16 Secrets to Losing Weight

How to Fire Up Your Metabolism at Midlife

You have probably heard that weight gain at midlife is due to your metabolism slowing down. And research shows that this is partially true: your basal metabolic rate decreases about one to two percent per decade after the age of 20. This means that permanent weight gain can begin early and continue beyond midlife – […]

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7 Habits that safely detox your body

Do You Need to Detox?

Many people these days are trying detoxes and cleanses. It’s a fad that has taken hold and continues to grow. In fact, even the word “detox” is so widely (and loosely) used now that the concept can be confusing. But, in my experience, most people don’t need to go to extremes when it comes to […]

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Dr Christianne Northrup

Six Tips for a Spring Detox

When spring comes, the liver gets energized. And like me, yearning for a break from the cold, the liver wants to get on with it, too. And what is the liver’s job? Cleansing and detoxifying the blood! So this spring, I want to give you a regimen that will align you with the rising energy that is so much a part of spring and rebirth.

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