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      Learn to flourish in all areas of your life with guidance from Dr. Christiane Northrup. You’ll be treated to a series of conversations between Dr. Northrup and a number of extraordinary minds, such as Dr. Wayne Dyer, Cheryl Richardson, Dr. Bruce Lipton and others. This bestselling author and women’s health specialist, Dr. Northrup, and her diverse lineup of guests, offer insights and inspiration for how to create vibrant, healthy, pleasurable lives vs simply avoiding disease. Whether you hear someone discussing past lives, poetry, or the new research into cellular healing—you’ll hear it threaded together into the practicality, pleasure, and wellness that Dr. Northrup is known for.

      Every Wednesday at 11:00 am ET/ 8:00 am PT

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      Voluntary Pregnancy Termination ,VPT: How to Recover

      Every year thousands of women terminate their pregnancies voluntarily. But this choice is never easy or straightforward. How one deals with it emotionally and spiritually sets the stage for a woman's reproductive and gynecological future. In this episode of Flourish, my guest is Trudy M. Johnson, who has dedicated her life to helping women heal from the aftermath of having chosen to terminate a pregnancy.

      Hedonism vs Asceticism

      Why are we so afraid of pleasure? And why, when we think of pleasure, why do our minds automatically think of sex? There is a very long and complex history on planet Earth that has taught us to be afraid of our desires and of the "sins" of the flesh. This has resulted in a deadening of the senses and life-force in far too many people. In this episode of Flourish, we'll cover the basics of how to come home to your body-- and true feeling-- whether through pleasurable breathing or simply feeling more comfortable in your own skin. Deep pleasure is the birthright of everyone, and it can be yours.

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