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12/14 – Making Life Easy: Relationships Over the years, I have found that people tend to fall into two categories. Givers and takers.  The problem is that the takers (sometimes called narcissists, sociopaths, or psychopaths) can be chameleons who make you think they have your best interests at heart. In fact, they have an uncanny ability to identify your deepest unmet need and use it against you — eventually. Indeed — many people who appear as upstanding citizens are actually expert manipulators — of spouses, children, employees, congregations, companies, etc. If your innocent heart has ever been abused by one of these individuals, it can really take a toll. Sandra Brown, today’s guest and author of Women who Love Psychopaths, knows a thing or two about manipulative people (who can also be women). In this episode of Flourish, we will discuss how best to deal with people who don’t have the same ability to feel as you do, and teach you how to identify them. And most importantly, extricate yourself from the web they weave.  

12/21 – The 13 Holy Nights  As the light from this holiday season becomes available to all of us, we need a time to sit back, relax, and take in everything that this epic year has presented. On this episode of Flourish, Dr. Christiane Northrup will teach you a special ritual that she does every year at this time that begins on Christmas Eve and ends on January 6. It’s called the 13 Holy Nights. It’s an oracle for the coming year 2016. I think you’ll find this as fascinating as I do.

12/28 – What Is Your Soul Telling You? Your soul already has a path for you and it was laid out before you were born. You picked your parents, your gender, all the circumstances of your birth. Why? To bring more light into yourself and into the universe. That’s why healing yourself and your life are the most powerful gifts you can bring to others. What happens to you when you read these words? Do you feel blamed? Guilty? Angry? Tune into today’s episode of Flourish and open to the voice of your soul, the most important voice you’ll ever hear.

1/4 – New Year New You: How to Have a Sweet Life at Any Age We generally associate January with new beginnings and New Year’s Resolutions— most of which never come to fruition. But this year, how about we take a very different approach – one that is attainable and sustainable. Let’s make this year’s  New Year’s Resolutions attainable by making them attractive, sweet, and a relief.  Tune in and find out how you can make your life truly sweet and sustainably happy and easy in 2017.

1/11 – Getting to the Root of Your Beliefs Did you know that beliefs are more powerful than your genes? They are also more powerfully predictive of your life experience and longevity than your blood pressure, weight, age, gender, cholesterol, smoking, or whether or not you exercise. So — how do you drill down and find out which beliefs truly align with your Divine Self and which ones were simply picked up from your parents and your culture? Join me and Dr. Mario Martinez, the founder of the Biocognitive Institute and find out how to identify the beliefs that are supporting you, the ones that are slowly killing you, and, most importantly, how to keep the ones you want and transform those that no longer serve you.

1/18 – Optimal Care of Your Body Starts with Your Beliefs Your beliefs are more powerful than your genes. This is because, as so beautifully shown by Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology of Belief, the cell membrane is the brain of the cell, not the nucleus, and is the part of the cell that is constantly feeding information from the environment to the genes. Do you believe that decay and decline are inevitable after a certain age? Or that your best, healthiest, and most attractive years are behind when you turn 40? Though these beliefs are commonly shared by many people, they don’t have to be true. Tune in and find out how changing your beliefs can create a whole new and exciting life and better health.

1/25 – The Connection Between Weight Gain, Stress and Sugar Did you know that for the last 40 years, we’ve been led into waging a war against dietary fat that is completely unfounded? And that the real smoking gun in the obesity and diabetes global epidemic is sugar?  This misinformation campaign, which has been going on for decades, has been funded by the sugar industry in all its many guises. In this episode of Flourish I will be joined by investigative journalist Gary Taubes, author of Good Calories, Bad Calories and his latest masterpiece The Case Against Sugar. At the end of this show, I promise that you will have a whole new view about dietary sugar as well as a plan to assuage your sweet tooth and deal with your stress far more effectively than you ever thought possible.


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