How to Heal from Anything

Many people believe that health is an absence of symptoms. And the Western medical system supports this. In medical school, we were taught to think in terms of absolutes—curable or incurable. Yet today more people than ever are dealing with chronic diseases, mystery illnesses, and other symptoms that cannot easily be cured with Western medicine, […]

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Dr Christianne Northrup

Your Chakras: A Roadmap to Vibrant Health

When you hear the word healthcare, what do you think of? Doctors, medical testing, clinics, and hospitals, correct? Conventional Western medicine equates healthcare with disease screening or early diagnosis. Thankfully, you can own and operate your own state of health completely and fully by understanding the energy systems known as chakras.

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Exercise: Pilates

This is one of my favorite forms of exercise. It is a body-conditioning program that targets the deep core muscles that support you. The technique was developed by Joseph Pilates, a German athlete who studied many different sports and developed his method and equipment to complement traditional training programs for athletes.

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