Dr. Northrup’s Tips for Transforming Your Life

The lotus flower represents rebirth, renewal and spiritual awakening. But, the beautiful flower that you see floating effortlessly on top of the water had to work really hard to blossom. Lotus flowers actually grow out of the mud at the bottom of a river or pond and have to break through the mud before they surface on top of the water. Breaking through the mud in our own lives helps us to blossom as well – it’s like a breaking though to our true selves. Here are some ways you can start to break through your own mud, and truly transform your life…

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Dr Christianne Northrup

Flourishing in Times of Transition

A strong first chakra is linked to a sense of safety, security, and well being. Do you remember the first time you were away from home and got sick? Maybe it was going off to camp or college, or on a sleepover at a friend’s home. In addition to feeling physically ill, you may have […]

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