Benefits of Salt to your Body

Why You Need Salt in Your Diet

When you were a child you were probably told that going in the ocean would help heal your cuts and scrapes faster. Or, perhaps your mother had you gargle with warm salt water to soothe a sore throat. (Today, many holistic dentists continue to recommend salt water rinses to heal inflamed gum tissues and mouth sores). Yet, there is a huge debate as to whether salt is good for the rest of your body. For example, many people are told that they need to watch their sodium intake or they risk having high blood pressure. In fact, sodium has long been the villain when it comes to hypertension and heart disease and stroke.

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Dr Christianne Northrup


Over the years, from the 1970s until now, processed food has had more and more sodium added to it and so our taste buds have become acclimated to fast food that’s really high in hidden sodium. So we have this preference for salty food.