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9/27 – Is All Wheat Bad? Today, the trend is to avoid grains – especially wheat because it contains gluten. But, for many people who are not gluten intolerant, the question is, does avoiding gluten really benefit your health?  It seems that most people’s fear of gluten started with terms such as “Wheat Belly” and “Grain Brain.”  They fear gluten will make them fat, cause diabetes, and even Alzheimer’s and more.  Join me and John Douillard, DC, CAP, author of Eat Wheat, as we discuss the truth about the gluten-free diet trend, and the hidden science behind the benefits of wheat (and dairy.) If you want to learn how to navigate your way around the modern food toxins in today’s wheat and dairy, and bulletproof your gut to digest them again, you’ll want to tune in.

10/4 – Recognizing Signs And Putting Them To Work In Your Life Have you ever found a parking spot on a crowded street that opened up just when you arrived? Or, maybe you have run into a childhood friend while traveling in a foreign country after losing contact for many years. Or, perhaps you have found money on the ground after questioning your current career or financial situation? Coincidences? Or, is something greater at play here? Divine intervention does not always show up as miracles. It can often be a subtle feeling or message that we are doing something right, or we need to shift gears in some area of our lives. While not everything should be seen as a sign, it is certainly possible to feel the Power of the Divine in our everyday lives if we just open ourselves up to it. Tune in today to learn how to recognize your signs and put the Divine to work in your life.

10/11 – What You Need To Know About Metabolic Syndrome Metabolic syndrome is perhaps our society’s greatest epidemic. This spectrum of diseases includes diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, fatty liver, Alzheimer’s disease and cancer. Plus, diabetes puts people at risk for heart disease, stroke, peripheral vascular disease (PVD), amputation, blindness, kidney disease and more. But, did you know the treatment approach for metabolic syndrome has been all wrong? That is until Dr. Jason Fung, Toronto-based nephrologist and author of The Obesity Code and The Complete Guide to Fasting, put the pieces of the puzzle together. Tune in to hear me and Dr. Fung discuss why the traditional approach to these conditions is wrong, and how Dr. Fung is helping people heal.

10/18 – Using Everything At Your Disposal To Heal Our culture tells us that if anything is wrong we should reach fora magic bullet – whether it’s in the form of a drug you see advertised on TV, a nutritional supplement that can “cure” your latest ailment, a fad diet or exercise program that will shed the unwanted pounds overnight, or any other healing modality touted to help you achieve instant health. This approach is very different from having a commitment to optimal health. There are many techniques for healing that can be profoundly useful in our healing journeys and often we need to employ several at a time in order to create a life of joy, health and longevity. Each modality has different strengths and no single paradigm is a magic bullet for treating a specific symptom complex, even if it is prescribed by a true healer or medium.  Tune in to find out what true healing is all about, and how you can achieve it using everything at your disposal!

10/25 – The Magnesium Miracle Your body can only stay healthy and disease-free if you give it the right building blocks.  While I always advocate for eating a healthy diet, it’s the sad truth that our soil has been depleted, so even the best organic foods no longer provide us with all of the nutrients we need. My guest, Carolyn Dean, M.D., N.D. is both a physician and a naturopath, and an expert on how to give your body the minerals and nutrients it needs to reach an optimal state. She has written over 35 books, including The Magnesium Miracle which she recently updated.  Join us for an enlightening discussion about all of the functions of magnesium, why everyone needs more magnesium, and how you can get it in it’s most absorbable form

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