11 Ways to Overcome Self-Sabotage to Achieve Your Dreams

Do You Suffer from an Upper Limit Problem?

Do you ever worry about what people think of you? Do you blame or criticize others? Do you engage in negative self-talk? If so, you are not alone. And, according to my friend and colleague Gay Hendricks, you may have what he calls an “upper limit problem.” In his wonderful book, The Big Leap, Gay talks […]

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Remedy for Midlife Discontent

Recently, I received a question from a craniosacral practitioner. She told me that many of her mid-life female patients are discovering that they are unhappy with their marriages. They are intelligent, kind, devoted wives and moms, yet are disconnected from their husbands. She asked what I would recommend to help them sort out their feelings. I have a lot to suggest.

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