What Are the White Bumps on My Vagina?

by Christiane Northrup, M.D.

Pelvic Health

Dear Dr. Northrup,

I’m thrilled to part of your community! I’d like to ask a question on behalf of a few of my friends. Several of them mentioned they have a white bump or two (pimple like) that have appeared on the outer part of their vagina and clitoris. Their doctors told them it’s nothing to be concerned about, but haven’t explained what the bumps are. A few have been tested and do not have any STDs. While I am not experiencing this situation myself, I am curious to know more about these white bumps. I’d like to be able to talk intelligently with my friends about their situation, too.

Thank you so much – M.C.

Dear M.C.,

Those white bumps are called sebaceous cysts, and are analogous to white heads on the face. They are filled with a waxy substance known as sebum, an oily secretion from the hair follicles of the skin. Cysts form when the opening of the hair follicle gets blocked and sebum collects under the skin. A healthcare practitioner can drain them easily, if they get overly large. You simply pierce the small ones with a needle and squeeze out the contents, or make an incision with a scalpel and squeeze out the contents. I’ve done this many, many times in the office. In my experience, they rarely recur. Of course, you don’t have to do anything at all because they are not dangerous in any way. There you have it!

Most sincerely – C.N.

Last Updated: June 16, 2010

Christiane Northrup, M.D.

Christiane Northrup, M.D.

Christiane Northrup, M.D., is a visionary pioneer and a leading authority in the field of women’s health and wellness. Recognizing the unity of body, mind, and spirit, she empowers women to trust their inner wisdom, their connection with Source, and their ability to truly flourish.


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  1. Mickey
    7 months ago

    I’m a 19 yo virgin but I recently noticed I have white spots on my labia minora and a little bit inside of my vagina. I don’t know what this is. It can’t be a STD or STI not HPV, I never had sex before. I’m scared and I don’t know how to tell my mom.

  2. sri
    7 months ago

    I have vulva pimple from 1month what should I do

  3. Destiny
    8 months ago

    I have 3 pimples on my cliotoris and they don’t itch or burn they just there and I don’t have any stds what is that

    1. Vicky
      4 months ago

      I have the same but just one

      1. Dani
        3 months ago

        I have the same thing but i have about three i don’t know what to do it’s been a while too

  4. C
    10 months ago

    Thanks for the info

  5. Anna
    1 year ago

    I’m a 74 yr old widow, not sexually active, I have white patches outside my vagina. Went to dr several months go about this, he did Pap test never told me anything about the patches and they are quite large ,sometime itch. He called and said Pap test was clear. Very discouraged not n knowing what this is. It’s not painful. I had breast lumpectomy breast cancer nearly a yr ago, I already had these white patches a long time before the cancer surgery. Is this something older women get and nothing to worry about.???
    I went to the Gynocolegist for this reason and he never told me anything other than my Pap test was good. Is there a ything I can get otc for this?

    1. Christine
      11 months ago

      Please check for vulvar cancer, I had it surgically removed twice and that’s what it looked like and itched. Get a skin biopsy of it.

      1. Amanda
        5 months ago

        So you have to be very careful when we’re giving advice to others over the internet. We cannot automatically assume that what you had, she may have. This information is very alarming to give to someone over the internet. I understand that you want to warn her, because this could be dangerous and it is time-sensitive, however, next time maybe say something like “I had an experience with something similar, so to make sure this is not some type of vulvar cancer, if I were you I would go to another gynecologist and have this checked out again, just to be on the safe side.”

    2. Cadence
      6 months ago

      That sounds like Lichen Sclerosus. I’m surprised your doctor didn’t mention it.

  6. Meagan
    1 year ago

    I have like a dozen little hard white bumps that blanket my labia, not close to my vagina, but on the far parts of the inner and outer vaginal lips.
    I’ve noticed it at like 13 or 14 and I wasn’t sexually active, and I’m almost 18 and I’ve only had sex a few times.
    So this definitely wasn’t sexually transmitted, although I admit I did masturbate at an early age so could that have something to do with it?
    I just want to know what I have. It isn’t painful, I’ve popped a few and literally nothing came out, except a little blood from messimg with the skin and maybe oil or something? I can’t tell because of how small they are, but it’s more annoying than anything. Please help me!

    1. Ella
      1 year ago

      I have the same thing

    2. Keke
      8 months ago

      If you’re a virgin, that doesn’t mean you had sex a few times. Just FYI

      1. Hannah
        6 months ago

        She said when she was 13-14 she hadnt been sexually active. Now shes 18 and has been…. Reading comprehension goes a long way. “Just FYI”

    3. Jennifer
      4 weeks ago

      I have the same thing, had it as long as I can remember. OBGYN never said anything and I have had several paps & exams, no mention. Probably just bumpy skin.

  7. Monica
    2 years ago

    Hi Dr Northrup. Want to say how much I appreciate your work and wisdom. Love listening to you. Have read your books and have helped me get through some tough periods. Wondering if you could talk about endometrial hyperplasia. Have had multiple D&C’s for and wondering if there is any type of preventative measures I can take to prevent from re occurring? Can’t go on hormones due to having Ludein Factor V. Any tips? Is this something I have to just deal with? Hate any unnecessary procedures as they are always risks. Also have multiple gut issues I am dealing with and hate the thought of an potential antibiotics that may be prescribed. TIA

  8. Bella
    2 years ago

    I have white really tiny white spots in my vagina but not my hole just close to the hole but not inside im itching but it does not burn nor burn when i pee. I have discharge (white) but i have always had white discharge so thats normal for me but im worried sick, does anyone know what it is? Or how to get rid of it?. I dont think its std because i had went to my ob gyn monthly check up friday and i had a urine sample done and cotton swab, i think they would have said something?..

    1. Dj
      1 year ago

      I’m having the same thing

    2. Elaine
      4 months ago

      I have the same thing, just a bunch of tiny white spots on the labia minora, and around the lips. I don’t know what this is. If anyone has info that’d be great!

  9. Kayla
    2 years ago

    I’ve Been Having Some Itching Lately Down Below And When I Finally Look I See About Four Or Three Little White Bumps Should iGo Too The Doctor Or I’m Fine?

    1. Alexia
      9 months ago

      I have the same issue I’ve been getting itchy and then I noticed the little white bumps it’s so annoying what can I do to fix it?

  10. Alexis Miller
    2 years ago

    I’m Just wondering can you help me out with a Little Problem I’ve Been Having Some Itching Lately Down Below And When I Finally Look I See About Four Or Three Little White Bumps Should iGo Too The Doctor Or I’m Fine?

  11. Adele
    2 years ago

    Dr Northup.. my question is regarding litchen sclerosis..I’ve been so fortunate with Menopause except for this. The itching is unbearable and now I think I’ve done irreparable damage to the skin with scarring. I don’t want to put on it the normally prescribed cortisone ointment and opted for Emuaidmax which is an amazing natural ointment. Could you provide advise and expand on this condition. Your experience and expertise would truly be an asset on moving forward, as it is my understanding that there is no real solution for this condition. Thank you for the wonderful advise you provide for us all.

    1. Kelly Shindler
      8 months ago

      I’m going through the same thing. It is so uncomfortable and painful at times too. I have it near my rear also and scratch it so badly in my sleep. I am at a loss of what to do. I’ve been prescribed steroid ointment that does not help.

    2. Lisa
      7 months ago

      Hi i have this too would like tp know more too. Scary

  12. Darry Dalbec
    2 years ago

    Vaginal dryness with itching and painful sex may not be due to a lack of estrogen. After three years I was diagnosed with lichen sclerosus.

  13. YM
    3 years ago

    Dear Dr. Northrop,

    I had a hysterectomy in November 2015 and haven’t had a partner for the last 1 1/2 yrs. Recently I had a new partner and experienced vaginal dryness during intercourse. Also, noticed white pimples around the vagina and anus a few days after intercourse. Also when I urinate, it’s extremely painful. What could it be?

  14. Ana Gonzalez
    3 years ago

    I have white bumps on my vagina and really bad pain. I cant sit or bend down to oil up anything without it hurting. What can i apply for the pain?

  15. Jennifer
    3 years ago

    Will this bumps go away by its self?

  16. Becca
    3 years ago

    Hello . I am 52 years old. I have not menstruated in a year and recently I have been having a lot of discomfort with ” vaginal tightness” . I had an appointment with the Doctor who said it might be vaginitis but the tests were negative and the use of Fluomizin for a week did nothing. I have another appointment with the Doctor but from my racing it seems to be vaginal atrophy. I have been unable to have intercourse as it is too painful. Is this a lack of estrogen and how can it be treated?

    1. Becca
      3 years ago

      I meant from my reading.

    2. sandra
      2 years ago

      I had vaginal atrophy about a year after my hysterectomy and I went to a holistic doctor and she gave me cream to insert with an applicator in my vagina. Since I can not have estrogen due to complications this was my best route. The cream had small amount of testosterone and a small amount of estrogen in it. I did an applicator full everyday for a week and then after that every three days. I now do not need it but to keep things fresh and not dry in there. She instructed me to insert with the applicator 100 percent pure coconut oil twice a week. I was also told to use a vibrator a few times a week because as she put it, if you don’t use it, you lose it. My vagina is in great shape and so is the “sleeve” as my inside was called by the physicians after I had a total hysterectomy, I do not have a cervix now. It has been 5 years since my surgery and I have not had too many problems with my vagina. I do need to use extra lube when I have intercourse every now and then but otherwise it is great. good luck

  17. nimra
    3 years ago

    I have a white pimple on my labia. It does not hurt but sometimes I feel a wave on pain for a second. I am worried. Is it serious?

  18. Megan
    4 years ago

    So a few days ago my vagnia was hurting, not itching just hurts. Then bumps, on my vagnial lips and around my butthole, I know it’s bot herpies. Please help me it’s scaring me

    1. Juanita helsel
      3 years ago

      Me to I am not a woman that sleeps around nor does my partner I have the same problem and it hurts a lot my lip is swollen n whit bump it is very painful

    2. Danou
      2 years ago

      I used to have them too and they hurt like crazy plus the horrible itching. I found out it is from Candida. I am not on a lacto fermented cabbage juice which I make myself and the painful bumps are gone..check Jillian Mai Thi facebook group for the recipe and her protocol

  19. Polly
    4 years ago

    Dear Dr Northrup,

    I was wandering if u could help me out, I have a pea size, red lump filled with pus on my vagina lip for about three days , it just popped and I cleaned it with hot compress and it just became a bump again it is really sore and I’m too embarassed to go to the doctors so ease tell me what I should do.

    1. Juanita helsel
      3 years ago

      My mother also has vaginal squamous carcinoma and had a clitorectomy n bilateral lyphectomy recently

  20. CZ
    4 years ago

    Dear Dr. Northrup,

    I love your program on Hay House and am very grateful for your help in so many ways. Would you please be able to let me know your thoughts on the cause of skin boils or large pimples in the lower nether regions (inner thigh, pelvic area). I am a healthy woman who keeps myself fit and well and occasionally shaves the pubic area. The skin boils seem to come up for some reason one after the other, they flare for a while then do not come up for a log time then flare up again. I cannot figure out why this is happening. I have gone to my physician only to be informed to stop shaving down below. I would very much appreciate any help you could provide. Thank you for being so fabulous.

  21. Cheryl
    4 years ago

    Dear Dr. Northrup,
    A friend of mine asked me about a whitish color layer on her vagina wall, wondering if I had heard of this before. I have not. She went to her doctor and was told it was nothing to worry about. What is your opinion?
    Thank you ,

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