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  1. Nancy a. Stassi
    7 months ago

    I have recently decided to get off fb because of repeated censoring and blacking out your “Great Awakening ” and being personally shut off for 24 hours because they didn’t agree with my sharing.
    I miss listening to you. How else can I follow you?

  2. Please how can I connect with your daily share of awakening. Thank you. Bless you. MaryJOsephine

    1. Coulson Duerksen
      9 months ago

      Hi, I am Dr. Northrup’s editor. You can follow her Awakening videos on Facebook and Instagram.

      1. Crystal Miller
        8 months ago

        Anywhere else? I quit both Instagram and Facebook!! I miss your daily awakening talks!!!

  3. mary Ellin Russell
    10 months ago

    I love listening to you each day and sometimes I can’t find you, probably my fault!
    I did want you to check on two MDs that say a lot of the things you say and some different, the first one is Dr. Shin. Dr. Shin lives in Massachusetts and he is actually running for the senate there, he is now working on a write in ballot. The other one is DR, Z. Dogg, makes a lot of sense to me, I would like your take on them both. we need to get as many people with the same thinking in the same boat!

  4. Cristina
    11 months ago


    Loving “The Radical Light” – so so so happy we have finally arrived.

  5. Avalyn Doyle
    1 year ago

    Wonderful clear affirmation of the now alchemising of the New Earth. All my loves mentioned in your July 19 podcast.
    Avalyn Doyle (author name, Aloka)

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