Getting Smarter with Age

Getting Smarter With Age

I was talking with a friend of mine about her father. He doesn’t have dementia, but he just isn’t as sharp as he used to be. Obviously, my friend is sad about this and worried that she too will lose her mental acuity as she gets older. When I explained that she could actually get SMARTER with age, she was surprised.

I’d like YOU to know how to get smarter with age, too. The solution is so simple.

Glorious Women Never Age - Public Television Special with Dr. Christiane Northrup

See Dr. Christiane Northrup on Public Television Starting Feb 28th!

Dr. Northrup’s upcoming Public Television Special Glorious Women Never Age Dr. Christiane Northrup has an all-new Public Television Special that will be airing nationally starting February 28, 2015. Please check your local listings for airdates and times. Dr. Northrup has skillfully collected and interpreted research from astronaut studies, eldercare, and the fields of sexuality and […]

Secrets of Healthy Centenarians

4 Secrets of Healthy Centenarians

Goddesses Never Age is about agelessness, or ageless living, which is what you experience when you engage in life without fear that you’re going to fall or fall apart. That’s what centenarians do. As a culture, we are long overdue for a paradigm shift in what we believe about growing older. If you want to learn […]

Goddesses Never Age Secrets from Dr Northrup

Goddesses Never Age Secrets from Dr. Northrup

Decline, decay, and deterioration are NOT inevitable. Your path towards radiance starts with Dr. Northrup’s expert guidance in Goddesses Never Age. This is your time, your chance to tap into the ageless inner divinity inside of you to live joyfully, healthfully and radiantly…until your last breath. You have all the power — and with Goddesses […]