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Life is a series of wombs
Life is a series of wombsLife is a series of wombs

Life Cycles, Stages of Life

We are all heroes. And the hero’s journey begins at the moment of our birth. But the hero’s journey for women is different. The enemies, obstacles, and battles women encounter are seldom as straight-forward as those faced by men. They often exist within our own psyches and have been handed down to us by a culture that is only now becoming comfortable with feminine ways of being in the world.


A woman’s heroic journey always begins in partnership with her mother, the woman from whom she takes the imprint of what it means to be a woman. Her journey picks up speed when she leaves the comfort of the womb and goes through the process of birth. From then on, she must travel through a series of developmental stages likened to a series of wombs.


Come with me and explore the inner blueprint for creation and growth—from conception to menopause, and see how you can transform and heal your bodies, minds, and spirits, through each cycle of your heroic life.
Coming of Age
Menstrual Cycle
Fertility and Birth Control
Labor & Birth
Bioidentical Hormones
Daughter at Puberty, Mother at Menopause
Exercise: Getting Started
Heart Palpitations
Hot Flashes
Insomnia and Sleep Problems
Sexuality in Menopause