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12. Why You Need Vitamin D


Vitamin D is necessary for the health of every cell in your body. Yet, vitamin D deficiency has reached epidemic proportions. Overall, vitamin D influences more than 200 genes, each of which has the propensity to become impaired without adequate vitamin D. According to a number of studies, vitamin D deficiency can result in many […]

13. What is the Difference Between Synthetic Progestins & P...


It's 2002 all over again, and women are being warned against taking hormone replacement because of its link to breast cancer. Why is history repeating itself? Because we haven't learned an important lesson. Synthetic progestins are not the same as progesterone, and reporting on them as if they confer the same risks and benefits is absurd.

14. Does your Daughter Need the HPV Vaccine?


As you may know, the first Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine was released in 2006 along with a barrage of information from Merck and the FDA promoting the vaccination of young women ages 9–26. The media attention about the vaccine has raised concern in millions of women unnecessarily. Read on to learn about your risk of contracting cervical cancer from the virus.

15. Ten Steps for Creating Breast Health


Our task as women is to learn, minute by minute, to respect ourselves and our bodies—whether we have small breasts or large breasts, implants or mastectomies. When we can appreciate our breasts as potential or actual sources of nourishment and pleasure for both ourselves and others, our breast health begins to improve immediately.

16. Wonderful Self-Care for Breasts


Our task as women is to learn, minute by minute, to respect ourselves and our bodies. Whether our breasts are small or large, perky or droopy, whether we have implants or lumps, or have had a mastectomy, all of "the girls" are wonderful. Our breasts are a source of nourishment and pleasure for both ourselves and others, and should be seen as such! You can improve your breast health almost immediately with these self-care practices.

17. The Body at Puberty


Puberty involves a series of hormonally mediated changes in a girl's body and brain. Although many people think of puberty as an event marked by the first menstrual period, the term in fact refers to the entire developmental sequence that leads to sexual and reproductive maturity.

18. The HPV Vaccine: What You Need to Know Today


Questions about HPV and whether getting the HPV vaccine will protect you and your children from getting cervical, throat, and other cancers are on the forefront of many people's minds. The added interest is due in part to Michael Douglas's announcement that his throat cancer was caused by the HPV virus, which he contracted while having oral sex. (More on this in a minute.)

19. Herbs To Relieve Menopause Symptoms


Dear Dr. Northrup, I know you've been an advocate of bioidentical hormones for menopausal symptoms, but sometimes you also recommend herbs. I'm confused. How do I know which I should take? Thank for your guidance, Kikoo

20. Vitamin D: What’s The Optimal Range?



Vitamin D is necessary for the health of every cell in the body. In fact, a recent study showed that women with the best vitamin D levels were the ones who survived breast cancer longer. And the women with breast cancer with the lowest levels died 70% sooner. So it was very statistically significant.