Christiane Northrup, M.D.
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In Our Bookstore - Products by Dr. Christiane Northrup

Products by Dr. Christiane Northrup

During this intimate keynote on October 26 of ICDI 2014 in Pasadena, Christiane Northrup, M.D., will teach you her blueprint for growing older—WITHOUT Aging!

Now little girls--and the little girl inside all of us—can enjoy Beautiful Girl and the glorious illustrations from the book on her iPhone or iPad!

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Audio Cassettes
By Peggy Huddleston, MTS
Format: Audio Cassette
Learn how to prepare yourself physically and emotionally for successful surgery, how to work with your surgeon, and how to recover in a fraction of the time with Peggy Huddleston’s Prepare for Surgery program. This tape will teach you deep relaxation techniques to calm preoperative jitters. Most important, you will learn to use your surgery to create health in your life. I hope you get as much out of this as my patients and I have.

Audio CDs
By Louise Hay
Format: Audio CD
A powerful visualization meditation designed to help you release repressed anger in a positive, safe manner.

By Companion Arts
Format: Audio CD
Care for the Journey: Sustaining the Heart of Healthcare is a new educational initiative strategically designed to respond to the demands and stresses on the healthcare professional of the 21st Century. This CD can help healthcare professionals reconnect with their original healing intentions, cultivate presence in the practitioner-patient encounter, and release stress at a core level.

Care for the Journey includes the wisdom of Christiane Northrup, MD, Rachel Naomi Remen, MD, Joan Borysenko, PhD, Angeles Arrien, PhD, Ira Byock, MD, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and other leading experts in medicine, spirituality, and psychology, facilitating experiential learning. These inspiring perspectives invite practitioners to explore their inner resources and develop greater capacity to sustain their role as a healer.

By Dr. Christiane Northrup
Format: Audio CD

From the author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom comes a bold  health plan based on Dr. Chris Northrup's work as a physician to thousands of mothers, daughters, and sisters. She fuses her real-world experience with a rare expertise in mind-body medicine. The result is a cutting-edge session with insights gathered from the world's wisdom traditions and a wealth of research that covers menopause, PMS, nutrition, breast health, and much more. Dr. Northrup teaches simple techniques for engaging with your body, drawing from your inner wisdom, and taking the action necessary to create the health you want.

*NOTE: Availble as Audio Download Only [CD not available]

By Marion Woodman
Format: Audio CD
Marion Woodman is a Jungian analyst who has used her own life experience, plus the experience of hundreds of clients, to illuminate the path to wholeness within. Now in her seventies, she has once again tackled a thorny issue and transformed it with her light: the journey into old age. In The Crown of Age, she takes on the subject of conscious aging and the gifts that come with that process.

Marion reminds us that as we age, we each need to develop a finely developed masculine and a finely developed feminine in order to achieve true wholeness. Listening to Marion speak, I found myself comforted and strengthened. Old age is a time when the soul can burn through more brightly than ever. It can transform an entire room. It was through listening to this tape series that I decided it was time to really get serious about my dreams. She reminded me that the soul speaks to us through our dreams. In all her years of work, she has never heard two dreams that are alike, which speaks volumes about the preciousness of our individual lives and gifts. The Dream-maker broadcasts her messages each night. Our job is to pay attention, so that we can integrate our souls into our daily lives. Nothing is more important or exhilarating.

By Telarc
Format: Audio CD
Woman is the ideal balance of beauty and strength, an eternal mystery shrouded in countless layers of history, tradition, culture, and faith. Such complexity is at the heart of the CD release Divine Feminine. Each who listens may hear a different element in the complexity, simplicity, and mystery of how the composer and performer visualize woman. Contains 16 classical works from composers such as from Berlioz, Holst, Prokokiev, Orff, and more.

By Produced by Michael Stillwater and Gary Remal Malkin
Format: Audio CD
For anyone facing life-threatening illness or grieving a loved one, “Graceful Passages” offers timeless and heart-healing messages and music of comfort, compassion and emotional healing. The first CD is a recording of music with spoken passages from a host of spiritual and end-of-life care leaders, including Elisabeth Kübler–Ross, Ram Dass, Thich Nhat Hanh, Arun and Sunanada Gandhi, and others. An inclusive inter-faith fabric is woven of Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, Confucian, Buddhist, Hindu, and American Indian traditions, and while not all selections may resonate with all listeners, there is tremendous wisdom for the whole. Emmy award-winning composer Gary Remal Malkin’s musical score complements the spoken interludes.

  • Prelude
  • Letting Yourself Be Loved: Lew Epstein
  • Returning Home: Tu Weiming
  • The Gift of Life: The Very Rev. Alan Jones
  • Walk On: Jyoti
  • The End of Suffering: Thich Nhat Hanh
  • Franciscan Blessing: Fr. Maximillian Mizzi, OFM Conv.
  • In Your Blessed Hands: Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi
  • Unconditional Love: Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, M.D.
  • We Are Not Alone: Arun & Sunanda Gandhi
  • Be Here Now: Ram Dass
  • The Welcoming: Mchael Stillwater
  • Swing Low, Sweet Chariot: Linda Tillery

The second CD of the set is a meditative instrumental, and also includes the choral chant “Benedictus” performed by the University of California at Berkeley Chamber Choir.

The accompanying 56-page book features transcription of all spoken words, with a foreword by bestselling author Sam Keen, introduction by nationally-known palliative care physician Ira Byock, and epilogue by author Kathleen Dowling Singh, Ph.D.

Includes 56-page Gift Book and 2 CDs.

By Belleruth Naparstek
Format: Audio CD
Belleruth Naparstek’s “Meditation to Help You with Chemotherapy” provides a backdrop of imagery and affirmations that ameliorate the aversive effects of chemotherapy and assist the listener in accessing their inner healer during the treatment process.

By Bellaruth Naparstek
Format: Audio CD
Belleruth Naparstek’s “Meditation to Help You with Healthful Sleep” is a guided imagery journey designed to help relieve tiredness during a course of chemotherapy and/or radiation.

By Belleruth Naparstek
Format: Audio CD
Belleruth Naparstek’s “Meditation to Help with Radiation Therapy” was created to pave the way toward healing during the radiation therapy process. It provides a calming influence and speaks to the power of one’s own role in the healing process.

By Belleruth Naparstek
Format: Audio CD
When facing the emotional dimensions of overeating, try Belleruth’s guided imagery weight loss audio program. This CD will help you transform your body and your biochemistry, and send healthy fat-burning messages to your body. I personally love this CD and am uplifted and inspired every time I use it. Plan to use your CD at least once per day- you will experience noticeable results in how you feel and think about yourself and your life in one month of consistent use.

By Belleruth Naparstek
Format: Audio CD
Belleruth Naparstek’s “Health Journeys” CD helps you access your inner healer. Listening to the affirmations on this guided imagery tape before undergoing surgery helps you to relax and summon your “magical allies” while in the operating room, allowing for a better outcome. A wonderfully empowering way to face the sometimes daunting prospect of surgery.

By Belleruth Naparstek
Format: Audio CD
With the multitude of changes, questions and fears many pregnant women face, learning to relax becomes so important to the health and wellbeing of both mother and fetus. Listening to “A Meditation to Support a Healthy Pregnancy and Successful Labor” assists pregnant women in restoring their center and calm throughout this transformation — indispensable for those with a hectic lifestyle! The first section in Belleruth’s set of guided imagery tapes focuses on affirmations and relaxation during pregnancy, while the second section focuses on delivery.

By Dr. Christiane Northrup
Format: Audio CD

Mother-Daughter Wisdom introduces an entirely new map of female development, exploring the “five facets of feminine power,” which range from the basics of physical self-care to the discovery of passion and purpose in life.  This blueprint allows any woman – whether or not she has children- to repair the gaps in her own upbringing and create a better adult relationship with her mother.  If she has her own daughter, it will help her be the mother she has always wanted to be.

*NOTE: Availble as Audio Download Only [CD not available]

By Olivia St. Claire
Format: Hardcover
From the author of the phenomenally successful 203 Ways to Drive a Man Wild in Bed comes a dazzling new guide filled with artful, erotic, and playfully inventive ways for women to revel in the secrets of female sexuality while exploring their own hot-blooded imaginations.

By Joan Morais
Format: Paperback
A Time to Celebrate shows the menstrual cycle as a gift and a healthy function of the female body. It is a book a mother, father, sister, aunt, grandmother, friend or mentor can give to a girl to celebrate her first menstrual period. This book portrays a positive picture of menstruation which helps empower girls and teaches them to love, care for, and respect their body.

By Christine Conrad
Format: Paperback
Based on the author’s own experience, Christine Conrad’s book provides a wealth of information on safe effective hormone therapies for women of all ages. This comprehensive guide clearly details what natural hormones are, how they work in the body, and how to supplement them in a manner that is right for you, with straightforward, easy-to-read answers to women’s most commonly-asked questions. Highly recommended as a primer on bioidentical HRT.

By Gary F. Fleischman
Format: Paperback
This easy-to-read guide is useful for both layperson and Western medical practitioner, offering explanations for the application of acupuncture to the multitude of conditions and symptoms for which it is helpful, as well as an overview of the fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

By David Snowdon, Ph.D.
Format: Paperback
In 1986, epidemiologist David Snowdon began a pilot research project on health and aging with the School Sisters of Notre Dame in Mankato, Minnesota. In his detailed personal account of the Nun Study, Dr. Snowdon offers correlations between education, linguistic ability, diet, activity level, and connection with community and spirit with risk of dementing illnesses and other age-associated disabilities. Dr. Snowdon, having become a leading expert on Alzheimer’s disease, shows how we can learn from our elders, to lead rich and productive years as we ourselves live each day and age with grace.

By Jacques Lusseyran
Format: Paperback
This is an amazing, true story about a blind man who saw "light" everywhere.

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