Do you have a question about a particular health problem? Would you like to hear Dr. Northrup’s views on the hottest women’s health issues?

In these audio downloads or podcasts, Dr. Northrup tackles some of the most-often asked questions she gets from fans of all ages, and shares her insights on such topics as listening to your body’s wisdom, menopause, motherhood, and how to create a happy and healthy lifestyle.

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Podcast series
A Lesson in Self-Care 101
Duration: 6 min 20 sec

Are you a lifetime member of the Overgiving Club? Do you always put everyone else first before YOU? Let Dr. Northrup take you away from this hazardous way of living and wake you up to a new attitude of self-love.

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Acid Reflux
Duration: 5 min 3 sec

Are you finding that your main nutritional supplement is Tums? Discover the benefits of replacing simple carbohydrates with whole and natural foods—your stomach and wallet will thank you!

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Addicted to Diet Soda?
Duration: 4 min 12 sec

Do you find yourself craving that diet cola, willing to do anything to get one? As Dr. Northrup explains, the combination of caffeine and aspartame can be particularly addicting, and you may find the side effects rather troubling.

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Antiperspirants: Aluminum is the Pits
Duration: 6 min 46 sec

Most of us rely on antiperspirants daily, brands chosen with dollars and scents in mind. Unfortunately, most contain aluminum and parabens-substances found in breast cancer tissue. Join Dr. Northrup as she gives advice to keep your body healthy and BO free!

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Applying the Law of Attraction to Your Health
Duration: 4 min 47 sec

In this uplifting talk, Dr. Northrup shares her family’s personal life motto - “Healthy, Happy, Dead.” When it comes to living a long, healthy life, the good doctor suggests nixing conversations about aches, pains and pills.

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Being Vegan: A Healthy or Hazardous Choice?
Duration: 6 min 24 sec

Can you still maintain a healthy body by following a strict vegan diet? Dr. Northrup shares her own personal journey on this path and has many vital tips on how to find balance in your everyday eating habits.

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Best Exercise
Duration: 3 min 20 sec

Are you looking for a way to to enhance your workout and target your perfect heart rate? Dr. Christiane will share with you the way to do this and much more such as increasing your growth hormone, telemure length, and fast twitch muscle.

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Beyond Mammograms
Duration: 5 min 1 sec

Dr. Northrup puts the squeeze on mammograms, revealing new alternatives and tests plus ways to maintain healthy breasts through changes in your diet and lifestyle.

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Bioidentical Hormones
Duration: 3 min 39 sec

In the midst of hot flashes, mood swings and aging to perfection, will hormone therapy provide the answers to all of your health concerns? Join Dr. Northrup as she reveals how diet, healthy relationships and living from the heart fit into the big picture.

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Birth Control Pills
Duration: 6 min 28 sec

“Your fertility is not a disease,” says Dr. Northrup. Though taking the pill is an effective method for birth control, she reminds us that it contains synthetic hormones not found in human bodies, can decrease your libido, and sets your pelvis on autopilot.

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Blood Sugar Key to Balance Hormones
Duration: 2 min 58 sec

Learn how to maintain youthfulness, well being, and balance hormones quickly and effectively. Dr. Christiane explains the key in various ways to lower your blood sugar and stop using birth control pills and other false items as a cover up.

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Breathe Easier
Duration: 6 min 40 sec

Move life and energy through your body as Dr. Northrup gives you practical tips on proper breathing and exercise.

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