was close other than head down in position. My daughter was planning to have the baby at home. I regrettably made the very painful (for both my daughter and myself) decision to return to my husband in Utah. He was fearful of having to deal with
    this virus shutdown alone. Although we were able to virtually be with her and her partner during birth, which unfortunately ended up being in the hospital (stubborn baby), and I see the the baby every day, virtually, I’m still in pain from not being able the hold and bond with my new grandson or be with my daughter during these early days of motherhood. What I am asking from you, is for you to put into words (and this may already be in your book, but it is back in Michigan) how important the mother/daughter bond is and why I’m feeling this pain so that my husband can read it and maybe understand better what I’m going through. He doesn’t see what “holding the baby” is going to do for me even if it is for just a few days. I’m still trying to come up with a safe plan to go and see her. It may not be until the first of May but I cannot fathom going any longer than that. It’s been a few years since I’ve read your books and I’m so grateful that you arrived in my thoughts this morning when I woke up.
    Thanking you in advance for your help,

  29. Raye Wagster
    1 year ago

    Dr. Northrup , it is 3:30 in the morning I have not slept well for months . I am in a dire and frightening circumstance in rural Indiana .I was in a 45 year marriage with what I term a “loving vampire”. My husband was a textbook narcissist ,while giving support and financial security to our family. He passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in October 2019 . We were a successful family only two large crop insurance agencies . Since my husband‘s passing my son and his wife have narcissistically abused me until I am almost insane . I had always had a supportive and loving relationship with my son . But looking back I realize I have been loving and supporting of him but had never asked or required anything from him . My circumstance is so serious and dire I have been overthrown from my own company ,my health has been depleted and I am uncertain about my financial future . I built our companies out of my own living room 25 years ago . Due to the coronavirus I cannot see my attorney and I am not sure our rural community attorneys would understand what I’m up against . I desperately need help but don’t know where to go or what to do . I am not a weak individual and have accomplished many things in my life .Any advice would be appreciated. I am so exhausted and my health so depleted ,I am not sure how I stumbled upon this page . I am so frightened if it all possible could I receive an email with any advice please .thank you

  30. Margaret H Tyus
    2 years ago

    I have no estrogen. What can I take? I also have a prolapsed uterus and vagina. I don’t want a hysterectomy-removal of uterus and Fallopian tubes. Any alternative? Please help. Thank you!

  31. Louise Mann
    2 years ago

    You have been a member of my yoga class for 25 years without even being present. We are all so thrilled you are OUR generation. We used to pass around your hard copy newsletter back in the 90s. AND yours is the only call in radio show I will listen to because you are the ONLY Hay House host who gives callers all the time they need. Please know how very much your work is appreciated by a group of crones in the ARK OZARK MTNS! Can you please tell me the name of the eye exercises you recommended couple years back. I need it. Thanks! Lou Mann

  32. Susan Marihugh
    2 years ago

    Are you going to update The Wisdom of Menopause? I’m a librarian and I need to have the latest medical advise available to my customers. We have the 2012 edition and I’m hoping you will be doing an update soon to include the latest science.

    1. Juana Samayoa
      9 months ago

      Hello Dear Christiane ….. you are definitely one of the Good Ones. Kudos to you for being open and up front about all the insanity happening with CV right now, which is why I’m writing to you. I want to file a class action suit on behalf of all of us who cannot wear masks.
      I’m severely claustrophobic. Wearing a mask triggers an anxiety attack within minutes. I carry my doctor’s letter exempting me from wearing one under Title III of the Americans with Disability Act plus a sign I wear saying I cannot mask. This has worked well for many months until it didn’t just recently in a health
      foods grocery store and at my annual eye appointment. Both were very distressing incidents. Can you recommend a lawyer willing to pursue a class action suit? Thank you for any recommendations or advise you might be able to give me. With Love & Gratitude, Juana ~

  33. Barbara
    2 years ago

    Do you have any alternative methods for treating severe osteoporosis? I dont want to take fosamax or boniva. Im currently taking algaecal and strontium.

    Thank you

    1. Rebecca Kemp
      2 years ago

      Read the Calcium Lie by Robert Thompson, M.D. then watch utube videos on role of K2 in moving Calcium ftom soft tissues to bobes and teeth. Take ionic trace minerals everyday and true sea salt. Weight bearing,exercise. Vitamin D3 if your test shows under 60…but this requires research…do HTMA…see Thompson. Almost no grains or sugars and lots of fresh vegies and low carb fruits, high quality fats, omega 3s Good luck!

  34. Ellen Braun
    2 years ago

    Hello Christiane, I am a German Reader and would be interested in the book: Dodging Energy Vampires for my
    daughter. I believe she is caught in the very thing you describe. When can I expect a translation into German????
    Looking forward to hearing from you,

    1. Coulson Duerksen
      2 years ago

      We have a number of foreign translators for Dr. Northrup’s book. It looks like it was published in German by ZS Verlag http://www.zsverlag.de

      I hope this helps!

  35. Jay Ritchey
    2 years ago

    Thank you Dr. Northrup for all you do to improve the quality of life for so many women! I am currently taking your Amata Life Pueraria Mirifica with great relief from postmenopausal symptoms – with the exception of night sweats. Any medical concern with my night sweats has been ruled out by my physician and I would like to know if it is safe to take Usana’s Phytoestrin with my Amata Life PM. I did have prior success with Phytoestrin getting rid of night sweats? My physician is unable to advise because the information is not available in the CPS. Thank you.

  36. Dave Fink
    2 years ago

    Perhaps belatedly, regarding Louise Hay’s DVD, “You Can Heal Your Life,” and your appearance on it aka 2005, you mention about your younger brother and sister having issues of not eating and not knowing why and also your compulsive behavior regarding getting straight As in school are related. You also discussed about the birthing room about being a holy place for peace. What happens is parents and their concerns. While a child is very young, such is highly susceptible to the beatitudes of parents in the present. At that time, body language is highly communicable to the child, whether positive or negative, Inter parental communications would best not be engaged before a child as the words are often in-cognizant for the child, whereas the body language is. Disapproving of any food before a child raises concerns in the child about food in general, especially while being fed. And so on…. Peace is always a communications skill excepting for politicians. More words here.

  37. Emilee
    3 years ago

    My name is Emilee. I’m a2x cancer survivor. Recently survived stage 3c ovarian. Had radiation to my pelvis at age 4. Suffered a life time of pelvic pain and painful sex due to multiple surgeries on my girly parts.
    I’m 42, been surgically put into menopause during my major debulking surgery! Now I have osteoporosis. I’m a Pilates and yoga teacher. I exercise. My oncologist recommends estrogen only patch, and a naturopath recommends bioidentical progesterone, testosterone & progesterone. My oncologist showed my the research that says I should be on estrogen only, low dose for my heart health. If you have any thoughts or advice I would be grateful because I’m not getting a straight answer from anyone and my life is on the line . I don’t want to cause my cancer to come back. Love Emilee

  38. Kathleen Dooley
    3 years ago

    my dr said to research bioidentical hormone therapy on Dr. Northrup’s website and decide which form of estrogen replacement I would chose. IO do not see that information anywhere. Do I have to buy the book to figure this out?

  39. Lisa
    3 years ago

    I am a 65yo woman but feel and look like I am 50. I have two grown girls and I have been a widow for sometime I have been celibate for two years but I want a healthy love/sex life. It’s been a stressful year,I was prescribed Intrarosa for vaginal dryness. I have never had any symptoms and otherwise healthy. I have not taken this drug because I value your opinion need to know if I should take it, or would you recommend another treatment. Thank you for all your books, sharing your knowledge and changing my life as a young woman 30+ years ago.

  40. Nadine Archuleta
    4 years ago

    Hi Dr. Northrup,
    I just turned 44 and for the last year have had a lot of stress in my life! I have anxiety and GERD, and was also diagnosed with PVC’s, and Esophageal Spasm’s. I believe the stress really did a number of my body! My doctor prescribed Effexor for my anxiety, which I took for about 6 months, and I noticed I began having leg and arm spasms. I then stopped taking the medication. The swallowing is getting better, but not 100% yet. But now I noticed that I am having like chest pressure. It’s not all the time and no other symptoms. I’m worried there is something wrong with my heart 🙁 I have missed 2 periods and believe I am in perimenopause stage. What suggestion, lifestyle changes, can I make? Thank you for you time!

  41. june
    6 years ago

    In 1982 I was a patient at that OB/GYN office where you worked; I ended up with Gestational Diabetes and you became my OB doctor-the best day of my life. You have been an inspiration to me and my way of looking at my health started changing that day. I can still remember crying because I couldn’t give myself my insulin shots and you were so reassuring and I left your office feeling so much better The day of my induction my doctor never showed up and you came in and you were not on call Best delivery I have ever had and Ginny was my 4th I still remember her birth and how you held her looked into her eyes and told her she was beautiful. No other OB did that and actually they just did the delivery, handed the baby to the nurse, congratulated me and walked out. Thank you and btw, Ginny is a beautiful woman and is always smiling, laughing and loves life. We feel very lucky you came into our lives during that tough time

  42. Cassie Bickham
    6 years ago

    Dr Northup I watched your program on PBS and I am so excited about taking charge of my body and mind.

  43. Lori Medlen
    7 years ago

    Love gaining a better understanding about my health and body. You have definitely had an impact on my life for the better, thank you.

  44. Linda Ercole-Musso
    7 years ago

    thank you and happppy holidaysssssssssssss

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