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  1. Diane
    3 months ago

    I would like to finish the Take Back Your Power Series. Lesson 4 was not available. At least it was not e-mailed to me like the first 3. Is there any chance I could get Lesson 4?

    1. Coulson Duerksen
      2 months ago

      Hi Diane,

      I am Dr. Northrup’s editor. I checked with the course marketing team at House House. If you purchased the Fabulous Female Body course in the past, you would not have received Video 4. Hope this helps.


  2. Katherine
    3 months ago

    Just listened to a podcast at random, and you are my people, the lady you did it with, y’all are my people. I’ve missed the cut off, any way I can still sign up for the free program “Take Your Power Back”

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