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  1. Sally Tom
    3 weeks ago

    Please informed of your comments on coronavirus as illegal censorship took your YouTube video down

  2. Sally Tom
    3 weeks ago

    Please keep me on your comments regarding any health information. Your YouTube video was removed by unlawful censorship

  3. Dubois
    4 weeks ago

    Dear d’r Northrup, I try to figure out the impact of vaccine covid 19 reactions So please the more information the more insight . Diificulty is not issue i know to handle this information. Very kind regards, Eric

  4. Matthew A Best
    1 month ago

    I need to know if there is any truth to your claim to the Covid vaccine altering DNA and nano bots in the body. I’m about to lose my job and I want to know if your claims were right. I don’t trust the media, but I’m trying to learn on my own. My nephew called me from college wonder what to do after his college is requiring the covid-19 vaccine.

  5. Gail allisom
    1 month ago

    Please send info on COVID vaccine

  6. Johanna
    1 month ago

    A colleague sent me your video re: Covid 19 vaccine quite alarming
    And I see other websites trying to discredit you and this info

    I believe your info and you certainly have no motive to lie
    So much misinformation out there-a truly difficult time and situation we are living.
    Were you skeptical from the start? I try to do my own research. What and how do I know reputable sites??
    Thank you

  7. Heather Gralow
    2 months ago

    Hi Dr. Northrop. Is it true that the Covid-19 vaccine is still very unsure?? Is it true that it alters human DNA? Is it true that it causes sterility in young girls?? Is it true that the studies r far too soon to know anything concrete!?

  8. Teresa Kay
    2 months ago

    What does an OG/GYN do specifically? I’ve heard of OB/GYN.

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