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1. The Best Breast Cancer Screening Tests


Protect yourself from cancer or unnecessary mastectomies with the best breast cancer screening tests: learn the difference between thermograms vs. mammograms.

2. Keep Your Breasts Healthy For Life


As women, we have been conditioned to believe that our breasts are two pre-malignant lesions sitting on our chests about to kill us at any moment. The medical community and the media use words such as “detect”, “screen” and “special populations”. This implies that you will inevitably get cancer, so you need to plan for […]

3. The New Mammography Guidelines


Fear of breast cancer is many women's number one fear. A 1995 Gallup poll found that 40 percent of women believe they will die of breast cancer, even though the actual risk of death from the disease is less than 4 percent.

4. Thermography


Today, many women with a family history of breast cancer are opting for genetic testing to determine whether they carry the abnormal breast cancer genes one (BRCA1) or two (BRC2). When the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes are healthy, the body is more likely to hinder breast cancer cell growth. When these same women test positive for the (mutated) breast cancer gene, many are opting for a preventative bilateral mastectomy (the removal of two, usually healthy, breasts). This is happening more and more, even though only five to ten percent of all new breast cancers occur in women who carry the gene!

5. The Other Side of Angelina Jolie’s Double Mastectomy


I'm not writing to judge Angelina Jolie or the decision she made, which seems to have been the "right" choice for her. I'm writing because I know that having a preventative double mastectomy will not be the first choice for many women. And these women need to understand all sides of this issue before making a choice that's right for them.

6. Strategies to Heal Common Breast Symptoms


Many women experience breast pain. In fact, breast pain (also known as mastalgia or mastodynia) is the number 1 reason women visit clinics specializing in breast care. The burning question that most women with breast pain want answered right away is this: “Is my pain a sign of cancer?” The answer to this is almost […]

7. Stop Pinkwashing and Start Encouraging Breast Health


Our culture is obsessed with breasts. Let's face it — breasts are pretty wonderful. Yes, I said wonderful! They nurture you when you are a child and provide you (and your partner) with sensual pleasure when you are older. Your breasts are a vital part of your woman's wisdom, letting you know when you've created a healthy balance between nurturing yourself and others. But this important message is lost amid the pinkwashing hoopla that is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

8. Heal Your 4th Chakra for Life-Long Health


It’s that time of year again when we are inundated with pink ribbons, races for “The Cure,” and campaigns to get screened for breast cancer. We hear the tragic stories of breast cancer striking young women. We see statistics stating that breast cancer affects one in eight women and is the number-two cancer killer of women. And we’re taught that to stay healthy we must be on a “seek and destroy” mission filled with tests, treatments, and technologies.

9. Transforming the Breast Self-Exam


For decades, women have been encouraged to examine their breasts regularly as a way to find breast cancer at the earliest possible stage, get it treated early, and thus save their lives. This has led to a "search-and-destroy" approach to breast exams that encourages you to make your hands into mine sweepers in search of something that may kill you. No wonder so many women skip this routine but end up feeling guilty as a result.

10. Without a Trace


Imagine this. You go in for a mammography, and the technician finds a mass that looks suspicious. The mass is biopsied, and it's cancer. Your doctor, who's been sympathetic and encouraging, sits you down to talk with you about your prognosis and says, "There's a good chance your breast cancer will disappear." If you're like most women, you would be stunned and confused.