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  1. Brittany Murray
    3 days ago

    I had an unexpected hemorrhage after a 90 minute massage. I had to be rushed to an er where I was given clotting meds to stop the severe vaginal blood loss. I had ultrasounds done couldn’t find anything and blood tests confirmed no pregnancy. I lost a ton of blood and passed at least 12 fist size clots. I was given horrible treatment and sent home even though my levels dropped to needing a blood transfusion. Took me 6 days to get into an ob since I was a new patient, and then they took 5 days to set up an exploratory surgery and they still could only tell me nothing other than “ my uterus looked like it had road rash”. I bled for 3 weeks. A piece was sent to pathology and they said all looked good. I’m 31 and no vaccines. Have had 2 children (5 and 2) all natural. Would love to get some answers on how and why this could happen

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