Dr Christianne Northrup

Whole, Complete, and Lacking in Nothing

A couple years ago, I took a workshop with Jill Rogers called the Seven Sacred Steps. Jill started the workshop with a ritual in which she looked deep into each of our eyes and said, “You are whole, complete, and lacking in nothing.” Tears welled up in my eyes as I felt the truth of this statement from both a soul perspective and as a deep sadness because I still hadn’t found the love (spelled MAN) I was looking for in my life.

Fast-forward a couple years. I now feel “whole, complete, and lacking in nothing.” And guess what? This is NOT because Prince Charming finally rode up to my doorstep. Nope. It is because I have internalized some key things about independence and true love.

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My Living Room Is Now a Dance Floor

Earlier this year, I was invited to a potluck dinner and tango dancing at the home of one of the tango dancers in our community. When I got to this lovely home, I immediately wanted to know where the dancing was going to take place. Our dance floor for the evening turned out to be right off the kitchen, in what was obviously meant to be a formal dining room.

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