Dr Christianne Northrup

Is it okay to be selfish? Tune in to find out when it’s perfectly healthy to put yourself first.

What is Muscle Fascia?

One of the most neglected areas of medicine is the impact of the fascial sheath. The fascial sheath encases the body and every organ in it—like a tight sweater. Fascia is the connective tissue around all muscles. And science is now finding that one of the ways acupuncture works is by changing the signals that go through the fascia.

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  Caring for aging parents while working and raising a family can take its toll on your health. But you are not in it alone. In this video I share how you can continue to care for your loved ones, while still supporting your own health. I share with you lessons from my days as […]

Do You Practice Enough Self-Care?

One of the biggest challenges women face is learning how to care for themselves while caring for others. It requires a delicate balance between what often feels like polar opposites. I’ve spent a lifetime studying self-care. And I’ve come to the conclusion that good self-care is the single most important aspect of our health, period.

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