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  1. Tamara Moes
    5 months ago

    Hello. My name is Tammi. I am 54. I have not received the covid vaccine. However I did pop positive two weeks ago with covid (co-worker had it and I was her first contact) I had a difficult time getting my breathing and oxygen under control finally got on ivermectin regiment. Doctors gave me steroids for my lungs. Worst part though I got my period after no period for 18 months and I got to 18 months after reaching 7 months., then 11 months, then finally went 18 months. But I am convinced I was impacted by the spiked proteins in my work environment (work in school) and it was about 1 month since most of not all teachers received their second shot) and I started spotting. And now I can’t quit bleeding 14 days and going. The doctors didn’t want to address my theory when I was at the ER. Do you have documentation to support this theory that I’m having my period again due to spiked proteins from others? And will it stop? Thanks very much for your honesty and time tammi

    1. Coulson Duerksen
      5 months ago

      Please see Dr. Northrup’s blog Is Bleeding at Your Age Normal? and feel free to share your story with MAAM’s My Cycle Story where they are doing research about the effect of COVID vaccine and women’s health.


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