Dr Christianne Northrup

Sex After STDs

Is there sex after herpes or human papillomavirus? I wish that the culture didn’t do what it does with these things because I want you to know HPV and herpes are not nearly as big a deal as you’ve been led to believe they are. I’ve had countless young women and also men in my office who felt as though they had a big scarlet letter on their head when they were diagnosed with herpes.

Be One Less…to Get the Gardasil Vaccine

Dr. Northrup sent out a cautionary message about the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine to her entire e-community in November 2006 when the Gardasil vaccine was approved and being promoted to all girls and young women as a way to help prevent cervical cancer. She advised you to forego having your daughters (or yourself) vaccinated, explaining that the inoculation wasn’t necessary and that it carries significant risks. Sadly, to date there have been thousands of incidents of side effects and health problems, including more than 30 deaths, connected with the Gardasil vaccine.

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