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61. Be One Less…to Get the Gardasil Vaccine


Dr. Northrup sent out a cautionary message about the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine to her entire e-community in November 2006 when the Gardasil vaccine was approved and being promoted to all girls and young women as a way to help prevent cervical cancer. She advised you to forego having your daughters (or yourself) vaccinated, explaining that the inoculation wasn't necessary and that it carries significant risks. Sadly, to date there have been thousands of incidents of side effects and health problems, including more than 30 deaths, connected with the Gardasil vaccine.

62. Vitamins Versus Drugs: Which Is Safer?


In my recent blog post outlining , The Three Drugs That I Would Not Take I explained that pharmaceutical drugs mask symptoms—they don’t get to the root cause of the medical problem. In acute situations, they can save your life. And yes, sometimes they are helpful and necessary. But when an entire population has been led to believe that finding and taking the right drug for every ill is the Holy Grail of healthcare, we have a problem—especially since most health conditions respond so beautifully to holistic treatments. Meanwhile, every now and then, our attention is very cleverly turned away from the treatments we’re led to trust without question (drugs) so as to stop us from doing the things that actually contribute to health—like taking vitamins.

63. How to Heal from Anything


Many people believe that health is an absence of symptoms. And the Western medical system supports this. In medical school, we were taught to think in terms of absolutes—curable or incurable. Yet today more people than ever are dealing with chronic diseases, mystery illnesses, and other symptoms that cannot easily be cured with Western medicine, […]

64. 4 Ways To Reduce Cognitive Dissonance


As humans, we tend to seek consistency in our beliefs and actions. So, when you have two conflicting thoughts at the same time, or when you engage in behavior that conflicts with your beliefs, you are apt to feel a sense of discomfort. This is known as cognitive dissonance.  And, if you’re like most people, […]

65. Dr. Northrup’s 7 Building Blocks of Health


Health is your body’s natural state. I have spent decades on the front lines of health teaching women (and men) the truth––that each and every person has the ability to achieve health and live a vibrant and fulfilling life free from disease and inevitable decline. Yet, with the media- and government-induced fearmongering that is occurring, […]

66. Why Anger is Common During Menopause


There is a common stereotype of women becoming “crazy” at menopause. It’s our culture’s well-entrenched way of writing off women who, at menopause, often go through the process of reclaiming their lives. For many women this reclamation process includes getting in touch with anger that arises from unmet and unacknowledged needs. When a woman begins […]

67. What Are Flower Essences?


If you’re like me, then you know that seeing and smelling beautiful flowers can make you feel amazing, not to mention how a beautiful bouquet can transform any space. Then it’s probably no surprise to you that the use of healing flower essences is taking root more firmly around the world.  This is, in part, […]

68. 9 Steps You Can Take To Overcome Addiction


If you or someone you love has an addiction, you are not alone. According to a Columbia University study, 40 million Americans age 12 and over meet the clinical criteria for addiction to nicotine, alcohol or other drugs.

69. Dream Interpretation with Doris E. Cohen



In this episode of Flourish, Dr. Northrup's favorite Dream teacher, Dr. Doris E. Cohen and I will show you how to remember your dreams, interpret your dreams, and get the most out of the messages that your soul provides for you each and every night.

70. Eat Butter to Protect Your Brain


What is your biggest concern when it comes to your long-term health?If I asked 100 of my subscribers I bet the majority of you would respond by answering: dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. As of today, there is no treatment for either of these conditions…or is there?