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  1. val grant
    8 months ago

    Hello, I so admire Dr Northrop, Her clinic helped me with an unusual problem and I was so greatful, I was operating my gallery in K’Port at the time and have her book on Womens Bodies/Womens Wisdom.
    Would like your imput re Premarin. I am 79 years young now and in 1984 I had a hysterectomy at B&W which triggered menopause which had adverse effects such as dryness and pain and loss of femininity. My gynecologist of B&W prescribed premarin .3 Even though there was much controversy over this supplement, it worked very well for me and have been taking it since 1984. I read about a study done in England that concluded HRT was a good thing for women as it helped to keep the bones strong and I can attest to that,
    I have not met any women who have been on Premarin nor for so long. I listened to the animal advocacy negative remarks so tried not taking it but ended up in a painful dried out state and a lecture from my doctor to boot! If it worked for me I should continue and so I have.
    I listened to your interview re the drug they call a vaccine and was so pleased to hear you speak the way I felt. You and Dr.Malone and Dr McCullough plus others are so needed to inform the sheep who don’t question. Was a shame so many victims. I did not see enough data supporting it and still don’t.
    Look forward to your opinion re Premarin which I have been purchasing from Canada which is 6X cheaper than in the states.
    Thank you for your support in maintaining our bodies.
    Val Grant

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